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How to distinguish a fake from a real Larimar?

Larimar stone (Haitian turquoise, dolphin) due to its color resembles a rough sea. Despite the fact that this mineral is semi-precious, it is in significant demand in the jewelry industry, because there are only two deposits in the world. Larimar is mined by hand because it is a fragile stone. A gem of a rich sea green color not only emphasizes the beauty of jewelry, but also helps its owner change their life for the better due to its magical and healing properties.

physical properties

Larimar is of volcanic origin and is a type of pectolite. The stone consists of calcium and vanadium. The blue color of the mineral is due to the presence of the latter in its composition. Less commonly, trace amounts of cobalt and copper can be found. Larimar has a fine-grained structure and an average Mohs hardness rating of 5–6. It is an opaque but translucent stone. The final color of a mineral depends on its chemical composition. The first mention of the dolphin dates back to 1916. The stone was first described by an unknown Catholic priest who once visited the island of Haiti, where he managed to find a marvelous gem. Larimar was mentioned in science 58 years later. The properties of the stone as used in jewelry were described by Miguel Mendez. Today, its industrial production is established only in two countries – Italy and the Dominican Republic. Dolphinium deposits take the form of layers, which are manually broken with hammers and removed from the base rock. Semi-precious stone crystals are used in the jewelry industry. Inserts from it can be seen in a silver frame. The mineral is not used for inlaying gold items because it is semi-precious. Less commonly, small figurines and figurines are made from Haitian turquoise.

Medicinal properties

  1. Larimar crystals are beneficial for the respiratory system, therefore they are used in the treatment of colds.
  2. The stone helps to cope with diseases of the cardiovascular system: atherosclerosis, hypertension and disorders associated with stagnation of venous blood.
  3. When delphinium comes into contact with the skin, inflammation is prevented.
  4. Contemplation of the stone gives a person peace and spiritual harmony, which is important for stress, depression and excessive irritability.
  5. Larimar is useful for pregnant women because it helps avoid the threat of miscarriage.

Pendant with larimar

The stone should be worn at chest level, while when it is placed on the hand, the power of the healing properties weakens. The stone is especially useful for people recovering from surgery, as it helps avoid complications associated with slow healing of surgical wounds.

Magical properties

Larimar is a gem with positive energy, so it will help people who need to cleanse their biofield of negativity. The mineral symbolizes lightness, hope and joy, making it useful for those who wish to cope with dark thoughts and recharge with optimism.

Despite the fact that larimar has never been used in black magic rituals, this stone reliably protects its owner from damage, the evil eye and the influence of envious people. The magic gem will help every girl find her true love, which is why it is considered to be a family talisman.

Larimar makes its owner more friendly and pleasant to others, which makes it possible to make useful contacts.

Keeping a talisman made of Haitian turquoise in your home will ward off envious people and enemies. People with evil thoughts will not be able to be in the same room with this stone and will quickly leave the house.

Colors and varieties

Turquoise, blue, and milky white gems are found in nature. The color of the mineral is uneven: areas of turquoise or blue color alternate with whitish veins of varying thickness. In nature, there are no absolutely identical larimars, since each stone has a unique pattern.

Silver ring with larimar

From the point of view of the jewelry industry, the most valuable are those with a rich shade and a large number of veins.

Talismans and amulets

The magical and healing properties of larimar will manifest themselves if a person wears the stone in a silver frame. Earrings, bracelets, rings, beads and pendants with sea gems can become real talismans and amulets for their owner. A necklace or pendant with larimar will help reveal the beauty of your voice and protect against heart disease.

If the talisman is a figurine, figurine or other souvenir made of stone, then it is recommended to place the item in a visible place in the home, preferably where household members gather and spend time together.

Compatibility with zodiac signs

Larimar is unique in that it can be worn by representatives of all zodiac signs. For people of the element of Fire, the stone will help them become calmer and more reasonable individuals. For representatives of the element of Water, the dolphin will give self-confidence and provide the opportunity to reveal the strengths of their character. For the rest of the zodiac signs, the gem will become a reliable assistant, protecting them from sudden mood swings and the negative influence of others.

How to recognize a fake?

Despite the fact that larimar is a semi-precious stone, the risk of purchasing a fake is high. This is due to the limited reserves of the mineral in nature. Dolphinium fakes are made of glass, plastic and ceramics. The following tips will help you identify imitation stone:

  1. If the tag of a product with larimar indicates a country where there are no deposits of this mineral, then it is better to refuse the purchase.
  2. The presence of products with the same stones from the seller indicates that the inserts are fake.
  3. Symmetrical and even white bows on the mineral are a sign of imitation.
  4. Solid stone crystals are used for inlaying silver items and making jewelry. There are no reconstituted or pressed larimars in jewelry.
  5. Any jewelry and souvenirs with natural stones are sold only in jewelry stores. There is no point in looking for genuine stones at jewelry and souvenir retail outlets, since such stores do not sell them.
  6. Real larimar will never become warm when held in your hand.

Fire will help verify the authenticity of the stone. If the insert in the jewelry begins to melt when heated, and an unpleasant odor emanates from it, this means that it is plastic.

A product with genuine larimar will not cost much less than the market value. Even miniature earrings with inserts from this gem will cost the buyer no less than 400 rubles. It is recommended to buy raw stones at special gemological auctions.

The cost of one large, richly colored larimar can exceed $1000. The high price of minerals is explained by the fact that they are rare in nature, and the extraction of the stone itself requires significant labor costs. Cheap dolphinium can only be purchased in the Dominican Republic, since it is developed here.

Stone care

To protect Larimar from fading, it must be stored in a dark place, using special jewelry boxes or bags. This is a fragile mineral that is easily subject to mechanical damage. For this reason, it is not recommended to stack it with other jewelry, as they may scratch the stone.

It is not recommended to wear it in hot weather, as excessive heat makes the mineral brittle. Before cleaning and swimming in the pool, all decorations with larimar must be removed, as any chemicals harm the stone. It is not recommended to wear such products every day, since the mineral is vulnerable when exposed to moisture or, conversely, too dry air.

To clean this stone from dirt, you can use a soap solution. Sea or spring water will help wash away the negativity from the talisman.

Proper care of Larimar jewelry and souvenirs will preserve the magnificence of this sea stone for many years. This means you will use them with pleasure and benefit.

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On the island of Haiti, which is considered to be the birthplace of larimar, the stone is a universal attraction. Its unusual colors and energetic properties attract scientists and craftsmen from various fields of knowledge. It is impossible to remain indifferent after looking at the mineral at least once. Larimar stone from the Dominican Republic delights with its properties, legend and appearance. Read more about it on ToursDominicana.

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External characteristics

Is Larimar a gem or not?
Larimar is a semi-precious stone of volcanic origin.

If you look at its chemical formula, you can see a strong resemblance to glass. It is this that is the main material for making counterfeits along with plastic connections. The structure of the stone is translucent, but not transparent. If you cut the mineral in half, you will notice how the color is unevenly distributed, shifting from light blue to blue-green or even white. This entire composition is intersected by pale veins.

The color saturation depends on the concentration of the vanadium element. On some samples you can see slightly noticeable red and brown inclusions. The pattern of each stone is like fingerprints, unique, similar to the blue of the sea.

  • The hardness of the stone is average and can be easily split;
  • easily subject to changes from the environment;
  • the cleavage is perfect, like the fracture of rock salt;
  • the raw edge feels rough to the touch.

Origin of the mineral

The stone, known in the republic as Dominican turquoise, was officially discovered in the 70s by jeweler Miguel Mendez. Researchers gave it the name “Larimar,” which stuck with the mineral. However, among people it was known a long time ago from the legends of Atlantis. The ancients considered it a piece of a city sunken under water, which is why its second unofficial name is “Atlantis”. Also in narrow circles it is called dolphin stone.

Is Larimar mined anywhere else besides the Dominican Republic?

Yes, larimar formations have been found in the Bahamas, North America, and also in Europe. Today the stone is mined by hand.

Esoteric properties

Initially it was believed that the mineral symbolizes purity and love. Mystics endowed the stone with positive characteristics, claiming that it was capable of harmonizing the mental state of its owner, provided that the person’s intentions were good and sincere.

  1. The blue gem is also capable of influencing the environment. If it is kept indoors, it is able to cleanse the space of negative energy, softening the hearts of the inhabitants of the house, preventing quarrels and conflicts.
  2. Newlyweds who purchase Larimar hope to use it to avoid betrayal and misunderstandings in the family.
  3. If a person has discovered the evil eye or damage, the mineral is also able to cleanse the biofield and bring its owner back to normal.
  4. Single people wearing gem jewelry will soon be able to find family happiness.
  5. A person who is at a crossroads, wearing a stone in the form of a pendant or bracelet, will soon be able to decide on his choice of life path.
  6. The owner of Atlantis will gradually discover that he is ready to forgive his offenders and begin a new life with a light heart.
  7. If a person is in a depressed state, larimar at home can relieve him of his obsessive state and help him begin to perceive the world more calmly.
  8. People of creative specialties, owning a gem, are able to feel inspiration, a surge of strength and a desire to create with renewed vigor.
  9. Vocal artists are advised to wear the mineral on the neck, closer to the vocal cords.

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Black magicians and sorcerers never use stone for rituals. It cannot be forced to emit negative energies. Otherwise, larimar simply becomes a useless volcanic compound. However, you should not perceive it as a magic wand; it is just an assistant for those looking for a way out or their destiny.

Healing properties

Dominican turquoise is actively used in lithotherapy. A stone in the rivers of an experienced healer is capable of:

  • normalize body temperature;
  • protect the respiratory organs from inflammatory processes;
  • promote the restoration of respiratory tracts already affected by disease;
  • normalize blood pressure;
  • stimulate the functioning of the cardiovascular system in case of atherosclerosis and hypertension;
  • optimize the circulatory system;
  • remove excess fluid from the body;
  • stimulate restoration processes in tissues;
  • strengthen the uterus during pregnancy;
  • protect against stress;
  • optimize the functioning of the immune system.

In ancient times, healers made an incision on the body near the diseased organ and poured larimar crushed into powder there. Thus, the mineral helped prevent inflammation of affected tissues inside the body. There is an opinion that during the postoperative period the patient should keep a piece of turquoise stone on his body for quick rehabilitation.

Meaning in astrology

In the zodiac circle, Atlantis does not benefit every sign. There will be no harm from it if it is worn representatively of the “wrong” sign, but the stone will not bring any benefit. He brings help to representatives of Water and Air:

  • For Pisces and Gemini, larimar serves as a talisman;
  • The gem shows patronage to Libra;
  • For Leos, the mineral serves as an adviser in making difficult decisions.

Aries and Scorpios should use Atlantis with caution; it will have a stimulating effect on them, enhancing the negative manifestations characteristic of both signs.

Use of mineral in jewelry

When choosing jewelry with larimar, you should not judge it by its shape and smoothness. Due to its malleability during the processing process, the stone can be polished to an almost perfectly round shape. Don’t look for unevenness as a sign of authenticity. It is processed using the technique of flat section and cabochon.

In the design of jewelry, the mineral is used once. That is, the product cannot consist of larimar scattering. If you use several stones in one decoration, their natural pattern merges and becomes not as pronounced as with a single option. As a rule, it is used as the main stone for rings and pendants. Occasionally it becomes the dominant decoration for earrings and bracelets.

If the jeweler is familiar with the esoteric properties of the gem, he will try to design it so that the surface of the stone comes into contact with the skin in the solar plexus area or at the base of the neck, that is, in the area of ​​the heart chakra and Vishuddha.

Atlantis products are worn mainly by young and middle-aged people. If we talk about interaction with other stones, then in color they should be combined with the dominant one, that is, have the light of the sea or sky. Aquamarine goes well with larimar. They are not only visually similar, but also carry similar mystical properties. Also, the Dominican mineral goes well with stones:

  • turquoise;
  • blue agate;
  • tanzanite;
  • bructite;
  • opal

The metal used for frames and chains is silver. It is able to emphasize the natural beauty of the gem without overshadowing it with its beauty. In addition, argentum enhances the magical properties of larimar.

Cost of products

In jewelry practice, it is customary to highly value stones that have a more saturated color. In the case of larimar, the bright blue shades are called “volcanic blue.” However, such rare species are not often used for making products. Mostly they take raw materials of light shades.

How expensive is Larimar?
A larimar bead with a diameter of 1 centimeter can cost about $7 or more.

The cost of Atlantis jewelry depends on the color saturation, the size of the stone and the number of light veins in the design. There is no fixed price for them on the market; a product can cost from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. The earrings are set in silver with larimar and are priced at around $500. The pendant can cost around $150.

Care and storage

Ask an expert
How fastidious is larimar in care?

The stone needs very careful care. Even minimal exposure can cause Larimar to lose its color and shape.

Here are a few rules that will help keep the stone in its original form for a long time:

  • Protect from mechanical damage. The stone does not have high strength and easily becomes chipped and cracked.
  • Do not wear jewelry with larimar in the open sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can discolor the mineral.
  • The gem does not tolerate chemical exposure. In case of contact with household and industrial chemicals, the product must be removed.
  • High temperature negatively affects the structure of the stone. When visiting a bathhouse or sauna, it is better to leave Atlantis in the storage room.

The jewelry should be stored in a soft cloth so that it does not come into contact with hard or sharp objects. You need to clean it from dust and dirt in a soapy solution; after bathing, you need to wipe it with a soft cloth. In an esoteric sense, larimar is cleansed of negativity by immersing it in clean water for several hours.

How to distinguish the original from forgery

Most fakes are made of glass or plastic. Craftsmen can skillfully mislead the buyer if the latter does not know how to distinguish a fake from a natural mineral. There are a few simple rules that will help determine whether it is worth spending money on a product or not:

  1. Each specimen has a unique design; if a product with larimar is offered in the singular on the counter, the design cannot be compared with other samples. This is a reason to think about the authenticity of the product.
  2. The transition from one shade to another should be smooth, almost imperceptible. If the colors rarely blend into one another, it is most likely plastic parts that have been glued together.
  3. The design on the gem should create the impression of depth, which is observed when looking at the surface of the water in satellite photographs.
  4. If you take the stone in your hands, it should remain cold for a long time. If it immediately warms up from body heat, it is most likely plastic or glass.
  5. The product should not be of too low a cost. Real larimar always has a higher than average price.

Experienced jewelers advise choosing jewelry made from natural stones in specialized stores, and not in markets. This way you are more likely to end up with an original rather than a fake. Another trick of sellers of consumer goods, which the average person may not pay attention to, is the name on the label or price tag. If the word larimar is in quotation marks, then most likely it is an imitation. Thus, traders try to avoid liability for selling counterfeits.

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