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How to distinguish a natural chrysolite stone from a fake?

I bought a bracelet with chrysolites on Aliexpress. They look like glass, but they cost a lot. How to determine the authenticity of stones? Amethysts, 16.09.2017 Diana, you posted your question in the “Work of our store” section. What does our store and buying stones from the Chinese have to do with it? 1 – Peridot (peridot) has a glassy luster – not a diamond-like one, so its counterfeits in the form of faceted cubic zirconia (Cubic zirconia = CZ) can be easily distinguished by the multi-colored diamond shine of these same cubic zirconias. 2 – Glass counterfeits are also easy to deal with. Let’s look at two simple methods. FIRST is the simplest. Glass does not scratch glass, and peridot, with its hardness of 6.5-7, scratches it easily. 3 – The SECOND method of identifying glass is to search for “flow structures”, “prominences” and randomly located bubbles in a transparent stone (see photographs). We found the same or very similar pictures – this is glass. You need to search using a x10 magnifying glass (not from the market) and focusing on the volume of the stone, and not on its surface. See photos of examples below. 4 – If the stones in your bracelet are replete with defects with straight lines and planes, then this is not glass or even cryptocrystalline glass – not sital, it is a single crystal, and most likely peridot, since the latter, due to its not very high price, is not so easy to counterfeit profitable. But Aliexpress, of course, does not inspire, especially if the seller is Pakistani or Indian. See photographs of typical defects in peridot peridot – the last four photographs. If there are NO such defects AT ALL, then you should be wary and carry out checks 1-3. Finally, it is worth noting that the traditional countries that supply raw peridot are Pakistan (Administrative Unit of Kashmir) and China. So there is a high probability that what you were sold was not a fake. =

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Chrysolite is one of the oldest minerals known to mankind. The first mentions of it can be found in documents dating back to the 4th millennium BC. e. Translated from ancient Greek, the name of the mineral means “golden stone”. It also has other names: geologists more often use the name olivine, and jewelers use peridot. For its amazing property of acquiring a rich green color under artificial light, the gem became known as the “evening emerald.”

A stone that has such charm and attractive power could not help but be assigned magical properties. What mystical qualities of the peridot stone are mentioned most often and who might this stone be suitable for?

Is chrysolite a common mineral?

Chrysolite is a semi-precious stone that is widely used for making jewelry. Gold or silver earrings and rings with inserts made of this beautiful mineral with a mysterious greenish tint look very impressive. In addition, peridot, or peridot, is actively used to decorate interior items. Another area of ​​application of the stone is icon embroidery.

Chrysolite as a mineral belongs to one of the valuable varieties of olivine. Among its features are fragility and susceptibility to high temperatures. At the same time, it dissolves well in acids and is easy to polish. Another characteristic feature of the mineral is its glassy luster.

The natural color of peridot is pale green with an admixture of golden, yellow, olive and brown shades. It is extremely rare to find brightly colored stones in nature. At the same time, the value of the mineral for jewelers depends on the saturation of its color: the brighter the shade, the more expensive the peridot will be.

Based on color, olivines are divided into 2 types:

  • grade A – stones with a yellow-green tint without a brown tint;
  • grade B – pale stones with noticeable inclusions of other colors.

Olivine contains iron-magnesium orthosilicate; it is the amount of iron that ultimately affects the color of the mineral. Sometimes nickel and chromium can be found in the composition of chrysolites.

The chrysolite ornamental stone is processed using step, diamond or emerald cutting methods with special care due to its fragility.

Deposits of these gems are located in Egypt, Pakistan, Burma, Mongolia, Mexico, Vietnam and some other countries. Chrysolites can also be found on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Although olivine is not very expensive, it is nevertheless one of the rare minerals and quite often they try to counterfeit it. You can distinguish a fake by running a sharp object across the surface of the stone. Natural peridot will remain unharmed, but shavings will begin to peel off from the plastic fake. Another way to check the authenticity of olivine is to hold it in your palms for a while. The fake will quickly heat up, but the real stone will remain cool.

Magical properties and interesting facts

The magical properties of chrysolite can be listed for a very long time. Let us consider here the most famous features of “evening emeralds” and some interesting information about these gems.

It is known that peridots were first mined in Ancient Egypt. According to legend, the stone was especially loved by Queen Cleopatra herself, and its mining was carried out only at night, since during the day the chrysolite was hidden from the eyes of people.

There is a legend that the cruel Roman Emperor Nero used olivine lenses to watch gladiator fights and the famous fire in Rome.

In France in the 19th century, a rumor appeared that jewelry made of peridot helps to increase male energy and can even turn a frail old man into a passionate lover. It is easy to guess that the popularity of the stone has grown greatly on this basis.

It is believed that peridot gives the ability to compassion, empathy and helps to build relationships between people, including friendships. Thanks to these qualities, the owner of the mineral easily avoids conflicts.

Peridot banishes envy from the life of its owner, takes care of his mental balance and improves his mood. It protects you from rash actions and helps you make the right decision in difficult moments. Another property of the stone is its ability to bring good luck in court cases.

Olivine is called a symbol of fidelity and is endowed with the ability to become attached to one owner. There is a belief that a peridot given to another person will not serve the new owner for long and will either be lost or broken. At the same time, jewelry with “evening emeralds”, given by newlyweds to each other on their wedding day, will preserve happiness in family life for many years.

If the stone is complemented with a gold frame, its magical power will increase. To attract and maintain good luck, you need to wear a gold ring with peridot on your left hand. Such decoration will bring especially great success to those whose activities are related to trade and finance.

A description of the mystical qualities of peridot would be incomplete without mentioning its ability to protect its owner from fires and other dangers, including from the intentions of ill-wishers.

Chrysolite for healing ailments

The magical properties of the chrysolite stone are not limited to attracting good luck into the life of its owner. These green gems have a powerful healing gift. Lithotherapists (adherents of the practice of treating diseases with the help of stones) actively use peridots to combat many ailments.

The areas of application of the “evening emerald” in lithotherapy are truly diverse:

  1. Treatment of eye diseases – just look at the stone for a long time.
  2. Healing from cardiovascular and endocrine diseases.
  3. Relief of fever symptoms.
  4. Rescue from insomnia and nightmares;
  5. Getting rid of stuttering by constantly wearing jewelry with peridots.
  6. Acceleration of the recovery period after serious illnesses.
  7. Relieving pain, for example, during migraines, inflammation in the stomach, kidneys, liver, spine. In addition, it is believed that the stone helps women in labor endure contractions more easily.

Lithotherapists often use chrysolite powder for general healing of the body and cleansing it of toxins. Based on this powder, adherents of alternative medicine prepare ointments for the treatment of skin diseases.

A little astrology

Peridot has such powerful energy that the zodiac sign of its owner does not have a decisive influence on the full development of the stone’s abilities. But still, astrologers believe that peridot is best suited for the horoscope of Pisces, Leo and Virgo. There are also several signs that should not choose this stone. These include Scorpios, Cancers and Aquarius.

It is known that Leos strive to attract attention to themselves, but at the same time they are characterized by some uncertainty. Green chrysolite is able to more clearly reveal the positive qualities of Leo and rid them of doubts in their own abilities. The stone also helps Leos make the right decisions in complex issues.

Virgos often tend to be demanding of others, and peridot adds empathy and tolerance to them. Jewelry with olivine makes representatives of this zodiac sign more attractive and develops the attention and memory of their owners.

Peridot helps Libra get rid of depression and maintain mutual understanding in family relationships.

Peridot also benefits several other zodiac signs. For Taurus, this gemstone helps to cope with stubbornness and show generosity. Thanks to chrysolite, Geminis become more balanced and make reasonable decisions. Aries, whose character is particularly ardent, acquire calmness and prudence by choosing jewelry with olivine.

As you can see, the mystical significance of the chrysolite stone is really great. This mineral is endowed with the ability to heal serious illnesses. At the same time, for those whose horoscope suits chrysolite, this mineral will become a strong talisman.

The attractive and mysterious shine of the “evening emerald” can leave few people indifferent. Even for those who do not believe in the magic of stones, it is difficult not to admit that jewelry made using these gems improves mood and perfectly complements any look.

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