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Authentication Emerald is a first-order gemstone from the beryl group and one of the most expensive stones in the world. The best quality stones are of Colombian origin, followed by Zambia, Russia, Brazil, Afghanistan and other countries. The peculiar color of the stone has earned a separate color term – “emerald green”. Unfortunately, the mineral is often counterfeited or attempts are made to pass off a hydrothermal emerald as a natural specimen. The latter, by the way, is valued no less than its natural counterpart, but on the tag the responsible seller must indicate the hydrothermal origin of the stone. Let’s figure out how to check an emerald for authenticity and not buy a pig in a poke. Ways to authenticate an emerald First of all, carry out a visual inspection. A real emerald is usually not free from defects, and defects can reduce the transparency of the stone. This leads to the peculiarities of cutting and setting: they prefer to cut stones weighing from 1 carat into a round, classic baguette or emerald cut, so as not to cause additional cracks. The difficulty with visual assessment is that defects are easy to fake. Emerald is very fragile. Often, in order to improve its jewelry properties and reduce fragility, the stone is refined by oiling. Honest sellers do not hide the fact that the stone has been refined. At home, it is practically impossible to verify the authenticity of an emerald in a ring or other jewelry without damaging the stone, which is quite finicky. The stone synthesized by the hydrothermal method is completely identical in appearance and properties to its natural counterpart. However, laboratory-grown crystals are often of high purity. But if you look at them under a magnifying glass, you will notice inclusions, usually gas-liquid, they are all unidirectional and elongated. Whereas natural emeralds are randomly filled with cracks or mineral inclusions. In addition, information about synthetic origin must be indicated on the tag. If you doubt the authenticity of the stone, contact an independent gemological laboratory, where they can check the emerald according to all criteria. Using a spectrometer, specialists will find out whether the sample has been refined. Color, which significantly affects the cost of the stone, will be compared with standards on the GIA scale. Based on the results of the quality check, the owner of the emerald jewelry will receive an expert opinion.
Emerald Authentication Emerald is a first-order gemstone from the beryl group and one of the most expensive stones in the world. The best quality stones are of Colombian origin, followed by Zambia, Russia, Brazil, Afghanistan and other countries. The unique color of the stone is deserved. If you dreamed about emerald stone, this is a good sign. As in reality, in a dream a stone means luck and prosperity. If you see it in a beautiful decoration, then good news and changes in life await you. It is important to feel your own feelings from sleep. Remember the dream and feel the emotions that you felt while looking at the precious stone. If they are mostly positive, everything will be fine. Emerald is a very beautiful mineral that looks beautiful in many pieces of jewelry. Whether you wear earrings with natural emerald stones, rings or a necklace, they always look great. Emerald – one of those stones that they learned to synthesize in laboratories in order to give a large number of people the opportunity to wear such a lovely gem. ☘Synthetic emerald Today no one is surprised by artificial crystals. They are produced by synthesizing crystals of natural raw materials, for example, beryl or low-quality emerald. Russian scientists came up with technologies for depositing emerald particles on beryl; thus, entire stone aggregates, brushes, and druses are grown on a beryl base. In their chemical composition, such stones differ little from natural ones, but at the same time their cost is much lower than natural minerals. High-quality gemstones are very rare in nature, and artificial analogues are a good option for replacing them. Such samples are not considered direct fakes, but their origin must be indicated in the documents. ☘We distinguish a fake It is almost impossible to distinguish such skillful imitations by eye; this requires the experience and skill of a specialist, and in most cases, special equipment. The main difference that you can keep in mind is their cost. Natural stone will be expensive, while its artificial counterpart will be much cheaper. Natural stones often contain defects, inclusions and cracks; synthetic stones either do not have them, or they look like bubbles or tubes. Natural minerals are often more cloudy than artificial ones and uneven in color. Compacts of quartz powder, actinolites, tinted stones are sometimes sold as counterfeit emeralds. beryls. Sometimes cheaper natural stones can be passed off as emerald. Such variations can only be distinguished using special tests. Among the cheaper natural stones are tourmalines, tsavorites, jadeites and some other minerals that naturally have similar colors or characteristics. Also, imitations are sometimes made from glass or cubic zirconia, acrylic, but such fakes are easily distinguishable from real stone by weight and appearance. ☘Cost of the stone Emerald price depends on many parameters. Its quality, purity, color saturation, size of the stone, place of extraction, presence of defects, presence of improvements and type of cut are determined. All these characteristics change the value of the mineral to one degree or another. The most important parameters are the purity of the stone, its brightness, and weight. The larger, purer and brighter the mineral, the higher its value. Cutting increases the price, and the presence of improvements reduces it. It is important to prove that the stone is of natural origin. ☘Jewelry with natural emerald stone Products with emeralds have extraordinary beauty, luxury, and wealth. That’s why many craftsmen love to work with this mineral, creating truly beautiful models. Usually, for high-quality stone samples, a frame made of precious materials is selected, for paler ones and with impurities, a semi-precious one is selected. A special cut was created for emerald, named after the stone itself – emerald. It is usually used for clean samples, enhancing their shine and brightness. Cloudy specimens are cut into cabochons. Emerald is usually used in the singular and is not adjacent to other precious stones. It can be framed with white ghostly inexpensive minerals, and in rare cases – diamonds. Emeralds are suitable ladies of any age and body type, with such a stone you will always look luxurious and elegant, like a king. The stone can brighten up any outfit, giving it an elegant and bright zest. Emerald is considered a universal mineral that can be worn both out and to complement a youthful look. ☘Emerald and astrology Natural minerals are not only beautiful crystals. People have used them for many centuries in various fields. They were given different properties, positive and not so good, endowed with various symbols, idolized or hated. Many minerals were so revered that they were used in various religious rituals, they participated in coronations, they were worn by rulers and priests, magicians. Natural gems were used to treat various diseases, they were described in legends and scriptures, with the help of them they sought to prolong life and restore youth. They believed that some stones could make wishes come true; many crystals personified love and purity. In many scriptures there are words that say that gems are entire worlds that contain new magical worlds, magical spaces, and other realities. If you believe one of the beliefs, then crystals are capable of concealing countless treasures that are guarded by gnomes. Other beliefs tell of fallen yogis hiding inside stones. Everyone decides for himself whether to believe in all these legends or not. But it cannot be denied that natural gems are truly saturated with energy, which can influence its wearer in one way or another. It is not for nothing that stones are so closely connected with history, medicine, and astrology, because they carry potentials that a person tries to discover and use for his own benefit. Sorcerers in many eras believed that natural stones influence not only the physical side of a person’s existence, but also his psyche, changing his life and worldview. Choosing for yourself decoration with natural stone, you need to be very careful in choosing the right partner for your life in stone form. It is important to understand what you expect from the purchase, what meaning you bring to it, and what the consequences of this or that choice of stone may be. Planets and minerals are interconnected. Each planet has a special effect on a person’s interaction with a gem and its characteristics. Different planets are also suitable for people, and therefore it is important that these denominators align and do not argue with each other. With the correct selection of stone and planet, the possibility of self-development, attracting good luck, material well-being and happiness will increase. Always pay attention to how to wear it correctly jewelry with natural stones. Emeralds in a ring are, of course, beautiful, but they may not suit every person, both in appearance and in the vibrations created around him. Even if the ring fits and becomes a successful purchase, it would be a good idea to find out which finger is most appropriate to wear it on, so that the ring will help as much as possible and quickly. At the same time, remember that each finger corresponds to its own planet; this will help you quickly understand the pattern of wearing rings with stones for correct use. With the help of jewelry with natural stones, various diseases are eliminated and the psyche is strengthened. A person receives energy from the stone and is recharged with it when necessary. Nightmares, insomnia, and neuroses are eliminated. There is a transformation of energy from negative to positive, a person develops as a person. Everything gets better in the life of an emerald wearer. Before purchasing a stone or a product with it for yourself, you should always consult an astrologer. In some countries, for example, in China or India, without such a visit to a specialist you will not be able to choose jewelry for yourself. Moreover, you can pass for a narrow-minded and frivolous person if you try to choose an amulet for yourself. A correctly selected talisman will serve you faithfully for many years. It will improve your health and material well-being, give you strength, and eradicate negative aspects and bad habits. Research the information about the stone you are buying before purchasing it, and then it will serve you well.

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