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How to distinguish elite shungite from ordinary one?

Shungite is a very beautiful, coal-black stone. This color is not accidental, because shungite is coal that is millions of years old! A unique rock that was formed back in the Precambrian period. It is quite difficult to determine the exact age of such rocks. According to many researchers, the age of shungite deposits can reach 2 billion years! The story about shungite is a story not only about the aesthetic beauty of the stone, but mainly about how valuable qualities it has. The mineral is a unique natural formation in Russia, which has no analogues in the world! It is safe to say that shungite is one of the most healing stones on our planet. During the time of Peter I, the Marcial Waters resort was extremely famous in Russia, which was located on springs gushing from shungite deposits. At this resort, wounded Russian soldiers and officers were “raised” after the most difficult and numerous battles and battles. The healing qualities of the source were manifested thanks to the properties of shungite – it is a natural filter! Shungite purifies water, disinfects it, and imbues it with healing properties, which we will discuss in more detail.

This valuable medicinal rock was discovered by the Russian geologist A. A. Inostrantsev in 1877. He gave it the name “shungite”, named after the Zaonezh village of Shunga, where the rock was first discovered. The first adit opened there. In Rus’, because of its coal-black color, shungite was called a “slate stone,” that is, a snake stone, since the black color in the Russian mentality has a negative emotional connotation. Nevertheless, there were legends about the “slate stone” among the people. Very quickly, our ancestors noticed that coal-black stone has simply fantastic healing properties: it helps to heal from diseases, improves health, rejuvenates, and gives beauty.

SHUNGITE is not a precious stone, but, nevertheless, products made from it are increasingly beginning to appear in the jewelry trade. This is primarily due to the fact that shungite is a healing stone. Moreover, its healing properties are not mystical and speculative in nature – they are proven by science! It is still unknown exactly how much and for whom it is beneficial to wear this stone on the body, however, household water filters with natural shungite are recognized as real magic: they not only purify the water, but also change its taste for the better. Shungite waters are considered beneficial; there is even a resort founded by Peter the Great near the largest outlet of shungite waters in Karelia!
SHUNGITE is a stone, in general, nondescript, gray or black. That is why it can easily be replaced with any stone from the road. Let’s figure out how to distinguish real shungite from such roadside cobblestones! From a large volume of different tests, we selected only those that allow us to distinguish a fake at home.
If you see shiny, polished shungite in front of you, it’s definitely a fake! Shungite does not shine, it is rough to the touch. Shungite is quite fragile, so its stones are usually cut into rounded cabochons or beads, but never cut. Maybe you will come across shungite, ground in the form of a simple three-dimensional figure – for example, a pyramid or octahedron. In this case, its edges should not be clear – they are smoothed, rounded. Examine the stone. If you see golden veins in it, then the stone is most likely genuine. This is iron ore, it often lies in layers of shungite. However, the presence of such veins is not necessary. If you receive shungite in a package, especially a bead or bracelet, consider it. The package should contain at least a little gray or black (the color of the stone) shungite dust. Shungite is very susceptible to abrasion.
CARE AND STORAGE: Store shungite jewelry in a box or in a fabric bag, separately from other jewelry. If it gets dirty, wash it with running water and it will always be like new. The range of preventive uses of shungite water for drinking and compresses is extremely wide, but did you know that it can also be extremely beneficial for your skin? Let’s figure out why it is worth replacing ordinary water for washing with shungite and how to prepare it correctly. Water infused with shungite is widely known as a prophylactic. It’s only getting better in quality. Shungite removes heavy metals and mechanical impurities, unpleasant odors and tastes from water, cleanses it of harmful organic substances, making the water transparent and similar in structure to melt water. Shungite water is endowed with the forces of nature, enriched with minerals. By efficiency its action can be compared with an antioxidant. Particular molecular formations in shungite – fullerenes – pass into water and increase the body’s resistance to environmental influences, strengthen nerve cells, protect the liver and increase stress resistance. The range of preventive uses of shungite water for drinking and compresses is extremely wide, but did you know that it can also be extremely beneficial for your skin? Do you suffer from acne and rashes? Is your skin flaky and irritated? Replace tap water with shungite water and then every wash will become an investment in the beauty and health of your face. This water will be an excellent help in the fight against vitamin deficiency, acne, psoriasis and other skin diseases. Of course, each of them requires a comprehensive treatment and approach, but shungite water on a daily basis will significantly speed up and facilitate the process. It is important to note that Shungite-based cosmetics are one of the most hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, which eliminates the possibility of any unwanted skin reactions. Shungite water for washing is also perfect for rinsing your mouth after brushing your teeth. Introduce it into your daily ritual and the results will not keep you waiting. No long and tedious preparation, just fill the shungite in a jug with water overnight. See detailed instructions with grams below. How to prepare water for washing from shungite? To prepare water, it is best to use glass products, as they will not affect the resulting water in any way. The initial question is which shungite to choose for preparing water – regular or elite? It’s worth pointing out right away that in both cases the efficiency will be sufficient, however, elite shungite is an extremely rare type of mineral, its peculiarity is the high content of carbon (95-98%) and fullerenes. This means that water infused with it will have a higher concentration of nutrients and you will need less product per liter of water.

  1. Pour pre-filtered water into a glass container.
  2. Place shungite in water at the rate of 10-30 grams of elite shungite per liter of water.
  3. At 10 grams per liter, steep the water for 8 hours.
  4. At 30 grams per liter, let the water sit for 3 hours.
  1. Pour pre-filtered water into a glass container.
  2. Place washed shungite in water at the rate of 100 grams per liter of water.
  3. Infuse the water for 3 days.

Skin Benefits

Washing with shungite water twice a day will help you fight acne and rashes, as well as dryness and aging. This happens due to the microelements contained in the mineral. It is no secret that they are the key to healthy skin and it is the rich chemical composition that allows shungite to have a significant effect on its condition.

Thus, shungite fullerenes restore the dermal matrix and accelerate the process of tissue regeneration. Magnesium helps eliminate flaking, relieve itching, and soothe irritation associated with acne or allergic rashes. Iron influences energy production and detoxification processes. It also counteracts free radicals, protecting the skin from premature aging. Zinc accelerates skin restoration processes; the microelement also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Don’t forget to let your skin air dry after washing, and if the rashes are very severe, make compresses by soaking a cloth in water.

The effect of water is cumulative; the longer you use shungite water, the more clearly you will notice that your skin:

– fine wrinkles, acne and pimples disappeared

– irritation, rashes and itching gone

– skin is soft and moisturized

With long-term use, a rejuvenating effect is expressed.

Maintain the health and beauty of your skin, and shungite water will be an excellent assistant and addition to your daily care.

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