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How to distinguish natural kyanite from a fake?

Kyanite is one of the beautiful semi-precious stones. Its name comes from the ancient Greek “blue”. Another name for it is disten, which means “strength.” For the jewelry industry in Russia, kyanite is supplied from India along with other stones.

What it is?

Kyanite is a rock-forming mineral that belongs to aluminum silicates. It is classified as a precious stone. Disten contains various impurities that determine its color. The stone is not often found in the natural environment. The transparency of a mineral means that it contains no impurities. Each kyanite is unique in its composition of impurities, luster and hardness. One of the hardest is blue disten. This stone is difficult to process and is often obtained from placers. A mineral of good quality is subjected to stepwise grinding. The heterogeneity of kyanite is influenced by the presence of impurities and the nature of illumination. The main shades of the stone can be called blue, but other colors are also often found. Fe, Cr, Mg, Ti often appear as impurities. A transparent mineral is classified as jewelry, and an opaque mineral is classified as an ornamental one. The shine of the stone can be either glassy or mother-of-pearl. Disten has found its application in the production of refractory materials, porcelain and ceramics. The ornamental mineral is used to make objects for decoration, sometimes for jewelry. Jewelry quality kyanite is used to make earrings, rings, brooches and necklaces. Also, products in the manufacture of which it is used are car candles, aluminum-silicon alloy, ceramic bathtub, and tiles. The gem is not in demand among jewelers; they prefer transparent varieties of this stone. Kyanite is not the best stone for making jewelry, as it is difficult to process and can also crack at the slightest inaccuracy.

However, as a result of the hard work of jewelers, a stone can be obtained with skillful cutting, sparkling polishing and noble luster.


Kyanite can have different colors and shades. You can observe the color changes of the stone depending on the viewing angle. In most cases, blue, green, purple, pink are found. Due to the change in color, the stone can take on a yellow-green, violet-blue, or cobalt blue color. Blue kistene is similar to sapphires, but the latter is characterized by greater hardness and density.

The blue mineral is similar to aquamarine, but has a higher density and refractive index.

Place of Birth

Deposits of kyanite can be found almost all over the world. The United States has been considered the leader in the production of this mineral since 1984, and the second place belongs to India. Purple kyanites are mined in the Russian Federation on the Kola Peninsula. The sky blue mineral can be found in the Southern Urals and Siberia. There are also deposits of kyanite in Burma, Kenya, France, Brazil, and Austria.


Kyanites are formed due to the metamorphism of alumina sedimentary rock. Under pressure and at high temperatures, long-columnar crystals form. The structure of this mineral is somewhat reminiscent of wood.

Previously, Europeans gave it the name cyanite or plank stone.

Chemical and physical

Disten has a high hardness index. Scratches on a stone can only be made lengthwise; this cannot be done across. Due to its high hardness index, namely 4-7, the mineral is difficult to process. The stone is transparent, it is translucent and has a rather attractive shine. The formula of kyanite is Al2O (SiO4), its density is 3,56-3,67 g/cm³. The refractive index of the mineral is 1,72, while the cleavage of the gem is perfect. The disthene fracture is characterized by splintering, and the syngony is triclinic.


  • the stone helps to avoid stressful conditions and nervous tension;
  • stabilizes sleep, making it sounder;
  • It has a calming effect not only on the owner, but also on those around him.

Disten normalizes the functioning of internal organs, namely, it helps with disruption of the genitourinary system, liver, and kidneys. The influence of the stone is aimed not only at the rapid recovery of the patient, but also at eliminating a possible relapse. The healing properties of the gem are involved in the regulation of brain function, improve memory and thinking, and help free the mind from anxiety.

It is recommended to carry the mineral with you for people who are prone to panic attacks.

The energy of kyanite can improve the general condition of the human body, increasing its tone and regulating vital processes:

  • by balancing the body’s metabolic processes, metabolism and cell regeneration, disten promotes the effect of rejuvenation, maintains the vigor and energy of the body;
  • strengthening of immunity from this stone occurs in people of different ages, even children; owners of the mineral rarely suffer from infectious diseases;
  • wearing jewelry with kyanite eliminates depression and nervous disorders, in return imbuing you with self-confidence and vigor;
  • a positive effect on the male and female reproductive system helps to get rid of serious ailments;
  • Kyanite eliminates sore throats and eliminates respiratory diseases;
  • normalizes the functioning of the stomach and intestines, accelerates food digestion, helps reduce weight;
  • helps normalize blood pressure and the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

During the treatment of complex diseases where strong medications are used, the stone helps in the absorption of nutrients, so the person recovers faster. The therapeutic effects of kyanite can help people suffering from hypertension.

As experts say, if you apply the mineral to your forehead, your blood pressure will normalize.


Kyanite has a positive effect on people. It helps its owner in making important decisions, making him reasonable, prudent, modest and faithful. When choosing jewelry with this mineral, you should be careful about this process. If there are cracks or errors, the stone is unable to bring good luck and happiness, and even, on the contrary, will bring trouble to the house.

Disthene is also important for travelers, doctors, lawyers, and politicians. These people become more charming, successful, patient, people treat them with good nature. The stone can have a significant impact on family people. The mineral is able to protect both a woman and a man from infidelity and rash actions.

Kyanite is held in special esteem by psychics and people with magical gifts. It contains a lot of pure energy, so cleaning the mineral is not recommended. Disten does not attract bad energy and is often used in meditation. The orange-colored mineral has a powerful positive charge.

It is able to bestow the owner with vigor, fill with strength, inspire and enrich mentally.

To whom does it suit?

According to astrologers, kyanite is most suitable for people who have a severe and explosive temperament. These are zodiac signs such as Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini. Owners of the mineral will begin to receive their due and will be calmer and more balanced. Capricorns are an exception, since despite their difficult character, they will not be able to get good luck from black, blue, or green disthene.

People of any other zodiac sign can also use kyanite jewelry. It is worth remembering that Virgos, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio will not receive the desired magical effect from this gem.

Kyanites characterize wisdom and success, so businessmen can use these minerals when signing contracts and completing transactions.

However, disten can help not only people with their own business in the professional sphere.

This mineral can serve as jewelry and talismans for people of such professions.

  1. Teachers and doctors. Kyanite helps maintain emotional balance and also restores strength after a hard day at work.
  2. Musicians, actors, people of creative professions. The mineral is able to open up prospects, fill with inspiration, and add desire for success.
  3. Schoolchildren and students. Kyanite is considered a good stimulant of brain activity, so its owners will be able to better absorb information.

This gem is suitable for athletes and people in extreme professions. It has a beneficial effect on climbers, metallurgists, and miners. Talismans with distens not only help preserve health, but also life. The mineral should be used exclusively for a positive purpose, since evil intentions can be turned against the owner of the mineral. Any profession that is based on mental activity and danger to health must be fueled at the energy level.

The only thing to remember is that kyanite brings inspiration, but does not do the work for its owner. The stone is compatible with the following names:

  • Petru gives more confidence;
  • Vitaly discovers skills in the exact sciences;
  • Georgiy provides support in entrepreneurial activities;
  • Gennady gives harmony in relationships, as well as fidelity and mutual love feelings;
  • Evdokia opens for communication, developing communication functions;
  • Ulyana gives human recognition in the creative field;
  • Vasilisa gives success in her career;
  • It allows Maria to become businesslike and enterprising, and guides her to choose the right partner.

How to distinguish a fake?

When purchasing jewelry or talismans, no one would want to end up owning a low-quality product. Kyanite can be distinguished from fakes in the following ways.

  1. You should carefully inspect the color. Natural stone is characterized by uneven color; on the inside you can see adhesions that look like stripes. Thanks to the latter, light is refracted.
  2. Check the dual hardness of the stone. Using a needle, it is worth drawing along the crystal, which will result in a scratch. When carried across, not a trace will be left.

This type of stone is insensitive to temperature; it contains stepped inclusions and numerous small pores, which distinguishes a genuine mineral from a fake.

Care instructions

A fragile stone requires care and respect. Despite its good hardness, the stone can crack under mechanical stress. A mineral in a damaged state does not bring joy or success, and can even cause harm. In order for the mineral to delight you with its beauty and beneficial effects for a long time, it should be protected from bumps and falls.

The basic rules for wearing and caring for disten are as follows:

  • the jewelry should be worn carefully, the gem should not be in close contact with other stones;
  • the owner must check the reliability of the stone in the frame so that it does not get lost;
  • wash the product using water and soap;
  • It is strictly forbidden to use brushes and abrasive compounds;
  • The mineral should be dried at room temperature;
  • Kyanite should be stored in a separate case, which is lined with soft fabric on the inside;
  • It is worth protecting disten from the influence of direct rays of the sun;
  • It is necessary to keep the stone away from heating equipment.

Before using the talisman for the first time, you should clean it with water. Due to the fact that it accumulates energy, you should not wash the mineral frequently.

Kyanite is a stone that has amazing power and properties that can change people’s lives. But we should not forget about contraindications, which include using the mineral with malicious intent. It is strictly forbidden to use disthene to harm people, since this procedure will end sadly for the owner of the mineral. If the opportunity arises to purchase this unique stone, then it is worth taking advantage of it, since in this way you can get not only jewelry, but also a talisman.

The properties of kyanite are described in the following video.

Today I want to tell you about kyanite.

Name and origin

Name kyanite comes from the Greek word kyanos – blue. Other names for the mineral: disthene, baus.

Physicochemical characteristics

Chemical formula – Al2O(SiO4)

Shine – glass (pearl)

Color – blue, green, yellow, violet, colorless, black

Stroke color – white

Transparency – transparent, translucent

Hardness – 4-7 Mohs scale

Density – 3,56 – 3,67 g/cm3.

Kink – splintery


The color of kyanite is blue, less often pale green or white. It has the same composition as andalusite and sillimanite, but a different crystal structure. Unlike these minerals, kyanite occurs in the form of elongated lamellar crystals with perfect cleavage in one direction parallel to the elongation. There are crystals with a “cat’s eye” effect.

Place of Birth

The main deposits of kyanite: Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Kenya, Burma (Myanmar). The main suppliers of industrial kyanite are India and the USA (the states of Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina). In Russia, large reserves of kyanite are known on the Kola Peninsula and in the Urals.

Application and Use

Kyanite is used in jewelry. Also kyanite used for the production of high-strength fire-resistant and acid-resistant materials, as well as for the production of aluminum-silicon alloys such as silumin.

Every year, kyanite becomes more and more in demand in a wide variety of industries. It is sometimes called the “stone of the 21st century” or the “stone of the new millennium.” Kyanite is the most important mineral in its group, also because its large deposits are developed at minimal cost.

How to distinguish real from fake

Kyanite is usually easy to identify by its characteristic bluish color, crystal shape, heterogeneous hardness, and also by its occurrence in crystalline schists.

This stone is not sensitive to heat, but contains characteristic stepped inclusions and numerous cracks on the cleavage planes. Crystals are very fragile; they can be broken even with your fingers. Perfect cleavage also makes it significantly more difficult to process. However, kyanite is cabochon-cut and faceted.

Magical properties

Kyanite is one of the few stones from which it is not necessary to remove accumulated negative energy; Kyanites themselves cope with its “processing”. These stones increase the awareness of their owners and help them remember dreams. Kyanites are good for meditation and have a calming effect on the nervous system.

kyanite has the property of giving its owner fidelity, modesty, and chastity. It is simply a must have for people who are prone to love affairs and overestimate their natural abilities. In addition, kyanite helps a person to concentrate his energies on one thing, rather than wasting them in vain, trying to do several things at once. Kyanite helps to choose the business that will bring its owner the greatest benefit (from material profit to achieving success and fame). If the owner of kyanite is a kind and decent person, the stone protects him from the treachery of his partner, attracts the sympathy and trust of other people, and helps him climb the career ladder.

kyanite strengthens memory, awakens a thirst for knowledge, makes the owner sensible, prudent, and deprives him of dangerous illusions. The owner of kyanite will never be mistaken about himself or anyone else, but will soberly assess the situation.

However, when choosing jewelry, you need to pay special attention to the condition of the gem. The slightest cracks, cavities or bubbles can bring big trouble to the owner of kyanite.

Medicinal properties

Kyanite has a positive effect on the energy circulating between the chakras and has a general tonic effect on the human body, improves memory, and relieves nervousness. It is believed that due to its blue color kyanite relieves childhood infections, relieves insomnia, and relieves the effects of stress. But you should not overuse blue stones, as wearing them constantly on your body can lead to a depressed state. Lithotherapists suggest that kyanite is able to normalize cellular metabolism. In some countries, kyanite products are recommended to be worn for kidney and bladder diseases.

Talismans and amulets

kyanite – a talisman for teachers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, businessmen and politicians. He endows them with charm and attracts the sympathy of others. Kyanite gives inspiration to people of creative professions, awakens creative impulses and attracts success and fame to them.

Additional Information

Energy – receptive Yin (absorbs energy)

Horoscope — Taurus, Libra, Aries

Effect on chakras – blue kyanites – throat and parietal; green – heart; black – sacral.

History and legends

It is known that kyanites were brought back in the 1575th century. in XNUMX. In Moscow, a “descriptive book was compiled on how young people can trade and know the price of everything,” and partly it describes “various goods from all lands, which are brought to Rus’ by Germans and trading people from other lands.” Later, the book was supplemented with new information, including a description of kyanites: “But the stone baus, siz, blue, and you can’t buy baus for a yakhont.” Baus was brought from India and it was suggested that during trade it could be passed off as a yacht, that is, a sapphire. Kyanite gets its name from its beautiful sky blue color. Another name for the stone is disthene (from the Greek words dis – double, sthenos – strength). This is a hint that kyanite has different hardness. Surprisingly, the stone is scratched with a knife in the direction of the elongation of the crystals and is not scratched in the direction perpendicular to their growth. In Germany, kyanite was formerly called plank stone because it forms elongated, long-columnar crystals similar in structure to wood.

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