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How to distinguish real kyanite from a fake?

Any natural stone has a certain energy and strength. And the point is not only in the magical aura, but also in the physiological properties that are inherent in it by nature. kyanite – a stone belonging to aluminum silicates. This mineral is rock-forming in origin; it is mined from great depths, where alumina sedimentary rocks predominate. Today, several varieties of kyanite are mined, which are distinguished by color. Quite often kyanite is found with iron, manganese, titanium and chromium. The classic mineral has a rich blue color. This is where the Greek name for the stone comes from – kyanos, which means “blue”. Rarity is green, yellow and purple kyanites. The stone is considered a hard rock, so it is difficult to scratch it even with a knife. Hence the second name of the stone – disten, or translated from Greek – “double strength”. Although kyanite is found almost everywhere on the globe, the largest deposits are located in the United States and India.

Jewelry with kyanite

  • Black and colorless stones are highly valued.
  • Just like kyanite with pleochroism. This is when a mineral has the ability to change color depending on the angle of light.
  • A very beautiful and valuable stone with a “cat’s eye” effect.

Kyanite: properties of the stone and where it is used

The mineral has fire resistance, acid resistance and high strength. Therefore, it is used in various industrial productions. For example, stone is added in the production of spark plugs for cars. It is also highly valued in the ceramics industry for making tiles, bathtubs and sinks.

Regarding jewelry, then transparent kyanite is valued here, the properties of its visualization are such that they create beautiful, stylish combinations with silver and white gold.

The stone is cabochonized and then made into beautiful earrings, rings and pendants. Bracelets and rings with kyanite look original and rich. But jewelers do not like the mineral because it crumbles during processing.

Who is kyanite suitable for and its healing properties?

Kyanite according to folk tales increases the overall tone of the body. The mineral can relieve nervous tension, improve mental performance, fast cure infections in childrenand also help for insomnia and stress.

Sky blue kyanite improves well-being and normalizes cellular metabolism. Healers advise heart patients and people suffering from headaches and throat diseases to wear the stone.

However, despite all these beneficial and healing properties, it is not recommended to wear kyanite on the body for a long time! With constant contact of the mineral with the body, you can become depressed, since its magical qualities are strong.

It is recommended to be worn by those who doubt their fidelity. Kyanite is magically capable of imparting fidelity, modesty and chastity. It prevents a person from wasting his energy and spreading his ambitions to unimportant activities. Kyanite is able to guide a person, decreeing him a more profitable and successful occupation. Suitable for risky people, to attract attention and good luck. The decoration is worn by schoolchildren and students to enhance their thirst for knowledge. But if the stone is damaged or cracked, it must be removed, as this can lead to a number of unpleasant events.

Kyanite: who suits it according to their zodiac sign

Astrologers say that kyanite is strictly contraindicated Capricorns. Such signs as Libra, Cancer and Pisces the stone is shown, but not much. But Gemini and Sagittarius Kyanite will help you overcome life’s difficulties.

The help of kyanite will be useful for people in creative professions and those who work in public institutions.

The charm and sympathy given by the stone will help you cope with your work.

Buy kyanite can be found in the natural stones catalog section. There you will also find many other materials for creating unique jewelry and amulets.

Kyanite is one of the representatives of the group of semi-precious stones. It belongs to aluminum silicates. Most often it has a pleasant bluish tint.

Origin of kyanite stone

If we talk about how this mineral was formed, then the nature of its origin is rock-forming. Kyanite deposits are located deep underground, mainly on the layer where there are alumina rocks.

earrings with kyanite diamonds

This stone can be divided into several conventional types. Their main difference is the color of the mineral.

  • For example, the kyanite we are familiar with has a deep blue color. Thanks to this color, it got its name, because in translation from ancient Greek it means “blue”.
  • Its second name, disten – “strength”, was given to it due to its extraordinary hardness and strength. It can hardly be scratched by a knife blade.
  • There are kyanites with impurities. For example, impurities of chromium, magnesium, iron and manganese are very often found in its composition.

kyanite diamond rings

A rarer variety is green, yellow and purple stones.

Kyanite also has a third name – baus. He received it when it was imported to Russia straight from India. Sapphires were also called that way back then. It is believed that they began to call it Baus in honor of a merchant with the same name.

brooches with kyanite diamonds

Properties of kyanite stone

For the most part, this semi-precious stone is heterogeneous. The purity of its color depends directly on the presence of impurities in it, as well as on the angle and amount of lighting.

  • Basically, as mentioned earlier, its classic color is blue. However, there are others.
  • Judging by its chemical formula, its composition is dominated by aluminum and oxygen.
  • It can also be classified according to the degree of transparency and purity.
  • For example, the most transparent minerals are widely used in jewelry, but cloudy ones, with impurities in the form of chromium and manganese, are used as ornamental stones.

Speaking about ornamental stones, one cannot help but notice the fact that they have pronounced pleochroism. If you look closely, you will notice that the stone has a pure glass luster, and at the cut sites it gives off a mother-of-pearl appearance. Sometimes there is a cat’s eye effect.

The structure of the mineral is such that it is formed from elongated elongated crystals, which are layered on top of each other either evenly or slightly curved. The shape of individual fibers can vary from denser to radiant and needle-like features. It contains granular masses.

Kyanite stone deposits

As mentioned earlier, this mineral is formed due to exposure to high temperatures. Moreover, high pressure and gases that are found in rocks with a high percentage of clay also play a role here.

  • The largest points of kyanite deposits are found in Switzerland and France. Both ornamental and precious minerals are supplied from Brazil.
  • On average, the size of unprocessed crystals ranges from 30 cm. The rarest green kyanites can be found in Kenya.
  • The extraction of this mineral has reached industrial scale in the United States of America and Australia.
  • Large deposits of gem-quality kyanite are found in northern India. Some varieties can also be found in Russia.

earrings with kyanite

It is worth noting that in itself, this semi-precious stone is not very common. It is considered a rare stone, so jewelry with it is not found in every jewelry store. Collectors and connoisseurs of stones especially hunt for it.

Applications of kyanite stone

Due to its exceptional strength, kyanite is widely used in ceramics. It is also added for the manufacture of porcelain products. One cannot fail to note its advantage such as fire resistance.

ring with kyanite

Ornamental stones are taken for making decorative elements and jewelry. Jewelry kyanite is suitable for making rings, earrings, brooches and bracelets.

How to distinguish a real kyanite stone from a craft

Due to the fact that kyanite is quite rare among jewelry, few people dare to fake it. Quite the contrary. In some cases, it can be used to counterfeit expensive jewelry.

For example, it costs nothing for a specialist to give a white or transparent crystal the desired shade and sell it as sapphire. Minerals with a green-blue hue can easily be mistaken for aquamarine.

However, there are some nuances here too. In order not to be fooled, and to understand what kind of stone you are buying, look through it at the sunlight. Then everything will become clear to you. If the structure of the stone is homogeneous, it is sapphire or aquamarine. But if you can see a banded structure, then it’s definitely kyanite.

To identify specifically kyanite, also consider the following points:

  1. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, the mineral will have a scarlet glow.
  2. It will not luminesce from X-rays.
  3. It cannot be melted with a soldering iron.

Caring for Kyanite Stone

Even though the stone is quite strong, it is still considered fragile. Therefore, it also requires care.

  1. Protect your jewelry from mechanical shocks.
  2. Before starting work around the house, it must be removed and placed in a special case, where it will be reliably protected from sunlight, moisture and chemicals.
  3. If you need to clean your stone, use running water or a solution with liquid soap.

The magical properties of kyanite stone

Like any other stone, kyanite has been endowed with special magical properties since ancient times.

  • For example, it perfectly protects against betrayal in relationships.
  • It has calming properties, so it is recommended to be worn by people with increased emotionality.
  • Kyanite helps to balance the energies raging within a person, leading him to internal balance and a state of peace.

This gem is considered the patron saint of lovers. It should be worn by those who want to find true love, as kyanite attracts halves to each other.

earrings with kyanite and diamonds

It helps women to be faithful and chaste. Men are guided in business.

Kyanite stone compatibility

Now the main question is which zodiac sign can wear it?

Based on its magical properties, it is suitable for impulsive individuals. For example, zodiac signs with the element Fire – Sagittarius and Leo. It will not be superfluous for Gemini either.

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However, it is worth considering that a completely different effect applies to calm natures. Kyanite begins to suppress and oppress the quiet person.

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