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How to distinguish real spinel from a fake?

Author: viktoria Category: Catalog of precious stones. All about precious stones Date of creation: 2021-06-28 Views: 2965 Comments: 0 Natural spinel – a very sought after gemstone on the jewelry market. Today it is becoming more and more popular, catching up with rubies, emeralds and sapphires. On the world market spinel known as “spinel”, this term comes from the word “spinella”, which translates as “thorn”. This is a direct meaning, which accurately characterizes the shape of the crystal, which looks like a thorn or thorn. It is in this form that they are found in nature. Thanks to this specific structure, the stones are best cut: radiant, cushion. It is quite rare to find stones in round brilliant cut, heart-shaped and other fancy cuts. Especially large size. Spinel is valued for its extraordinary shades, which can change in different lighting conditions, but what does not change is the delightful vitreous luster of the stone, which is similar to the sparkle of a diamond.


If you ask the question: “What color is spinel?”, then the answer will be “Almost any, well, except for light green shades.” The color range of spinel is diverse: from colorless, white and light gray shades, to black, including the entire pink palette, purple, brown and blue shades. Let’s take a closer look at the different shade options and types of spinel.

Red spinel

Red Spinel It is considered the most valuable variety of spinel. Its ancient name “Lal” has been known for many centuries. The hue of this spinel is very similar to ruby. In the past, red spinel was often confused with ruby ​​and until recently it was not possible to distinguish between the two gems. With the development of science, it became possible to determine the chemical formula of minerals, and it turned out that red spinel and ruby ​​are two different precious stones. Buy red spinel not so simple. There is very little supply on the jewelry market. That’s why jewelers hunt for it with special effort. The red color of spinel can have different shades: from light with crimson shades to dark red, almost black. Red often contains orange, pink and brown notes. There are so many shades of red spinel that it is quite difficult to perfectly match two stones that are exactly the same in color. Red spinel from Burma (Myanmar) is especially prized. It has a special internal glow and this shade is known in the jewelry market as Jedi (Jedi or Jedi Spinel). Large specimens of Jedi Spinels, and stones from 1.5 Carats are considered large, have a high cost: from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their price depends on the size of the stone, the quality of the cut and the presence of inclusions in the stone.

Pink Spinel (Mahenge Spinel)

Pink spinel – This extraordinary gemstone of a delicate pink hue is highly valued on the global jewelry market. This shade of spinel is called Mahenge. This is more of its trade name, since it comes from the area where this spinel is mined. The birthplace of pink spinel is the Mahenge province in Tanzania. This is where this beautiful gemstone is mined, the shades of which can vary from light pink to hot pink with a slight neon glow. So Mahenge is not a color, it is a place where a mineral is mined. But, historically, it has already happened that when they talk about Mahenge Spinel, its shade becomes clear and the name Mahenge itself is perceived as the name of the color. Mahenge spinel pairs perfectly with white diamonds and white gold. It is the white shades that favorably emphasize its special shade. The most famous Pink Spinel Mahenge jewelry from fashion jewelry brands: IVY New York earrings with rubellites, spinels and rubies Chanel transformable ring with pink-red spinel Cartier ring with Tanzanian spinel 20,18 carats Pink Mahenge spinel is very much loved by jewelers for its extraordinary pink hue. A light pink spinel is similar in shade to a rare pink diamond, and if the stone is given the desired cut, the similarity will be maximum.

Blue Cobalt Spinel

blue spinel one of the most expensive and valuable varieties of spinel. Its color is often due to cobalt impurities, hence the name “cobalt spinel”. Although, this is also more of a trade name for the stone, since blue spinel is found in nature without the presence of cobalt in its chemical composition. Blue spinel comes in a variety of blue shades, but the rich blue-blue tones of the stone are more valuable. Blue spinel is mined in Ceylon, the Pamirs and Tajikistan. It can be confused with sapphire. For this reason, it is often called “sapphire spinel.” Single specimens of cobalt spinel are found in Vietnam.

Stormy Spinel

Stormy Spinel – spinel is dark gray in color, reminiscent of a stormy sky or thundercloud. A rare and very valuable type of spinel. Thunderous spinel has fewer shades than red spinel; its color range is filled with gray with bluish, lilac or brownish notes. Gray spinel is mined in Burma (Myanmar). The hue also depends on cobalt impurities, as with blue spinel. Gray storm spinel is highly prized by jewelers. They create chic men’s jewelry (rings, pendants) with it. The female half of humanity also loves this marvelous stone for its unique depth. Find on sale and buy thunder spinelIt’s quite difficult, since dark specimens are quite rare. Hence the high cost of stones. You can buy natural thunder spinel in Ukraine in the Topgems store. We offer a huge range of spinel of all colors and cuts. Spinel is one of the rare beautiful stones that have a lot of useful properties and characteristics. They are marked by cubic syngony, small size at birth and extraordinary brilliance. This is a mixture of silicon oxide and aluminum, which is quite rare in nature in such a mixture.
The stone received its name either from Latin or from German. The word “spinella” means “thorn, thorn,” which is precisely characteristic of the structure and structure of the mineral. According to another version, the origin of the name takes its roots from the word “finch”, because the breast of these birds is similar in color to a gem. The stone also had other names, such as “lal,” although this word could in earlier times have been applied to other red stones. Spinel stone is born only in a few places, and with all this, even fewer gem-quality minerals are born. This is why spinel is so valuable, although this is not the only reason why craftsmen love the stone. Noble spinel has a beautiful shine, bright shades, and sharp edges, for which it is also highly valued. Sometimes the cost of a stone can exceed the price of even rubies. The mineral sometimes gives off a sparkling radiance, which was noted by another version of the origin of its name – from the Greek word “spark”. Currently, humanity has learned to synthesize artificial spinel in laboratory conditions, which slightly satisfies demand and slightly reduces the cost of the stone. To obtain it, several types of rocks are smelted at high temperatures, for example, muscovite, bentonite, corundum, clay, bauxite. Due to its beauty, bright colors and incredible shine, spinel was honored to become an element of the crown of the Russian Empire. Along with rubies, it is used in truly exquisite and expensive jewelry, having a considerable price and rarity. Collectors and museums hunt for some specimens; only very wealthy people can afford to buy particularly rare specimens. There is around spinel mineral and many myths and stories. It is given various properties; it is a fairly strong energetic stone. Appearance First of all, spinel stands out among other stones with its incredible shine, bright colors, and sharp edges. This is a noble and rare mineral that usually costs a lot and is inserted into expensive products. It is distinguished by red shades, which can appear in different color saturations, even in orange and dark colors. Sometimes shades can go almost black, sometimes there can be green undertones. In terms of transparency, this is also an unstable stone, since it can be born either completely matte or partially or completely transparent. Spinel has its own varieties, it can be either noble or ordinary spinel, chrome or zinc. Noble usually has shades of rubies, red, rich, thick, sometimes green or blue. Receives the title of ordinary black spinel or dark green, chrome – completely black. As mentioned above, the gem has a bright shine, which intensifies after cutting and polishing. Spinel also resembles rubies in its strength characteristics, because its hardness is around 8, which is considered a very good indicator of hardness. But at the same time, the mineral also has fragility, and therefore in some cases it can be difficult to work with it; not every type of cut may be suitable for it. This to some extent further increases the value of the stone. The most expensive are blue, green and red samples. Areas of use The main area where the mineral can be used is jewelry. The stone has all the properties suitable for this. It is hard, highly polishable, has transparency and high jewelry properties. Plus, its brilliance and transparency make it an incredibly beautiful stone suitable for setting. It is suitable as an insert into various decorations, and not only completely transparent samples, but also cloudy, translucent ones can be highly valued. Some examples with shine become rare and collectible. The collection scope of the stone remains irreplaceable and unforgettable. Spinel has distinct characteristics and is also a rare stone, which makes it suitable for this industry. There is a place for spinel in industry as well. Artificially grown minerals are usually used here. They are used to create fireproof materials, glass materials, ceramics, ceramic paints and similar products. Extraction Low quality spinel is mined more often than precious gems. But there are not so many such deposits. Usually these are Russia, India, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Afghanistan, Thailand. Counterfeits Spinels are rare stones and therefore expensive, which is why they are often counterfeited. Also today, artificial analogues of the mineral are often produced. Therefore, when buying this gem, it is worth remembering a few rules by which you can distinguish a real stone from a fake one: 1.Natural stone spinel will always be heavier than artificial analogues, and therefore it will be correct to focus primarily on its weight;
2. In terms of hardness, spinel has very high parameters, and therefore even glass cannot damage this stone. You can do a scratch test, which means scratching the glass with a stone. If the glass is damaged, the mineral is real;
3. Natural stone tends to stay warm in the hand for a long time. If the mineral quickly absorbs the heat of your hand, most likely this is a fake;
4.Pay attention to the cost of the stone. The low price should make you suspicious, since spinel is a rather rare and expensive mineral, especially in red or blue shades;
5. You can ask the seller for a certificate for the mineral; if it is not available, it is better not to buy the stone at this point. Magical properties Spinels have always been given special significance and magical powers. This is a stone for discovering the gift of clairvoyance, for demonstrating your magical abilities. The gem is capable of absorbing the energy of the cosmos and sharing it with its owner. This greatly helps some magicians in performing their rituals. Sorcerers recommend wearing spinel little by little, infrequently, since the powers of the stone are sometimes too great for one ordinary person. Overall, it is a positive protective mineral that brings only positive energy and good vibrations into the life of its owner. Its positive waves of energy help to create an atmosphere of calm and complacency in the family, making the wearer more energetic and focused on positive beginnings. Thanks to his positive energy, he saturates his owner with it. Both the general calming effect of the mineral and its positive energy work here. In ancient times, red varieties of the stone were perceived as love symbols, love spells were prepared from them, and love amulets were created from them to preserve family and relationships. Spinel can only help positively-minded people; the stone will not be able to help those who are greedy and greedy for money. Medicinal properties Absolutely all natural stones can heal. This is because minerals absorb energy, natural or cosmic, and share it with humans. A positively charged gem can cure many diseases. Spinel was often used as an anesthetic and bleeding stop agent. Blue stones were excellent for stomach diseases. Another aspect of the therapeutic use of minerals is to help with psychological illnesses. Stones are often prescribed in alternative medicine as an object for contemplation or meditation. Today it has been proven that this method really helps to calm down. Be positive and put your thoughts in order. Clamps are removed, fears and anxieties are eliminated, insomnia disappears. In some cases, neuroses and psychoses disappear. Care Spinel It is hard, but at the same time fragile. It should be handled with care and stored in a separate place where it cannot damage other softer stones.

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