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How to increase the size of a gold ring?

Are your favorite rings no longer the right size? This happens often. During life, the size of a finger can change several times. This is due to weight gain or loss, injury, swelling and other unpredictable reasons. Also, the size is often not guessed when buying jewelry as a gift. Fortunately, all this is not a death sentence for your rings. Adjusting the diameter of the jewelry is quite simple; you just need to contact a jeweler or know how to increase the size of rings at home.

Jewelry withways to change ring size

Metal insert

A method that, when performed professionally, leaves no seams between the metal strips and no color differences appear. A part identical to the metal of the ring is prepared in advance, then the shank is cut. A blank is inserted into the cut, thereby changing the size of the ring.

Mechanical stretch

The most popular way to resize rings. Great for classic jewelry without gemstones. The ease of stretching the diameter depends on the thickness of the metal rim. Before stretching begins, the ring is burned with a torch. As soon as it cools down, the jeweler places it on the crossbar (stretch roller). Another roller of the same shape is placed on top. Next, the jeweler uses a machine to achieve the required size, wash, level, grind and polish the ring. Thanks to this method, you can increase the ring size by two or even three sizes. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for changing the diameter of wide rings.

Boring method

And this method is just suitable for wide rings, thick rings, and even for jewelry with stones. With its help, the size increases slightly, but at the same time part of the metal is irreversibly removed from the inside. This method is considered radical and crude, which is why it is not used so often.

How to increase ring size at home?

  1. You will need a metal cone of the appropriate size for the ring. To avoid damaging the decoration, wrap it in foil.
  2. Heat the ring strongly with a gas torch or other device. Wait until the decoration cools down.
  3. Place the ring on the metal cone and gently tap it with a special hammer with a rubber surface. Slide the ring along the cone until it stretches to the desired size.

How to increase ring size from precious a stone?

Changing the size of a ring with set stones is always risky. You need to be completely confident in the professionalism and experience of the jeweler, because the inserted stone may be damaged or fall out.

Of all the methods for resizing a ring, the boring method is the best for jewelry with stones. By removing the inner layer of metal, the ring can be increased by 0.5 sizes.

But in the case of a thin ring rim, boring is not recommended. If the tire is not wide, you can try using mechanical stretching. The jeweler must himself assess the feasibility of using this method. Typically, rings with a width of no more than 10 mm can be stretched.

Using the metal insert method is the most risky, since such an increase in size leads to stones falling out.

When can you not increase your ring size?

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to change the size of the jewelry. In this case, jewelers warn that the ring may change color, burst, and the attached stones may fall out.

When a gemstone is encrusted in a ring.

As mentioned above, it is theoretically possible to enlarge a ring with a stone, but it is risky. It depends on the width of the ring.

When the ring is engraved.

As the ring enlarges, the letters on the jewelry will also expand. The ring will lose its appearance and be damaged.

When the ring is platinum.

Platinum is difficult to melt; special tools are required to work with this metal. If the jeweler does not have the necessary equipment and experience in enlarging such rings, an unsightly black mark will be left at the welding site.

When the ring is silver and rhodium plated.

Such rings cannot be heated, as they will forever lose their original appearance.

When the ring is jewelry.

Jewelry alloys are unpredictable. They may crack or change color. Therefore, jewelers do not change the size of such jewelry.

When the rings have a complex design.

Here, as in the case of engraving, increasing the size can completely change the appearance of the ring and ruin the jewelry.

Take your time when choosing a ring

When purchasing a ring, make sure that it fits perfectly on your finger and is exactly the right size for you. Be especially careful when choosing rings with stones, engravings or unusual designs. It will be frustrating after a while to find ways to change the size.

But, if such a need nevertheless arises, it is better to immediately contact a jewelry workshop. A professional will tell you whether your jewelry can be enlarged and what the risks are.

At the jewelry school “Yes, I can!” You will learn not only how to resize rings, but also how to create them and other jewelry yourself. If you don’t have the skills but are really interested in trying your hand at jewelry making, try the first free lesson of the Beginners Course. This will teach you how to create your first ring and see if jewelry making is right for you.

The ring resizing service is one of the most popular in jewelry workshops. There is perhaps no other piece of jewelry whose size is so important. Neither earrings nor chains should be perfectly adjusted to the parameters of the person wearing them. With a ring it’s a completely different matter.

When might you need to change your ring size?

As soon as you lose a little weight or gain weight, your favorite ring already falls off your finger or, conversely, does not go beyond the second phalanx. In what other cases can this service be useful?

  • if the ring is bought as a gift, as a surprise, and it is not possible to find out the exact size of the finger;
  • provided that this ring is a family jewel, but does not fit the size of its new owner;
  • after many years of marriage, when the parameters of the spouses change over time.

In any case, wearing a ring that is the wrong size will not work. If you have the opportunity to carefully select and purchase jewelry, do so. Well, if the size of the ring is not the same, you will have to change it.

When it is impossible to change the ring size

You should know that not every ring can be made larger or smaller. Or rather, the result may not be what you want at all. Of course, making a gold band engagement ring larger or smaller is not difficult. Craftsmen will quickly deal with this by changing the diameter of the jewelry by at least two sizes. What if there is a scattering of precious stones on the product? Or complex engraving? There are cases in which resizing a ring is very difficult and even impossible.

  • If in front of you is a piece of jewelry. As a rule, inexpensive jewelry is made from alloys whose composition is unknown at the time of purchase. It is difficult to predict how a particular alloy will behave under compression, heating or other influences. At best, you won’t get much done. Well, at worst –
    • the ring may change color (become black or green);
    • the product may burst;
    • oxidation of the metals that make up the alloy can negatively affect your health.

    • If you have a silver ring coated with a layer of rhodium. If you heat this ring, the matte coating will change its original appearance, and it will not be possible to return it. That is, you will change the size, but the ring will not look the same.
    • If you need to resize your platinum ring. Due to the extreme refractoriness of this metal, special equipment is required to work with it. If it is not there or the jeweler is not fully qualified, you risk getting a black mark at the welding site.
    • If the ring is made of openwork metal or it has complex patterns. It takes a lot of effort to maintain the appearance of such jewelry after you decide to roll out the ring. And this is understandable.

    Of course, nothing is impossible for a professional. And you may well find a jewelry master who can easily take on any job. However, be patient: if the jeweler tells you that resizing may be difficult or he is not willing to risk damaging your piece, listen to him. Believe me, real masters do not waste words.

    And one moment. The above are situations with jewelry in which something can go wrong. But this does not mean that you will certainly lose your favorite jewelry. If you are willing to take risks, if you trust your jeweler, you will probably succeed. Just remember the old truth: forewarned is forearmed.

    Top 5 possible dangers

    It should be said that such dangers can await you if you come across a not very professional jeweler. Therefore, before you think about how to change the ring size, who to contact, look at what can await you.

    1. If a craftsman begins to change the size of a ring with a stone and does not remove it before work, this may affect the mineral. Some of them do not tolerate high temperatures well and change color or crack.
    2. If you only need to reduce the size a little, then be prepared to get a less than perfect circle shape: you will end up with an ellipse on your finger.
    3. If you need to downsize significantly, be prepared to change the ring design or lose the insert.
    4. If you need to resize your silver ring, remember that exposure to high temperatures can cause it to become significantly lighter. Ask your jeweler to restore the noble effect using special processing.
    5. If you have dual alloy rings, the effect may be unexpected. Each metal has its own melting point, so not every jeweler can disguise the resulting seam on a product.

    Ways to change ring size at home

    If you’re willing to take the risk, you can try resizing your favorite jewelry at home. But remember: you apply these tips at your own risk. Be careful and careful!

    How to reduce a ring at home

    We need to make a reservation once again: if you are thinking about how to make a ring smaller, admit that the best way is to entrust this task to a professional. But if for some reason this is not possible, try using tips for reducing decorations at home.

    • Method number 1: nail polish. A slightly labor intensive but works great method of reducing size using regular nail polish. Take clear polish and apply it to the inside of the ring. Let the varnish dry. Apply layers over and over again until you feel the ring fits you well. Just remember to let each layer dry thoroughly. The minimum you will need is 10 coats of polish, maybe more. Measure! Just remember to wait for the varnish to dry completely.
    • Method number 2: epoxy glue. Similarly, you can apply epoxy glue to the inside of the ring. Actually, any building mixture that can harden quickly and still remain transparent is suitable for you. Apply several layers of the mixture over and over again inside the ring and leave to dry for 24 hours.
    • Method number 3: silicone lining. Perhaps the most popular way is to use an accessory such as a silicone ring lining. Once you put it on, the ring will stop sliding on your finger. These devices are sold in jewelry stores. Try to purchase the tab there, since this material will be in contact with your skin all the time and it is extremely important that it be of high quality. Carefully secure the lining to the inside of the jewelry – you can wear it with pleasure. The only disadvantage of this method is its fragility: you will have to change the lining about once a month. And of course, it is permissible to use it only if there is a small difference between the diameter of the finger itself and the ring.

    • Method number 4: 3D double. A modern way is to make a 3D duplicate. With the spread of technology in our lives, this method no longer looks out of the ordinary. Find a printing house that has a 3D printer and bring your favorite decoration. It will take the designer only 20 minutes to make a copy of the size you need from transparent polymer. And you can wear it for a whole year.
    • Method number 5: wire cutters. One of the most radical methods you can choose is to use wire cutters. Cut the ring, remove the part you need (be sure to measure before doing this!), carefully sand the edges with a nail file. Very carefully! Try on the ring. Is it okay? Great. True, you will have to wear it so that the wiring is not visible.
    • Method No. 6: disposable inserts. If you suddenly lost weight, haven’t worn your favorite ring for a long time, but now you urgently need it, then there are very handy means to reduce the diameter of your jewelry. Such funds can be considered disposable; they only work in emergency situations. Your task is to make your finger thicker in the place where it comes into contact with the ring. A nylon thread wound around a finger or a body adhesive plaster will do for this. You can also use any available inserts, as long as the ring does not move out.

    Ways to increase your ring size yourself

    Let’s be honest: if your favorite ring does not fit on your recovered finger, solving this problem at home will not only be difficult, but very difficult. Actually, there is only one way to enlarge a ring at home, but it is quite labor-intensive and risky. So, the algorithm.

    1. You need to find a metal pin or cone that has the same diameter as the one you need. This cone should be as smooth as possible, so don’t be lazy about sanding it.
    2. Wrap the “column” in foil so that, despite your manipulations, there are definitely no scratches, cracks or other defects left on the ring.
    3. Warm up the decoration. A gas burner, for example, will do. The ring should be very hot.
    4. Place the product on the foil-lined cone and very carefully, lightly tap it with a hammer, expanding it as much as you need.

    Unfortunately, other ways to independently increase the size of a ring have not yet been invented.

    How a Jeweler Can Reduce Ring Size

    Depending on your ring and the method the master chooses, the ring reduction process will take from half an hour to several days. Of course, the cost of the work depends on exactly the same factors. There are only three ways to reduce the size of a ring, and the last one is used quite rarely.


    The most popular method is cutting out a piece of shank. Using it you can reduce the ring size by 1-2, no more. It should be used with extreme caution if you need to reduce a product with stone. It is better to remove the mineral so as not to damage either it or the fastenings. If a jeweler offers open flame soldering, be careful: this method is not suitable for every ring. But if the operation is performed using a laser, there is nothing to be afraid of: everything should be in order.

    The only point is that the equipment must be powerful enough so that the new solder does not break in the same place. The craftsman cuts out some metal from the bottom of the ring (3,14 mm if you need to make the ring one size smaller, 6,28 if you need to make it two sizes smaller), then solders the edges and polishes them. When the work is done correctly, the seam is completely invisible.


    Another popular method is ring compression. If the jewelry does not have elaborate decorative elements, but is simply a metal hoop (as is the case with wedding rings), then shrinking it to the required size is the best solution. Compression occurs in three stages:

    1. the ring is heated so that the metal becomes softer and more elastic;
    2. then they cool and place the decoration in a special cone, under a press (a disk with round recesses) and work with it using a special tool – a punch, until it reaches the required size;
    3. the product is cleaned and polished.


    The insertion method is used less frequently than others. With its help, you can reduce rings that are risky to be subjected to serious impacts. A smaller ring or a special plate is soldered into the jewelry. Outwardly nothing will change. All transformations will occur only with the inner diameter of the decoration. This size reduction method is expensive but very effective. And sometimes it is the only possible one.

    How to enlarge a ring in a jewelry workshop

    There are also three ways to increase the size of a ring in modern jewelry. Be sure to check with a specialist which one he will choose so that you can control his work.

    Metal insert

    This method is similar to cutting (if it is necessary to reduce the size), but exactly the opposite. The jeweler will check your jewelry and look for any cracks or scratches. Then, if everything is in order, the master will cut the shank in the same way, but will not throw away part of the metal, but, on the contrary, will insert a previously prepared part. Here it is very important to choose the sample and shade of the insert so that it looks organically on the bored ring. After final processing, grinding and polishing there should be no seams or differences in color on the product.

    Mechanical stretch

    The simplest and most common option. If you have an ordinary metal ring that does not have openwork elements or precious stones (as a rule, we are talking about wedding rings and men’s signets), then the master will easily stretch it by 1-2 sizes, and in some cases – by 3. This This method is not suitable for wide rings: the thinner the rim, the easier it is to stretch it. If the width of the ring exceeds 1 cm, it is better to abandon this option. The process itself is simple.

    1. The master calculates how many millimeters the ring needs to be stretched;
    2. The jewelry is annealed and placed on a polished cone, which jewelers call a crossbar. Rotation of the device leads to an increase in the size of the product.
    3. The final stage is “cleaning the feathers”: the jewelry is washed, irregularities are removed, sanded and polished.


    This method can be called simple, but radical. It is only suitable if you need to enlarge the ring only slightly (up to 0,5 mm), and the product itself is quite thick. The master will remove a little metal from the inside of the ring so that you will not observe external changes, but the jewelry will fit normally on your finger. True, like insertion, this not very popular method of increasing the size may be the only one possible if the decoration is ornate in shape or inlaid with stones. Unfortunately, boring a ring results in the loss of ground material, most often gold. But if there is no other choice, then boring the ring is better than putting it away.

    Questions to the master

    In order to be confident in the result of the jeweler’s work, before giving him the ring, it would be a good idea to ask a few questions. You will show yourself to be a competent and responsible client. And depending on the master’s answers, you will understand whether he is worth trusting.

    • Find out what the technology is for carrying out the work.
    • Assess the risks.
    • Check to see if the work will be guaranteed.
    • Find out what awaits you if the craftsman fails (cracked stone, obvious seam in the metal. ), how the loss will be compensated.
    • And the last thing is not the most obvious. If the ring is being reduced, ask whether the “remaining” ring will be returned to you.

    Of course, it is optimal to buy a ring that fits your size. But even careful fitting will not save you from the possible need to reduce or enlarge your favorite piece of jewelry. You should not treat this as a problem: in most cases, the professionalism of jewelers will allow you to cope with the situation in an hour or two. And you will again enjoy your favorite ring on your finger, and not in an old box.

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