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How to make rose quartz work?

Rose quartz is one of the most beautiful and expensive varieties of this mineral. Its color represents purity, inspiration and harmony. But among the many properties, the love power of this gem comes first. After all, if you believe the ancient belief, he was sent to earth by the god of love – Cupid. The color of this mineral can vary from pale pink to a rich red tone, for which it is called Watermelon Quartz. Pink quartz crystals are used as an ornamental material for various souvenirs and talismans, including pyramids, balls and figurines. For jewelers, transparent rose quartz is valuable, which, after special cabachon processing or step cutting, turns into jewelry such as brooches, pendants and necklaces. In jewelry, rings with this crystal are quite rare; preference is mainly given to pendants made of rose quartz and various pendants with both polished and untreated stones. After all, only they can fully reveal the properties of rose quartz stone. Lithotherapists advise wearing such jewelry closer to the heart, since it has the greatest influence on this organ. But do not forget that jewelry made from a mineral of this delicate shade is very finicky, especially if it is a pendant, pendant, brooch or any other piece of jewelry that is exposed to bright light. When exposed to direct sunlight, quartz tends to fade and turn gray, so it is preferred to be used as amulets, which are easier to hide from ultraviolet exposure than jewelry.

Healing and magical properties of rose quartz

In general, the magic of this mineral has been known since ancient times; the ancient Romans and Egyptians used it not only as talismans and amulets, but also added it to cosmetics to prolong youth and longevity. Rose quartz stone is a symbol of love, tenderness and spiritual harmony. It makes the owner more attractive to the opposite sex and helps to find a soul mate. Unmarried girls use it to attract love and to find family happiness, and those who are already married prefer to keep talismans made from this crystal in their home, since it is believed that it can bring harmony to relationships and strengthen family ties. The magical properties of quartz stone are not limited to this. This delicate crystal has a huge impact on human emotions. It is generally accepted that quartz is a powerful “cure” for stress, mental anguish and heart wounds. It fights negative energy, gives the owner a positive mood, eliminates melancholy and gives harmony both with the outside world and with the inner one. The healing properties of rose quartz extend to diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart, blood vessels and the immune system in general, and normalizes the function of the pancreas, lymphatic and skeletal systems. In addition, its positive effect is observed in skin diseases and inflammatory processes. The healing characteristics of this crystal are also used to treat diseases of the female genital organs, in particular to restore their reproductive function. So, for example, it is believed that quartz not only helps to conceive a child faster, but also reduces the threat of miscarriage.

Rose quartz in the zodiac horoscope

When talking about who is suitable for rose quartz, you should refer to the zodiac horoscope. Jewelry and amulets made from this stone, according to astrologers, have a fairly calm energy, so they are suitable for almost any person. However, quartz has a stronger influence on some zodiac signs. So, for example, Libra, Cancer and Taurus, whose emotional state is best combined with the energy of the stone, will receive more benefits from wearing it. Aries, whose hallmark is stubbornness, will become more flexible and less aggressive with the help of this stone. And the zodiac sign Virgo will not be so critical in choosing a life partner. Another zodiac sign that can consider rose quartz as their birthstone is Aquarius. Aquarians, especially women, will become more friendly and peaceful with the help of this crystal. In addition, quartz suitable for any horoscope sign can become an indispensable assistant for all creative individuals. This mineral inspires, stimulates creativity and promotes productive work. Quartz is suitable for people who want to gain clear thinking, happiness in love, bodily harmony, and a pleasant atmosphere at work. A transparent stone of different shades (pink, yellow, blue quartz) helps to strengthen the subtle mental powers of people – the energy field, intuition, clairvoyance, healing.


  • In ancient centuries, the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks used magical amulets made of transparent crystal in rituals for protection. They considered him a link with higher powers;
  • In the Middle Ages, jewelers used varieties of stone to create jewelry. Rings and bracelets with iridescent polished minerals were worn by representatives of the royal family and used during religious ceremonies;
  • In the East, it was compared to unmelting ice, calling it “the frozen breath of the dragon.”

The mineral got its name “Quarz” from the term quarzum – a stone with intersecting cracks. Another version of the name is the word twarc in Old German, which meant “solid”. Quartz is formed from magma, which is hot rocks inside the earth. Depending on the inclusions in the transparent material, the mineral is painted in different shades.


Until now, crystal with a lot of textures and colors is used to create all types of jewelry. The healing and magical abilities of the amulet depend on the shade, so when you choose a “helper” crystal, be guided by its color. Varieties known in jewelry:

  • Rose quartz is a light pink shade with a soft glow. He is responsible for love and fertility, helps those people who want to improve the atmosphere in the family, material well-being;
  • Amethyst – jewelry shimmering with shades of purple brings success in business, sports, career, giving energy;
  • Faden is a rock crystal with a line inside. As it developed, it split apart and then reformed into a single piece with a small mark. Therefore, the stone helps to restore personality, to find unity with oneself;
  • Sugar or snow mineral – its snow-white cabochons are combined with rose quartz in jewelry to enhance the purity of the owner’s thoughts;
  • Prazem – varieties of green minerals (chalcedony, aventurine). It is used for healing rituals;
  • Rutile (Hair of Venus, Hairy) is a transparent stone with threads of red, black, gray or gold. Improves personal life, works in love rituals to attract a soul mate;
  • Tourmaline quartz is a transparent crystal with black tourmaline needles, which adjusts the connection with the world of subtle energies, enhancing hidden talents.
  • Mountainous, transparent – responsible for enhancing intelligence, developing inspiration among talented creators. It is often used by soothsayers and fortune tellers to see another world in its shiny edges; Rauchtopaz is a gem with great masculine power, which is used by magicians in their rituals. It helps to cope with difficult mental states, taming negativity inside or outside;
  • Ametrine (sital) is a two-color, violet-yellow gem. Its dual nature helps to balance the state, to find peace;
  • The cat’s eye protects from anger, troubles, diseases, directing a person’s strength to the development of his intellect;
  • Mystic quartz – the gem itself has gone through the birth process several times, therefore it helps people overcome a difficult period in life, leading to a new stage;
  • Black-smoky morion releases inner strength, imparting courage and patience.

The transparency of quartz stone of any shade cleanses people from the negativity of the outside world, removes internal dirt – impurities, toxins, bad thoughts, anxieties. Long-term wearing of the mineral enhances positivity in various areas, from love to the state of the body.


The color of quartz determines its healing capabilities, so the mineral is chosen based on the health problems that you want to eliminate.

  • Tourmaline cures the evil eye or damage; for women it is useful because it has rejuvenating properties, since wearing jewelry with it slows down aging; Violet, blue-pink quartz helps resist alcohol or drug addictions;
  • Transparent is universal, as it suits almost all zodiac signs. The amulet eliminates negativity, helps to concentrate attention, strengthens the immune system;
  • Pink, as well as strawberry (a subtype of rose quartz with small inclusions of hematite). Removes toxins from the body, improving the functioning of the thyroid gland, nervous system, and blood vessels;
  • Cat’s eye improves visual acuity. To do this, the gem must be regularly applied to the eyelids.

It is better to wear a necklace or pendant made of quartz on the chest during the season of exacerbation of ARVI. The amulet eases difficulty breathing by influencing the energy of the chest.

Another way to use the healing powers of quartz is to infuse water on the stone. The resulting liquid can be washed to make the skin elastic and clean. For rejuvenation, you can use massage rollers and scrapers made from different types of stone.

You can drink water infused with rose quartz to enhance your attractiveness to the opposite sex, or drink it with your significant other – this ritual will enhance tenderness and love in a union.

Regular consumption of charged water will strengthen the immune system; lotions or compresses will heal wounds and burns. For prevention, place quartz on problem areas during meditation so that it can work with energy flows in the body.

Magical properties

Gems reveal their powers depending on the zodiac sign of the owner. It is enough to choose a harmonious type of quartz for yourself so that it improves your relationship with the outside world, your internal state, and your health. Zodiac compatibility:

  1. Capricorn, through the talisman, will understand their purpose and choose the right path in life;
  2. Aquarius is recommended to have a pink shade of the gem, which will improve his mood and relationships with loved ones;
  3. Pisces will reveal their potential under the protection of the mineral, but they need to rest from strong apotropaia;
  4. For Taurus, wearing a transparent amulet will give common sense and concentration in order to direct their energy in a useful direction;
  5. Aries can strengthen their determination and confidence with the help of a quartz amulet;
  6. It is better for Gemini to use a transparent stone to enhance clarity of thoughts and improve communication with people;
  7. Cancer in jewelry with rose quartz will gain self-confidence and inner strength;
  8. For Leo, the stone will strengthen his will, help him realize his leadership and big goals;
  9. For Virgo, rose quartz framed in gold will enhance a positive emotional mood, helping to build relationships with people;
  10. Libra will feel peace and harmony when wearing quartz jewelry;
  11. With the amulet, Scorpios will find warmth and pleasure in the outside world, and will calm down their aggression;
  12. With the help of a transparent amulet, Sagittarius will find new horizons, developing his intuition.

The specific direction of the magical action of the mineral is best correlated with the color of the apotropaia. In any case, when choosing, hold the gem you like in your hand and focus on your inner sensations. If the stone in your hand causes a feeling of tingling, vibration, warmth, then your choice is correct. Within 24 hours, the amulet will begin to interact with you, strengthening your desires and thoughts. Therefore, you can formulate the task within a day, mentally voice it to your lithop assistant, and put quartz under your pillow at night. Prophetic, pleasant dreams will be a good sign that the amulet has begun to fulfill your wishes.


Jewelers create complex sets and sets from this material, since its transparent structure is universal while obtaining a harmonious design. Quartz amulets work harmoniously when framed by gold and silver, but with multidirectional effects:

  • Gold enhances the energy and power of the gem;
  • Silver promotes balance and softness of the effects of quartz energy.

Quartz is suitable for combination with turquoise, pearls, onyx, sapphire, enhancing their properties. Chrysolite, aventurine, topaz will come into conflict with a transparent stone. The energy of strength and fire does not combine with the peace and crystal calm of a quartz amulet.

The neutral pair for the crystal will be ruby, amber, and malachite. Their energy does not contradict, but does not enhance the impulse of the transparent stone. A transparent mineral of any shade looks impressive as the center of a piece of jewelry, and can highlight the shimmer of another gem.


Quartz is durable, and after processing it amazes with the radiance of its edges. Therefore, jewelry, dishes, and interior items are often made from it. The shine lasts for a long time, since the smooth surface is not afraid of water and acids.

It is enough to wash the decoration with a cloth soaked in warm water to remove dust and dirt. You should not leave quartz jewelry in the sun, as exposure to ultraviolet radiation can change the color of the mineral.

Quartz is often confused with quartzite or passed off as topaz. It is difficult to distinguish between types of minerals with the naked eye, since this requires laboratory conditions. The best solution is to purchase quartz jewelry and amulets from reliable sellers.

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