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How to properly charge rock crystal?

Natural stones themselves represent an inexhaustible reservoir of energy. Why do you need to charge minerals? When we use stones in everyday life, encountering a variety of people, the energy structure of minerals has to “process” huge flows of information, often very negative. Not all stones can withstand such loads, some “die”, their energy structure is destroyed under the influence of negative vibrations. To strengthen the crystal lattice and “bind” the stone to your energy, it is necessary to periodically charge the stones that you wear and use in meditative practice. Well, and most importantly, natural minerals and crystals are conductors of subtle energies. All cosmic energies penetrate into our earthly world through natural bodies. Charging stones allows you to tune the energy structure of minerals to high-frequency vibrations, with the help of which higher energies penetrate the Earth’s biosphere. Regular recharging of minerals is an important necessity! There is no need to test the strength of your stones, charge them more often, use correctly and as efficiently as possible the treasures given to us by nature. The simplest and most common methods of charging stones are recharging with sunlight and moonlight.

Charging stones with sunlight

There is nothing easier than charging stones with sunlight.
Place your crystals in direct sunlight and they will self-charge with enormous vitality. Probably, in our galaxy, in principle, there is no energy stronger than solar energy. In any case, sunlight has the most powerful effect on all life in the solar system. Especially on natural minerals, which are natural “accumulators” of energy, the most important “batteries” that a person can use for his own purposes. All stones, when exposed to the sun, capture and reflect the sun’s rays, which in turn contain the entire light spectrum: from ultraviolet to infrared light. What stones don’t like sunlight? There are some stones that are contraindicated for prolonged sunbathing. These are stones with a porous structure that dries out under the rays of the active sun. These include turquoise, coral, pearls, mother of pearl, rose quartz, etc. With prolonged exposure to the sun, these minerals may crack and lose their original color. There are also non-porous minerals that also lose their color when exposed to sunlight for a long time – these are garnet, citrine, amethyst, topaz, ruby ​​and other stones. Therefore, before leaving your stone in the open sun for a long time, collect information about its physical properties.

Charging stones with moonlight

Stones have long been charged with moonlight. The night luminary played a big role in the magical practices of all peoples of the world at all times. Hindus, Egyptians, and Romans believed that the moon’s silvery light was magical and charged all life on Earth. And they were not wrong. The astral power of the mistress of the night helps us feel better and achieve our goals faster. The mysterious satellite of the Earth gives us an invaluable connection with the energy of the Universe. The moon is an excellent conductor of subtle energies, supporting the human biofield. Through natural minerals, it affects our feelings, relationships with loved ones, greatly influences intuition, and develops psychological abilities. In order to charge your stones, they must be left under the moonlight for one night. If the night is cloudy and the moon’s light is periodically obscured by clouds, then a second charging session will be needed. Moonlight is more ethereal, more delicate than sunlight. Lunar recharging of crystals, which are used in meditative practice for relaxation and spiritual growth, is especially useful. If it is possible to leave the stones outside, in the open air, this would be the best option. But a certain phase of the moon is suitable for each stone.
Each phase of the Moon relates to a specific element and has a different effect on the energy of natural minerals. On certain lunar days, the stones reveal themselves in their own way. In order to properly charge the stones, you need to do this on strictly defined days. The lunar calendar will tell us on which days, without violating the Universal laws, we can charge gems by bathing them in the mysterious moonlight.

First phase of the moon

The first phase of the Moon belongs to the element of Earth.
The symbol is the virgin goddess of hunting Artemis.
These days it is better to charge the stones of the earth element, which are opaque and very hard. Earth element stones:
Chalcedony, jade, agate, lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise, onyx, serpentine, crocodile, heliotrope, plasma, jet, cacholong, jadeite, jasper, aventurine, chrysoberyl, rauchtopaz, eye quartz, labradorite, amber, coral, hematite, charoite, zircon , morion. During this period, on a subtle level, we especially need to replenish the energy of natural stones, which in turn need the support of the mystical powers of the beautiful satellite of the Earth. Stones given or purchased these days will be in maximum harmony with your inner self, concentrate all your strength and contribute to a qualitative improvement in your life.

Second phase of the moon

The second lunar phase belongs to the element of Water.
Symbol: Thetis, sea nymph, mother of Achilles.
In the second lunar phase, it is necessary to charge the stones of the water element – these are minerals that are slightly transparent, soft in color, with mother-of-pearl and iridescence, changing their color. Stones of the water element have a calming effect on us, eliminate negative energy, and relieve depression. Water element stones:
Emerald, chrysoberyl, opal, moonstone, aquamarine, topaz, pearl, coral, hematite, alexandrite, peridot, heliotrope. Stones given or purchased during the second lunar phase will bring inner harmony and help to withstand life’s difficulties. This lunar time carries the energy of maximum emotional sensitivity, gives us psychological flexibility, and helps us understand our own feelings.

Third phase of the moon

The third lunar phase belongs to the element of Air.
The symbol is the goddess Hera, a messenger and conductor of information.
These days, stones related to the air element are charged. These are, as a rule, translucent minerals, sometimes with smoky areas in color. They emit energy that promotes deep spiritual development. Most of them act as strong “cosmic transmitters” that help achieve mental balance, psychological constancy, improve communication, force us to change and contribute to the speedy achievement of our goals. In addition, air stones speed up all vital processes in the body. Air element stones:
Sapphire, amethyst, rose quartz, rock crystal, emerald, smoky quartz, chrysoprase, citrine, chrysoberyl, tourmaline, topaz, golden beryl, peridot, rhodonite, carnelian, fluorite, lapis lazuli, blue chalcedony, sardonyx, charoite, amazonite.

Fourth phase of the moon

The fourth phase of the Moon belongs to the element of Fire.
The symbol is the goddess Gorgon, beautiful and cruel.
During this lunar phase, stones of the fire element are charged – absolutely transparent and clean. Fiery minerals recharge with energy and help raise the tone of the body, charge with a powerful impulse to action, and inspire optimism. Fire element stones:
Diamond, ruby, sapphire, zircon, amber, pyrope, almandine, grossular, spinel, heliodor. Natural stones, donated or purchased during the last lunar quarter, help overcome internal psychological problems that interfere with achieving harmony and well-being.

Different methods of charging stones for different purposes

There are many ways to charge stones depending on the purpose of their use. Stones and jewelry, which are used to protect your own biofield from aggressive influences and protect your aura from energy attacks, are perfectly charged under ordinary sunlight. But there is one caveat – the best time for this kind of recharging is midday, when the sun is at its zenith. To protect the aura, the widely used and practice-tested so-called “protective” stones are ideal – eye quartz (tiger eye, hawk’s eye, cat’s eye). To protect energy, families use marble, which is perfectly charged by the sun at its zenith. Marble balls are not only very elegant decorative elements, but also effective objects of power that can protect your home from misfortunes and troubles. If you constantly work with any crystal to improve various aspects of your life, then you can recharge it using other natural stones. To do this, you need to take 10 stones and lay them out in the shape of a pentagram – 5 large stones as the top of the “star”, 5 small ones at the ends of the rays of the “star”. In the center of the pentagram, place your crystal, which needs recharging. The process itself will take the whole day – from sunrise to sunset. The ideal option is for the stones to lie on the ground and be exposed to sunlight throughout the day. If the stone is charged for the purpose of its further use in healing procedures, then in this case it is recommended to use spring or melt water (with a regular crystal lattice). Take a round silver or copper bowl and pour clean spring or melt water into it. Place a stone or stones that need recharging on the bottom, and leave the bowl in one of the places of power during daylight hours (the place of power can be set using a dowsing frame). But don’t forget that not all stones love water. Porous natural minerals, such as turquoise, should never be charged with water. They will crack and lose their color and healing powers. If the stone is used in spiritual practices, then it is recommended to charge it with generator crystal. Generator crystals are quartz crystals, which are natural transparent crystals (usually hexagons) with a clearly defined apex. Generator crystals are widely used in spiritual practices and healing; they transmit high-frequency energies and are the strongest energy emitters and transformers. This is the optimal type of minerals, ideal for generating and transmitting energy by a crystal within the framework of a specific program embedded in it. Therefore, generator crystals are incredibly suitable for recharging meditation stones. They program for a specific task, collect and enhance the properties of stones, and project powerful streams of energy onto them. To recharge a stone using a generator crystal, just place it for a day in a place well lit by sunlight. The same principle is used to charge natural minerals using pyramids and druses made of rock crystal and amethyst. Don’t forget to charge your stones on time! Take care of their natural energy structure, which can collapse under the pressure of prolonged exposure to negative vibrations. The more often you use minerals, the more often they need solar and lunar baths, as well as energetic contact with generator crystals. Scheduled charging of stones is usually carried out once every two months. Minerals They take away negative energy from us and give out positive vibrations. Moreover, for this, it is not at all necessary to constantly wear crystals on the body. Minerals work and clean our room, even in the form of decorative figures and figurines, balls and simply crystals that we keep on our desktop. They carefully protect us from the influence of computer radiation, astral attacks of ill-wishers and many other seemingly invisible problems. At the same time, over time, they also “get tired” and become exhausted from the accumulated negativity, and need to be cleansed. If mineral used in healing practice – it is necessary to clean it after each session. If used and worn frequently, it should be cleaned at least once a lunar month. Sometimes there are moments when, after communicating with unpleasant people, minerals instantly take over all the negativity. And when you get home, you need to clean it right away. Each of us feels such people unmistakably; in their company, in their company, we feel uncomfortable, we want to part with them quickly, their presence weighs us down, irritability and fatigue arise. At the same time, our jewelry takes on negative energy, but when you come home, you definitely need them clean and thank you for your care and salvation.

How to determine the energy contamination of a piece of jewelry or mineral?

More often, stones and minerals “they let you know” by changing color, becoming dull and not bright. They feel dusty, slippery and covered with a greasy film. You may have some discomfort from it. And it’s really bad when the stone bursts, a crack forms along it, or it falls out of the frame altogether. In this case, you have to say goodbye to such a product with natural stone. It has accumulated so much negativity that no cleaning can save it. And wear one like this on your body a natural stone no longer follows. It happens that the product seems to “go away and hide” from the owner. It seems that the ring was lying in a visible place – and it disappeared, we are looking everywhere, but we cannot find it. And then suddenly, after some time, it unexpectedly appears in another place. And we definitely remember that they didn’t put it there. You shouldn’t be surprised. It’s just that sometimes the stone also wants to take a break from you. Perhaps you haven’t cleaned it for a long time, but it doesn’t want to transfer negativity to you and harm the owner. For skeptics, there is also a laboratory method for diagnosing energy-tired products. For this we need an accurate electronic thermometer. We measure our body temperature. Then we place the product (or crystal) on the solar plexus. And again we measure the temperature together with the decoration. If the temperature drops by 1. 3 °C, this indicates that your product is dirty. If the temperature is 1. 3 °C higher, the product is clean and nourishes you. And if the temperature has not changed, then the decoration is simply neutral. There is a Mohs scale that determines the hardness of natural stone. It is believed that the higher the hardness, the more powerful and stronger magical properties of the stone (diamond, for example, has a Mohs hardness of 10). And accordingly, the mineral retains energy longer and does not become polluted so quickly. It is advisable not to wear minerals up to 7 (on the Mohs scale) for a long time; they absorb negativity very quickly and are difficult to completely clean. In medical practice (massage, acupuncture, applications) it is better to use minerals starting with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. They are more durable from an energy point of view. They can be used in practice for a longer time, they are receptive to information, and they can be programmed. These minerals include: We have minerals of organic origin up to 7 according to Mohs (pearl, mother of pearl, corals), as well as calcite, serpentine, etc. If crystal or mineral If you have been in practice for a long time or you have been wearing the product for a long time, then simply holding it under running water is not enough. Water will only remove surface dirt and electrostatic charge. Serious negative vibrations will not be eliminated by such cleaning. We will look at the main and most effective methods of purifying minerals.

Sound cleaning

Can be cleansed by sound vibrations. To do this you will need a singing bowl (preferably made of 7 metals). In extreme cases, it is suitable from alloys of 3 metals. Place the product on the bottom of the bowl. We hold the bowl on the left palm and move it counterclockwise. If the sound breaks, the product is very dirty. It is necessary to ensure that the sound does not break after 7 laps. The singing bowl can be cleaned absolutely all mineralsexcept for diamonds.

Purification by fire

Wrapping the product with natural stone or mineral into a napkin. Can be clamped with a wooden clothespin. Main – do not hold in bare hand. Light the candle and rotate it counterclockwise over the candle flame. At this time, you can read a prayer (“Our Father”, “Creed”). This type of cleaning is almost universal. They can be used to clean all minerals, except aquamarine and diamonds. In general, we will talk about cleaning diamonds separately. This “king of minerals” is the most capricious. And clearing it of negative energy is not so easy. There is an opinion that, due to its unique hardness, diamonds do not need to be cleaned at all. But that’s not true. You need to be especially careful if you inherited the stone. Diamonds “remember” their first owner and will always carry this information with them. And it is impossible to erase it. It’s good if you received the product from a loving grandmother with good wishes, and her fate was prosperous and happy. And if not? That’s why It is strictly forbidden to steal diamonds, engage in looting. Diamonds will not forgive you for this. It’s good when you are given a diamond from the heart with good wishes. In this case, he can really become a powerful defender for you. But even in this case, it (the product) must be cleaned at least once a month. Diamonds can only be cleaned with fire.

Diamond cleaning

This cleaning method is very similar to the previous one, but here we need a mirror with the length of the sides according to the Fibonacci number series (these are 3, 5, 8, 14, 21, etc.). For example, 13×13 cm. We install 4 church candles at the corners of the mirror. We clamp the product into a wooden clothespin. We move 4 circles counterclockwise over the flame of 108 candles. After this, we cover the product with natural fabric (ideally cotton or linen is suitable). And we don’t wear it for several hours. It should be noted that even this method of cleaning will not eliminate heavy karmic programs that may be in the stone.

Sea sand cleaning

Product with natural stone buried in sand for at least 24 hours. After this, rinse with running water. This cleaning method is suitable if the product with the stone is made of silver. It is not suitable for gold.

An ancient method of cleaning with wax

Many people know such properties of beeswax as removing and “nullifying” information from a person’s field. At the same time, it can be applied to our minerals and products. Will need natural beeswax. It must be melted in a water bath. Place the product in the middle of the wax. Form it into something resembling a cocoon (or egg). Leave for several days. Then clean the wax (this is easy to do if you melt it again in a water bath). After this you can put it on immediately product with natural stone.

Freeze cleaning

Decoration with natural stone or minerals put it in a bag of water. Tie and leave in the freezer until completely frozen. Then we take out the bag and wait for it to thaw naturally. This method is quite simple and effective. And works for most minerals.

Cleaning (discharging) with small hematites

Hematite disempowers negative images and has the ability to energetically discharge other minerals. Put stone or beads in a bowl with small hematites. In just 2 hours your stone will be energetically discharged.

Amethyst cleansing

Amethyst has a powerful and deep radiation that is transmitted to others. stones and minerals and cleanses them. To erase information from a product, place it on an amethyst druse for a day. An amethyst geode would also work.

Cleaning with salt

This method is suitable not for all minerals. Salt is a fairly powerful and crude cleaning method. And the energy of many stones can thus be disrupted. Amethyst, labradorite, moonstone, and emerald react poorly to salt. But for many other minerals, especially after use in therapy, this method is quite suitable. The stone is placed in a small bowl, which is placed in a container with salt. Never lay down a stone directly into the container with salt. The electromagnetic field of the mineral may be damaged, and in addition, the color will disappear.

Salt water cleaning

Can be put crystal or mineral overnight in a container of water and throw a pinch of salt there. But this method is suitable for large quartz crystals and hard minerals (ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, topaz), which have a Mohs hardness higher than 7.

Cleansing with wood energy

To do this, the stone is tightly tied to a tree and left for a day. The energy of the tree permeates the stone, and the dew takes away the negativity.

Charging Stones and Minerals

What happens to the stone after cleaning? It gets rid of electrostatic energy and negative information accumulated during wear. But at the same time the mineral becomes exhausted and weak after cleaning. Therefore, it needs to be charged again before use. There are several ways to charge a mineral. We will now look at the main ones.

Charging by sunlight

  • rose quartz;
  • amethyst;
  • emerald;
  • beryl;
  • aquamarine;
  • kunzite;
  • tourmaline (except schorl);
  • black fluorite;
  • opal;
  • moon rock.

Moonstone, selenite and opal are charged solely by moonlight. Therefore, at night they can be left on the windowsill under the rays of the moon.

Charging on a rock crystal friend

To energize stones that cannot tolerate direct sunlight, place them on rock crystal druse (for about a day).

Activation from amethyst druse

Amethyst in this case more versatile than rhinestone. You can use it to both clean and activate crystals. Perfect for amethyst geode.

Activation in a hollow pyramid

The shape of the pyramid is mysterious and unique. And this property can be used when activating the crystal. In this case, you just need to place the crystal in the middle of the hollow pyramid. But just be careful that your pyramid really must have the correct proportions (3-4-5). If there is any violation of the ratios, the pyramid does not work.

Activation by plants (according to Ayurveda)

Many plants are willing to share their energy with the crystal. Moreover, there is a scale of correspondence between the plant and its related mineral. At the same time, we pour a few plants (you can even dry them) into a bag made of natural fabric (linen, cotton) and put our mineral.

Mineral Picture Plant
Agate Peppermint, nettle
Aventurine Blueberries
Amazonite Rhubarb, salad
Hematite Dill
Rhinestone Thuja, strawberry
Emerald Poplar, juniper, lilac
Quartz (smoky) Horsetail
Icy quartz The succession
Lapis lazuli Peony, aster
Obsidian Nasturtium
Cornelian Cornflower, hawthorn
Hawkeye Kalina
Eye of the Tiger Air
Cat’s Eye Mug
Fluorite Henbane, walnut
Chalcedony Sea buckthorn, lungwort
Jasper Tomato, beet, gooseberry

After cleaning and activation, it is always advisable to update the program if your crystal has been programmed. The previous program can be repeated (if the plan has not yet been implemented). Or maybe a new program (if new desires and goals have appeared). We will talk in more detail later about how to correctly program a crystal and free it from the old program.

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