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How to register a piece of jewelry?

So, if you decide to run your official jewelry business – from a workshop to your own network, then you will basically need the following documents. At the state Assay Supervision Inspectorate of any of the federal districts of the Russian Federation, you will be given the choice of registering your license at their expense or yourself, at your own expense. As practice shows, 95% of all those who did everything themselves never submitted all the documents to the GIPN correctly the first time. Therefore, there are companies that help with the preparation of these very documents.

The first stage

1. You must be at least 18 years old, you must have a passport and Taxpayer Identification Number, which is issued to any citizen of the Russian Federation starting a working career (If not, then apply at the tax authority at your place of residence – it’s a must!). 2. Before going to GIPN, you need to create a legal entity, individual entrepreneur or LLC. You go to the tax office in your district of your city – fill out a bunch of papers, hand them in, and they register you for free within 5 business days. 3. Important! When registering an individual entrepreneur, you will have to indicate the type of your future activity. The so-called OKVEDs are codes in the tax authorities. They are needed by the tax authorities and, most importantly, by the State Property Inspectorate, who does not know them then suffers 5 times by redoing them and making changes. There is advice – add the maximum number of OKVEDs at once so as not to suffer later. Everything related to jewelry, gemology and related fields. 4. List of OKVEDs you need – 52.73 – BASIC – repair of watches and jewelry, this okved is the main one at the request of the State Property Inspectorate Then come all the other additional OKVEDs – in any order. Some services in the future may require additional licenses from the State Property Inspectorate, but having OKVEDs in your individual entrepreneur will make it much easier to obtain them. – 36.22.4 – Processing of precious, except diamond, semi-precious and synthetic stones.
– 36.22.5 – Jewelry production
– 36.61 – Production of jewelry from non-precious materials
– 37.10.22 – Processing of waste and scrap of precious metals
– 52.48.22 – Retail trade in jewelry
– 52.48.3 – Specialized retail trade in non-food products not included in other groups
– 36.22 – Production of jewelry and technical products from precious metals and stones
– 51.47.34 – Wholesale trade in jewelry
– 36.21 – Minting of coins and medals
– 51.47.37 – Wholesale trade of other consumer goods
– 36.2 – Production of jewelry and products from precious materials and stones, coins.
– 51.52.23 – Wholesale trade in gold and other precious metals (purchase)
– 51.56.3 – Wholesale trade in precious stones
– 74.1. – Activities in the field of law. Needed for gemology
– 74.11, 74.13, 74.14 and 74.84, 72.60 – okved data for both gemological examination and appraisal activities. 5. You will need to obtain an information letter and a certificate from the Statregister of Rosstat. It is better to ask the tax office of your city where this body is located. 6. Next, you need to open your bank account with all the documents. 7. You need a safe deposit box and a service agreement (about 250 rubles per year). 8. A lease or sublease agreement for premises for your business or a lease agreement for a retail space – if trade, but here are recommendations about the workshop. There will be a separate topic about shops. 9. The floor plan (copy) can be obtained from the owner of the premises. If yours is even simpler, the main thing in the plan is to arrange everything correctly and correctly so that everything complies with the standards. 10. Agreement with any security private security company. Important: when drawing up the contract, ask that a clause be included – escort of valuable cargo to a safe deposit box. 11. Next you need to purchase a safe. The bigger and heavier the better. So that they don’t take it away. 12. Your own name. You can choose to either order from GIPN or from engravers’ workshops. The price of a name card is about 2000 rubles. Every year it must be done anew according to the requirements of the State Penitentiary Inspectorate. 13. If you want to engage in buying, pawnshop or gemological examination, then for each of these positions you need to have a certificate or a trained person. A certificate for buying a pawnshop and for gemology, for engaging in this activity, can be obtained at any GIPN, there are courses for 2 weeks – from 6 to 15 thousand rubles. 14. Rosfinmonitoring. You must undergo training and obtain a certificate from a licensed company.

Second stage – GIPN:

You will need to fill out a number of papers for GIPN, you can come to them and get them from them, but it is better to download them on the Internet and fill them out at home, it is better to have several options if you are not completely sure that you are filling everything out correctly.

You need to fill out:

  • Card for special registration with the State Penitentiary Inspectorate
  • Application for registering you with a special register with the State Property Inspectorate
  • List of documents presented to the State Property Inspectorate for registration (list the number of documents).

What should be:

  • Application in 1 copy – 1 sheet
  • Card filled out by you 3 sheets – 1 copy
  • And all other documents that were mentioned in stage 1 – originals and notarized copies.

ATTENTION! – All documents: lease agreement, agreement with private security company, special registration card, etc. – everything must be stitched with white thread and numbered.

COUNCIL: When going to the GIPN and doing all the manipulations with documents for the first time, I advise you not to be lazy, make scans and copies of all documents and send them electronically to a flash drive and, if possible, take your laptop with you so that you can fix everything right away!

The documents are prepared within 7 working days – then you need to come and pick them up, or if you live too far from the State Penitentiary Inspectorate, you can arrange for your documents to be sent to you by mail.

This article is relevant for the Ural Federal District!

If you are planning to start manufacturing jewelry or selling it, then before starting your activity you need to find out what permits you will need to obtain. You can get a free consultation on this issue by contacting our certification center.

Main nuances of certification of jewelry products

Since jewelry is not included in the lists of goods established by Government Decree No. 2425 and the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, they are not subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity. This means that certification of products of this type is possible only on a voluntary basis.

A business entity has the right to issue the following documents:

  1. Voluntary quality certificate – this document at the official level confirms the compliance of goods with the requirements of national standards or specifications. Its validity period varies from one year to 3 years.
  2. Rejection letter – its presence indicates that jewelry is not subject to mandatory certification. The presence of this document allows you to avoid conflict situations when moving goods across the customs border; business partners may also require it in order to protect themselves when concluding transactions.
  3. The expert opinion of Rospotrebnadzor serves as confirmation that the tested products fully meet hygienic and sanitary-epidemiological standards.

To obtain a certificate, you will need to provide product samples to a laboratory to carry out a certain list of tests. The specified type of goods must meet the requirements established by OST 117-3-002-95.

This industry standard stipulates that verification can be carried out based on the following indicators:

  • presence of a mark and its authenticity;
  • compliance with the technical description – for serial production;
  • compliance with the drawing or author’s sample – for single products;
  • composition – the use of materials containing toxic elements is not allowed;
  • the presence of shells, burrs, cracks and other visible defects;
  • and others.

If there are precious stones in jewelry, a gemological examination is required to confirm their authenticity.

Based on the testing results, a test report is drawn up, which serves as the basis for issuing a certificate.

Got a question? Leave a request for a free consultation!

How to obtain a certificate for jewelry?

Certification of this type of goods includes the following steps:

  • submitting an application to the certification center – this is necessary to clarify all the details of the registration;
  • formation of a set of documents;
  • testing jewelry samples and drawing up a protocol;
  • issuance of a completed document to the applicant.

Despite the fact that a quality certificate is not included in the list of mandatory documents, many sellers and manufacturers of jewelry and souvenirs made of precious metals want to receive it for their products.

This position is due to the presence of a whole range of advantages, which include:

  • increased confidence of buyers and counterparties;
  • increasing competitiveness and investment attractiveness;
  • the opportunity to enter new markets, including the international level;
  • increasing profit margins due to increased sales volumes;
  • formation of a positive image of the company.

What documents are required for certification?

To obtain a certificate for jewelry, you will need to prepare and send the following to the certification center’s email address:

  • application for services;
  • copies of OGRN and TIN certificates, charter;
  • description of products indicating names, assortment, composition of raw materials used, HS code and other data (as a rule, color images of the goods are attached);
  • technical documentation defining the order of production of products;
  • agreement on the lease of industrial premises;
  • supply agreement with shipping documentation – in relation to import;
  • samples.

Still have questions regarding registration? Call us or leave a request online! Our experts will advise you absolutely free of charge and help you obtain permits on favorable terms.

Is jewelry certification required?

For the production, import and sale of jewelry, the issuance of a certificate is not required by law. However, this does not relieve manufacturers and sellers of responsibility for the quality and safety of products.

For this reason, many entrepreneurs draw up the document voluntarily.

The presence of a certificate increases consumer confidence and guarantees that the product is not falsified.

Certification allows you to document certain quality characteristics of jewelry.

What is the cost of jewelry certification?

Since certification is carried out voluntarily, the applicant has the right to indicate which parameters of the products are subject to verification. The list of necessary tests and laboratory studies will depend on this, the cost of which will determine the final price of the certificate.

Usually they check for compliance with industry standard 117-3-002-95, State Standards 53197-2008, 53196-2008, and their own specifications.

Expert help in developing specifications will also affect the price.

The specialist will determine the final cost after analyzing the applicant’s documentation.

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