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How to restore shine to pearls at home?

Fragile pearls require special attention – it’s not in vain that small mollusks worked to create a perfect, but so vulnerable material. As a result of improper handling, the mineral may become dull, take on a yellow tint, or lose its original shine. In this article we will tell you how to return to the past and keep jewelry with pearls in its original form.

Why do pearls turn yellow?

Sweet pearls do not like bright light – due to exposure to direct sunlight, they fade and turn yellow. But you still need to “walk” pearl jewelry – it is useful for pearls to “breathe” and they love the touch of human skin, thanks to which they receive additional moisture.

How to properly clean pearls at home

You can clean pearl jewelry from plaque and dirt with jewelry pastes, but they are difficult to find and are not cheap. In addition, such pastes cannot be used often, so we will tell you about those products. which can be found in any household.

Soap: for frequent procedures

The best soap solution for cleaning pearls is baby shower gel. It’s good if it contains no additives: dyes and preservatives. Delicate pearls, like baby skin, require careful care, and they don’t need chemicals. If you don’t have such a product at hand, take regular liquid soap – unlike hard soap, it will not clog between the insert and fastening of the jewelry and will be easily washed off. Soak a cotton pad or a soft sponge well with soap and rub the pearl with it – this will also lightly polish the precious insert. After this, simply rinse the jewelry with warm water.

Under no circumstances rub the pearl insert with brushes or abrasives – this will only damage your favorite piece of jewelry.

Although river pearls are more modest than sea pearls, you need to devote a little more time to them: place the jewelry with river mother-of-pearl in a warm soapy solution for 8-10 minutes, and then rinse with clean water.

Starch: removes yellowness

If a yellowish or grayish coating appears on the pebble, your main assistant is starch. Corn or potato are suitable for cleaning. Sprinkle it on a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, wrap it around the pearls and rub gently without applying much force. Then simply rinse the starch off the decoration with water.

Salt: for deep cleansing and nutrition

To thoroughly clean your pearls, take 1-2 teaspoons of fine sea salt or regular table salt. Place it along with the pearl jewelry in a soft cloth bag and immerse it in a container of water. Rinse gently until the salt is completely dissolved.

We remember that salt is a kind of abrasive, which means you cannot rub or actively mix pearls in it! Otherwise, your jewelry may be scratched.

Those who are impatient can immediately rinse the accessory with warm water, and those who are ready to wait and see a greater effect should leave the bag in the water after the salt baths for another half hour.

Olive oil: gentle hydration

The oil will not only help clean the jewelry from dirt and plaque, but will also additionally moisturize it. Olive oil and cotton cloth will do. The process is as simple as possible: put 1-2 drops of oil on a cloth and gently rub the bead in a circular motion, and remove the remaining oil with a paper towel. If you need to clean your pearl beads, avoid getting any oil on the thread! By the way, you can also remove dirt from a string by placing the beads in potato flour for a day. After this, simply shake off the flour and wipe the decoration with a clean cloth.

How to clean pearls in a setting

The frame also requires care. And if it is enough to clean silver 4-6 times a year, then with gold there is a special conversation – for a decent appearance it needs cleaning 1-2 times a month. The main rule here is to protect the pearl insert from the effects of those chemicals that are used to process precious metals.

Gold frame

  • Dip a cotton swab into the ammonia and squeeze out the excess so that the cotton swab remains slightly damp.
  • Carefully, without touching the pearl insert, wipe the frame with a moistened stick.
  • Grind the chalk to a powder and place it on a soft cloth such as flannel or microfiber.
  • Thoroughly polish the gold frame and treat the pearls with soapy water as indicated above.
  • Rinse the jewelry thoroughly with clean water.

If you are worried about the mother-of-pearl and are afraid to drop alcohol on it, simply place the accessory in a soapy solution for 15-20 minutes, and then gently rub the frame with a soft brush. Rinse with running water and dry. Ready! Your jewelry is like new.

Silver frame

Regular baking soda will help you in the fight against dark plaque on silver.

  • Take a teaspoon of baking soda and dilute it with water to form a paste.
  • Rub the resulting mixture onto the frame with your fingers, a soft brush or a piece of cloth, avoiding getting it on the pearls.
  • Wipe the insert with soapy water without rinsing.
  • Leave the decoration with the baking soda paste applied for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty of warm water several times and dry the accessory thoroughly.
  • Finally, lightly polish the frame and pearls with a soft cloth.

How not to clean pearls

Pearl grains are big sissies and picky, so you need to take care of them in a special way.

When cleaning and caring, there are a number of prohibitions – in order not to harm your favorite beads, you should not use:

  • abrasives;
  • household chemicals and detergents – washing powders, glass liquid, bleach, dishwashing gels;
  • cosmetics – lotions, tonics, toothpastes and powders;
  • solvents, acetone, nail polish remover;
  • soda and lye;
  • acids, including vinegar;
  • pharmaceuticals – alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia;
  • brushes, even soft ones;
  • steam and hot water;
  • ultrasound.

What harms natural pearls?

In addition to improper cleaning, environmental conditions can harm capricious beads.

Incorrect humidity and temperature conditions. Too high or too low temperatures in the room where pearls are stored can damage the mineral. Pearls will crack due to dry, hot climates and lose their luster in cold and excess moisture.

World. Pearls fade and turn yellow due to exposure to bright sunlight on their surface. But it is necessary to “walk” pearl jewelry periodically. Pearls love to “breathe” and love the touch of human skin. This way the mineral receives additional hydration.

Aggressive external environment. This includes chemicals, abrasives, alcohols, acids, household chemicals and even cosmetics. If you want to preserve the natural shade of pearls and prevent yellowness, consider its features:

1. Wear pearl jewelry only after your makeup has dried. Otherwise, the mineral may absorb chemical compounds and odors.

2. Pearls react poorly to tobacco – the stone turns yellow. Avoid overly smoky rooms.

3. Remove pearls before visiting the bathhouse, sauna and swimming pool. Temperature changes, chlorine or other chemical compounds harm mother of pearl.

How to properly store pearl jewelry to prevent contamination

It is easier to prevent severe contamination than to clean, so pay attention to prevention:

  • Store pearl jewelry away from other accessories, for example, in a separate box or bag. This way you will also protect the capricious mother of pearl from scratches.
  • Avoid plastic boxes and bags when storing – pearls need air and moisture.
  • To protect your jewelry from excess moisture, place a piece of chalk in the box.
  • Regularly treat the accessory with a pearl insert with soapy water, remembering to rinse and dry thoroughly.

Caring for pearls is not that difficult. Once taking care of your favorite jewelry becomes a habit, it will no longer seem like a hassle. But how much joy the magical mother of pearl will give you when you look at its exciting tints! Wear – with love, store – with attention.

The gemstone should be handled very carefully. Any unsuccessful attempt to wash it can turn out disastrously. Every woman who has this jewel in her collection has at least once wondered how to clean pearls at home.

Pearls have always been popular among the fair half of humanity. There is nothing imperfect about this stone. It’s hard to get used to the idea that pearls were created by the depths of the sea, because this wonder of the world has been attracting humanity with its beauty for centuries. Currently, they have learned to cultivate the stone, so not all of it is natural. But this does not mean that there is less beauty and splendor in it. Jewelry with this design is popular among ladies from high society. One has only to look at the stars of yesteryear and today: Marilyn Monroe, Cameron Diaz, Milla Jovovich, Elizabeth Taylor.

Why do you need to care for pearls?

There are three types of pearls:

  • natural, created by the sea;
  • cultivated, in conditions close to marine ones;
  • artificially grown (freshwater).

When a grain of sand enters the shell, the oyster begins to produce special substances that coat it. It is the layers of these substances that create the shine of mother-of-pearl.

“Sea stone” does not tolerate acids and ammonia. It has high impact resistance, but can be damaged if it hits other jewelry.

On the Moss scale, the hardness of a marine formation (resistance to damage) is rated from 3 to 4. While the same indicator for house dust is 7. Therefore, wiping a stone with a dry cloth means causing irreparable harm to it.

What is not recommended to do

Pearls, after several years, lose their original color – they become cloudy. This happens because the gem contains only 2% liquid. Because of this, at high temperatures it dries out, exfoliates, and at high humidity it becomes faded and dull. A very whimsical gem.

But there are some rules that will help protect it from loss of beauty. But first you need to know what you should never do with pearl jewelry:

  1. Clean with a toothbrush. This item has a hard coating that will ruin the surface of the stone. Cleaning with detergents, soda, and vinegar is also not allowed.
  2. Spray the decoration with perfume or eau de toilette. If these perfumes come into contact with the surface of the necklace, the color of the pearls will turn reddish.
  3. Take a bath in them.

How to clean pearls at home

There are important rules to follow when handling pearl jewelry. Dirt from the stone can be removed using a soap solution and a cotton pad. The first is done with soap and warm water. Before cleaning the sea formation, the disk is moistened in warm water: the necklaces are wiped with it. If a girl has earrings or rings, then they need to be left in a soapy solution for a couple of minutes, and then wiped with a cotton pad.

High-quality olive oil will also help restore your pearl jewelry to its former beauty. Apply two or three drops of olive oil to a cotton pad and wipe the jewelry with it. To prevent the product from remaining greasy, remove any remaining oil using a dampened paper napkin. Do not use other types of oils when cleaning. They will not help in whitening the formation, but greasy marks will remain.

Potato starch is a good helper for giving a gemstone its former beauty without leaving home. You should take a velvet cloth, pour a little powder into it and wipe the decoration.

If the product has become dull because there are many traces of grease on it, you can bring it back to life using the method below.

A teaspoon of table salt is poured into the linen fabric. Then pearls are placed in it. The stone should be wrapped in a cloth and placed in warm water. You need to rinse the fabric there until the salt is completely dissolved. Then take it out and dry it. Do not rub the sea formation with salt – it will spoil! If the jewelry is strung on a thread, it cannot be cleaned in the described way: water will cause the thread to become thinner and break.

Advice! Removes stubborn stains well. your own nail! It has a hardness similar to mother-of-pearl, so there will be no scratches from such an execution!

A good “folk remedy” is potato flour. You need to put the pearls in a jar of flour and shake it for two to three minutes.

Then, leave the decoration there for a day, and then shake it again. The next day, you can remove the stone and wear it in its original form, not forgetting to first wipe off any remaining flour from it with a cloth.

Unacceptable substances for cleaning pearls Acceptable substances for cleaning pearls
Alcohol Starch
Ammonia potato flour
Alcohol Own nail
Toothpaste Soap solution

Preserving pearls in their original form

The tips listed were about how to restore a product to its former beauty when it has already been lost. What if you don’t want your pearls to spoil at all? And is the housewife ready to regularly care for her jewelry using special cleaning products? After each wearing, the pearl product must be wiped with a soft cloth. This is done so that no traces of sebum remain on the jewelry, which softens the coating of the stone, making it more fragile. Therefore, every lady who is going to wear pearls for any event should be advised to first do a make-up, then wash her hands with soap and only then put on the jewelry.

You should not swim or play sports while wearing pearl jewelry. In the first case, chlorine, which is added to the pool, will have a devastating effect on the mother-of-pearl, in the second, sweat will begin to corrode the surface of the pearls.

The gemstone is not worn under coarse wool sweaters or coats. From these wardrobe items, small cracks form on it.

It is not recommended to use plastic bags and plastic containers as places to store “sea stone”, since they contain almost no oxygen.

And pearls are an organic formation, therefore, due to the lack of this element, they lose their beauty.

Storing jewelry for a long time in the light has a detrimental effect on mother-of-pearl.

With beads on a thread you need to do the following: separate each bead with a knot. Then the pearls will not touch each other and, as a result, scratch.

Every couple of years it is recommended to change the thread on which the pearls are attached.

When storing, pearl jewelry should be stored separately from other jewelry. It is better if the sea stone is wrapped in a velvet cloth.

Thanks to these simple tips, the beauty and shine of pearls will never deteriorate!

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Pearls are very fragile and not resistant to damage, so they must be properly cared for. Every woman who chooses a pearl product as jewelry should remember that the stone should be taken care of daily. If pearls are not cared for, the jewelry will lose its beauty in less than a year.

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