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How to tell if a labradorite stone is real or not?

Since the end of the 18th century, it has been a valuable jewelry and ornamental stone. It is also used as a facing stone (for example, used in the decoration of the Lenin Mausoleum).

Iridescence is clearly visible on a polished surface, which is why spectrolites are used to make costume jewelry and handicrafts.

Madagascar labradorites with a strong blue tint are also valued. Australian colorless, yellowish-brown transparent labradorites are successfully cut

The largest deposits are in Canada and Ukraine. The most expensive type of spectrolite is mined only in one country, Finland.

Place of Birth

How to distinguish a fake The Labradorite stone, due to its exceptional feature – labradorization – is difficult to confuse with other stones, as well as to counterfeit. To recognize it, just twirl the stone in your hands: unlike other minerals, natural labradorite will shimmer with a variety of colors moving through the translucent stone. You will see an effect that resembles a three-dimensional northern lights.

Application Labradorite is used exclusively in the jewelry industry. They make various inserts for jewelry, as well as produce decorative elements. In the 19th century in Russia it was used as a facing material. Today, even very wealthy people cannot afford this. The weight of the stone is more than one hundred dollars per carat. When purchasing jewelry made from such a gem, always be careful. Beads and bracelets will be a great addition to your any outfit. You can see samples of mineral stones at exhibitions that take place in big cities.

Labradorite is an original mineral and a bright magical talisman. The gem was officially discovered on the island of Labrador in Canada in the 18th century, where it received its modern name. Although the properties of the unusual stone have been known since ancient times. The handsome man shimmering with sparks helped with treatment, magical rituals, and protected the owner from the negative influence of ill-wishers. It served as protection for the home, an amplifier of love relationships, and a personal amulet. At the same time, the name of the mineral was given differently everywhere due to its diversity. Labradorite can be black, golden, multi-colored, therefore, before the discovery of the first large deposits, all varieties were considered different stones, and each subspecies was given its own name. The origin of the gem is shrouded in legends, as its radiance was associated with the divine principle – flashes in the sky during the polar night, the radiance of the moon. According to one legend, the hero cut a strange mountain with his blow. After which one half of it ended up in the sky, where it turned into the Northern Lights. The second magic rock remained as a shining stone on the ground. In another myth, a witch turned moonlight into the earth’s labradorite stone. Therefore, it is believed that he adopted all the magical properties of the night luminary, that is, the ability to influence a person’s emotions, harmonize his subtle energies, and fulfill his cherished desires. In the East, the unusual crystal was called the Eye of God, considering it a source of healing energy for people.


  • Black Lunar is a dark crystal with blue or blue sparkles;
  • Light labradorite stone with golden, sunny tints;
  • Spectrolite that sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow.

The gem is often compared to the eye of an animal, giving its name based on the color of the iris – “eye of the tiger”, “eye of the raven”. Each shade has its own direction in esoteric practices, since color and composition generate a certain energy.


Lithotherapists believe that labradorite helps improve human health in general and has a positive effect on the immune system. It is used in stone massage sessions or placed on problematic organs during meditation. Rainbow pieces, when worn constantly, are useful for people with an unstable nervous system, suffering from various diseases.

In what cases do the healing properties of the mineral help:

  • Headache;
  • Fever, cold;
  • Eye diseases;
  • Arthritis;
  • Diseases of the genitourinary and reproductive system;
  • Throat or lung problems.

Labradorite stimulates metabolism and improves digestion, so it can be worn by those watching their weight.


The main difference between a talisman is its diversity and changeable appearance. Therefore, the stone is considered a symbol of the boundlessness of energy; it can change the consciousness of its owner and help make any dream come true. Who is a powerful magic amulet suitable for:

  • It helps the creators whose talent it enhances achieve recognition;
  • Labradorite relieves anxious and nervous people of dark energy and clears the mind;
  • Women who want to find love and strengthen their family;
  • To protect your home from robbers and envious people (a talisman at the entrance to the house will stop ill-wishers).

The light specimen works with the esoteric abilities of a person. The stone enhances his special abilities, gives prophetic dreams, helps to foresee events, mistakes or profitable deals. The black variety is used by magicians to enhance their magical powers.

Rainbow spectrolite in red and dark shades is suitable for women, as its energy is aimed at creating a family and having children. The male blue Labrador enhances self-confidence in the stronger sex and protects against negativity.


Labrador is ruled by the element of water, under the auspices of Neptune, the Moon, and Pluto. For an alliance with other stones, minerals with the same governing element are selected. What is suitable for combination with a moon gem:

  • Aquamarine – such a union keeps the owner from conflicts and mistakes, and brings calm to all areas of his life;
  • Opal – together with Labradorite, reveals the inner strength of a person in a spiritual direction;
  • Pearls – with spectrolites of red shades enhance feminine energy;
  • Rose quartz – when worn together, will bring positive changes to the life of the owner.

Light precious metals – white gold, platinum, silver – are best suited for framing cabachons. “Moonlight” does not combine with minerals of the element of fire. Being close to obsidian, sardonyx, amber, topaz, garnet, and aventurine will cause a conflict of energies.

Horoscope compatibility

The zodiac sign under which a person was born does not have much significance for an amulet or jewelry made from Labradorite. Apotropaia is universal; it reveals the deepest qualities of a person.
Talisman influence:

  1. Aries – representatives of this zodiac sign will be able to receive recognition, realize their path;
  2. Taurus will increase his positivity and gain useful contacts;
  3. Gemini finds balance with the help of an amulet;
  4. For Cancers, Labradorite reduces the emotional temperature and gives calm;
  5. Leos under the protection of spectrolite will enjoy the stability of their success;
  6. For Virgos, such apotropaia improves the nervous system and leads to the correct solution to many problems;
  7. Libra – will be confident in their actions, leaving behind the usual doubts;
  8. Scorpios should choose a mineral carefully, giving preference to a blue or rainbow specimen that will enhance their energy;
  9. A Sagittarius who wears jewelry with a Labradorite will be successful, as the talisman enhances his drive and determination;
  10. Capricorn will take control of his emotions in order to act correctly in difficult situations;
  11. Aquarians will begin to make informed decisions and become less emotional;
  12. Pisces, a water sign, will leave melancholy and begin to enjoy life.

To make sure that the selected mineral is right for you, hold it in your hand for a few seconds. Warmth, vibrations, tingling sensations indicate that interaction has begun. The decoration can be placed under the pillow at night. If the night passed peacefully and you had positive dreams, then the amulet is successfully combined with your energy and can be worn on an ongoing basis.

Sultan chose

Jewelers make pendants, bracelets, and beads from Labradorite. This involves processing faceted minerals into smooth, polished cabochons. When cut, the gem reveals its power, as a sparkling shine appears after polishing the surface.
To protect the house using the properties of a magical talisman, small figured figurines or thin cladding plates used to decorate walls, floors, and furniture are suitable. How to avoid buying a fake:

  • Examine the Labradorite under the rays of light, changing the angle of inclination to see the effect of Labradorization – the play of light, the play of different shades;
  • Temperature – natural stone does not heat up for a long time from human heat;
  • A certificate indicating the place of origin, there is no mark on the “synthetic” origin of glass or plastic;
  • The name does not contain the term “labradorite”, since it is an igneous rock of which the mineral is a part.

The talisman has powerful energy, it actively affects a person. Therefore, lithotherapists and esotericists recommend wearing jewelry for a limited time. It should be combined with other amulets carefully. If you want to enhance protection, then the most universal option is a union of dark and light Labradors. Jewelry can be used to protect and enhance the energy of a married couple; such a tandem will help single people find their love. A figurine in the interior will become a talisman, and will also harmonize the atmosphere in the house, eliminate conflicts, envy, and disputes. At the same time, it is better to place the protection in an inconspicuous place, and do not allow guests to touch the Labrador. The mineral tunes into the energy of its owner, and the touch of strangers interferes with its work.

In the form of decoration, this mineral can be easily combined with any style of clothing. It adds elegance to a businessman’s suit and complements an evening dress or loose dress with its sparkles. Earrings, necklaces, pendants shine under the sun’s rays and attract attention with the play of colors. The magical properties of Labradorite support the owner in bold endeavors and create protection from negativity.


The shine of a polished surface must be maintained by regular cleaning. A soft cloth is suitable for this, but do not forget that the polishing process enhances the energy of the stone.
Otherwise, the Labrador is easy to care for. It is enough to rinse it under running water without using cleaning agents. After bathing, the jewelry is dried in a dark place, hidden from prying eyes, then put away in a fabric bag or box with soft upholstery.
After wearing for a long time, the gem needs rest. It can be cleansed with water from accumulated energy, placed overnight under the moonlight to accumulate magical power. Attention and caring attitude towards the Labradorite talisman will make it a faithful assistant in all your endeavors, a powerful guardian for you and your home.

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