Stones by zodiac signs

How to understand what stone you have based on your zodiac sign?

People have long believed that in the Universe people are connected with Space and the stars. And our life directly depends on the location of the stars and planets. Millennia have passed, and we are still looking forward to the next forecasts from eminent astrologers. How to attract positive energy and the favor of higher powers with the help of stones and noble metals? Let’s plunge into the mystical world of stars and planets. We’ll also find out if it’s worth trying. find out your destiny according to the mood of the sky.

How to choose your stone according to your zodiac sign

Firstly, do not be upset if the horoscope says that only Diamond ring or earrings with sapphires. Each sign of the zodiac circle necessarily has not one talisman, but several minerals. Therefore, do not get hung up on the list of recommendations and look for your stone intuitively. Feelings and first impressions when looking at jewelry are a better guide than unequivocal and categorical statements of astrologers. Which, by the way, are sometimes so far from knowing the stones that they may not suggest something important. For example, what’s between rauchtopaz и topaz there is nothing in common except part of the name. Or that pomegranates are not only red, but also green. Now the second and no less important. The same stone affects all representatives of the sign differently. Study what is more in your character, read about the properties of the mineral, and only then decide what kind of decoration you need for absolute happiness. What character traits do you want to highlight? Which ones to get rid of? Third point: traditionally they distribute between the 12 signs of the Zodiac the most famous and, what to hide, most expensive stones. This is where astrology meets reality! After all, such a number of gems is definitely not enough for everyone. Perhaps it will be uncut malachite or stunning, but modest jasper? Learn to look deeper and between the lines of glossy horoscopes. Read more about jasper in a separate article.

Aries: diamond, sapphire, amethyst

21 March – 19 April Active, self-confident and often stubborn Aries strive for luxury. When choosing jewelry, they give preference to classic pieces with precious stones. Astrologers recommend Aries to wear diamonds. And we’re not surprised. Such strength of character is consistent with the hardness of the most popular stone on the planet. For Aries, a diamond brings good luck only when a person directs his powerful energy into a peaceful channel. Otherwise, the power of the stone works against the owner. But no less beautiful crystal pacifies an overly hot temperament and teaches him to control emotional outbursts.

Taurus: emerald, sapphire, malachite

April 20 – May 20 Practical, earthly, but endlessly romantic Taurus is suitable jewelry with green stones. Astrologers advise choosing emerald, sapphire, agate, blue topaz, malachite. Since the planet Venus is considered the patroness of Taurus, the most powerful talisman for the May sign is the emerald. This mystical green stone is associated with the goddess of love, Venus. It has long been believed that it helps to maintain love and fidelity. Emerald helps to find harmony, wisdom, calmness and clarity of mind.

Gemini: pearls, agate, beryl

21 May – 20 June Controversial and active Geminis love movement and life, but their tastes often change. Representatives of this sign prefer modest jewelry, but with an original design. Pretentious, pompous and large decorations are not for Gemini. They would rather prefer a thin gold chain with an unusual, original pendant. From gemstones for Gemini will fit well agate, emerald, pearl и beryl. Astrologers recommend wearing pearls for this sign. Sophisticated string of pearls or stylish earrings brings love and luck, attracts light, wealth and joy into life.

Cancer: onyx, ruby, emerald, pink sapphire

21 June – 22 July Calm, romantic and extraordinary, Cancers value originality most of all in jewelry. They will certainly appreciate the ivory beads! And among precious stones, crayfish should be given preference onyx, ruby, emerald. Astrologers advise this sign to wear ruby. The positive energy of this scarlet stone brings prosperity, well-being and peace of mind to people. Ring with ruby will help support and increase vitality, reveal the best qualities in yourself and achieve mutual feelings.

Leo: amber, tiger eye, peridot

July 23 – August 22 Strong, beautiful and often self-confident Leos and Lionesses choose jewelry that fully emphasizes their incredibly attractive charisma. Their selection is exclusive products. And dear ones. But who would doubt it. Leos are suitable for products with sun-colored stones: amber, citrine and yellow-green shades of peridot. Amber maintains energy and confidence in your own brilliance. Yes Yes. For Leo this is vital.

Virgo: sapphire, jasper, carnelian

August 23 – September 22 One of the most hardworking, practical and insanely pedantic signs! Virgos choose classic, sophisticated jewelry. And if you have already decided choose sapphire as a talisman, let it be something memorable and impressive. After all, Virgos love looks of admiration, and sometimes they don’t mind being slightly envied. Do you want to step back from the line of excessive conservatism and categoricalness? Take a closer look at peridots. They will add lightness to your life: sometimes Virgos lack the ability to simply relax and let go of the situation.

Libra: opal, diamond, beryl

September 23 – October 22 The duality of Libra dictates the choice of stones with an original color palette. Playing with all the shades of the rainbow opal is considered one of the best talismans for a sign that strives for harmony, but so often fluctuates between two options. In the second case they will come in handy Diamonds. One of the hardest stones will push Libra in the right direction. It will also teach you to make independent decisions.

Scorpio: topaz, beryl, onyx

October 23 – November 21 Bright and charismatic Scorpios love beautiful things with a special idea! Most astrologers unanimously agree that the birthstone of this sign is topaz. Ideal if it’s minerals yellow or pink. They help Scorpios to be active and attractive to others. Blue topazes They give a lighter outlook on life and mute the categorical nature of the sign, which often develops into touchiness. The sky-colored stone gives Scorpio cheerfulness and the ability to relax.

Sagittarius: turquoise, sapphire, topaz

22 November – 21 December Open, cheerful and fiery Sagittarius always believe in the best. Of course, impulsiveness and mood swings sometimes drive a sign into despondency, but the most optimistic sign of the zodiac circle knows how to quickly pull itself out of this trap. If not, Sagittarius urgently needs jewelry with turquoise or lapis lazuli. It would be great if a couple of diamonds would shine there. To suit the mood of Jupiter’s subjects, you can take a closer look at blue topaz and juicy yellow citrines. The latter help Sagittarius remain the life of the party: restless, funny and humorous.

Capricorn: garnet, opal, hyacinth

December 22 – January 19 Hardworking and determined Capricorns are demanding of themselves, but sometimes they too persistently apply their rules to the destinies of those around them. To get rid of the persistent desire to interfere in the lives of others, astrologers advise Capricorns to wear jewelry with scarlet stones or rich raspberry. And here opals Worth wearing when it seems like there is no way out of the situation. These minerals will tell you how to get on a profitable path.

Aquarius: amethyst, sapphire, rock crystal

January 20 – February 18 Free-spirited, wildly creative and romantic, Aquarians are distinguished by their sincerity and friendliness. The only point: sometimes sincerity and openness go beyond all boundaries and become an intrusive manner of communication. Aquarius needs to work on this! Therefore, you cannot do without the help of an amethyst. Purple stone helps the sign to concentrate on the main thing and calms excessive curiosity.

Pisces: aquamarine, jasper, peridot, mother of pearl

February 19 – March 20 Sensual, mysterious and attractive, Pisces know that their element is the sea. Hence the advice of astrologers to wear aquamarine: It will enhance intuition and help maintain balance. Oh jasper! This is the stone that helps to return to earth when Pisces fly too far in their dreams. Apple-colored peridot will give confidence when a representative of the sign doubts his own abilities. What are horoscopes? Beautiful stories for those who are looking for safety net when doubting themselves? Or the serious work of astrologers, which helps put all the puzzles of life into a beautiful and complete picture? The decision is yours to make: perceive decoration as a talisman or solely as an accessory. Whether you believe in mysticism, the correct arrangement of stars, or rely solely on a rational approach, you should not miss the opportunity to please yourself new jewelry! According to astrologers, stones should be chosen and worn in accordance with the constellations of the Zodiac. What is the Gemini stone and what effect does it have on the mood and well-being of the owner? There are 2 types of stones in nature – crystals and minerals. The former affect the human body with a high frequency of vibrations and are able to restore its energy and heal. The radiation of minerals, in addition to strengthening health, promotes mental comfort and harmony. For a stone to have a positive impact, it must be chosen correctly. Gemini is the most fickle and unpredictable of the zodiac signs. Element – Air. The Sun is in this sign from May 21 to June 21. For everyone born during this period, agate, alexandrite, beryl, citrine and carnelian will bring good luck as a Gemini talisman. They help prevent conflicts, develop patience, which Gemini lacks, and pacify their fuss. Agate provides assistance, especially to weak and sick people. It is considered a stone of longevity. Any jewelry made from agate is suitable for those who grow plants, since it has long been known as a talisman of fertility. Rings with it are recommended to be worn on the left hand, and a yellow stone should not be worn until the age of 40. Astrologers believe that all black talismans are contraindicated for this sign, and the best stone for Gemini is alexandrite. It helps to survive adversity, develops the qualities of a strong person, and makes people friendly. At night, jewelry with alexandrite should be removed.

Talismans for May Gemini

To determine more precisely which stones are suitable for Gemini, you need to take into account the consistent influence of Jupiter, Mars and the Sun, which affects the personality in different ways, and therefore the need for one or another energetic support. You should choose a stone based on your date of birth more specifically. Those born from May 21 to May 31 have equally developed intuitive and analytical thinking. The mineral rock crystal for this zodiac sign is a stimulant of intellectual activity. They are generous and practical at the same time. They are in harmony with the moonstone (selenite), which allows you not to get scattered, not to throw from side to side, and guides you towards one goal. In family relationships, it helps to maintain fidelity. Most often, moonstone is framed in silver. The ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Selenite jewelry is worn during the waxing moon; its influence is strongest during the new moon. On the waning moon, the stone takes energy from its owner. Green talisman stones are suitable for May Geminis. The jade mineral improves the condition of the nervous system, but it cannot be worn constantly, as it attracts loneliness, which is intolerable to this sign. An amazonite talisman promotes sincerity and heals the body.

Under the influence of Mars

The Gemini zodiac sign characterizes people born from June 1 to June 10 as energetic and smart, but aggressive and too straightforward. Beryl, topaz and agate are suitable for them. Gemstones for Gemini, emerald, aquamarine, heliodor are the most famous varieties of beryl. Beautiful gems will help you finish what you have started and muffle violent emotions. Creative people need emerald for inspiration; it is the ruler of wisdom and philosophy. Heliodor is a stone of sun and holiday, relieves melancholy, lifts spirits, and is an amulet for happy love. It is very suitable for those whose work involves communication. With a beryl amulet, Gemini’s colds, fatigue and stress will go away faster. Aquamarine protects against lies and symbolizes a peaceful attitude towards others. It is best to wear beryls as an amulet on a chain under clothing. For good luck, talismans made of chrysoprase are best suited for the Gemini zodiac sign, since this stone helps especially mobile people. It should not be worn by those who often have attacks of anger and rage. The more transparent the stone, the more valuable it is. Chrysoprase can protect those who trade or run their own business from material losses or financial scams. Chrysoprase bracelets are good as amulets. Since ancient times, it was believed that this semi-precious stone protects against the evil eye, and in combination with silver it doubles these properties. If chrysoprase is left in a dark place for a long time, it may lose its potency. It must be worn constantly; these stones are suitable for any sign of the Zodiac.

If your birthday is in the third decade

Those born from June 11 to June 21 are better able to cope with their emotions than other Geminis, but they are also no strangers to bouts of anger. Emerald, topaz, tourmaline, and yellow sapphires help curb ardor. Tiger’s Eye counters jealousy and suspicion. He can open Gemini’s eyes to many incomprehensible situations. Tiger’s eye loves silver frames. Pearls (except black) are very important for Gemini. He protects those who are too frank and talkative from ill-wishers. Magical astrology warns that only married people can wear pearls. It preserves purity in the relationship between spouses, and brings peace and tranquility to couples who live together for a long time. Pearls have the greatest positive effect on self-confident people. Amber helps Geminis develop intuition and correctly assess the state of affairs. Amber is indispensable for those who are building a career. Amber products are a must-have for business meetings. A tourmaline talisman protects Gemini from gossip and the evil eye, gives a feeling of peace and cleanses the mind. This magical stone is used to concentrate attention during meditation. It needs to be framed in gold. To make the life of the fickle Gemini more measured, give him a yellow sapphire amulet. It brings humility and helps you make friends for many years. When choosing a stone, carefully examine it, since the impact of a sapphire with defects on a person can be extremely negative.

For women and men

Geminis can be suspicious and envious. Women of this sign need more time to sleep and rest, as they are very active. Citrine gives a positive charge to their emotional state. Stones for Gemini women should be bright sunny shades: amber, cat’s eye and tiger’s eye. The blue amulet is excluded. Women involved in business will benefit from citrine, which attracts profit and curbs excitement. It is better to wear it in a pendant. Women according to the Gemini horoscope should wear jewelry with malachite only to restore energy, infrequently. In magical astrology, tourmaline is considered a companion of love and hope, so a girl with the sign Gemini needs a talisman stone made from it if she is looking for happiness in family relationships. Heliodor is indispensable for a woman and her health. It prevents the occurrence of gynecological problems, pregnancy is easier with it. Which stone is suitable for Gemini men? Agate gives men confidence in their abilities and even makes them eloquent. A light-colored stone helps to find compromises and awakens good feelings. Yellow and red obsidians help sharpen the sharpness of thought and get together – this is sometimes difficult for impatient Geminis. It is useful for them to finger rosary beads made of yellow volcanic glass. The mineral malachite will share energy and protect from the evil eye. If a man wants to start a family, but cannot cope with frivolity and carelessness, it will be useful for him to wear rauchtopaz, which warns against temptations. Therefore, smoky quartz is often given to a man with the zodiac sign Gemini for a wedding as a family talisman. For the stone to make an impact, it can be worn as jewelry, held in the hand, in a pocket or purse. It is believed that if you put rock crystal under your pillow, you will be able to get rid of insomnia or nightmares, since the mineral has a calming effect on the human psyche. The influence of any stone increases if you wear clothes that match it in color. Ancient jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation has the greatest power; they protect the family from harm.

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