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How to use silicon to purify water?

More recently, flint, a silicone mineral that is quite common in nature, has been used to purify water. This stone has been familiar to more than one generation of people. It was thanks to him that the ancients hunted, made fire, and developed. Meat was stored in rooms lined with silicon. It was also used to treat wounds, abrasions, and to cut off warts. And they also laid the bottom, as well as the inner walls of the well, with silicon. Why? The answer to this question is related to the topic of our article today.

What is flint?

This is a mineral belonging to the family of chalcedony and quartz. The base is crystalline amorphous silica. Flint contains about 20 different chemical elements. It owes its special properties to silicon. Let us recall that the chemical element silicon is found in humans in:

  • hair;
  • nails;
  • thyroid gland;
  • adrenal glands;
  • pituitary gland

It accelerates redox reactions and accelerates the removal of heavy metals from the body. The chemical element also makes connective tissue more elastic and accelerates collagen biosynthesis. If a person lacks silicon, about 70 useful elements are unable to be absorbed.

In order for the body to perform all its functions, a person must consume 10 to 20 mg of the element per day daily. Note that the average person fulfills this standard by only a third.

What are the beneficial properties of flint water?

Now about the benefits of water exposed to flint. It is based on the properties of the mineral itself as a whole, on the properties of the chemical element silicon, of which the rock is mainly composed.

The mineral, due to its composition, helps neutralize heavy metals that are in the liquid. It has bactericidal properties, i.e. thanks to it, the moisture does not bloom for a long time, does not smell, does not ferment and does not rot. In addition, it eliminates chlorine, which makes itself felt with an unpleasant odor and corresponding taste, and adsorbs radionuclides.

If we talk about silicon as a chemical element, its importance for the body is great. We partially described it a little higher. A sufficient amount of this mineral in the human body contributes to:

  • increasing immunity;
  • restoration of vascular walls;
  • lowering blood sugar levels;
  • lowering blood cholesterol levels;
  • improving kidney function;
  • improving metabolism;
  • improving the functioning of the digestive system.

Of course, we can talk about the supernatural capabilities of flint moisture, about how the mineral changes its crystal lattice, fills it with special energy, life-giving force, and helps to get rid of all diseases at once. But we won’t do this.

It is not known when a person noticed that flint has a positive effect on water, changes its properties, purifies it. It was noticed that those people who use water from wells, the bottom and walls of which are laid with this stone, are less likely to get sick. In addition, the liquid from them is tastier and more transparent.

How is silicon purified and improved water prepared?

We have already realized that flint is very suitable for water purification. But how to use it? For 5 liters of clean, filtered water, about 3 g of stone is needed. We place everything in an enamel container, cover it with gauze, and place it in a room with bright daylight and a temperature comfortable for humans (it is better to protect the container from direct sunlight). Silicon water will be ready in two to three days.

After two or three times of use, the silicon pebble, which was used to purify water, is washed under ordinary running water and then kept in fresh air for some time. Plaque and deposits are also possible. They can be removed from the pebble as follows. We first immerse our small cleaning element in a 2% acetic acid solution or in salted water for 2 hours. Then rinse under cold water. After this, place it in a solution of baking soda for 2 hours, and rinse again with cool liquid.

Is water purification with silicon a myth?

It is impossible to answer the question with confidence whether water purification with silicon is a myth or reality. Not scientifically proven its positive properties, doctors recommend using proven methods for treatment.

If not flint, then what will help purify the water and improve its properties? Of course, a household filter! It is he who is able to eliminate harmful impurities from the liquid, including chlorine, dissolved iron, nitrates, viruses, and bacteria. It is he who will be able to defeat the annoying scale in the kettle. It is this that will help a person to use exclusively pure water for food purposes, which is beneficial for the whole body. It will give you the opportunity to become more beautiful, healthier, and prevent the occurrence of many diseases. Geyser filters made in Russia are popular in Belarus. A wide selection of devices for water purification of various qualities will allow everyone to choose the appropriate option.

Output. If you want to become healthier, more beautiful, and rejuvenate your body, you can use silicon-purified water for this. But the effect of the latter has not been proven. While the simplest under-sink filters easily remove impurities from liquids, they can give you water that is ideal for healing your body and fighting for beauty and youth.

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The fascination with silicon and water infused with it began quite recently. Silicon is a black, light or dark gray mineral – quite common in nature. Although people are familiar with it, they were able to provide scientific evidence of its healing properties only at the end of the 70s of the XNUMXth century.

It’s worth deciding on the names right away. Silicon is a chemical element, and flint is a mineral that contains silicon, More precisely, it is silicon oxide, and this article is written about it.

Humanity became acquainted with flint a very long time ago; we can say that the stone laid the foundation for all human civilizations. Throughout the Stone Age, tools were made from it and for hunting, fire was produced using flint. The healing properties of flint are mentioned in the treatises of ancient philosophers. Flint was used to decorate the walls of storehouses where meat was stored, and was used as a powder on wounds, which helped prevent gangrene. Water purification with silicon was carried out due to the fact that the inner surface of the well and the bottom were laid out with it, it was noticeable that such water became unusually clear and people who drank water from such wells were less likely to develop diseases.

Silicon-activated water becomes cleaner in appearance and tastes pleasant. Flint in water has a detrimental effect on microorganisms, suppresses bacteria that cause rotting and fermentation, active precipitation in water occurs after combining with heavy metals. Such water can stand for a long time without spoiling and will acquire many other healing qualities.

Silicon is found in nature in the form of a common mineral – quartz, chalcedony, opal, etc. This group of minerals includes: jasper, carnelian, agate, rock crystal, opal, amethyst and quite a few other stones. On The basis of these minerals is silica (silicon dioxide), but other properties such as density and color. In addition to silica, flint contains up to 20 chemical elements, among them, in addition to silica, Mg, Ca, Mn, P, Sr, Zn, Cu, etc. This has led to so many names. Flint the most famous in his family among representatives – this is indisputable.

Silicon is found in the human body in the thyroid gland, pituitary gland, and adrenal glands. The highest concentrations were found in nails and hair. With meat, vegetables, milk, fruits and other food products people should consume 10-20 mg of silicon daily, necessary for the normal functioning of the body, its growth and development. There are plants that can accumulate organic silicon – Jerusalem artichoke, olive, radish, black currant, horsetail, oat and barley grain, sea buckthorn, cauliflower, turnip, lettuce, etc. in which the proportion of silicon from the dry content ranges from 1 to 8%. A large amount of silicon is found in grain crops: barley, rice, millet, oats, soybeans, mainly in the seed coat, i.e. in bran. When ground in a mill, the grains are freed from the shell, thereby losing silicon, and accordingly depreciating in value.

Refined sugar has virtually no silicon, but unrefined yellow sugar contains silicon and is of high value.
Horsetail contains a large amount of silicon – it is a widespread plant in the domestic flora; it has been used more and more often in folk medicine lately. Burdock oil with horsetail extract – the composition of this medicine called (with ceramides) includes: an organic compound with silicon, burdock oil extract, horsetail extract. Specialized research has shown us that this is a cure.

Silicon water. How to prepare and use

“Water treated with silicon affects the adsorption capacity of radionuclides. This will probably make it possible to use it to solve certain radiochemical problems on the territory of Belarus contaminated with radionuclides.” Dhn. Yu. Davydov – head of the laboratory of the Institute of Radiological Issues of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic immediately any water, starting from the fifth day of storage, has the ability to strengthen the hemostatic capabilities of the blood, increases its ability to clot.” E. Ivanov is the director of the Institute of Hematology and Transfusion. Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, MD. It comes to mind, hemophilia comes to mind – a disease, with people, the blood can clot, and it is possible for the masses that someone who received even a small scratch will die from blood loss. “For several years I have not observed cancer in quite sick people; they used silicon-activated water (AW) quite well. We have found that on the 5-6th day of taking AKB (6-8 times a day) in patients with numerous trophic ulcers of the lower extremities, the number of T- and B-lymphocytes. And this indicates the ability to renew lost and weakened immunity. In addition, the battery reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood, a messenger for obesity. Thus, the battery serves to prevent atherosclerosis” – M. Sinyavsky, professor of the department of medical training at Mogilev State University. AA. Kuleshova.

What. What is this – silicon water? Silicon water is a tincture of dark brown flint, which is used internally and externally. The method for preparing harmful flint water is simple. Into a 2-3 liter container, preferably glass, add 40-50 g of small flint pebbles, preferably intensely bright brown (but not black) in color, pour in water from the water supply network, but rather bright with conventional filtering, and place it in a place protected from direct sunlight place and outside terrestrial radiation. This water is ready for drinking in 2-3 days. If you follow the same technology, but if you tie the neck with 2-3 layers of gauze and put the water in a possible place at a temperature of barely 5 ° C for 5-7 days, then this water, due to its properties, can be used beneficially, not as a contraindication for drinking, but also for medicinal purposes. preventive purposes. It is always used for small foods – tea, soups, etc. If you are indifferent, you can drink silicon water without stopping (normally 15-2 liters per day). If this is not possible, then at least 3-5 times a day, half a glass and in small sips and preferably in the form of Drinking.
It is not recommended to boil flint in water, since it is oversaturated with biologically active substances and is barely bio-active. But you can use this water externally. Use flint, as already mentioned, some kind of bright brown (not black) color. its period immemorial natural minerals. The fact is that flint contains the remains of microorganisms. In the application of flint, flint was formed from Cretaceous silt and over time, flint was formed. indifferent one-twofold newest spirit. If deposits occur, rinse with water and ventilate for 2 hours, then ventilate with traditional methods. When re-applying stones or deposits to the surface, they must be immersed in a 2% solution of acetic acid or salted water for 2 hours; ailments. rinse 2-3 times with water and dip in a solution of baking soda for 2 hours and rinse equally. The specific presence of silicon water allows for the prevention of many attachments. Silicon water has a protective effect on the presence of leukocytes in the body as a whole. If you drink silicon-activated water or cook food with it,

– people suffering from systems, the number of T- and B-blood ailments increases

— improves supports nutrient depletion of affected livers, because. Throw water to the outflow of bile

– fast; healing of burns, cuts, bruises, reduction of ulcers

– helps; for indigestion, relieves inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and gastritis

– special blood sugar levels, as well as weight, correction for diabetics

– maintaining cholesterol levels in the blood, use for obesity, prevention – atherosclerosis and correcting kidney function

— normalizes fillings for patients with hypertension

– overall tone increases

At. For external ailments, silicon water stimulates the body’s filling processes when

– dermatological sore throats, runny nose, inflammation of the gums (gargling and mouthwash, such as food

– for viral infections of the oral cavity, stomatitis and gingivitis

– allergies, boils, diathesis, dermatitis, various membranes, irritations (lotions and washing

– for conjunctivitis, relieves itching and inflammation

– washing; water helps to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles, removes the membrane and attaches some new ones, promotes the ailments of unevenness, blackheads, pimples

– rinsing the head and hair, rubbing into the scalp promotes iridescence and hair growth

– when using the messenger (simple vesicular, herpes zoster, etc.

Silicon shell is also recommended for household (household) and cosmetic purposes

— For hair falling out and split ends, rinse your hair with flint water

– For the face, irritation of shaving targets, rinse your face with water

— For “youthful acne”, wash your face and apply “water” internally

— Wipe pieces of ice with frozen “flint” water

– For; To prevent periodontal disease, rinse your gums with “water” when brushing your teeth.

The use of “flint” water in treatment and prevention of diseases promotes proper healing of wounds, improves the intake of water during nutrition, reduces blood composition, rather the function of the adrenal glands, increases inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract and gastritis, normalizes the release of sugar in the blood, respiratory weight, healing of fractures (bones heal together without complications), kidney function and metabolism, and the removal of bile. Silicon water kills viruses; for prevention during periods of good epidemics, it is recommended to bury “water” in the nose. It Helps with insomnia.

In a large farm, it is recommended to water the flowers, which extends the flowering period; accelerates the fruiting period of fruit trees and vegetable crops; increases productivity by 10%. Kills mold, gray rot, in particular on strawberries, and other fungi. Soaking seeds in water increases germination. It is beneficial to store flowers in a container containing silicon stones; their shelf life increases dramatically. In an aquarium, flint prevents water from blooming. pull to purify the water during the hike, which branches) tourists know, damage to the military. Silicon water also helps with these ailments in atherosclerosis (vessels are cleared of sclerosis due to various types of barley metabolism, sore throat, flu, pharyngitis (rinsing with silicon water noticeably reduces the duration of bedsores; the first priority is that silicon acts as an antibiotic here) rheumatism, necessary Botkin (silicon kills pathogenic viruses ) very teeth and joints (for silicon restores the integrity of bone tissue) And now the weakness of cancer is contraindications. Silicon water has contraindications, and it is good to treat ailments with caution. Doctors have noticed that those who have forever to examine the well-being of peoples of kinship. refuse it.

Scientific research on the role of silicon for adhesions is especially described in the books of V. Krivenko and others, “Lithotherapy,” M. 1994, E. Mikheeva, “The Healing Actions of Silicon,” St. Petersburg, 2002, and the works of M. Voronkov and I. Kuznetsov ( Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Sib. Dept. 1984) A. Panicheva, L. Zardashvili, N. Semenova, etc. It has been shown that silicon is involved in the exchange of fluorine, magnesium, aluminum, and some mineral qualities but interacts closely with strontium and calcium. . One of the mechanisms of silicon is that, thanks to its chemical properties, it creates electrically charged colloidal systems that can adsorb viruses and pathogens that are unusual for humans.

Types of flint – Black flint

BLACK FLINT is a natural mineral and the oldest travel companion of man, which ennobles water. It has been with man since the “Stone Age”; many scientists call it the “Silicon Age”. In those days, people used flint to make fire, make tools, and tried to treat human wounds and diseases with flint. In the modern world, flint has become a healer for all humanity and with its help we can obtain living, charitable silicon water.

The origin of black flint dates back to the Cretaceous period, which began approximately 145 million years ago. These are very ancient times, when dinosaurs, titanosaurs, pterodactyls lived, and flower species of plants and an increase in various insects arose. There were no small mammals in the seas; there were only huge mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and ichthyosaurs.

Tarbosaurus – Asian tyrannosaurus

In that era, the forms of life familiar to us were just beginning to appear. Flint (from Greek – “cliff, mountain”) – a mineral, silica concretions (SiO2) in sedimentary rocks. Quite often found, colored with oxides of iron and manganese in a variety of colors, with a smooth transition between them. This mineral has a dark gray color and organic origin and, perhaps, this is the reason for the long-lasting presence on earth, which brought to our modern world not only the “memory” of the water of an ancient era, but also has the ability to create the same water that gives us longevity.

Since ancient times, there has been such a non-native belief that stone (flint) has a fantastic effect on water. That is why it is used as a “filter” and water purification with silicon has survived to this day. If a piece of this stone is placed in a container of water, then after a short amount of time (4 hours) it will seem to change the structure of the water and make it sterile, which helps the water not to spoil or bloom.

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