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How to wear amber beads correctly for thyroid problems?

Amber is a fossilized resin that stores the energy of the earth and absorbs the power of the sun. That is why this gem has long been credited with magical and healing properties, thanks to which the stone helped with pain, had a calming and at the same time powerful energy effect, and protected its owner from the evil eye. Currently, medicinal amber is no less popular, because its properties have been proven over the years, and its unique beauty attracts the eye and gives confidence to the owner. In addition, the advantage of this decoration is the combination of many useful properties with affordable prices.

Unique possibilities of natural amber

Since ancient times, amber has been considered an ideal medicine that can cure almost all diseases, and the most useful is a natural, unpolished stone without heat treatment. Modern medicine recommends it for people who have problems with the thyroid gland, goiter, insomnia and many other ailments of the modern world. For people suffering thyroid diseases It is recommended to wear healing beads made from natural Baltic amber daily. They contain a large amount of succinic acid, which begins to be intensely released when heated to 36 degrees. Therefore, they are best worn directly on the body. To enhance the therapeutic effect, it is also recommended to have a phyto-bag with natural unprocessed amber; it can be placed on the office desk next to the computer, taken into the car, placed under the pillow or placed on the nightstand next to the bed. It has hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antistatic properties, perfectly ionizes the air, thereby helping with insomnia, excessive anxiety and irritability.
In recent years, after the active development of computer technology and the emergence of harmful radiation from it, the use of amber has become necessary to neutralize the negative effects of electrical equipment. It is believed that amber is excellent in treating the musculoskeletal system: rheumatism, arthrosis, and improves bone healing. In this case, to obtain the maximum effect, amber is used in the form of compresses, and the following are suitable for these purposes: small amber pebbles, which must be heated and, placed in a bag or gauze, applied to the sore joint; the procedure must be repeated twice a day for 15-20 minutes;
You can also use amber powder and finely ground crumbs (from 1 to 4).

Healing properties of amber

The healing property is based on the presence of succinic acid and its salts, which are natural biostimulants, activates the functioning of the kidneys, intestines, nervous system, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Use in cosmetology is based on the property of destroying free radicals, thereby preventing premature aging of the skin. Therefore, it is widely used in amber cosmetics: scrubs and shampoos with amber powder, moisturizing creams for face and body with succinic acid, concentrated amber oil and much more. By the way, amber oil has a lot of beneficial properties: intensively moisturizes the skin, relieves skin stress after a sunburn, strengthens the tan, soothes dry skin and restores its comfort, neutralizes free radicals, protects the skin from photoaging and has an antioxidant effect. Fights hair breakage and split ends. Perfect for massage. The powerful energetic power of the natural amber stone has a positive effect on the functioning of various human systems and organs, namely:

  • Reduces the impact of weather conditions on humans;
  • Prevents colds;
  • Treats rheumatism, joint diseases and arthritis;
  • Prevents the formation of kidney stones;
  • Cleanses the body of toxins;
  • Helps with thyroid function disorders;
  • Used in the treatment of diseases of the ears, eyes, throat;
  • Reduces headaches.

In addition, sunstone has good disinfectant properties, which is why it is used to make smoking accessories. Healing amber, when in contact with the human body, can saturate the skin with succinic acid and natural salts. The quantity and composition of useful elements in the rock depends only on the deposit of the gem. In addition, it has been proven that amber of different colors, which varies from white to deep brown, has different effects on the body. Jewelry made from medicinal amber can be a wonderful gift for a woman of any age, because it can energetically complement an image. Various combinations with precious metals or wood will add originality to the decoration, which will create a unique flavor. Amber is used to make beads, bracelets, rings, teething products for children, icons, and trees. This wide distribution is explained not only by its remarkable appearance, but also by proven medicinal properties. The first mentions of the healing properties of the stone are in the works of Hippocrates.

Baby healing beads for teething

Since ancient times, representatives of the fair half of humanity have preferred jewelry made from natural stones. Everyone knows that amber products not only look beautiful, but also have a number of medicinal properties. But not every young mother knows about the possibility of easing baby’s teething with the help of this stone.

Features and use of amber beads for children

Most children during the period of growth of their first teeth experience sharp pain and fever. To reduce it, pharmacology offers many different means: creams, ointments, tablets. But they have both a positive effect and can cause allergic reactions in babies. In contrast, baby medicinal teething beads are a 100% natural product and very easy to use.

It is enough to put the product on the child, and the natural stone will significantly reduce pain and discomfort. The beads act as a natural analgesic. Absorbed through the baby’s skin, succinic acid improves his well-being. Wearing them daily will reduce swollen gums, salivation and redness of the cheeks.
This product is absolutely safe for children, which has been proven over many centuries of its use. For comfort and to prevent suffocation, no metal fasteners are used in its manufacture. Each bead is perfectly polished, which creates maximum comfort for your baby’s skin.

The healing properties of natural amber beads

Jewelry made from natural stones is a wonderful addition to any look and style of a modern woman. Amber jewelry has been very popular for many years. This can be explained not only by its excellent appearance, but also by a huge number of medicinal properties.

Positive influence of natural amber. Fossilized conifer resin heals, soothes and protects its owner. Amber beads have a wide range of colors; they can be honey-yellow, reddish-brown, milky-white, rarely with a slight bluish tint. The presence of air bubbles, plant debris or insects can add a special “zest” to this decoration.

By wearing them daily, people with disorders of the thyroid gland, heart, lungs, radiculitis, joint problems, insomnia or depression will be able to improve their well-being.

To make high-quality medicinal jewelry, only natural Baltic amber is used. Among its advantages are the presence of a large amount of succinic acid and the absence of heavy metal impurities. Buy products from trusted manufacturers who can provide a certificate of authenticity of natural stone and give a guarantee of quality. Remember that taking care of your health is in your hands!

This solar stone has won the hearts of millions of natural beauty connoisseurs. By purchasing amber products in our online store, each customer receives a unique, high-quality product that will delight for many years, giving its owner a great mood, relieving fatigue and improving well-being.

The Amberprofi online store contains a large catalog of medicinal amber products, presented by the official manufacturer in Kaliningrad. By the way, our prices will pleasantly surprise you, since we work directly from production without intermediaries, and therefore without markups and overpayments.

Amber beads are not only beautiful, but also useful. More precisely, they were originally known as a remedy for many diseases and only then began to be used in the form of jewelry.

Types of amber beads

Amber beads come in different types:

  • beads in the form of polished amber jewelry.
  • medicinal beads made of untreated stone.
  • medicinal polished beads.

Depending on the purpose for which you want to buy amber beads, you should pay attention to their appearance. It has long been believed that natural untreated stone has unique healing properties. Polished healing beads also have healing properties. This is the same untreated amber, but with minor polishing of sharp protrusions and corners while maintaining the “sugar crust”. By wearing them on the body, there is close contact between amber and the body, an exchange of energy. Such beads are the most valuable for those who want to be cured of various diseases.

And polished amber beads are a beautiful decoration for an outfit, but have little healing effect. Although, undoubtedly, any type of amber beads have a beneficial effect on health and energy.

Beads made of polished amber stones on a waxed thread through a knot (medicinal)

882 UAH 882 UAH

Amber polished pendant of elongated shape (medicinal)

Bracelet with amber stones

612 UAH 612 UAH

Pendant made of polished amber (medicinal) with patterned natural coloring

Amber polished pendant (medicinal)

Polished beads made of honey amber (medicinal)

864 UAH 864 UAH

Beads made of honey amber stones

Beads-string with amber

900 UAH 900 UAH

Figured polished amber pendant (medicinal)

Braided bracelet with amber

828 UAH 828 UAH

Beads-stones made of polished amber through a knot (medicinal)

677 UAH 677 UAH

Amber beads made of stones

Polished beads made of light amber (medicinal)

940 UAH 940 UAH

Medicinal beads with polished amber

Medicinal beads with polished amber stones

854 UAH 854 UAH

Beads made of polished amber stones (medicinal)

875 UAH 875 UAH

Pendant made of light polished amber (medicinal)

Stone beads made of light polished amber through a knot (medicinal)

720 UAH 720 UAH

Polished healing thread beads with braided pendant

Amber bracelet made of polished plates (medicinal)

Healing pendant made of polished amber

Collar beads made of amber stones

Healing pendant made of polished amber (for children)

122 UAH 122 UAH

Healing pendant made of polished amber on a waxed thread

Healing bracelet made of polished amber stones

Polished amber pendant (medicinal) with relief carvings

Healing bracelet with polished amber

591 UAH 591 UAH

Amber polished pendant (medicinal) with natural marbled coloring

Braided amber beads

Amber bracelet made of polished plates (medicinal)

Amber beads “Choker”

915 UAH 915 UAH

Pendant made of polished amber (medicinal) with relief carvings

Healing bracelet with polished amber stones

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Braided beads with multi-colored polished amber stones

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Beads made of polished amber stones (medicinal)

868 UAH 868 UAH

Amber polished pendant (medicinal) “Sunny”

Pendant made of light polished amber (medicinal)

Figured pendant made of light polished amber (medicinal)

Amber polished drop-shaped pendant (medicinal)

Polished amber pendant (medicinal) triangular shape

Beads made of dark polished amber “Grapes”

Amber polished drop-shaped pendant (medicinal)

Amber polished pendant (medicinal) with natural marbled coloring

Medicinal beads with polished amber stones

713 UAH 713 UAH

Ring made of polished amber stones (medicinal)

398 UAH 398 UAH

Medical pendant made of polished honey-colored amber

122 UAH 122 UAH

Light polished amber pendant (medicinal)

Amber necklace: healing properties

An amber necklace, especially an unpolished one, has amazing properties. It has long been worn to cleanse the body of toxins, charge it with positive energy, lower blood pressure, treat lung diseases and hyperfunction of the thyroid gland.

Recent studies have proven that the necklace also helps with bronchitis, tonsillitis, asthma and infectious lung diseases. Its anti-inflammatory effect is also noted in the treatment of liver diseases.

The healing properties of an amber necklace are fully manifested if you wear it for a long time without removing it from the body. This stone is absolutely harmless, although one should not exclude the possibility that the beads may not be suitable for energy. This means that this stone is not suitable for you and you should look for another one.

Thyroid treatment

Since ancient times, it has been noticed that amber, located close to the body, relieves pain and improves the well-being of patients with goiter and lung infections. After wearing amber beads for a long time, the goiter disappeared without a trace, and health returned to normal.

For those who suffer from hyperfunction of the thyroid gland, doctors recommend wearing medicinal sun stone beads. They must be assembled from untreated natural stone. The effect of such a necklace will be primarily aimed at normalizing hormonal function, slowing down the pathological process and resolving the tumor.

Amber beads for the treatment of the thyroid gland brought stunning results. Reviews of people who confirm from their own experience the effect brought by amber can be found on the Internet. Patients get rid of problems with the thyroid gland forever, and in cases where surgery was required, the beads eliminated the problem without surgery.

Sunstone jewelry will be useful to absolutely everyone. If health is good and no treatment is required, they can simply become a beautiful decoration and talisman. And our online jewelry store “Amber Polesie” will help you buy amber beads!

Tips for choosing healing amber beads

1. Check the originality of the amber: Amber is a popular material, so it is important to pay attention to its originality. Here are some tips on how to check the originality of amber:

  • Touch: Real amber is warm to the touch and can emit a light, pleasant scent of pine resin.
  • Weight: Amber has a relatively low density, so it will be light compared to other materials.
  • Amber is a good conductor of heat, so when you touch it you can experience a slight feeling of warmth.
  • Appearance: Pay attention to the color, texture and clarity of the amber. It can have different shades, from light yellow to dark brown.

2. Quality of amber: Apart from originality, the quality of amber is also important. Here are a few signs of quality amber:

  • Purity: Amber must be clean, free of inclusions, air bubbles or defects.
  • Grinding: Pay attention to the quality of the amber’s polishing. It should have a smooth surface without scratches or irregularities.
  • Shape and Size: Select healing amber beads that have a comfortable shape and size that you feel comfortable wearing.

3. Trust certified sellers: Buy healing amber beads from reliable and certified sellers. Check their reputation and customer reviews to make sure they offer high quality products.

4. Pay attention to details: Pay attention to details such as drawstrings, clasps and thread strength. Make sure that your amber healing beads are securely fastened and sewn well.

5. Seek professional advice: If you have doubts or questions about choosing amber healing beads, contact specialists or consultants who can provide professional help and advice.

6. Personal preferences: Don’t forget that the choice of healing amber beads also depends on your personal preferences and needs. Choose the one that you like and suits your needs.

Thanks to these tips, you will be able to make the right choice of healing amber beads, providing yourself with a high-quality and effective remedy to improve your health and well-being.

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