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Is it possible for the Libra zodiac sign to wear a garnet stone?

The garnet stone leaves no one indifferent. It attracts people not only with its mesmerizing sparkle and pure color, but also with its magical and healing properties. The small crystals in appearance resemble the dark red grains of the fruit of the same name. However, the mineral is characterized not only by red shades. In nature there are stones of white, yellow, green, blue, purple and even black colors. All types of garnet have the same physical properties and are used primarily in jewelry.

History and characteristics of the mineral

Pomegranate has been known to mankind for tens of centuries. The ancient Greeks, Romans and Persians were the first to create jewelry from it. In the Northern Black Sea region, garnet crystals were very popular among the Scythians. The population of Ancient Hellas gave the sparkling gem the name “anthrax”, which translated means “coal”. The Romans called the gemstone carbuncle, and the gemstone was called garnet, bechet and vermin. The name “garnet” was given to the stone in the second half of the 1803th century by the German alchemist Albert Magnus. However, in Russia for a long time the mineral bore the name “lal”, which united all the bright red gems (garnet, spinel, tourmaline and ruby). In Europe, the beauty of the stone went unnoticed for a long time. Only in the XNUMXth century did craftsmen begin to use it as jewelry and ornamental material. Since XNUMX, garnets began to mean not individual minerals, but also a whole group of precious and semi-precious stones with similar properties. Garnets are minerals of the silicate class, which are characterized by the following features:

  • glass shine;
  • cubic system;
  • uneven fracture;
  • white line color;
  • imperfect cleavage;
  • average level of hardness on the Mohs scale (6,5-7,5).

Despite the fact that the physical properties of all stones belonging to the garnet group are identical, the chemical composition of their crystals is different. Depending on the impurities present in the mineral, its color range can vary from completely transparent and white to purple and black.

: Known and rare varieties of gems

Today, the garnet group includes 14 types of natural minerals. The most famous of them include:

  1. Pyrope is a transparent and translucent silicate of predominantly blood red color. Occasionally there are examples of pink, purple and orange-red shades. Transparent pyropes are precious stones used in the jewelry industry. Translucent specimens are not of particular value and are used as an abrasive material. Pyropes are mined from magnesium-containing ultrabasic rocks. Their largest deposits are located in Yakutia and South Africa.
  2. Almandine is a common variety of garnet with a characteristic red or red-violet color. Individual samples can be colored cherry, purple and brown-red. Black minerals are occasionally found. Only transparent almandines used in the production of fine jewelry are precious. They are mined in Ceylon. Less valuable rocks were formed in the shale and gneiss rocks of Finland, India, Mongolia and Madagascar. In the Russian Federation, large deposits of almandine have been discovered on the Kola Peninsula.
  3. Spessartine is a stone that comes in rich red, pink, reddish-orange, yellowish-orange or brown colors. It differs from other varieties in its specific oily sheen. Used in jewelry and in demand by collectors. Stones matching this description have been found in Ceylon, Madagascar, Italy, Norway, Brazil, Mexico and the USA. In Russia, deposits of the mineral are located in Karelia, Siberia and the Urals.
  4. Grossular (otherwise known as gomed, hessonide) is a representative of the group of garnets with a high content of aluminum and calcium. It can be golden yellow, green, brown, reddish pink. A variety of this type of gem is transparent or white garnet (leucite), which is extremely rare in nature and highly valued by collectors. Grossular is a semi-precious stone whose quality is determined by its brilliance, transparency and purity of color. Mined in limited quantities in Kenya and Tanzania.

Although garnet is cheaper than other gems, some of its specimens can compete in price with the most expensive gems on the planet. One such example is a star garnet – a transparent crystal, inside of which, when illuminated, a star-shaped figure appears with rays diverging in different directions. A similar optical effect (asterism) can be obtained by special processing of the mineral to form a curved convex surface.

The star crystal looks so bewitching that it has long gained fame as a mystical stone.

The rarest variety of crystal is the blue garnet, which was first discovered at the end of the 20th century in Madagascar. Stones of this color are today mined in limited quantities in Kenya, Tanzania, Norway, the USA and Ceylon. The unusual color is not their only feature. In natural light, green, blue and violet reflections appear on the surface of blue crystals. If you place minerals in a room with artificial lighting, they will sparkle with red and purple tints.

Use of stone in medicine

The healing properties of the mineral have been known since time immemorial. Among our ancestors, the stone had extremely positive characteristics and was used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Before campaigns, medieval crusading knights always put a ring on their finger, into which a red garnet was inserted. They believed that the decoration would protect them from serious illnesses and injuries, and after completing the campaign, it would help them return home unharmed. The Slavs considered pomegranate the patron saint of women in labor. The stone was left at the head of the woman’s bed so that she would quickly and safely be relieved of her burden. In India, the mineral has been used for thousands of years as a general tonic. According to the residents of this country, it has the power to restore a person’s immunity and protect him from all kinds of ailments.

Beneficial properties and contraindications, or rather the lack thereof, have made pomegranate one of the most popular healing minerals today. For diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy), representatives of alternative medicine recommend wearing a silver jewelry with garnet crystals around the neck. A gold ring with a red mineral placed on the middle finger of your right hand will help you get rid of migraines and cure a sore throat. A blue garnet in a silver frame will help lower body temperature during a cold or viral disease. For this purpose, it is best to use a ring or bracelet.

In addition to the cases of the listed ailments, garnet jewelry is recommended to be worn for gastrointestinal, endocrine and dermatological diseases. The stone will help with allergic reactions, stress and depression. It has the ability to quickly heal wounds and restore the body after illnesses.

The magical abilities of the mineral

The magical properties of garnet stone deserve special attention, as they have a direct impact on the energy of its owner. Esotericists and magicians describe this mineral as a means of helping a person gain power over the people around him. In some countries, rings with red stones are very popular among unmarried girls. It is believed that a young lady whose finger is decorated with such jewelry will be able to easily meet her soulmate and experience happiness in love. Black garnet allegedly allows you to influence the consciousness of other people at a distance and communicate with representatives of the afterlife.

The garnet gemstone has powerful energy and is ideal as an amulet for an active, passionate, sociable person who works with full dedication. It will give its owner happiness, luck and success, protect him from troubles and help him find the right way out of difficult situations. But magic does not advise people who are lazy, indecisive and lacking initiative to wear items with pomegranate. The mineral endowed with strong energy will exhaust them and lead to physical and nervous exhaustion.

When using a stone for magical purposes, a person needs to pay attention to its color: a red garnet will help its owner find peace of mind, become calm, attentive and reasonable. The green mineral has a positive effect on those whose strong point is not punctuality. He will teach them how to manage time correctly and thereby increase their authority in society.

Regardless of color, garnet stone will have a beneficial effect on the lives of creative people. It will energize writers, composers, artists and sculptors and inspire them to create new masterpieces.

Jewelry with garnet should not be worn daily, as constant bodily contact with the stone can lead to loss of strength. If a person begins to have problems sleeping, or he simply wants to rest, he needs to give up pomegranate jewelry for several days, hiding it in a dark place.

Choice by zodiac sign

Who is suitable for pomegranate according to the horoscope? According to astrologers, this stone is ideal for energetic and tireless Capricorns. The mineral also favors Leo and Sagittarius. Representatives of these zodiac signs can wear stones of any shade. But when choosing a garnet, Aquarius and Libra should give preference to green stones. Pisces and Cancers should completely abandon the use of the mineral as an amulet. For people born under these signs, it will deprive them of peace and lead to physical fatigue.

In order for a garnet to fully exhibit its magical properties, it is necessary to choose a stone as an amulet that has not previously had an owner. Such a mineral has powerful energy and will become a reliable amulet for its owner. If a person inherited jewelry with a gem, it must be cleaned by holding it under running cold water for several minutes. After the procedure is completed, the product can be worn without fear. From this moment on, his energy will work in favor of his new owner.

The pomegranate has long been considered a symbol of love, loyalty, devotion and courage. Such a stone was exchanged between lovers as a sign of sincere and real feelings, to whom the gem gave strength and faith in the steadfastness of eternal love. He has also always been considered a talisman for people of art: sculptors, painters, designers, actors and musicians who devote themselves passionately and completely to their work.

There are many varieties and shades of it:

  • almandine garnet – the magical properties of a red mineral with a delicate purple tint give its owner concentration and desire to achieve his goals;
  • pyrope – with a barely noticeable brown tint helps maintain balance in everything, increases the reproductive function of the body, its unique properties endow a woman with fertility;
  • rhodolite – a gem with a pink tint gives its owner success in work and professional activities;
  • spessartine – the magic of a crystal with a yellow-orange tint gives the person who wears products with such a gem well-being, brings harmony and prosperity to family relationships;
  • green garnet is rare and has unique magical properties, ensures success in business, work and love relationships, patronizes all self-confident and purposeful people.

Green garnet stone – magical properties

A type of mineral with a green tint is a patron for everyone involved in business. Its magical properties actively improve the owner’s intuition, help develop not only supernatural abilities, but also rationality and logic, the ability to actively manage one’s time and set priorities correctly. Also, the green crystal gives peace, brings harmony, equilibrium and balance to family relationships and the home, protects the family from the negative influence and evil influence of ill-wishers. People wearing jewelry with green mineral easily attract good luck and success in financial matters. A pomegranate tree of happiness will bring profit and material stability. Such a magical item will not only improve your financial situation, but will also become an excellent decor for any room. Astrologers recommend wearing a green garnet to the air signs of the Zodiac – Libra and Aquarius. But for zodiac signs of the water element, this gem of any shade is contraindicated.

Red garnet stone – magical properties

The gemstone is without a doubt a symbol of love that awakens sexuality. Jewelry such as rings, pendants and earrings with this beautiful gem give their owners strength, courage and bravery, the desire to win and reach unfathomable heights. The magical energy of the pomegranate fills people with unprecedented optimism, good spirits, drives away melancholy and eradicates sadness. The energetic vibrations of a talisman with this red mineral have a bad effect on uninitiated and immature people.

Astrologers claim that the ruling planet of the mineral is Mars, which is why it is recommended for fire signs such as Sagittarius and Leo to wear jewelry with this stone. Garnet stone has magical properties for Leo women: it actively restores reproductive function, helps with conception and childbirth. It is less recommended for Aries, since this zodiac sign is not so purposeful and often “burns out”, rapidly losing interest in their occupation, which reduces the magical properties of the stone, which does not indulge laziness and excessive fuss. The stone is also not very willing to work with Taurus, a down-to-earth and assertive sign.

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