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Is it possible to bathe in a diamond ring?

A diamond is a cut and polished diamond, one of the most popular gemstones used in jewelry. If you are the proud owner of jewelry with these beautiful stones, it is important to know that they require competent and careful care. Due to lack of proper care or improper storage, these precious minerals often become covered with a cloudy coating, causing them to lose their luxury, shine and attractiveness. To avoid this, you need to follow simple recommendations for caring for diamonds, which will help keep your favorite jewelry spectacular and beautiful for many years.

Rules for wearing jewelry

Do not wear jewelry all the time and take off jewelry with precious stones when you return home. Doing household chores while wearing an exquisite diamond ring or earrings is not entirely wise. Contact with water or cleaning agents, high temperature or humidity will adversely affect the appearance of your accessory and it will simply quickly lose its attractiveness. Remove rings when washing hands, washing dishes, or cooking. You should also not wear cosmetics in jewelry. The same goes for earrings, bracelets or pendants with diamonds. You should not go to the bathhouse, sauna, swimming pool, or take hot baths in them. Due to temperature influences, the gemstone becomes covered with an unaesthetic whitish coating, which can only be eliminated by re-cutting. Therefore, remove all jewelry from yourself before going to the solarium or to the beach. Do not exercise while wearing jewelry with precious stones. The diamond can become coated with a layer of oil and sweat that is difficult to remove on your own.

Methods for cleaning diamonds

  • Soap solution
    To do this, dilute liquid soap, low-alkaline shampoo or dishwashing detergent in warm water. Dampen a soft sponge or cloth in the resulting solution and thoroughly wipe the jewelry with it, paying special attention to inserts with stones. After this, rinse the accessory under running cool water and wipe it with a piece of flannel or fleece.
  • Cleaning with alcohol
    Pour a weak alcohol solution or vodka into a container and lower it there for a few seconds. Take out the accessories, lay them out on a soft cloth and give them time to dry on their own. Heavy stains can be removed with a cotton swab dipped in the same solution. Gently walk the cotton wool over the decoration and stones, do not rub the product too much. After such cleaning, the shine will return to the metal, and transparency and radiance will return to the stones.
  • Ammonia
    If you place precious stones in an aqueous solution of ammonia for a few seconds, the mineral will regain its original shine.
  • Special Tools
    Today, in any jewelry store you can purchase special cleaning products or impregnated wipes that will gently but effectively remove even heavy dirt from gold or diamonds.

Do not remove contamination with strong abrasives (for example, soda); the use of iodine, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, strong alkaline solutions, vinegar, and laundry soap is also prohibited. Using these means you will simply ruin the stone.

If you wear jewelry constantly, then caring for the product should be regular. Cleaning should be done at least once a month, and for preventive maintenance, accessories should be constantly wiped with a velvet or suede cloth.

About once a year, have your favorite jewelry checked and cleaned by a professional jeweler. Craftsmen will not only remove dirt from the surface of products and stones, but also polish tarnished edges and check the strength of the frame.

Proper storage of precious stones

Try to approach the storage of your jewelry competently and responsibly – their appearance and their service life largely depend on this:

  • Diamond jewelry should not be stored on an open shelf, but in a special box or casket. Each piece of jewelry should be placed in a separate box or suede bag. This way, the accessories will not rub or scratch against each other, and this will also protect them from dust.
  • Diamond jewelry should not be stored in the bathroom. Elevated temperatures and high humidity have a detrimental effect on the condition of the stones.
  • Keep jewelry in sealed cases to protect it from direct sunlight.
  • Gemstones should not be stored in plastic boxes or plastic bags. Without the required amount of oxygen, diamonds can simply darken.

Take care of your jewelry and love it! If you provide proper care for your diamonds, your favorite accessories will delight their owner with their beauty and multi-faceted brilliance for many years.


The lucky owner of a diamond ring or diamond earrings probably wants her wonderful jewelry to always remain as new and her diamonds as sparkling as the day she purchased them.

How to properly care for diamond or diamond jewelry? Firstly, you need to follow a few simple rules when wearing them, so that within a week after purchase you don’t have to go to the jeweler. If possible, try to remove jewelry when you get home. Judge for yourself, peeling potatoes in a diamond ring (even if it is an engagement ring) is not entirely reasonable. It’s better to take it off for a while, putting it aside, and put it back on after cooking. The same goes for diamond earrings. You should not take a bath in them, much less go to the sauna. High humidity and temperature do not benefit the shine of the product; moreover, in such situations you can simply lose the decoration.

Do not forget that it is better to store jewelry not on an open shelf, but in some small jewelry box. This way you will protect your jewelry from dust. It is better if different jewelry has its own box, so that the rings inside it do not rub against each other, but are placed freely on a soft surface.

Be prepared for the fact that after some time a small amount of dirt will accumulate on the jewelry, which is usually located in small hollows of the pattern or simply in the most inaccessible places of the product. In most cases, such “dirt” is even beneficial: it creates an additional effect of depth in the design of a ring or earrings. If this is categorically unacceptable for you, then you can clean your jewelry yourself at home.

Sometimes it is enough to wash the product with soap and water. You can use a soft sponge to do this. This method is especially convenient for cleaning chains and items with large parts (pendants).

It is very good to clean rings and earrings with diamonds using vodka or a weak alcohol solution. In this case, you can pour alcohol into a cup and dip the jewelry there for a few seconds, and for more severe contamination, use a cotton swab dipped in this liquid. There is no need to rub the product with force, just walk over it with moistened cotton wool. This will be quite enough to return the shine to the gold, and to the diamond its unique sparkle.

Remember: never try to clean products with strong abrasives (such as soda), as it can scratch the gold and ruin the appearance of the product. Do not use various household solutions (vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate) for cleaning. For example, iodine will permanently change the color of gold by entering into an oxidation reaction with it. Such a defect can only be eliminated by re-polishing.

Some people are still convinced that a diamond is the hardest stone, that it does not sink in water and does not burn in fire. It’s not like that at all. This statement is true for a diamond: the raw material from which craftsmen subsequently cut a diamond. Indeed, a diamond is very strong, nature created it with a cloudy, as if melted coating, professionals call it a “shirt.” The “jacket” of a diamond is a consequence of the high temperature inside the earth where the stone was formed. The cutter, removing this layer, gives the diamond the shape of a diamond, and at the same time, to the many positive properties acquired by the stone (brilliance, transparency, sparkle), the fragility of the stone and sensitivity to temperatures above 700 C are added. That is why, never try to check the authenticity of your diamond by blows or fire. In the first case, there is a high probability of a complete split of the stone, in the second, your irresistible diamond will be covered with a thin cloudy layer, which can only be removed by repeated polishing at a cutting factory, but at the same time, your diamond will lose its original size, weight, and, perhaps, the quality of the cut.

Treasure your diamonds, especially if they were given to you with love, take care of them as much as possible. Remember that once every six months it is advisable to take your jewelry to a jeweler to clean it in an ultrasonic bath, and if necessary, polish it to a new condition. And then your irresistible rings, earrings or pendants with diamonds will bring you joy every day!

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