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Is it possible to bathe in pearl jewelry?

Since natural pearls are both organic and inorganic, they are extremely sensitive to the environment and the way they are used. Of course, the attitude towards products made from natural and artificial pearls is different, but a careful owner of a jewelry box will always carefully and carefully follow the necessary rules for caring for all her jewelry.

Pearl storage

  • Products should be stored in compartments of the box with soft walls, lined with velvet or velor with a tightly closed lid, or in separate bags specially designed for each item;
  • the box must be located in a permanent, predetermined place, away from heating devices and high humidity;
  • after wearing pearls in the hot season, when long-term contact with natural secretions of human skin is possible, you should carefully wipe each pearl with a dry soft cloth so as not to leave invisible traces of salt and sebum on the surface of the pearls;
  • When washing dishes and working in the kitchen, pearl rings should be removed to prevent contact with hot water;
  • When cleaning and washing home or business premises, jewelry with pearls should be removed or put on a special protective robe and durable gloves to prevent contact with chemical detergents and accidental splashes on a necklace, bracelet or brooch;
  • It is better to remove rings and earrings with pearls during sleep to avoid causing mechanical damage and to reduce contact with the use of nighttime cosmetics.

Natural pearls should be protected from tobacco smoke, excessive dryness and the presence of acetone, chlorine, gasoline and direct sunlight in the air. If it is not possible to avoid being in such places, then the time spent in an aggressive environment should be reduced to a minimum. Or you shouldn’t wear pearl jewelry, knowing where you will spend most of your time.

Products made from artificial pearls can be stored together with other jewelry in the general compartment of the box, or in separate cases for safety and to prevent scratches, chips and cracks.

Caring for pearl jewelry

Pearls are a noble evening adornment; they are not worn to the pool or fitness room; they decorate appropriate clothing. For this reason, as a rule, it does not get dirty as much and requires special cleaning. The requirements for regular cleaning of pearl jewelry are quite simple:

  • after all jewelry is removed after an active day, the pearls should be wiped with a dry soft cloth to remove dust, traces of daytime cosmetics and other invisible contaminants;
  • Necklaces should not be kept suspended; not only will dust settle on them and sunlight will affect them, but the silk thread will gradually stretch and thin, creating a threat of rupture and unsightly gaps between individual beads;
  • pearl products should be washed only in warm water with preliminary dissolution of a small amount of neutral detergent, baby soap or shampoo, and in no case should you rub the pearls, but only rinse them in a soapy solution; at the end of washing, be sure to rinse them in clean water;
  • Do not clean pearls with brushes or other hard objects, only wipe with a soft cloth after complete natural drying on a previously prepared soft, dry cloth;
  • Periodically, pearls should be given warm water baths to slow down their drying and prolong their useful life.

Caring for items made from artificial pearls is usually no different from caring for other jewelry. Of course, beautiful necklaces, bracelets and brooches with pearls made from mother-of-pearl powder should be kept clean and avoid contact with cosmetics, the chemical composition of which can be quite aggressive. In any case, when doing dirty housework, it is better to remove jewelry so as not to damage or stain it. If the products do become dirty, they should be washed in warm water with soft sponges and under no circumstances use abrasives or hard brushes.

Pearls are created for connoisseurs of elegant and refined jewelry. This, at first glance, unsightly stone, when presented correctly, can transform any image. Since pearls are created by living nature, they have a fragile structure and require special care. Unfortunately, many simply have no idea how to properly wear and store pearl jewelry.

Due to the organic-mineral structure, the “life” of pearls is, on average, up to 300 years. But if the stone is exposed to negative influences from the external environment, destruction can occur much faster. Therefore, it is necessary to handle pearls as carefully as possible. This applies not only to storing, but also to wearing pearl items.

8 tips on how to wear and store pearls correctly

It should be noted that this gemstone comes in two types – natural and artificial. The second one is more durable and better tolerates moisture and temperature changes.

  • The first thing you need to clearly remember is that pearls are extremely fragile, so they absolutely cannot withstand physical impact.
  • Any contact with chemicals negatively affects the properties of pearls. Jewelers do not recommend wearing silver jewelry with pearls, immediately after applying makeup, clean it with products that are not specifically designed for this. You especially should not try to clean pearls with soda, salt and other abrasives. This may cause the pearl to split.
  • Pearls should not be subjected to heat treatment. Wearing such jewelry in very hot weather or wearing it on the beach is a direct risk of its destruction.
  • You should not take a bath or shower, visit a pool or swim in the sea if you are wearing pearl jewelry – it will not survive this. The basic rule of wearing is not to expose it to open sunlight. The best solution would be to wear jewelry in the evening.
  • A beneficial effect that helps preserve pearls comes from the contact of the stone with human skin during wearing. But those who have problems, for example, skin that is too dry, should not wear chains or pearl necklaces. Due to the resulting friction, erosion of the stone will occur.
  • It is best to store pearl items in a closed box, lined with fabric or a specially sewn fabric bag. It is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient humidity in the room where they are stored. Sometimes you will even have to place containers of water on the dressing table to prevent the pearls from drying out.
  • Since the thread on which the pearls are strung gets frayed when worn, you need to monitor this and change it in time with the help of experienced craftsmen.
  • Cleaning is best done with plain warm water and a soft cloth. Of course, there are special means, but you should not use them without consulting a jeweler.

Why should you give preference to pearl jewelry?

The answer is simple – because it is always in fashion. And this is the absolute truth. Due to its relatively low cost (of course, not for exclusive items), jewelers very often use pearls in mid-priced jewelry. It goes well with both gold and silver. Moreover, in the latter case this is even more relevant. Without a doubt, in almost every woman’s jewelry box there is a ring or silver earrings with pearls. A classic necklace made of this stone is absolutely perfect for both evening and business attire.

Therefore, those who have not yet acquired jewelry with pearls should replenish their arsenal. You can make a purchase without even leaving your home, as they say here and now. Finding a similar product on the Internet is simple and easy. The catalogs have offers for every taste and budget. Men don’t need to rack their brains over choosing gifts, and lovely women don’t have to suffer and think about their image.

Pearls will help any lady become a queen!

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