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Is it possible to buy pearls for yourself?

The variety of precious stones is pleasing to the eye. Mysterious, shimmering, shimmering with facets and colors, they make the heart beat faster, causing a desire to possess them, admire them, strive for beauty and harmony.
Pearls occupy a special place among precious stones. Some consider it a symbol of well-being and prosperity, an elixir of youth. Others are a stone of tears.
Pearls are one of the oldest stones for jewelry, since pearls do not require additional cutting. The greatest women in the world adorned themselves with pearls. The birth of a pearl occurs slowly. It will take at least twelve years until a real beautiful pearl grows from a small grain of sand caught in the shell of a mollusk. Overlapping each other, layers of mother-of-pearl create a unique shine, shimmer, beauty and shape. Since ancient times, pearl fishing has been a difficult and dangerous business. Pearl divers descended into the depths of the sea for shells, risking their lives. The diver is not always lucky. A pearl is found in only one of forty shells. This dangerous profession has survived to this day, adding to the attractiveness of jewelry made from natural pearls and causing its high price. The largest pearl deposits are located on the coast of the Red Sea, in the Persian Gulf, in Ceylon, Tahiti, off the coast of India, and in Iran. Freshwater pearls are now rare. It is mined only in Bavaria and the USA. Previously, the northern rivers of Russia were full of pearls. They were a favorite decoration of the nobility and the imperial family. The pearl jewelry of Cleopatra, Semiramis, and Russian empresses has not survived to this day. After all, the lifespan of a pearl is no more than 300 years. With age, jewelry fades and deteriorates. To preserve jewelry with pearls, you should wear it as often as possible; contact with open skin restores the properties of pearls. Pearl is a special, mysterious stone. There are many legends and beliefs about his strength. Jewelry with pearls is especially revered in the East. It is believed that they bring youth, beauty and health to the owner. There is a belief that confirms that pearls are a symbol of love and fidelity. In the Middle Ages, there was a custom to give the bride a string of pearls on her wedding day, which was supposed to strengthen the love of the chosen one and guarantee her fidelity. According to ancient healers, pearl beads or a pearl bracelet increase vitality and have a general strengthening effect on the body, improve blood composition, and dull pain in the heart.
It has been scientifically established that this gemstone has a beneficial effect on the digestive and nervous systems, treats liver and kidney diseases, and hypertension. Pearls react strongly to the health status of their owner. With severe illnesses, it becomes dull, loses its shine and may even crumble. Pearls are especially sensitive to the appearance of tumors, so wearing earrings with pearls or a ring with pearls can serve as a kind of diagnostic device. Pearls also have a dark side, which is associated with the influence of the Moon. For people for whom it is not suitable, the stone brings disappointment, loss of illusions and hopes. It disorganizes weak-willed people even more. But if a person is strong in spirit and self-confident, jewelry with pearls helps him achieve harmony, establish contact with other people, and overcome difficulties. Astrologers recommend wearing rings and necklaces with pearls for Aquarius, Pisces and Gemini. It brings them happiness, luck and love. There is a sign that you cannot buy pearl jewelry for yourself. It will be better if your loved ones give them to you, in which case pearls will only bring benefits. Until the 30000th century, pearls were the most expensive jewelry. Today, the price of natural pearls is still high. A pearl necklace can cost up to $XNUMX. The cost of cultured pearls is much lower. Besides. the price depends on the color, shape, shine and evenness of the pearls. A spherical pearl shape is considered ideal. The stone can also be button-shaped, pear-shaped or round, or even completely shapeless. Drop-shaped pearls look especially attractive in earrings and pendants. Pearls come in a huge variety of shades from white to green. Amazing and mysterious jewelry is created from black pearls mined in Tahiti. Pink mother-of-pearl pearls are most prized by jewelers. Their smooth matte shine blends perfectly with skin tone, giving the image elegance and nobility. You should choose silver or gold as a setting for pearls. Rings with pearls are the height of grace and elegance. Despite the apparent simplicity and modesty, pearl jewelry attracts the eye and evokes admiration. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings with pearls are worn by those with excellent and refined taste. These jewels will decorate an evening outfit, giving it elegance and mystery and, at the same time, become reliable companions in everyday life, giving their quiet, soft light and delighting their owners. Publication Date: 11.01.2012 Superstitious people are convinced that along with pearls there is a risk of bringing burning tears. According to legends, pearls are formed from the tears of a mollusk when it cries in pain. Therefore, they decided that a stone obtained from the torment of a living creature, by definition, cannot bring happiness and joy. Agree, this is a very beautiful ancient myth, topped with notes of drama. There is only one “but”: mollusks don’t cry, they just don’t know how – and this has been proven by scientists. But the sign was born and probably for a reason. Probably the reason for this is the similarity of transparent pearls with crystal tears. Therefore, is it possible to give pearls? Why not, given the beauty and nobility of the stone. To neutralize a bad omen, wish for tears exclusively of happiness! Esotericists also advise: give the stone only to close people, and for an anniversary or first wedding anniversary, come up with another gift.

Pearls are always looking for their soulmate

Another negative sign that came from ancient times: “wearing only one pearl jewelry is extremely undesirable.” This promises loneliness, divorce and endless adultery. But it’s worth adding beads to a ring, a ring to earrings, and so on, and happiness and love will knock on your door. For single women, paired jewelry promises a meeting with a lover and a successful marriage. And a business woman means success in entrepreneurial affairs, fruitful interaction with employees and partners.

Pearl abilities that will make life better

  • strengthens nerves and improves health
  • protects from the evil eye
  • soothes and cools

The mineral protects health – both physical and psychological. He will not allow stress to destroy life, but will bring beauty and youth, energy and activity into it.

The stone takes care of its owner and warns of health dangers: when it fades and loses its shine, this is an alarm bell. This means that the body is susceptible to illness, and the mind is susceptible to sinful thoughts.

The ancients believed that pearls neutralized the envy of others, and at the same time relieved eye diseases and strengthened teeth. Wealthy nobles drank wine from mother-of-pearl bowls, where they had previously placed a pearl. They were sure that the poison would not cope with the power of the noble stone and would lose its properties.

There are those who keep a stone in their mouth to improve blood composition and relieve heart pain. They say they feel noticeably better.

Previously, pregnant women were given pearl jewelry to ensure a successful and painless pregnancy.

Rishis – wise seers from India – believe that pearls include the most important elements – Water, Earth and Air. This explains its ability to calm the nerves and give pleasant coolness.

In addition, pearls in a dream promise good luck. However, if you dreamed of scattered pearls, it is unlucky.

Legends about pearls among different nations

Pearl jewelry is an integral part of culture in various countries.

In Kievan Rus, guys gave pearls to their brides. No words were even needed; such a gift in itself meant a romantic proposal.

At rich weddings, the hands of the bride and groom were tied with pearl threads to make them one. For support and mutual understanding in married life, the newlyweds were presented with strings of pearls at their wedding.

The custom of using pearls as part of the traditional bridal look came from European countries: wealthy ladies sewed pearl beads onto their wedding dresses.

For the Chinese, pearls are one of the national treasures. It is given to those who wish happiness and all the blessings of life. The stone is widely used for medicinal purposes – doctors make healing compounds from it. And today in China you can buy medicines made from pearls. First of all, they are indicated for pregnant women and treat dental diseases.

Legends say that Cleopatra herself had a hankering for pearls and, according to one legend, sacrificed a pearl from her favorite earring. Cleopatra had a dispute with Mark Antony: who could organize the most expensive dinner. The queen of Ancient Egypt won the argument in a rather original way – at the end of the meal, she ordered a glass of vinegar to be brought. In it she dissolved a stone, which even in those days was considered priceless. Today its value would be about 5 billion dollars.

Another historical figure and also a queen, but from the fashion world, Coco Chanel, said: “pearls are always right.” These words of the legendary style icon were enough for women on the planet to still yearn for such a gift. Every beautiful lady should have the opportunity to add a touch of solemnity and regal chic to her look – everyday or evening.

Is it possible to give pearls for a birthday?

If the recipient was born under the sign of Cancer, Aquarius or Pisces, then it’s definitely possible. The stone promises them prosperity and success in all matters.

If it’s a Sagittarius or Scorpio’s birthday, you can also please them with an expensive gift, but let it be a dark-colored stone.

Pearl jewelry as a wedding gift

Superstitious people are against such wedding gifts: they are believed to bring betrayal. But! Everything will be different if you give paired jewelry for a wedding – for example, earrings, a set of beads and tiaras, and so on. Then you can expect a happy family life, full of mutual understanding and fidelity. Give beautiful gifts with a pure heart and best wishes. Rest assured, such a gift will leave only the best impressions and bring joy to the life of a loved one!

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