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Is it possible to get jewelry wet?

Luxurious jewelry has been and remains the best gift for any occasion for the fair sex. Why do women love such special gifts so much? The answer is obvious – every beautiful lady dreams of remaining beautiful for as long as possible and catching the admiring glances of others. Of course, the best way to cope with the task of miraculous transformation is a luxurious piece of jewelry from the Pandora brand, beloved by many women and girls. Amazing bracelets were and remain one of the most favorite things for ladies. Such jewelry is different from many others. Each representative of the fair sex can complement them with magnificent charms. However, in order for jewelry to last as long as possible, it is important to properly care for it. In this article, we suggest you learn the basic rules for caring for your jewelry, and whether you can get your Pandora bracelet wet or not. But let’s immediately find out what kind of Pandora bracelets there are and how they differ.

Types of Pandora bracelets

  1. Silver bracelets. Such jewelry looks very beautiful and delicate. With their help, every fashionista will be able to emphasize her elegance and femininity. Silver bracelets go perfectly with evening wear and even business style.
  2. Golden bracelets. It’s no secret that gold jewelry is a constant favorite for every beautiful lady. Pandora bracelets are no exception. Representatives of the fair sex wear them with pleasure and experiment with the selection of various charms. Amazing jewelry will be the best addition to the beautiful image of every woman.
  3. Leather bracelets are an original option for everyone who chooses style, sophistication and charm. Such delightful jewelry will help create a unique look for every lady. They will look spectacular with original Pandora earrings.
  4. Textile bracelets. Wonderful fabric jewelry always looks special and makes your look perfect. With their help you can emphasize femininity, beauty and elegance. A beautiful lady with such a bracelet will always be the center of attention.

By choosing one of these special Pandora products, you can highlight your beauty and become even more attractive to others.

Why can’t the accessory get wet?

Many owners of luxury bracelets from a popular brand are interested in “Can a Pandora bracelet be wetted or not?” It turns out that the favorite jewelry of many girls and women It is not recommended to wet it:

  1. If the base is made of leather or fabric that can stretch from moisture.
  2. When one of the elements uses silver or cupronickel, which can quickly oxidize and turn black after contact with moisture.
  3. Painted parts.

But even if at least one of these factors is present, the decoration will not spoil its appearance due to short-term contact with moisture. An example would be hand washing or wet cleaning. However, it is very important to dry it as quickly as possible.

So the answer to the question is Is it possible to wet a Pandora bracelet with water? It’s obvious – you can’t, but even if this happens, you need to dry the decoration as soon as possible. Try to limit the contact of your jewelry with water as much as possible, and it will retain its special appearance for a long time.

Proper care of Pandora bracelets

In order for your favorite jewelry to delight you with its beauty for a long time, it is important to protect it from negative external factors. It is therefore advisable to avoid contact with water and avoid any gross damage. In addition, it is important to learn how to open beautiful jewelry correctly. This can be done either using a special key or such improvised items as a plastic bank card.

If after a while the appearance of the product has deteriorated, you can carefully clean it using warm soapy water and a soft brush. Taking good care of your favorite piece of jewelry will help preserve its appearance for as long as possible.

When purchasing a chic bracelet, prepare in advance a convenient storage tank for storing the product. This could be a beautiful box or a small white bag. Your favorite bracelet can be stored in it for a long time and still remain in perfect condition.

When choosing beautiful Pandora bracelets, you are sure to make the right choice in favor of quality and style. Such special jewelry will help complement every woman’s look, making it very delicate, beautiful and incredibly elegant. Feel like a real queen, worthy only of the best!

Jewelry made from brass does not cause a reaction on the skin and is not damaged by water.

Coated brass (gold-plated, silver-plated) wears well, but requires very careful handling, because the coating can be damaged. Over time, wear and tear causes the coating to wear away.

Uncoated brass has the natural color of an antique metal. On its surface, contact with air forms an oxide layer of a warm golden hue, which protects it and prolongs the durability of the product.

Unplated brass will not peel, rust, corrode or turn green, but when in contact with the skin it will develop a patina and an aged appearance.

Do brass jewelry darken or not?

Antique brass (unplated) darkens. This is a natural process of metal oxidation, which is enhanced by exposure to water or contact with skin. Different parts of the fittings may be patinated differently, and the shades may vary.

This depends on the characteristics of the skin, so the same jewelry may immediately darken on one person, while on another it may last for several months. Unlike cheap jewelry, which can tarnish, brass can be cleaned and the dark oxide layer removed. That is, the question is simply a matter of cleaning; the metal itself does not deteriorate and does not corrode.

Coated brass (silver-plated, gold-plated, rhodium-plated), when compared with a regular jewelry alloy, does not darken! Brass jewelry does not deteriorate, do not rust, or oxidize from water, like regular jewelry. Brass can be worn without removing.

Plated brass can darken only in those places where the coating has been damaged, so such jewelry must be handled carefully and protected from chips and falls.

Silver-plated brass may change color slightly due to the fact that silver itself tends to oxidize. This can be easily fixed with a polishing cloth.

A lot depends on the quality of the coating, its thickness, composition, method of application and wear resistance. High-quality jewelry with proper care lasts a long time.

Does brass jewelry require special care?

In general, caring for brass is the same as caring for jewelry: the main thing is to protect it from mechanical damage and contact with active chemical compounds.

What does this mean in practice? If the activity is active, such as playing sports, and there is a risk of tearing or bending the jewelry, then it is better to remove it.

If the chemical can harm the skin of your hands and therefore requires gloves, then the jewelry must be protected or removed.

Active chemical compounds mean not only household chemicals, but also salts, alkalis, acids, alcohol and other substances. This includes soda, lemon, vinegar, fruit acids and components of cosmetic products and perfumes. Iodine, sulfur and chlorine are especially dangerous for jewelry; they can cause stains.

Do not allow active chemicals to come into contact with jewelry, and if this happens, rinse with warm water.

Is it necessary to remove jewelry at night?

If it is convenient for you, if the jewelry is not large, does not press and cannot bend, then you can leave it overnight, just like jewelry. But there is a nuance: uncoated brass patinas faster, while gold-plated or silver-plated brass has a shorter service life.

If jewelry contains glass beads, then for safety reasons you cannot sleep in them.

Is it possible to get brass jewelry wet?

Brass does not rust, so if you wear jewelry all the time, you can leave it on before taking a bath, but you need to make sure that cosmetics and perfumes do not come into contact with it.

Keep in mind that uncoated brass will quickly develop a patina when exposed to water.

After using salt water, immediately rinse the jewelry with fresh water. Remember that ultraviolet radiation and high temperature increase the damage from salt water.

It’s the same story with a swimming pool: the water itself is not harmful, but the algae protection products that are added to the water, and also in combination with the sun, are already a burden for the coating and some natural stones.

You can get brass jewelry wet!

Drops of water drying on the surface can leave lime stains, so it is better to blot the decoration with a towel.

Remove jewelry before visiting a spa, bathhouse, hammam, or salt room.

How to properly store jewelry?

Do not store jewelry in a damp place (bathroom) or in direct sunlight.

It is best to store in a dark, dry place, such as a jewelry box or dresser drawer. Jewelry should have individual compartments or pouches to prevent them from rubbing against each other.

It is especially important not to store jewelry together with blackened silver, since contact with the blackened surface enhances oxidative processes and the blackening “creeps” onto neighboring jewelry.

For the same reason, it is important to store unplated brass separately from plated brass, as oxides can cause dark stains on adjacent jewelry. If this happens, you need to clean the jewelry with a non-abrasive, gentle jewelry cleaner.

How to clean plated brass?

To clean gold-plated or silver-plated jewelry, you can use a neutral PH soap, such as baby soap, or dish soap to remove oils from your skin.

It is better not to apply the product directly to the jewelry. Whip up the soap foam with your hands and rinse the jewelry in your palms.

Wipe dry and use the polishing cloth that comes with the jewelry.

Wipe with a cloth after each wear to remove fingerprints and dirt from the surface, and also before storing.

How to clean uncoated brass?

If you are going to wear jewelry made of unplated brass constantly, then polish it with a napkin more often at first, so the patina will lie more evenly and maintain its shine.

Do not use household chemicals, bleaches, acids, toothpaste, folk remedies or any compositions not specifically intended for cleaning jewelry.

Rough cleaning of the oxide film can lead to damage to the surface. Therefore, it is better not to use any abrasives, sandpaper and hard brushes. Remember that products that are good for cleaning brass candlesticks are not suitable for jewelry.

Tarnished brass can be cleaned with natural wool. This is a gentle method that does not damage the surface. You can use wool, felt, sheepskin or suede. Rub the jewelry with a sheepskin, then with a polishing cloth.

If you mechanically clean off the oxide and immediately put on the jewelry, contact with the skin will darken it even faster. Let it sit for a couple of days in a dry, dark place so that the protective zinc oxide layer is restored.

I include a polishing cloth with all my jewelry orders. It is made of special flannel that gently removes dirt.

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