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Is it possible to sleep in earrings with pearls?

Earrings are a favorite element of a woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Girls of any age enthusiastically choose a new pair of jewelry to show off their purchase to their friends and wear it without taking it off. Over time, every owner of earrings begins to wonder: should I take off my earrings at night? We answer – it all depends on the design, weight, material and type of fastener of the model.

Why is it recommended to remove earrings before going to bed?

  1. Sleeping in earrings is not always comfortable. At night, jewelry can cause discomfort, impairing the quality of sleep, resulting in chronic fatigue.
  2. The earlobe has many nerve endings, constant exposure to which has a negative impact on well-being and mood.
  3. Earrings can get caught during sleep by a clasp or decorative element on bedding, clothing or hair. This can cause loss of jewelry, damage to linen, or injury to the earlobe.
  4. Earrings should be cleaned regularly and the puncture site should be kept clean. If you sleep without taking off your jewelry, an infection may occur in your earlobe, which will lead to unpleasant consequences.
  5. With constant and continuous wear, gold items become deformed and break, which is especially important during sleep.

It is not recommended to sleep in jewelry and earrings, which have sharp edges and cause itching and allergic reactions. Large models of jewelry that have a lot of weight or voluminous elements are also best worn in the morning. This way you will be able to get a good night’s sleep and keep your jewelry safe and sound.

You can leave your earrings on at night if:

  1. They are made of high-quality alloy – 585 gold and higher, or 925 silver.
  2. Products made from surgical steel that have recently been used to pierce ears.
  3. The earrings do not have sharp elements or clasps that could get caught.
  4. The jewelry does not cause discomfort; it is comfortable to lie on either side.

Whether it is necessary to take off earrings at night, each woman can decide for herself, based on experience and her habits.

Are there any earrings you can sleep in?

Should I take off my earrings at night, or can I choose models that will be comfortable even while sleeping? According to doctors and experienced jewelers, some earrings are suitable and safe for sleeping. Therefore, if you don’t want to part with your jewelry even in your sleep, we recommend choosing the following options:

  • studs with a screw clasp are the most comfortable and reliable earrings for daily wear and sleep. The whole secret is in a special lock, with the help of which the product is not just fastened, but twisted. This fastener has a rounded edge that will not injure or scratch the skin. And the screw lock guarantees maximum safety of the product, that is, it is almost impossible to lose earrings while sleeping. At the same time, you should not wear studs with voluminous elements, pendants or sharp decor at night.
  • Congo. Hoop earrings of small diameters can sometimes be left on before going to bed. The rule is suitable for neat models without stones and decorative inserts. Pay attention to which earrings are comfortable to sleep in and which ones cause discomfort.
  • Earrings with an English castle. You can sleep in English castle earrings if they have a flat base and smooth decor. These can be models with a path of stones, or decorations that are made in the form of small rectangular and square plates.

Despite the fact that the earrings described above are suitable for continuous wear, it is important to focus on your feelings and needs. Maximum comfort during sleep can only be achieved by completely avoiding jewelry at night.

If you forget to take off your earrings after a party or a hard day at work, this will not be a problem. But it’s better to give yourself and your jewelry a rest, and in the morning you can continue to conquer the world with your jewelry.

A string of pearls is classic and a symbol of femininity. Pearls are always in trend, at the peak or just on the list of fashion items.

“. Pearls fade and die,
unless human skin touches them.
To save pearls – wear them around your neck, sleep in them,
pearls love sweat and blood. “
Alexander Vassiliev

A string of pearls is classic and a symbol of femininity. Pearls are always in trend, at the peak or just on the list of fashion items. Pearls are original and cope with their role without any additional details, however, they themselves are sometimes only a nuance in the product, but the fact that pearls make you pay attention to its owner is undeniable.

Not many brands produce pearl products, because natural pearls are quite rare and therefore very expensive. A pearl is formed in the shell of a mollusk, into which a grain of sand falls, enveloping it with nacre, the mollusk is, as it were, fenced off from it. The high cost is also due to the fact that, unlike other materials and stones, pearls are quite whimsical and delicate in nature. They are afraid of acid and other caustic liquids: a pearl can be killed with just one drop of champagne or vinegar. For example, the famous Peregrina pearls were destroyed by Cleopatra: she dissolved two huge pear-shaped pearls and drank this “cocktail” in the name of love for Caesar.

Almost until the beginning of the 20th century, there were too few pearls, although pearl divers have existed since ancient times. However, there was no industrial scale, so jewelers had to be content with little, often complementing an irregularly shaped pearl (called baroque) with various details, thus creating animals, abstract compositions, and faces. And in order to simply collect a thread of identical pearls, one had to spend a long time waiting for the material. Therefore, pearls were very expensive and were considered no less a luxury than large gems. Natural pearls can be obtained today, but it is very difficult to find such specimens on the open market, and the prices for such specimens are not at all budgetary.

Now is the era of cultured pearls. Its growth occurs in the same way as before, only now, that same treasured “grain of sand” is placed inside the mollusk shell on purpose, and they also know where the pearl is, what color it is, how long it has been growing and what size it should be. It happens that unscrupulous pearl cultivators place large ground balls inside the shell, so that the mother of pearl in such pearls can be no less than in artificial ones. Only manufacturers of artificial pearls honestly admit the origin of their goods and even tell how exactly they make pearls. However, of course, each production has its own know-how.

Imitation pearl They are not grown in shellfish shells, but are created in industrial conditions using various chemical and physical operations with mother-of-pearl. Such artificial pearls are used mainly in costume jewelry, however, of course, depending on the level of technology, brand reputation and other factors, the price of artificial pearls can also be impressive, but already quite affordable for a large number of buyers.

Coco Chanel preferred costume jewelry and never forgot about pearls, introduced them into her collections and in every possible way promoted the fashion for them. Pearls suit absolutely everyone, both very young girls and high-status, respectable women. Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana also loved pearls. Even today, strings of pearls and products made from them can be seen on Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, and many other modern stars.

So what is the secret of pearls? Pearls amazingly suit almost all costumes. It is appropriate both in a work environment and at meetings, and will also be an elegant addition to an outfit for an evening out, going to a restaurant, theater, or meeting guests. But the most important secret of pearls is still its organic essence, the magic of its origin and the feeling that there is life in it.

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