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Is it possible to wear a garnet stone all the time?

Garnet stone has long had a reputation as a love talisman. He is the ally of all lovers, and they give him with a declaration of feelings. The romantic soul of the mineral was beautifully sung by Alexander Kuprin in the famous story “Garnet Bracelet”. And the depth of color and mysterious radiance of garnet crystals make this stone a favorite among connoisseurs of natural gems. Let’s find out what secrets pomegranate has and who it is suitable for.

General characteristics and varieties

An extraordinary, very “appetizing” stone with a rich, rich palette and an amazing glassy shine. Pomegranate crystals are surprisingly similar to the seeds of the fruit of the same name. The name of the gem from Latin grenades translated as “grainy”. This is what the medieval alchemist Albert Magnus first called it. Garnet is formed in the mountains under the influence of very high temperatures during volcanic activity. Garnets are a family of silicate minerals and come in many color varieties, known by their own unique names. Hardness on the Mohs scale is quite high – from 6,5 to 8. Based on the chemical composition, garnets are divided into two groups:

        1. pyralsips (pyropes, almandines, spessartines);
        2. Ugrandites (uvarovites, grossulars, andradites).

pyrope It is considered the most beautiful and sought after of all types of garnet. Its color is blood red, with a fiery sheen – associated with hot flame or blood. This name comes from the Greek word “piropos”, which means “like fire”. Several native Russian names for pyrope are known: venisa, becheta, chervets, yaghut. Jewelers sometimes call pyrope Bohemian or Amazonian ruby. Pyrope can withstand the highest temperatures and is easily cut. The richest deposits of pyropes have been discovered in the Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, the USA and South American countries. Mined in Kenya and Tanzania rhodolite – a purple variety of pyrope.

Almandine – The hardest and most common variety of garnet. It can have a purple, crimson, cherry and brown-red color. Almandine deposits exist in India, Mongolia, Madagascar, Finland and Russia.

Spessartine – a mineral of yellow, orange-yellow, orange-red, pink, brown, brownish-red shades. Highly valued by jewelers, especially the tangerine color. Spessartine is mined in the USA, Sri Lanka, Burma and Brazil.

Uvarovite was named after Count Uvarov, who headed the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences in the mid-19th century. The mineral is known for its rich emerald green hue and is quite rare in nature. Uvarovite is mined in Russia, Finland, Canada, USA, Norway and South Africa.

Grossular is a group of orange and yellowish garnets. They are mined in Yakutia, Canada, Mexico, and Pakistan. It is in Pakistan that grossular of a light green hue is found, which is why it is nicknamed “Pakistan emerald.” Among grossulars in jewelry, they are widely used and highly valued. tsavorite – a rare transparent mineral of a rich, bright green color, found in Kenya and Tanzania.

Andradite named after the Portuguese geologist J.B. D’Andrade Silva. It was he who first described this mineral in 1800. Among the andradites there are its subspecies: transparent green demantoid , black melanitis and lemon yellow or pinkish yellow topazolite .

As you can see, the color scheme of garnets covers almost the entire rainbow of shades, except for blue and blue. In jewelry, fiery red pyropes, mauve rhodolites and emerald green tsavorites are mainly used.

Historical facts

Garnets have a very ancient history. The Romans called this mineral “carbuncle” (“smoldering ember”). In Rus’, grenades were called “worm-shaped yachts”. Red pomegranate is mentioned in the Bible as “a living fire that illuminated the path of Noah in the darkness of the Flood.” Since then, the pomegranate has been considered a talisman for travelers.

Ancient Roman and ancient Egyptian beauties wore jewelry with garnets in order to ignite men’s feelings and passion. Garnet was also inlaid into gold and silver dishes.

Since ancient times, pomegranate was considered talisman of warriors and rulers. The crusaders took amulets with pomegranate on campaigns and believed that it protected against enemy treachery, and also protected against wounds and poisons. Many warriors decorated their shields, sword hilts and belts with garnet. It was considered the stone of war, bringing victory. The peoples of Persia revered garnet and called it the “royal stone,” and the profiles of rulers were carved on the surface of the largest crystals, because they believed that garnet gave power over people. Such products are called “gems”.

The ancient Mongols believed that pomegranate was the blood of a dragon. That is why the warriors before the campaign had to drink wine from bowls made from pomegranate, so that the stone would give them strength and fearlessness.

According to Indian beliefs, the color of garnet resembles blood, so the Indians used arrowheads made from this stone to defeat their enemies. Belief in the power of the mineral is so strong in India that in 1892, bullets were made from garnet to fight the British.

A real story related to the magical properties of pomegranate happened in one of the Italian cities. One day there was a robbery there, and among the stolen valuables was a piece of garnet jewelry. Soon the thief was found, and he was wearing the treasured jewelry, only it was of a completely different type than that of the previous owner: the stone had faded and lost its shine. After returning the value to the owner, after some time, the pomegranate acquired its previous appearance. This confirms the property of the stone to fade on dishonest people, bring them trouble and even contribute to the death of its illegal owner.

Magical properties

Since ancient times, it was believed that the magical properties of a pomegranate are greatly enhanced if it is inherited or given by a loved one. But stolen grenades, according to numerous legends, bring suffering and misfortune.
First of all, pomegranate is considered stone of love and passion, which can excite and amuse. It is recommended to be worn by young people looking for their other half to attract happy love. This talisman for lovers keeps their feelings sharp and protects them from betrayal. Pomegranate also promotes friendship, attractiveness and constancy, increases willpower and self-esteem. However, too young beauties need to be careful with this stone – garnet can turn heads, causing strong love affection and burning passion.

The sages of the East advise women to wear a pomegranate on their left hand, and men – on their right. Red garnets give men strength and fearlessness, and make women wise, balanced and attractive.

Pomegranate is a talisman of active, energetic and purposeful people. It is to such people that he has the power to bring happiness, success and material well-being. Lack of initiative, inert and passive people, when wearing this stone, may even feel irritated by its energy.

The gem drives away sadness, heavy thoughts and bad dreams. Acts as an antidote against the evil eye, magic spells and slander. Rescues from natural disasters, violence and injury.

There is a belief that a garnet ring brings its owner secret power over people. Carry or hold a garnet in your hand when you feel you are in a controversial or conflict situation – the stone will help you take a winning position. If you feel like an object of unkind gossip and slander, the garnet will repel negative forces and send them back to the one who brought discord.

Garnet recognized family mascot: it strengthens family ties, helps to establish contact even with distant relatives, and makes small children obedient.

It is important to remember that garnet cannot be worn constantly, otherwise it can ignite not only passion, but also anger. It is not recommended to wear this mineral to people who are nervous and tense, since the stone can only enhance these qualities. If you need rest and peace, it is better to refuse pomegranate, otherwise it will disturb the mind and heat up the atmosphere.

Astrologers consider pomegranate to be the best assistant for Capricorns, who by nature are diligent and persistent and tend to work with full dedication. The stone can serve as a talisman for Sagittarius and Virgo. Aries and Taurus can only wear red garnet, and Aquarius and Libra can only wear green stones. Pomegranate is contraindicated for Cancer and Pisces, since the water element erodes the properties of pomegranate.

Medicinal properties

Pomegranate has a fairly wide range of medicinal qualities, depending on the color of the crystals.

Red garnet has the ability to reduce high fever, increase blood circulation, treat sexual dysfunction, and sore throat. The gem heals the heart and brain, strengthens memory. In antiquity, it was believed that garnet rings could rid a person of phobias. For diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, the stone should be worn around the neck, set in silver – in pendant or necklace . Red pomegranates also increase immunity, so they should be worn during periods of exacerbation of viral and infectious diseases. In addition, red pomegranates protect against skin diseases and improve complexion.

Stones of green and yellow-green shades calm the heart and nervous system, sharpen vision and hearing, and cleanse the body. Minerals accelerate tissue regeneration and help recover from severe operations, injuries and strokes.

Yellow and orange garnets They give a boost of vigor and vitality, support the spleen and bone marrow, and cure headaches. For pregnant women, the stone gives vitality and ensures a successful birth. Lithotherapists advise pregnant women to wear a stone in the abdominal area for several hours a day a month before giving birth.

Garnet in jewelry

Since ancient times, the most beautiful jewelry has been made from garnet: beads, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, brooches and cameos. It is usually set in white metals. The best garnets for jewelry are mined in the Czech Republic – the famous Bohemian pyropes, which are famous for their special purity and unique shine. Jewelry made from them has been known since the 460th century. The National Czech Museum proudly houses such famous garnet rarities as the “Eliskin Belt”, which belonged to Queen Elizabeth, a unique and incomparable set given by the great poet Goethe to his beloved Ulrike von Levetzow. This iconic set includes a necklace, buckle, ring and earrings. A total of XNUMX unsurpassed Bohemian pyropes were inlaid into the set.

Bright, mysterious and enigmatic, pomegranate remains a favorite of stylish and confident women and girls. Among the admirers of this beautiful gem are such famous ladies as Monica Bellucci, Jaycee Jay, Kate Beckinsale, Taylor Swift, Ashley Greene, Natalie Portman.

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Pyrope translated into Russian means “like fire.” This is a stone of real passions and thrills.

Interesting facts about pyropes

There are several legends about pyrope garnet. There are several varieties of garnets, but this one is the most popular and mysterious; it has enormous power, although in monetary terms it is not an expensive type of stone.

The first mention of pyropes dates back to ancient times; even in the Bible there is a mention of this legendary stone.

During the Great Flood, the Earth was covered with water. But Noah somehow miraculously managed to guide the Ark across the endless waters day and night. He had no way to start a fire, how much flammable material would he have needed for such a long voyage? The creator of the Ark had a fiery red pyrope in which a living flame glowed. It was this gem that led him and showed him the path to salvation. It is not without reason that in ancient times, red garnet was considered the stone of sailors, a guard against unexpected storms and storms. This is an excellent talisman for people involved in water tourism.

In Ancient Greece it was believed that pyrope also contains a flame, but the flame of the Earth and volcanoes. Other sources claim that pomegranate came to Earth from heaven itself. When Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden to the cold Earth, the woman stole one of the pomegranate fruits so as not to die of hunger in an unknown place. Whether she wanted to share him with Adam remains a mystery of this legend. But when Eve cut the fruit, she saw that its kernels had turned into stone, exactly reminiscent of the seeds of a pomegranate fruit. There was no limit to people’s grief. No matter how the man and woman tried to warm the nucleoli with the warmth of their breath, they failed. But pyrope stone still contains the breath of primitive people and their thirst for life.

The magical properties of pomegranate

The stone clearly contains witchcraft power. Internal fire greatly affects the energy of the owner of the stone. Therefore, no one should wear a pomegranate all the time.

Pyrope is a stone of passion. If the owner of the mineral is “burning” with some idea, then the garnet will direct all its power to help its owner. The stone is good for businessmen who are just thinking about starting their own business and solving several problems at the same time. For athletes who go towards their goal, to victory. You can take the stone with you during training. This is one of the few minerals that does not need to touch the body of its carrier. They are able to influence the owner from a distance.

Pyrope garnet can rekindle the faded passion between spouses. Sometimes, over the years of living together, love passion subsides, husband and wife are no longer attracted to each other in bed. But if love is still alive, then pomegranate can stir up the lost desire and sexuality of life partners. It is enough just to place a decoration or product with a piece of this mineral in the bedroom.

Astrologers believe that pyrope is best suited for cold-looking Virgos. These signs of the zodiac circle do not know how or do not like to express their emotions, but sometimes it is necessary. Pyrope will be an excellent talisman for Scorpios and Aries; these representatives of the Zodiac are ruled by the red planet Mars. And the pomegranate is considered a talisman of this planet and the signs under its control. Gemini and Aquarius should avoid wearing garnets frequently. These representatives of the air element are the most emotional; they do not require additional stimulation.

The mineral pyrope is more of an evening and night stone; during the daytime it is better to wear another variety of garnet – delicate rhodolite.

Pyrope is also considered a stone of love, but this is not entirely true. He will show his strength where passion and flame rage: in love, in success, in achieving his goal. Sometimes the stone “gets used” to the owner so much that it even conveys his emotional mood. If the owner of the stone is overwhelmed by any idea, then the garnet shines and sparkles. And if you are sad and apathetic, then the stone dims and loses its shine.

Healing properties of the mineral

Any variety of pomegranate – green, red or pink – can normalize blood pressure. This is the only mineral that can reduce eye pressure in its owner. In adulthood, many people suffer from an eye disease – glaucoma. The stone will not cure the disease, but will maintain eye pressure at the same level or even reduce it slightly, which will help avoid loss of vision.

Garnet stone cures heart disease if worn in the form of beads or pendants. The only exception would be arrhythmia. If a person suffers from arrhythmia, then he should refrain from wearing a pomegranate.

But for pregnant women, pyrope will become a real amulet. Towards the end of pregnancy, some representatives of the fair sex suffer from gestosis, which causes increased blood pressure. Pomegranate has a gentle effect on the pregnant woman’s body without harming the baby.

If products with pomegranate are applied to the belly of the expectant mother once a day for 15-20 minutes, the blood flow between mother and child will improve, and the placenta will also perform its functions better.

Pyrope stone can make childbirth less painful and ease the emotional state of firstborns before this magical process – the birth of a new life.

Previously, healers and sorcerers used fire pomegranate to relieve pain and heat during inflammatory processes. But pyrope became not only a stone that relieves inflammation, but also stops bleeding, heals small wounds and cuts, and alleviates the condition of the patient with combat wounds. This is the stone of fighters, soldiers and warriors.

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