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Is it possible to wear alexandrite without a pair?

Alexandrite is a stone of dual nature. Alexandrite has always frightened and at the same time fascinated people. It is the most expensive variety of chrysoberyl, being a first-order precious stone, alexandrite is one of the most valuable minerals. The stone is capable of radically changing its color, playing with colors in the blue-green, pink and purple ranges. This property of minerals in jewelry is called the “Alexandrite optical effect.” There is an opinion that a gem is capable of changing its color depending on the mood and state of health of its owner. Gemologists explain this unique ability of alexandrite by the presence of iron and chromium in its composition. These elements determine the gem’s ability to absorb and brightly reflect the blue-green colors that are abundant in sunlight, and the red-violet colors that predominate in artificial lighting. The most valuable are transparent alexandrites. They can also be translucent. Often such specimens have a “cat’s eye” effect. These qualities refer to the clarity of the stone, not the color.

Alexandrite cost

This mineral is very rare, and owners of already mined gems are reluctant to part with them. Stones mined from deposits in countries other than the Urals are slightly cheaper. In the CIS countries, it is very difficult to purchase jewelry with natural minerals. Its cost can vary between $8-25 thousand. The price of alexandrite is calculated taking into account several criteria – the quality of processing of the mineral, its purity, color saturation. The most expensive alexandrites are stones that change color without turning brown. There are practically no gems with perfect purity. If they occur, and their size is quite large, the cost of such alexandrites is enormous. Smaller alexandrite inserts into jewelry weighing 1-3 carats are more common. The price of artificial alexandrite is about $500.

Alexandrite processing

The faceted mineral reveals a unique play of colors. It is usually processed with a diamond or fancy cut. This process requires special care – the stone is fragile, and its density is often zonal. Alexandrites are of low quality, translucent specimens, as a rule, processed as cabochons. Often this method gives gems a “cat’s eye” effect and a special appearance. Of the varieties, chrysoberyl is the most valuable and expensive. Its cost is close to the cost of the most expensive stones – diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds. The stone received such a high praise for its very rare and unique physical properties. Alexandrite is green (sometimes blue-green) in natural daylight and red in artificial light. In the past there was a legend that alexandrite stone is emerald by day and purple amethyst by night.

Alexandrite as a widow’s stone – myth and fiction

Unlucky alexandrite meaning (“widow’s stone”), appeared for some time at the beginning of the twentieth century, when the World War claimed the lives of many men, and many widows at that time wore jewelry with inexpensive artificial alexandrites. This myth does not apply to real stones (the price of which simply does not allow their mass consumption).

Natural alexandrite – how to distinguish it from a fake

The high cost of the stone, its value in the jewelry market, its rarity – all this contributes to the counterfeiting of the stone. For this purpose, artificial stones, natural minerals of lower quality, and ordinary glass are used. More than 90% of products with alexandrite today contain imitation stones. Artificially grown alexandrite can be found rarely – its production is not cheap, time-consuming and difficult. It is difficult to distinguish such an imitation with an inexperienced eye, but there are some signs of unnaturalness. Usually such stones are quite large and clean, which is not characteristic of all minerals. It is almost impossible to find such inserts in jewelry. To establish the authenticity of a stone, it is better to contact a professional gemologist. Alexandrite can also be counterfeited using spinel. Today this is the most common option (more than 90% of all fakes). There is no yellowness in its shades, whereas it is inherent in natural stone. When illuminated by fluorescent lamps, spinel produces a violet color. Natural alexandrite in such lighting plays with greenish and pinkish shades. Corundum – 95% of all “Alexandrites” sold during the USSR. It is a high-quality imitation of the mineral, regardless of whether natural or synthetic corundum is used. When illuminated by fluorescent lamps, they clearly show a yellow color. Natural alexandrite also gives off yellow, but not so richly, and plays brightly with green, blue, and red hues. Cheap glass imitations of stone are usually used for inexpensive fakes; their cost is appropriate. Such fakes give off a faded tint compared to alexandrite; they are much softer than the natural mineral, so they are easy to scratch.

Wearing alexandrite

It is believed that the natural mineral has the property of bringing loneliness into the lives of its owners if worn alone. It is recommended to wear alexandrite in combination with gold – it enhances its magical and healing properties. The stone goes well with other gems, but it is not recommended to wear it in combination with a ruby. A product with a mineral should be put on last and removed first.

Alexandrite care

Fragile alexandrite requires careful treatment. It should be stored separately from other jewelry. The place where it is stored should be dark and cool. It should be protected from the aggressive effects of any chemicals or products containing them. It is recommended to wash jewelry with it in a solution of dishwashing liquid. First you need to dip it in the solution for a quarter of an hour, then wipe it with a napkin or soft, smooth cloth.

The magical properties of alexandrite

Alexandrite is considered a symbol of falling in love, inconstancy in love and jealousy, as well as the fickleness and unpredictability of our destiny. It enhances the ability to foresee the future. The properties of the alexandrite talisman are important for people who are harmed by changes in life or who need to harmonize their condition and their life, at least for a while to achieve constancy in it. It gives people peace of mind, balance between mind and emotions, and prevents stress and nervous breakdowns. This stone also improves its owner’s relationships with people around him. In the east, the meaning of alexandrite is, first of all, prosperity, success and luck, and longevity. Therefore, it is especially recommended to wear jewelry with alexandrites to unlucky people, those who are haunted by troubles. The healing properties of the stone are explained by its double color. It is believed that the two colors symbolize two types of blood – venous and arterial, and therefore the stone itself can have a beneficial effect on the body’s circulatory system, help hematopoiesis and purify the blood, strengthening blood vessels. Alexandrite also calms the nerves, generally affecting the nervous system, helps treat diseases of the spleen and pancreas, and protects its owner from addiction to alcohol. Inspiring routes, unusual recipes, reviews of devices, sports news, make-up tutorials, analysis of scientific theories, recommendations for choosing a car, reviews of exhibitions – in Zen you can write texts and shoot videos on any topic! And smart algorithms will always help you find an audience that will be interested. Join the Zen writing community and unleash your creative potential to the fullest. Create a channel Timur Sidelnikov Elena Yulkina Minaev LIVE Lissa Avemi Pasha I DO NOT FALL

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