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Is it possible to wear jewelry in the shape of a cross?

Is it possible to wear a cross as decoration:
1) cross with crucifix and “Save and Preserve”
2) a cross without a crucifix and “Save and Preserve”
3) Celtic cross
4) ankh
and any other cross? Please, point by point. Especially, please respond to point 1.
In advance, thank you all. Added 14 years ago
Religion: Orthodox faith
Added 14 years ago
The best answer For an Orthodox person, a pectoral cross is a shrine. He values ​​it very much.
And he wears it not for decoration, but as an image of the Cross of the Lord.
Conscious wearing of a cross on the body is a wordless prayer that allows this cross to demonstrate the true power of the Archetype – the Cross of Christ, which always protects the wearer, even if he does not ask for help or does not have the opportunity to cross himself. nwMaster (1333) 14 years ago lu mai, I understand that. And I agree with you on everything. However, I wear my pectoral cross without taking it off. And I just really liked this silver cross. I’d like to wear it. That’s why I ask. After all, I wear a bodysuit. And then, the silver cross, which was not purchased in the temple, is not illuminated. I’m worried. Lu Mai Artificial Intelligence (137376) Don’t worry – consecrate it and wear it.
Artyom IgnatenkovStudent (107) 6 years ago
thank you very much for this
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nwMaster (1333) 14 years ago And a cross with a crucifix and “Save and Preserve” can also be worn as decoration?
Is this not bad for an Orthodox person? King KatiaThinker (6160) 14 years ago
if for decoration, then you can, and if you are also Orthodox, then you even need to :-)) nw Master (1333) Does it need to be illuminated or not? One believer I know said that wearing a cross with a crucifix for an Orthodox person is blasphemy. It sunk into my soul, I’m scared to put it on, but I want to. It’s not for nothing that at one time you had to go through so many jewelry stores to find a suitable cross and a corresponding chain for it. And for some reason it’s scary to go to church with this question 🙁 King KatiaThinker (6160) 14 years ago really! what blasphemy! don’t listen to your “believer” friend. Personally, I don’t see anything that isn’t blasphemous, but unfortunately, I don’t see anything glorifying the name of G-d either. Your life and your actions are more important to the Almighty than your jewelry. You can attach anything. Without faith and real deeds, you will get nothing from it. Once the decoration. I have a clear disgust for people who wear crosses with a crucifix, (this is death) gold, and in plain sight, of impressive size. and are these believers? even though he doesn’t even come out of church, it’s a shame and disgrace on the whole emergence of history and the Bible
I don’t recognize gold; a lot of blood has been shed because of it. this is not fair to the faith, and people have distorted it even more if you close your eyes to the history of the emergence of churches and everything that comes from I’ve met the ankh in many people, there’s nothing special hidden in it, everyone interprets it in their own way, or maybe it’s a sign of eternal life. for me it’s just the feminine and masculine principles, without taking off the burden, it’s as if I was baptized with it.
Celtic ones seem to depend on faith, but they are also common without any special intention nwMaster (1333) 14 years ago My cross is silver. And not of impressive size, but quite ordinary. There is a pectoral one that was used for baptism. And I just really liked this cross. 404 Guru (2778) and I’m not speaking specifically for you, respect to you for observing special measures. What kind of cross is this, an ordinary Orthodox one? I think it’s possible, but what would be the point?
nwMaster (1333) 14 years ago There is a silver cross, as if it had been purchased for a christening. The pectoral cross with which one was baptized. I wear it without taking it off. And I just liked this one. It has a crucifix, hence the dilemma: can it be worn outside or not. In addition to all this, it is not illuminated by the church. Tatiana . Thinker (9514) Yes, it seems to me that the kdf of the cross is too much. In general, it’s better to ask the priest, he will give you a better answer. it is possible, they do so.
after all, whoever has God in his heart does not need a cross.
Tatiana .Thinker (9514) 14 years ago
Indeed, you are right about something! Everyone carries their own cross throughout life and it decorates them. But unfortunately, now they wear crosses for decoration. Any cross is first and foremost a cross. At least Celtic: the vast majority of church orders (award) in Orthodoxy have an image of a Celtic cross on them. But to wear it as a decoration without faith is disrespect for the feat of Christ. In principle, you can open beer with it and not stuff it somewhere, but: first of all, it is a symbol, a sign, and not a decoration.
Third-party example: tattoos and tattoos. Do you think there is no difference? A tattoo is an innocent (conditionally) decoration, and a tattoo is a symbol that carries information. It is not for nothing that the Bible says: Do not make any cuts in your flesh or write marks on yourself.
Because of a design that is innocent to the uninitiated, you can change your sexual orientation regardless of your desire, or even lose your life.
So, for the sake of jewelry, I highly recommend choosing jewelry products that are not inherently symbols of anything, or knowing everything about them before using them for their intended purpose. You will be healthier. Otherwise the Lord will punish you. And it’s good if only He.
Summary: it is possible. But whether it is necessary is up to you to decide. Dmitry AndreevichSage (12223) 14 years ago Each of the points is tied to a CROSS. I answered about the cross = about any cross. Consider my answer as an answer to point 1.
Amen. Why – there are a lot of other things for decoration.
The cross is the greatest Christian shrine, a visible evidence of our redemption.
In the service for the Feast of the Exaltation, the Church glorifies the tree of the Cross of the Lord with many praises: “The Cross is the guardian of the entire universe, the beauty of the Church, the power of kings, the affirmation of the faithful, the glory of angels and the plague of demons.”
A pectoral cross is given to a baptized person who becomes a Christian and is constantly worn in the most important place (near the heart) as an image of the Cross of the Lord, an external sign of an Orthodox Christian. This is also done as a reminder that the Cross of Christ is a weapon against fallen spirits, having the power to heal and give life. That is why the Cross of the Lord is called Life-Giving!
He is evidence that a person is a Christian (a follower of Christ and a member of His Church). That is why it is a sin for those who wear a cross for fashion without being a member of the Church. Consciously wearing a cross on the body is a wordless prayer, allowing this cross to demonstrate the true power of the Archetype – the Cross of Christ, which always protects the wearer, even if he does not ask for help, or does not have the opportunity to cross himself.
When performing the sacrament of Baptism, the priest puts a cross on the baby, which from that moment becomes the inseparable companion of the new member of the Church. It is not customary to remove a cross when bathing or changing clothes (in the old days there were even wooden crosses in the baths, which were worn in the steam room instead of their own). Unfortunately, there are also “knowledgeable” advisers: nurses, neighbors, friends who authoritatively convince the mother to remove the cross from the child: they say he is still small, he will get tangled in the ribbon, he will chafe the skin, etc. nwMaster (1333) 14 years ago That is why it is a sin for those who wear a cross for fashion without being a member of the Church. The revival of Christian religious traditions in modern society can only be welcomed – this is a step towards understanding the culture of ancestors (even if not the most distant) and spirituality, which is now in short supply. However, for a long time, religiosity was not welcomed in our country, which is why people have many questions regarding Christian laws and confessional symbols. One of them is whether it is necessary for a believer to wear a cross and how to do it correctly. Yes, wearing a cross around your neck is a sign of a person’s membership in the Christian church. Some particularly zealous guardians of religious dogmas consider the absence of a cross on the chest of a fellow believer almost a mortal sin. However, even clergy are not so categorical on this issue.

Is it necessary for baptized people to wear a cross around their neck?

True Christians wear a cross as a sign of belonging to the corresponding religion. By this they demonstrate admiration for Christ, who accepted martyrdom for his own convictions and thereby atoned for human sins.

Contrary to popular superstition, a pectoral cross is not an amulet or a talisman. It has nothing to do with mysticism. However, it is a symbol of faith, endowed with the grace of God and therefore capable of providing protection to a sincere believer.

A person receives the first cross in his life during the baptismal ceremony. After this, you are supposed to wear it constantly. It is believed that such a person is endowed with the mercy of God, strengthened in faith, and receives protection from sinful temptations and life’s adversities. According to church dogmas, you need to wear a cross secretly, on your chest under your clothes. However, some people choose to wear a cross on their arm, in their ear, and sometimes on their navel as a piercing decoration. The Christian Church has a negative attitude towards such liberties: if a person considers himself to be a member of the corresponding religion, then he must comply with some canonical codes. And if not, then the cross is just a decoration, and you can wear it either in the nose or in the nipple – the essence will not change. Opponents object: according to the same dogmas, faith is inside a person, in his soul, and the cross is just its material symbol. And what difference does it make where it will be located? But on the other hand, Orthodoxy welcomes modesty as one of the virtues. A cross on a bracelet or prayer beads on the hand is all right, but in the navel or even more intimate place – this is already blasphemy. Another common superstition: changing a pectoral cross for another is strictly prohibited. Yes, human rumor gives the first baptismal cross the greatest power, but the clergy are not so categorical on this issue. If a person has lost or given his cross to another person, it is not forbidden to purchase a new one: it must be consecrated in the church and can be worn with the same success. Even if you want to replace a simple symbol of faith with a luxurious gold crucifix with diamonds, the church will not have anything against it. Just don’t forget to bless your purchase! A person stopped wearing a cross – is it scary? Yes, this is not very good for a Christian, but if he still believes in God and is not going to change his religious affiliation, there is nothing wrong with that – faith is within!

The tradition of constantly wearing a cross to a baptized person did not appear immediately. The first Christians even considered the cross a pagan symbol. This custom was born only in the 4th century, when several centuries had passed since the execution and resurrection of Christ.

Is it possible for an unbaptized person to wear a cross?

In light of the above, the question arises: is it possible for an unbaptized person to wear a cross. We answer: it is possible, but with some reservations. Unbaptized people, generally far from the Christian religion, probably don’t care what the crucifixion symbolizes – for them it’s just a decoration. True, the church has a negative attitude towards this, especially if the crosses are consecrated. By the way, there are decorative crosses that are not blessed in churches – they can be worn without fear. However, priests recommend that non-Christians refrain from such decorations – there are many alternative options that do not offend the feelings of believers or mislead them. But if a person has felt the light of the Christian faith within himself, but for some reason has not yet accepted the Sacrament of Baptism, he can wear a pectoral cross. Only the most orthodox clergy can object to this, but they are becoming fewer and fewer. Opinions also differ as to whether an unbaptized child is allowed to wear a cross. Technically, you can wear it, but how will it help a baby who is just beginning to learn about the world and has no idea about any religions? So in this case, it is better to wait until the baby goes through the sacrament of baptism, and only then “decorate” him with the symbol of faith.

Even baptized children of tender age do not always wear a cross for safety reasons. You can hang it above the crib, but it is better if the mother (baptized, of course) wears it along with her own.

How to wear a cross correctly

Let’s look at the basic rules for wearing crosses and at the same time dispel some myths that exist among not very enlightened adherents of Orthodoxy:

  • If the cross turns over on its back, the person sins a lot. A misconception that does not stand up to criticism: perhaps it has to do with clothing, incorrect selection of a chain or gaitan, or simply high physical activity of the wearer.
  • It is a sin to wear two crosses at the same time. And again we have a myth! You can wear at least five crucifixes at the same time – there will be no harm from this, however, there will be no benefit either. Faith is within and does not depend on the number of crosses.
  • It is correct to wear a pectoral cross around your neck exclusively on a gaitan cord. Church rules do not contain any instructions in this regard, so using the chain for this purpose is not prohibited. True, it is better for a baby to wear a cross on the gaitan, but only because it is more convenient and safer.
  • It is correct to wear a wooden cross or a symbol made of simple metal – allegedly, gold and silver is unacceptable for a true Christian. This is not true: just look at the luxurious crosses of the clergy.
  • You can wear an icon instead of a cross. The small image is an appeal to the guardian angel or Jesus Christ. Wearing it is encouraged, but the icon does not replace the pectoral cross.
  • It is allowed to wear a cross on a pin as a remedy for the evil eye. There is generally a confusion of concepts here. The evil eye is a pagan concept that is denied by the Christian Church. And wearing a pin as a remedy for the evil eye is equivalent to idolatry.
  • You can wear a gold cross with other pendants. It is better to refrain from this: a symbol of faith is worthy of a separate cord or chain, its proximity to worldly jewelry, and even more so, pagan symbols, is extremely unwelcome.

A man or woman of a conscious age should understand that a cross is not just a decoration. And the symbol of faith should be worn with a sense of reverence for the sacrificial deed of Christ.

Is it possible to rent at night?

According to the canon, the symbol of faith must be worn at all times. However, if you experience some discomfort, you can remove the cross at night – God will definitely not be angry with you from this act.

You can also remove the cross when you wash, especially since water and care products can have a negative effect on metal, and they are definitely detrimental to wood. You can remove the cross during training, visiting the bathhouse and swimming pool, on the beach: we do not so orthodoxly follow church dogmas that we do not allow ourselves minor liberties. The main thing is the feelings that the believer experiences: if without the cross he is deprived of some kind of internal support, it is better not to remove the cross.

Is it possible to enter church without a cross?

As mentioned above, Orthodox Christians wear the cross constantly, but people who do not adhere to all religious dogmas are allowed to remove it.

However, when visiting church, it is advisable to wear a cross. He will not be seen under his clothes and will not be scolded for his absence, but it is better to demonstrate respect for his own religion. It is especially important to wear a cross at communion, weddings, confession – in a word, at church ceremonies.

Why should a cross be hidden under clothes?

It is believed that wearing a cross over clothing is prohibited: this is allowed only to Orthodox priests, and even then in order to simplify the rituals. The custom of hiding a cross has deep roots. It is believed that one should not show a cross because non-believers may mock the shrine, which is unacceptable for a true Christian.

On the other hand, one should not wear a cross in plain sight because this shows a certain pride, especially if the symbol of faith is made of gold and studded with precious stones. You need to prove your piety through deeds and actions, and not through an external demonstration of your own religiosity.

Vladimir Yasno Solnyshko, who baptized the Russians, put crosses on them right on top of their clothes. But if you consider that Rus’ was baptized “with fire and sword,” mainly for political reasons, and no one asked people’s opinions, it is hardly worth focusing on this example.

What should the chain be?

Finally, let’s dispel another myth regarding the fact that the chain must be of a certain length, otherwise it is a sin. Yes, it is desirable that the symbol of faith be located in the chest area and hidden under clothing, however, this is not a dogma. The main thing is that you feel comfortable, and everything else is particularities and superstitions, which a true Christian should not believe in!

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