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Is it possible to wear sapphire and emerald together?

An old Persian legend says that noble stones are the creations of Satan, who, noticing that Eve was admiring the colorful flowers growing in the Gardens of Eden, gave the minerals magnificent colors in order to arouse greed and temptations in human hearts.EMERALD
There is no color that is more pleasing to the eye than emerald.Emerald is a 1st class gemstone. Its dark green varieties are valued higher than diamond. The main criterion for the quality of an emerald is its color, and only then its transparency. Natural emeralds almost always have cracks, splits and inclusions. It is such inclusions, the smallest defects that confirm the natural origin of the stone.The world’s largest emerald measuring 14×35 cm and weighing 24000 carats was found in 1956. at the Somerset mine in South Africa. Unfortunately, it has not been preserved, because. was cut into several pieces and processed. Fine examples of emeralds decorate the scepter, orb and cap of the imperial outfit, as well as the frame of the icon of the Vladimir Mother of God, kept in the Armory Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin. The Diamond Fund in Moscow houses the famous “Emerald Table” – a diamond brooch with a square green emerald weighing 136,25 carats.There are many myths and legends associated with this stone in different parts of the world. The Greeks called emerald the “Stone of Radiance.” In Rus’ it was revered as a stone of wisdom, composure and hope. In India, it was considered the best gift for newlyweds, as it strengthens the feelings of the spouses and preserves the atmosphere of young love between them.Catholics have a belief that when he was cast into hell, Satan lost an emerald from his crown. The talented craftsmen of the Queen of Sheba found it and carved a precious bowl from this huge stone. This vessel, which later became known as the Holy Grail, was used by Christ during the Last Supper. Then Joseph of Arimathea collected the blood of the crucified Jesus into this cup, after which it acquired miraculous power. In Ancient Rome, there is also a story related to emerald. Legend has it that Emperor Nero had a special large emerald crystal, polished into the shape of a convex lens, through which he watched gladiator fights.Emerald is considered to be a talisman for nursing mothers and travelers. Emerald is especially suitable for representatives of three zodiac signs: Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Anyone who wears an emerald is freed from melancholy and insomnia. The emerald must be set in gold, which will save its owner from the evil eye and various dangers. When an emerald is given to a beloved woman, it becomes her amulet and awakens love for the one who gave it. It is believed that an emerald should be worn on the little finger, then its healing properties are more clearly manifested.SAPPHIREThe sky is one big sapphire surrounding our Earth, they used to believe.Sapphire is one of the four most expensive stones in the world. Jewelry with sapphires was worn on the chest by the priests of Ancient Egypt and the high priests of Judea; The seal of King Solomon was carved from sapphire. Muslims believed that our world was surrounded by a chain of sapphire mountains that gave a blue reflection, which is why blue sapphires began to be called “splashes of the sky.”Contrary to popular belief, sapphires are not only blue. The color of the gem can be yellow, pink, green, orange and purple, almost any shade except red. Sapphires of these unconventional colors are called “fancy.” The most preferred color of sapphire is an intense, rich blue. For specialists and connoisseurs, the most beautiful and most valuable color is cornflower blue.Sapphire is capable of exhibiting asterism – star formation. Three rays intersecting in it with a bright point in the middle were associated in the old days with the three greatest forces, engines and root causes of life: Faith, Hope, Love.Sapphires are mined in various parts of the world; they are found in Russia, Australia, and Africa. However, the most famous place for finding blue gems has long been the island of Ceylon – the “island of gems”.The world’s most famous sapphire now sits in the center of the large cross atop Queen Victoria’s Grand State Crown. According to legend, the English king Edward the Confessor, who wore this sapphire in a ring, gave it to a beggar, since the king had already given away all the money he had in alms. Many years later, two pilgrims from the Holy Land returned the ring to the king. They told him that they had met this strange beggar in Jerusalem, and that in fact he was Saint John. He told them that he had been wandering the earth for a long time in the guise of a beggar, and that one day the king gave him this ring. Saint John blessed the king for his generosity, and promised that they would soon meet in paradise. In 1066, the king died and was buried with a sapphire ring. Two hundred years later his coffin was opened, but the body of Edward the Confessor was found perfectly preserved. Members of Westminster Abbey removed the ring from the king’s hand and handed it over to the royal treasury. The St Edward’s sapphire has been part of the Crown Jewels ever since.Boris Godunov, known as a great lover of gems, believed that of all known precious stones, only sapphire has a special mysterious power and the largest list of useful properties.Sapphire is capable of granting its owner secret power over other people, but only helps strong people. This is a stone of peace of mind and trust, a stone of virtue that protects against excess, a stone of inner harmony.Colored sapphires should be worn by people born under the sign of Aquarius, as well as Virgo and Libra.RUBIN“It’s brighter than Bagheera’s eyes,” said Mowgli, turning the ruby ​​with admiration.“Many people would kill three times a night for this one red stone,” Kaa noted.The most valuable property of ruby ​​is its rich scarlet color, which is sometimes called “pigeon blood”. The shades of this stone can vary from deep pink to deep red and fiery crimson.Almost all continents have ruby ​​deposits, only Antarctica does not have them. The main exporting countries of this gemstone are: Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, Kenya, Tajikistan. Asian rubies are the most prized.Ruby is truly a royal stone. Numerous rubies adorn royal and royal regalia and jewelry from many countries around the world, for example, the “Ruby Burmese Tiara” from the personal collection of Queen Elizabeth II. The tiara was made in 1973 by court jewelers Garrard & Co, commissioned by the queen herself. Rubies in a tiara are a wedding gift from the Burmese people, which is why the tiara has this name. In Burma, they believe that rubies save a person from illness and misfortune. The number of rubies corresponded to the number of diseases that the Burmese believed had an impact on the human body.The first information about rubies dates back to the 4th century BC and is found in Indian and Burmese chronicles. The rulers of Burma held many titles, one of them was the title “Lord of Rubies”. When the king was informed that a wonderful stone had been found, he sent a delegation accompanied by warriors on elephants to fetch it. They were to preserve the huge ruby ​​and bring it to the royal palace with all due honors.The most famous connoisseurs and collectors of rubies were Cleopatra, Messalina, Maria Stuart, Cardinal Richelieu, Maria de Medici.The largest ruby ​​mined weighed 167 carats. It received its own name – “Edward’s ruby”, in honor of the English king who reigned on the throne at that time.In ancient times, rubies were credited with various healing properties: to stop bleeding, preserve memory, give vigor and joy, and courage. Ruby patronizes people born under the sign of Leo. He makes Leo women attractive and attracts love to them. For Leo men, the stone helps to cope with self-doubt, gives courage, and helps to correctly assess the current situation.Methods for determining the authenticity of a ruby:– If you place a ruby ​​in a glass vessel, a reddish color will emanate from it. If a ruby ​​is placed in a glass of cow’s milk, the milk will take on a pinkish color, whereas it is usually yellowish in color;– The ruby ​​appears dark red when viewed from one angle and pale when viewed from the reverse side;– A crack in a real ruby ​​will not shine. It will have a zigzag shape, whereas a crack in an imitation ruby ​​will be straight, clearly visible and shining;– A fake ruby ​​turns orange when placed under an ultraviolet lamp.TOPAZThe angelic radiance of this gem creates a feeling of harmony and peace, evoking associations with eternity and a cloudlessly clear sky, beckoning into its boundless distances, where the gates of heaven open.Blue topaz is a surprisingly delicate stone, but whimsical, and sometimes even frighteningly beautiful; it exudes something unearthly and magical.According to one version, the origin of the name of this stone is shrouded in fog. According to it, topaz was found on the island of Topazios in the Red Sea, not far from Ethiopia. The island was completely covered by an ominous fog, and only the desperate daredevils who decided to visit the island received a sparkling reward. Translated from Greek, topaz means “search.” It is not surprising that its origin is associated with a foggy island, because the gem really does not like bright sunlight – it loses its color.The color of topaz is varied: from wine yellow to blue, pink, golden, orange and reddish-orange (rare). More often – colorless.Blue topaz is an amazingly beautiful stone, reminiscent of clear, frozen water. It is believed that blue topaz brings to light a person who is telling a lie, as if it highlights it, reveals it, makes it obvious and transparent – for this reason, blue topaz in ancient times was an indispensable accessory of any criminologist.Topazes have been known to mankind since ancient times; The most ancient products made from topaz are blade plates used in everyday life and ritual rituals. They were found during excavations at a site of primitive people in the Urals.Nature has endowed topazes with the ability to grow very well! The largest officially registered topaz in the world is called “Eldorado Topaz”, stored in Brazil and weighs 31000 carats!During the XVIII – XIV centuries. and until the mid-twentieth century, the largest number of topaz finds was recorded in the Urals, in the Ilmensky Mineralogical Reserve. In Rus’, topazes have long been loved by jewelers. They became decorations for gospels and icon frames; after the discovery of deposits in the Urals, they began to be inserted into rings, tiaras, and fancy stone flowers were made, which the first beauties at court boasted about.In the ancient world, topaz was a symbol of the zodiac sign Scorpio. It was believed that wearing this stone makes its owners honest, decent and generous. According to the Bible, topaz is one of the 12 biblical stones with which the linen bag (“confidant”) of the High Priest was decorated when he worshiped Jehovah.Blue topaz is best suited for those born under the signs of Leo and Sagittarius, as well as for all those born in November. Blue topazes are best combined with yellow metals in the form of inserts in rings, bracelets, and pendants. When combined with other gems, topaz does not lose its healing properties.Topaz is a universal stone, it is very beautiful, but at the same time it does not require you to wear an evening outfit like a diamond, and will suit any of your outfits, regardless of its style and color. Topaz is good to wear on the eve of and during an important meeting where your fate is being decided.Owners are advised to wear it on the index finger of the right hand, preferably in a gold ring, pendant or braceletCITRINECitrine is considered the birthstone of November. These yellow stones have a mellow, warm tone that seems to reflect the final heat of autumn.Citrine is a golden variety of quartz. The name of the citrine stone comes from the Latin. citrus – lemon yellow.The color of citrine varies from light lemon to amber-honey. This magnificent stone is widely used in jewelry. It is cut into all sorts of shapes, extracting all its potential and beauty.Citrine is a third-order gemstone, therefore it is considered not expensive in comparison with other stones. However, today good citrine jewelry is becoming increasingly difficult to find.At first it was sincerely considered topaz. Only in the middle of the 18th century did the researcher Valerius identify the golden variety of quartz as a separate species – and this was not easy, because topaz and citrine are often completely indistinguishable in appearance, and the difference lies only in hardness, density and weight, which are large in topaz.Citrine has been found in Spain, on the Scottish island of Arran, as well as in France and Hungary. Citrine crystals are rare in nature. Therefore, back in the Middle Ages, imitation citrine was obtained artificially by heating amethyst crystals. These crystals differ from real citrines in being slightly more durable and less bright. The world record for real citrine belongs to a crystal weighing 2258 carats.Today, the main deposits of citrine are Brazil (Bahia, Goias, Minas Gerais), Madagascar, USA, Spain, France, Scotland, the Urals and Kazakhstan.When purchasing citrine jewelry, you need to know the following: citrine has dichroism, i.e. changes hue depending on the viewing angle. When turning the stone from side to side, you should observe how the hue and saturation of the tone of natural citrine changes. It is believed that it is capable of bringing success in financial matters. Men are recommended to wear a citrine ring on their little finger.They made all sorts of things out of citrines in Tsarist Russia – jewelry for high-society fashionistas, and carved seals set in gold, which were used to seal letters in the 19th century. In South America, amulets were made from citrines to protect their owners from the bites of poisonous snakes; in Europe it acquired a strange reputation as a talisman for swindlers, and rings with it were worn by sharpers, thieves and professional gamblers. But in Ancient Rome, citrine jewelry was worn by the most respected people – orators and philosophers.This gemstone would be ideal as a gift for the 17th year of marriage.Citrine patronizes people born under the sign of Gemini. They are united by a common planet – Mercury. For Gemini, who is active and always looking for something new, citrine serves as an excellent talisman for travel, travel, and also in matters related to obtaining information. For Gemini women, citrine jewelry helps develop intuition; for Gemini men – bring good luck in financial matters.

  • To ensure that jewelry with gems brings only benefits to the owner and delights with its beauty, it is worth paying attention to the energy and color compatibility of the minerals. Properly selected stones are always in harmony and look perfect next to each other, while at the same time, those that do not suit each other can not only spoil the image, but also negatively affect its carrier. Emerald is not a picky crystal, so it goes well with many minerals. But in order to choose the right combination, it is necessary to take into account all the features of the nugget, its energy and compatibility with the signs of the zodiac.

    Popular combinations of stones by color

    The easiest way is to select stones based on color. The decoration will look harmonious only if the shades of the crystals in it complement each other

    Emerald comes in different colors:

    1. Green – the most common variety of beryl. Its colors range from grassy to rich cool colors. Green emerald goes well with any crystals except red ruby.
    2. Black beryl considered unpretentious. It harmonizes perfectly with pearls and onyx.
    3. Pink. It is recommended to complement this delicately colored precious gem with blue, yellow, indigo and violet stones. Lucky “neighbors”: amethyst, topaz, citrine,lapis lazuli, sapphire.
    4. Red – the rarest variety. The crystal of a rich shade acts as a bright accent in the decoration. Therefore, he does not tolerate proximity to specimens of flashy colors. The best option is a combination with neutral options – diamonds, cubic zirconias, rock crystal.

    Sometimes combining emerald jewelry with other gems is not allowed. For example, an abundance of flashy shades is not acceptable for office outfit. In this case, it is recommended to refrain from experimenting with the image.

    Astrological compatibility of emerald with other stones

    When combining an emerald product with other crystals, it is important to pay attention not only to the color scheme. Stones are also grouped by energy and properties. It is believed that gems of the same element enhance each other’s effects. Emerald is an “airy” mineral. It harmonizes perfectly with rock crystal, peridot, topaz, lapis lazuli, sapphire and amazonite.

    A combination of nuggets whose elements are in harmony is also allowed. An “air” stone can be safely worn with a “fire” stone. Good options: ruby, almandine, garnet, rhodolite, tiger eye and diamond.

    How to select minerals by zodiac sign

    Despite the fact that emerald belongs to the air element, it is suitable for representatives of Earth, Water and Fire

    Depending on the zodiac sign, the following combinations of gems with emerald are allowed:

    1. Taurus – agate, malachite, coral, quartz, turquoise.
    2. Gemini – moonstone, amber, hematite, jasper.
    3. Cancer – jade, tourmaline, charoite, citrine.
    4. Virgo – cat’s eye, carnelian, garnet pearls.
    5. Scales – amethyst, diamond, olivine, opal, serpentine.
    6. Sagittarius – onyx, sapphire, flint.
    7. Aquarius – chrysoprase, aquamarine, obsidian.

    The presented crystals in tandem have a positive effect on the wearer. Their combination will improve health, bring success in business, protect against negative energy and help improve relationships with people.

    Emerald is a precious nugget that harmonizes with many stones. When selecting the best combination, it is recommended to pay attention to both the visual combination and the energetic compatibility of the minerals.

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