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Is it possible to wear sapphire with diamonds?

Sapphires are highly coveted gemstones, prized for their intense deep blue hue. This stone is a variety of the mineral corundum. While blue specimens are the most popular, sapphires can be found in all colors except red. Jewelry with sapphire conveys its stunning and endless beauty.

Sapphire: cheaper than diamond, but no less beautiful.

Sapphire is the official birthstone for the September zodiac sign. Made popular by Princess Diana and her stunning blue sapphire engagement ring, this vibrant stone remains a preferred gemstone for professional and casual collectors alike. However, the desire to own a sapphire ring is not limited to those born in September or getting engaged in the near future. Second only to diamonds in terms of durability, sapphires are ideal for rings and bracelets as they can withstand everyday wear. Sapphires are more affordable than diamonds, and a sapphire ring exudes unparalleled sophistication.

Sapphire and versatility.

A sapphire ring is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry that can be worn regardless of the event, outfit or manicure color. Just as classic blue clothes pair gracefully with most other colors, blue sapphire can be worn with almost any color in your wardrobe. Sapphires have a superior rating on the hardness scale, second only to diamonds. The gemstone is resistant to chips, scratches and cracks. In addition, it resists heat, light and chemicals very well. These factors make it ideal for everyday wear without any damaging effects.

Sapphire and styles.

There is no shortage of styles to choose from. The setting can be made of yellow gold, white gold or platinum. The shape of the stone can be round, oval, pear-shaped, square or oblong; and the size ranges from large to small. The more facets there are in a stone, the more shiny it will be. The stone can be set alone or in combination with other stones, and the jewelry can contain one sapphire or several. The choice should reflect your personal taste and style. If your style is more daring, you’ll love the large sapphire at the center of the dazzling, rich setting. There are no set rules – it all depends on what you like.

How to care for sapphire?

  • Make sure there are no added moisturizers or abrasives in the soap as these may leave a residue on the stone.
  • Gently swirl the jewelry in the soapy water and let it soak for 10-20 minutes, depending on how dirty it is.
  • If necessary, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as under a stone or around a frame.
  • Rinse with warm water and dry with a dry soft cotton cloth. If the stone still looks cloudy, you can repeat the process, replacing the soap solution with an ammonia or vodka solution.
  • If you do decide to use a jewelry cleaner, make sure it is safe to use on sapphires and most other popular gemstones, as well as most metals used in jewelry.


Keep your sapphire pieces separate from other jewelry as they can easily scratch other stones and metals, or can be scratched themselves by any diamonds in your collection.

You can use small separate jewelry bags.

A jewelry box with separate compartments is also recommended for better organization and protection.

Proper storage will go a long way in keeping your items in good condition between cleanings.

Sapphire is considered one of the most popular stones in the world. There are legends about its beauty and magical properties. The gem is also called the “royal stone/stone of kings.” Since ancient times, people in power have loved sapphire for its strong “character” and powerful energy. Centuries passed, and the love for the gem only grew stronger. Jewelry with sapphire is timeless and fashionable: it is always a welcome gift.

The magnificent gem was Princess Diana’s favorite. A sapphire, surrounded by a scattering of diamonds, was featured on Lady Di’s engagement ring. Now this most famous jewelry in the world is worn by Kate Middleton. Naturally, almost every girl dreams of such an accessory. And the dream may well become a reality: today jewelry with sapphires is available not only to representatives of royal dynasties. But will everyone be able to “make friends” with a gem? Can a stone affect the life of its owner? How to wear jewelry with precious inserts correctly? Before purchasing a product, you should learn as much as possible about the “royal stone” in order to fall in love with it once and for all or understand that you need to continue the search for your ideal gem.

Getting to know the stone

Sapphire is a mineral from the corundum family. The richest deposits are located in Asia, Australia, India, and the USA. The properties and chemical composition of the stone resemble those of ruby. In terms of hardness, sapphire is second only to diamond.

Mineralogists originally called dark blue corundum “the stone of kings.” However, nature did not skimp on colors for sapphire: the color of the stone can be very different. The fantasy shades are impressive: the whole range of blue, green, yellow, there are pink stones, orange, colorless and even black. All sapphires have the same chemical formula, but different impurities are responsible for the riot of colors.

Kashmir sapphires are considered to be the standard. Among other corundums, they are the most valuable. The blue-cornflower blue color of the stones amazes with its richness. If you look closely at the gem, you can clearly see the structure of the mineral. Although the stone is not very transparent, the parallel layers that form the crystal are clearly visible from a certain angle. Under different lighting conditions, Kashmir sapphires do not change their hue: they are always a bright blue-cornflower blue. The rich color of the stones is provided by iron and titanium, which combine in the molecular structure of the mineral.

The rarest specimens are star sapphires. Due to the large number of impurities, titanium crystals accumulate in the stone. They are shaped like a needle. Usually there are several “needles”, and they are arranged in such a way that they create a star with six rays. In nature, there are blue, purple, green stones with a star effect. However, asterism is most often seen on blue minerals.

Magical and healing properties

Products with sapphire have powerful energy and serve as the strongest amulets. It is not for nothing that in ancient times this stone was chosen by royalty and priests. The corundum mineral is a symbol of wisdom, spirituality, and justice. It is believed that the stone helps curb passions and forces one to make decisions with the mind, and not guided by emotions.

A person wearing jewelry with a “royal” gem gets sick less. There is an opinion that corundum:

  • relieves insomnia;
  • helps improve heart function;
  • solves vision problems;
  • copes with diseases of the respiratory system.

Sapphire has a calm energy, so it should be worn by those whose lives are filled with stress. The stone will help people prone to hysterics to remain calm. In ancient times, they believed that sapphire could save you from poisoning. The cups of nobles were inlaid with stones. If the mineral changes color, it means there is poison in the cup.

Colour matters

The magical and healing properties of the stone largely depend on its color. It is recommended to choose the shade of corundum to suit yourself: taking into account your desires, health, and internal state. What to expect from minerals of different colors? The meaning of stones in the most popular shades is presented below:

  • Blue. A stone of the standard color is considered a symbol of fidelity and purity. It is often used in engagement rings (think Lady Diana’s ring). Blue sapphire protects family people from betrayal, slander, and quarrels. Corundum of this color helps to preserve love forever. The stone patronizes those who seek to gain knowledge. The “cosmic” mineral helps get rid of headaches, heart problems, and improves vision.
  • Yellow. “Solar” corundum is a powerful amulet. It is able to protect its owner from damage, “evil eyes,” and slander. The yellow-tinged mineral makes a person self-confident. Thanks to him, anxiety and fear go away, depression recedes, and nervous breakdowns no longer occur. Jewelry with such a strong stone cannot be worn constantly: “bringing” the product to light several times a week will be enough. If a yellow sapphire is defective or obtained dishonestly, then its positive energy is transformed into negative. Stolen jewelry with yellow sapphire, like jewelry with a cracked stone, can harm the owner.

  • Pink. Those who wear pink sapphire jewelry need to learn to think positively. A stone of a beautiful, but rarely found color, “hears” desires and “reads” the thoughts of the owner, and hurries to materialize them. If you charge yourself with a positive attitude, then the stone will have a lot of benefits. And vice versa: evil thoughts will turn a stone against a person.
  • Green. A mineral of this shade is recommended to be worn by those with poor eyesight. In addition to visual acuity, it also restores sound sleep. Corundum makes a person attentive, endows him with compassion and kindness.
  • The black. A stone of an unusual color has magical powers. This is a powerful amulet against evil spirits. Jewelry with a black mineral should be purchased by a person who has many ill-wishers: the stone reliably protects against enemy machinations. Black sapphire restores the joy of life and good spirits, relieves even prolonged depression, gives confidence and imparts optimism.

Who is the stone suitable for?

It is important to “make friends” with sapphires, then the magic of the mineral will be fully revealed. “Royal Stone” will not help everyone. Before choosing jewelry, you should find out who the sapphire is suitable for. You can focus on the following categories.

  • Signzodiac The stone has a calming energy. It will be an ideal talisman for Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo. The mineral will give them more thoughtfulness, help them find themselves and increase their work efficiency. Virgos and Pisces will be able to “make friends” with sapphire: thanks to the stone, representatives of these signs will gain confidence in their abilities, eloquence and the trust of others. Aries needs the stone to pacify temper, and Cancers need it to normalize the nervous system. But Capricorns and Scorpios should look for another amulet. The first ones are too reserved for a pacifying stone: the talisman will make their life incredibly calm. The latter are too emotional and sapphire cannot cope with their hot temper: Scorpios need a much calmer stone.
  • Hobbies. Jewelry with a magically beautiful stone is suitable for creative people: it will give them inspiration and open up new facets of talent. The mineral will become a talisman for travelers: corundum relieves fatigue and drives away internal fears. Sapphire loves those who strive for knowledge: this is an excellent talisman for scientists and researchers. The cornflower blue “Royal Stone” should be chosen by people for whom family comes first. The magic of the mineral will help you find love and not lose it in the future.
  • Health. Depression, stress, heart disease, migraines, eye diseases, loss of strength – sapphire will help everyone who is familiar with such problems. If you regularly wear jewelry with a stone, your overall health will improve.

As for the age of the owner, there are practically no restrictions. On teenage girls, of course, jewelry with sapphire will look out of place, but young elegant girls can choose laconic accessories with this mineral. The stone will “make friends” with both middle-aged ladies and women “over 50”. He will give success to the first in business and in love, to the second – health, strength and energy.

Learning to wear jewelry

How to wear a sapphire so that it reveals its magical power? The mineral manifests its energy to the maximum when framed in gold. Gold enhances the properties of the gemstone. This decoration will become a real talisman. And gold also emphasizes the beauty of the mineral. The color of the metal can be any: sapphire looks harmonious with white gold, red, pink.

The magical gem does not combine with all stones. Topaz, lapis lazuli, agate, opal, and aquamarine are considered ideal “neighbors” for sapphire. But corundum does not go well with amber, pearls, and emerald. When choosing what jewelry to wear with stones, you should take into account the possibility of “neighborhood”: accessories should create a single ensemble, and not an extravagant mixture of “everything that was in the box.”

The mineral is a universal stone, since you can wear jewelry with sapphire in any season. But, of course, the beauty of the stone is fully revealed in the summer. In the rays of the bright sun, the mineral plays with all its facets, and it is simply impossible to take your eyes off the jewelry. For winter, it is better to choose accessories with cornflower blue sapphire framed in white gold. This combination looks luxurious and discreet – just what you need for the cold season.

Which gemstone jewelry should you choose? It all depends on personal preferences and goals pursued by the jewelry connoisseur.

  • Necklaces. Such accessories with sapphire are considered the most powerful amulets. There is an opinion that when wearing a stone around the neck, its magical properties are “turned on.” For everyday wear, you can choose a discreet pendant, for special occasions – an original pendant, and for going out – a luxurious necklace.
  • Ring. This decoration can also become a reliable amulet. But there is one condition: you need to know which finger to put the accessory on. Those who dream of a soul mate and a happy family should wear jewelry on their ring finger. If you put the ring on your index finger, it will protect you from evil eyes. A laconic ring inlaid with sapphires or a huge ring – you can choose according to your taste. The main rule is that the size and style of the accessory matches the occasion.
  • Earrings. According to esotericists, sapphire in the ears saves from diseases and improves health. Among products with stones, earrings are also the most versatile decoration. You can choose minimalist studs, and they will match with any outfit. If you have the honor of shining on the red carpet, then earrings with huge stones will come in handy.

Choosing an accessory to match your outfit

Jewelry with stones should match your clothing. It is important to remember: large minerals are appropriate only in honor of a celebration. They go well with evening wear and look comical with everyday wear. While fashionable, but discreet accessories with small inserts will add a “zest” to the casual style.

To create a delicate look, you should choose mono jewelry. If you want to look truly luxurious, feel free to wear a sapphire ensemble. The main thing in this matter is not to overdo it: a set of rings, earrings and a necklace will be appropriate, but rings on each finger look stupid, no matter how expensive they are.

When choosing accessories, it is important to consider the color of clothing. You can play on contrast or rely on a single color scheme, experimenting with shades. If the jewelry is complemented with a classic blue sapphire, you should not choose an outfit of a similar color scheme. The cornflower blue “stone of kings” should attract attention, emphasize the uniqueness of the image, and not get lost. Classic sapphires will look impressive in combination with green, white, and blue tones of the outfit. Lovers of brightness will love the combination of jewelry with cornflower blue mineral and clothes in peach, honey, beige, and wine colors. You can be inspired by the images of the main admirer of sapphires – Princess Diana: she already knew what elegance was.

How to care for the “royal stone”

To ensure that sapphire jewelry does not lose its beauty over time, it is necessary to properly care for it. Although corundum is characterized by strength, it can also be damaged. Remember three rules:

  1. Store correctly. Accessories with sapphires should be stored in separate bags. The dense mineral rarely leaves scratches after contact with other stones, but it can damage the rest of your jewelry. In addition, general storage may deteriorate the appearance of the metal framing the sapphire. The stone does not like temperature changes. It should not be left in the sun for a long time and then sent to a cool room. Such manipulations can cause the mineral to fade and even crack.
  2. Shoot at home. Washing dishes, laundry, cooking, playing sports, relaxing in the bathroom – before any of these activities you need to remove the jewelry. Stones quickly become dirty if handled carelessly. Dust can get under the mount, causing it to become loose and the sapphire to fall out.
  3. Clean regularly. Once a week you should inspect your jewelry and clean it if necessary. It is not difficult to restore the alluring shine of a sapphire. You need to dip the jewelry in a soapy solution. If the stone is very dirty, then add a couple of drops of ammonia to the solution: this enhances the cleaning effect. After the “soap bath,” the jewelry is thoroughly rinsed and polished with a special soft cloth. Sapphire cannot be cleaned with ultrasound or steam.

You should take your jewelry to a jeweler every few months. He will carry out professional cleaning and check whether the stone is securely attached. If you provide your jewelry with proper care, they will delight you with their luxurious beauty for a long time.

How not to fall for a fake

Jewelry with natural stones is not a cheap pleasure. Some people have been dreaming about an accessory with natural sapphire for many years. When choosing jewelry, it is important to make sure that the stone is of natural origin and not “grown” under artificial conditions or (even worse) a worthless fake.

Natural and synthetic sapphires: how to distinguish

Especially for those who are tight on budget, but wanted to touch the beautiful, artificial sapphires were created. The first such stone was synthesized in America in the mid-20th century. The production of synthetic corundum has since been put on stream all over the world. Naturally, there are scammers who pass off “synthetics” as a natural precious mineral.

How to distinguish artificial sapphire from natural one? Those who dream of jewelry with a natural “stone of kings” will have a difficult time. Often the origin of a sapphire can only be determined by a professional jeweler. The synthesized minerals do not contain natural inclusions, but do contain artificial impurities. In an unnatural stone, the color lines are curved and gas bubbles are visible. However, you cannot see this with the naked eye – only under a microscope.

You can also recognize “synthetics” by the greenish tint that appears if you place the stone under an ultraviolet lamp. Natural corundum glows white in ultraviolet light. But methods of mineral synthesis are improving so quickly that artificial stones today are as similar as possible to natural ones. Without the involvement of a specialist, it will be difficult to understand this issue.

Vigilance comes first

When purchasing jewelry with a precious stone, you should not let your guard down. There are various fakes: some are easy to recognize, others skillfully imitate a real “royal” gem.

Rhinestones are often used in jewelry instead of corundum. Low strength and gases in the glass give away a fake. It is much more difficult to understand the deception when composite (from several components) stones are inserted into jewelry and passed off as valuable sapphires. For example, there may be real corundum on top, but an unscrupulous craftsman, in order to add additional weight and volume, glues it onto a cheaper stone (natural or artificial) or uses a blue glass backing. In a closed frame, it is difficult to recognize a fake even with the help of a special device (refractometer): it will give indicators characteristic of solid sapphire. To help – a magnifying glass, close inspection in bright light.

Where to buy jewelry

Sometimes fakes are made so well that even novice jewelers make mistakes, not to mention ordinary buyers. How to protect yourself? You need to buy products only in trusted places – where they are ready to provide a certificate for each accessory inlaid with stones.

There are stores that have already earned a reputation for themselves, and that’s where you need to go for jewelry. Connoisseurs of luxury accessories have a special place at the international online jewelry hypermarket Here you can find a wide range of jewelry with stones, and you can be sure of the quality of the products – they will delight you with their exquisite beauty for many years. A real paradise for connoisseurs of jewelry accessories! All that remains is to choose a product to your liking.

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