Stones by zodiac signs

Is it possible to wear several different stones?

Nature is rich in a variety of minerals and rocks used to make all kinds of jewelry. They perform not only an aesthetic function. It is believed that they have an impact on health and mental state. Bring good luck and prosperity. When selecting jewelry, it is extremely important to consider the compatibility of stones.

Why stone interactions are important to humans

  1. A successful combination of stones in jewelry allows you to create a unique image.
  2. Incompatible minerals come into conflict, preventing the flow of positive energy.
  3. The use of an unsuccessful mix negatively affects the health of the owner.
  4. A harmonious combination of gems attracts love, success, luck, and financial well-being.
  5. Exploiting incompatible minerals together has detrimental effects on important areas of life.
  6. Stones in a duet with the same representatives of the same element enhance each other’s effect.

Subtleties of choosing stones

Some minerals do not like proximity to their own kind, others, on the contrary, require combination with other species. A skillful combination of elements in jewelry will bring many positive moments to the life of its owner.

Interesting! A rare stone, euclase, is a silicate of beryllium and aluminum. It sometimes has a pleochroism effect: the color of the mineral changes depending on the angle of illumination. Accepts light blue, turquoise, dark blue shades. Rarely used in jewelry. Prized by collectors.

Is it possible to wear several stones at the same time?

Do not overload the image with different types of minerals. At a minimum, this is incorrect from an aesthetic point of view. In addition, such diversity will lead to an imbalance of the energies of each component of the ensemble and will more likely harm than help.

Is it possible to wear 2 different stones in one piece of jewelry? Will this always be appropriate? You can wear such jewelry. It is important that the crystals do not conflict with each other. To do this, you need to understand how they interact with each other.

Is it possible to wear several different stones together? It is recommended to combine no more than three minerals in one image. An ensemble of different gems is compiled taking into account the compatibility of the crystals.

Single stones

Some mineral individuals need privacy. They should not be combined with anything else. Such pebbles themselves have a huge energy potential, which does not need to be increased. It is believed that they bring physical and mental strength to the owner and increase performance.

Which stones cannot be combined with others:

  1. Nephritis. Accumulates energy. Helps to find the right solution in difficult life situations.
  2. Malachite. Self-sufficient mineral. But it can still be combined with other green-colored stones.
  3. Black quartz. Complex and contradictory. Requires complete solitude.
  4. Ruby. Symbol of power. Awakens strength and passion.
  5. Pyrite. Gives physical strength and charm. Improves mood.

Incompatible stones

It is important to understand which stones should not be worn together at all. Neglecting such factors threatens the owner with trouble.

The following jewelry conflicts with each other:

  • amethyst and topaz, coral, emerald;
  • pearls and red zircon, white coral;
  • ruby and opal, obsidian, emerald;
  • garnet and pearls;
  • topaz and diamond;
  • moonstone and rutile quartz, lapis lazuli;
  • emerald and amethyst, blue quartz.

Which stones should only be worn in pairs?

“One sapphire and two topaz are three times more valuable than an emerald.” This phrase has a certain meaning. Some stones cannot be worn unaccompanied. Sapphire is one of these minerals. There are not many of them in nature. For example:

  1. Alexandrite. Complex stone. If used without addition, it attracts negativity. It is often used for insertion into silver jewelry. Considered a stone for lonely people. It takes on different shades in different lighting: pink, purple, green. Calms, gives inspiration, cleanses the blood, warns of troubles.
  2. Amethyst. Often set in silver. In this case, he can easily do without a pair. The pairing of earrings and a ring gives clarity of mind. A crystal framed in gold is recommended to be worn in pairs with other stones. A mineral with correctly selected accompanying components develops intuition. Not having the right supplement will cause heartache.
  3. Aquamarine. When alone, it brings disharmony and anxiety. Loves daytime hours. Stones on two close people connected by a relationship are considered a couple: friends, lovers.
  4. Pearl. A single gem means tears. You should wear jewelry with an even number of pearls. To create a pair, pearl earrings are worn. When paired with a ring, the ensemble will attract good luck, protect against ill-wishers, and give courage and determination. A good option would be to complement the beads with a bracelet. You should not combine pearls with other stones. 2 bracelets can also make a pair.
  5. Sapphire. Wear with other products with the same stone. Creates positive energy for the owner, gives strength, calmness, and a clear mind.

Advice! Earrings and pendants with alexandrite are best worn together with a ring. For men, it is recommended to combine a ring with a stone with cufflinks or a tie pin.

Compatibility of stones in jewelry by color

Minerals in jewelry should be in harmony with each other. Suitable for the owner in terms of color type, clothing style and other parameters. When using several types of stones together, care should be taken to ensure that their interaction does not cause discomfort to the person wearing them.

The best solution would be to use universal crystals: white, black, transparent. In any situation, pearls, onyx, leucosapphire, and diamond will help out.

Advice! The Sunlight chain of stores offers luxurious earrings and bracelets with baroque pearls. Irregularly shaped pearls are extremely impressive. Such accessories will be a great addition to an evening outfit.

  • pearls and agate;
  • diamond and ruby;
  • topaz and cubic zirconia;
  • coral and turquoise;
  • Sapphire is combined with topaz, lapis lazuli, and opal.

Important! Stones of warm colors do not combine with representatives of a cold palette. In one image you cannot combine yellow, red tones with blue and purple.

Examples of successful combinations:

  1. Pearls are good in combination with beryl, sardonyx, malachite, amethyst, turquoise, diamond, garnet, jasper and opal.
  2. Rose quartz goes well with diamond, sapphire, topaz and amethyst.

Interesting! In ancient times, Europeans believed that wearing pearls and topaz together could prolong youth.

General rules for choosing stones according to astrological compatibility

Minerals belong to certain elements, zodiac signs, and planets. When considering the compatibility of gems, you should not forget about these aspects.

Planets and their guide stones

When choosing jewelry to create the perfect look, you should take into account the relationship between the planets that correspond to certain minerals.

Table of compatibility of planets and their guide stones.

Planets Stones Combine Don’t match Neutral
Sun diamond, aventurine, hyacinth, garnet, amber, ruby rest Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Moon Mercury
Луна aquamarine, beryl, rock crystal, coral, opal, moonstone, selenite rest Mars, Pluto
Mercury amethyst, topaz, turquoise, agate, emerald, peridot rest Mars, Pluto, Moon
Venus Amazonite, pearl, sapphire, malachite, emerald rest Saturn
Jupiter turquoise, sapphire, lapis lazuli, blue topaz rest Mars, Saturn, Pluto
Mars diamond, ruby jasper, bloodstone, carnelian Venus Mercury, Uranus
Saturn onyx, jet, morion Moon, Mercury rest
Neptune aquamarine, rock crystal, moonstone Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter rest
Uran labradorite, fire opal Mercury, Venus, Neptune rest
Pluto rauchtopaz, jasper Venus, Mars rest

The elements and their guide stones

The selection of jewelry is carried out according to this criterion.

It is considered ideal when the elements of stone and man coincide. Here nuances are allowed. It is allowed to combine friendly elements. The right combinations help avoid conflict between the energy fields of the mineral and the carrier.

Belonging of stones to the elements:

  1. Water – aquamarine, amethyst, alexandrite, opal, topaz, pearl, coral, moonstone. They bring positivity and drive away dark thoughts.
  2. Air – amazonite, rock crystal, lapis lazuli, emerald, sapphire, topaz, peridot. Positive effect on mental processes, metabolism, communication skills.
  3. Earth – agate, green tourmaline, jet, turquoise, lapis lazuli, jade, onyx, malachite, green jasper. Increases immunity and self-esteem.
  4. Fire – diamond, almandine, ruby, hematite, rhodonite, tiger’s eye, garnet, red tourmaline.

The elements (stones) are combined with each other:

  • Fire – Air;
  • Earth – Water.
  • Fire – Earth;
  • Fire water;
  • Air – Water.

Astrological compatibility of stones with each other in jewelry – table

Certain minerals are suitable for each zodiac sign. This approach also applies to choosing jewelry.

What stones the Zodiac Signs harmonize with can be seen from the table.

Zodiac sign Stones
Aries coral, red agate, red jasper
Taurus emerald, onyx, rose quartz, ruby, jasper, malachite, agate
Gemini agate, sapphire, jasper, coral, turquoise, emerald, topaz, beryl
Cancer agate, onyx, opal, emerald, pearl, moonstone, aquamarine
a lion garnet, emerald, jasper, ruby, amber, peridot, topaz
Virgo rock crystal, opal, jade, onyx, diamond, jasper, sapphire
Scales malachite, jasper, opal, jade, amethyst, tourmaline
Scorpio garnet, agate, coral, malachite, turquoise
Sagittarius emerald, turquoise, hyacinth, amber, topaz, blue quartz
Capricorn onyx, garnet, tiger’s eye, opal, turquoise, ruby
Aquarius turquoise, garnet, pearls, jasper, amethyst, lapis lazuli
Pisces pearls, peridot, turquoise, amethyst, emerald

Compatibility of the most popular stones in jewelry

The ideal combination of crystals will help to fully utilize their powerful magical potential to improve the quality of life of their owner.

Amethyst: combination with other stones

The quartz mineral silicon dioxide has a peculiar texture. The most common color is violet-lavender, but it can also be pink, green (rarely), blue, and black.

  • aquamarine;
  • diamond;
  • zircon;
  • moon rock;
  • sapphire;
  • tourmaline;
  • rhinestone.

Turquoise: combination with other stones

The sky-sea-colored mineral contains interesting inclusions that make up beautiful patterns formed by particles of copper and aluminum.

  • alexandrite;
  • aventurine;
  • beryl;
  • jade;
  • tanzanite;
  • topaz;
  • pearl;
  • white opal.

Diamond: combination with other stones

Transparent crystals, sometimes with a slight yellowish, bluish or gray tint. A timeless classic of exquisite gold jewelry.

Garnet: combination with other stones

This red crystal adorned the attire of royalty. It is not for nothing that it is called the royal stone.

In nature, the most common mineral is red, but it can be yellow, green, pink, purple, colorless and black. The name of the stone changes depending on the color.

Pomegranate goes well with:

Lapis lazuli: combination with other stones

In ancient times, a rich blue dye was made from this gem. Later they began to polish it and insert it into gold.

  • jasper;
  • malachite;
  • chalcedony;
  • agate;
  • turquoise;
  • chrysolite.

Obsidian: combination with other stones

It is a volcanic glass. Black color. Sometimes there are gray, yellow, red and brown specimens.

  • turquoise;
  • jet;
  • amber;
  • emerald;
  • aventurine.

Amber: combination with other stones

Frozen resin clots of coniferous trees form this solar gem. The shades are bright golden.

  • agate;
  • diamond;
  • carnelian;
  • quartz;
  • Labrador;
  • topaz.

When selecting jewelry accessories, you should take into account the combination of stones with each other and the metals in which they are framed. The right combinations of jewelry will allow minerals to fully reveal their magical and healing properties, and the owner to enjoy all the splendor of the noble radiance of gems.

People have always worn jewelry made from stones and minerals not only for beauty. No matter how ridiculous it may sound. First of all, they endowed them with special properties: some stones were amulets, others brought good luck. Let’s figure out together what features the most popular stones for jewelry have.

Jewelry with natural stones has been, is and will be worn. This is an undeniable classic. The shape of the product and the processing of crystals change, but one way or another, every home has some beautiful stone or mineral. Today, asymmetrical shapes and deliberately raw edges are gaining popularity. These breeds especially look great in earrings, bracelets and pendants.

Top 7 most popular and beautiful minerals


The most common crystal in nature. This is a type of quartz. Transparent, shimmering in the light with all the colors of the rainbow, the stone is familiar to everyone. Its biggest advantage is that it enhances the effects of other minerals. And it is also able to cope with stagnation of energy, so the crystal is ideal for meditation.

In Russia, rock crystal is mined in Primorye and Transbaikalia.

Pink quartz

Rose quartz is believed to be the stone of love. And the one who wears it attracts love energy. Moreover, this is not about the love that they write about in books. It’s about loving yourself and loving people in general. And only you can decide where to direct your love energy: to yourself, to your partner, to your family, or to some business. In addition, the mineral can develop the ability to forgive and compassion.

In Russia, quartz is found in Yakutia, the Caucasus, the Urals, and also in the Far East.


Stone of luck. Citrine resembles a ray of sunshine. Just like the real sun, it can fill you with motivation and inspiration. It is recommended to place it on your desktop to charge the environment with creative energy. And in the form of jewelry, citrine is worn as a talisman for good luck, prosperity and ambition.

In Russia, citrine is found in the Urals.


This stunning green stone helped our ancient ancestors survive: archaeologists are still finding tools made of jade. Later, this mineral became symbolic for people. In museums in different countries you can see jade figurines, talismans and amulets. The stone helps you concentrate and make serious decisions. Wisdom, restraint – this is about jade.

In Russia, jade deposits are located in Eastern Siberia and the Polar Urals.


Stone of happiness and harmony. Indeed, when you begin to admire its tints, it is as if you are entering a meditative state. Moonstone helps to cope with outbursts of anger, maintains internal emotional balance, and gives peace of mind. It is also good for visualizing desires: it will help you feel emotions most clearly.

In Russia, there are stone deposits in the Urals, Chukotka, the White Sea coast, in the Irkutsk region and Siberia.

Lapis lazuli

Do you want to comfortably step out of your comfort zone? Lapis lazuli will help. The blue of this stone allows you to take responsibility for your choice and look at the situation from the outside. For those who are determined to make changes in their lives, lapis lazuli will help along the way. This is a stone of light energy – a talisman against negativity.

In Russia, the lapis lazuli deposit is located in the southern part of the Baikal region.


This black shiny mineral is the most relevant in our world. It protects against electromagnetic influence. And no one will argue that he has not encountered it – everyone has televisions, computers, microwaves at home or at work. And we generally carry phones in our pockets or bags every day. Shungite also literally saves you from geopathogenic stress – causeless deterioration of well-being at the nodes of global energy networks.

There is only one place in Russia where shungite is mined. This is Karelia.

Where to buy?

Shungite can be purchased at the Karelian Heritage store. This is a specialized store that offers its customers several varieties of shungite: regular – a black stone that can be easily polished or processed in another way; and elite shungite – shiny raw ingots that shimmer with a silvery color and are difficult to process. This silvery color of the stone is due to its high carbon content. For personal protection, you can purchase jewelry with this mineral.

Bracelets, pendants and beads look very stylish and will suit any look. They mainly offer two types of jewelry:

1. With processed mineral

  • Braided bracelets in one, two or three rows. Bead sizes are 8 and 10 millimeters.
  • The bracelet is made entirely of beads. The diameter of the beads is 6 millimeters.
  • Bracelet made of rectangular beads with rounded edges. Size: 20 by 15 by 7 millimeters.
  • Shungite beads. Bead size: 8 millimeters.

The advantage of jewelry made from shungite of a certain shape is that you can calculate the radius of action of the mineral. Karelian Heritage is also ready to make bracelets in other sizes if individual customization is required.

2. With raw luxury stone

  • Pendant on a rope.
  • Pendant with braid.
  • Bracelet with braid.

The weight of the stone is from 3 to 15 grams. Since each pendant or bracelet in this case will have a unique shape, the radius of protection is more difficult to say. But jewelry is used for personal protection, and in this case the radius will definitely be enough.

Each shungite stone is unique. You definitely won’t find another one like it. But more important than such an individual design solution is its ability to protect against electromagnetic influence, positively influence mental and physical health, and accumulate positive energy and vibrations. The mineral brings inner peace and harmonizes space.

Jewelry with shungite is a wonderful gift for yourself and your loved ones. Because it is not only a beautiful iridescent stone and a stylish decoration. This is peace and protection.

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