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On which finger should a woman not wear a ring?

Hand jewelry has been popular and loved by people for a long time. Let’s look at the meaning of rings on women’s fingers and how to wear them correctly. They are valued for their beauty and nobility, as an accessory that completes an image; they are seen as talismans with magical influence. What do the rings on a woman’s fingers mean? According to psychologists and astrologers, jewelry can tell a lot about its owners, and both the wearing of rings on the fingers and the jewelry itself are important. Rings sometimes play a mystical role in life. They are often used in magical rituals. Therefore, knowing the meaning of the rings on the fingers is useful for every woman. Modern girls wear 2-5 rings on 1 hand. According to anthropologists, the desire to wear many rings on your fingers at the same time is an ancient instinct. This habit was formed due to the fear of losing family jewels. In addition, in the Middle Ages, rich people, having strung rings on their fingers, could use them at any time as a bargaining chip or a gift. To prevent the abundance of rings from looking vulgar, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • put accessories made of the same metal on 1 brush;
  • do not combine jewelry with costume jewelry;
  • avoid variegation.

Two rings made in the same style on one finger look like a single piece of jewelry. It should be noted that wide, massive products look ridiculous on short and chubby arms. Often women have a question: on which fingers should they not wear rings? You can do it on anyone, even on everyone at the same time. The main thing is that it looks beautiful and appropriate.

Large – finger of Venus

What does a ring on a girl’s thumb mean? In ancient times, women thus adapted to wear the jewelry of their dead husbands in memory of them. Nowadays, wearing a ring on your thumb is a desire for freedom and independence, characteristic of a modern strong-willed girl. A ring placed on the thumb speaks of perseverance and energy. It is difficult to convince such a woman. She may be dissatisfied with the sexual aspect of her life and have a desire to assert herself in it.

Wearing rings on the thumb is typical for a woman with a non-traditional sexual orientation, and depending on its location, others can perceive different signs: on the left hand it indicates readiness to have a girlfriend, and on the right hand, that she already has a partner. However, this meaning of wearing rings on the thumb is not relevant today, since such accessories are in trend. They are made from metal, ivory, leather and stone, come in a variety of styles, and many confident girls like them. It should be noted that a silver ring with a cold-colored stone helps develop insight and get rid of excessive practicality. Gold jewelry with a red, orange or yellow stone will enhance logical thinking. Typically, more than two rings are not worn on the thumb.

Index – symbol of Jupiter

Symbolizes strength and power, people pointing and leading. If you wear it constantly, your self-esteem increases. Rings are most often worn on the index finger of the right hand by people who are vain and striving for leadership. Over time, they may develop a need for fame and arrogance. The ring on the index finger of the left hand is worn to develop and realize abilities. It is especially necessary for girls with low levels of self-esteem. Gold and tin have the greatest impact. On the index finger of the left hand, the decoration will be clearly visible, so if desired, you can arrange a demonstration. Some women specifically look for rings for him. Massive accessories with stones speak of the hysteria and unpredictability of their owner.

If a ring is worn on the index finger, there should be no other jewelry with stones on the hand. Minerals of blue, blue and turquoise colors in a silver frame are recommended.

Middle – under the sign of Saturn

What does the ring on it mean? Psychologists say that its owner wants to show not only the decoration, but also herself – the most irresistible and important. The more massive the rings on the fingers, the more narcissistic and vain the woman is. A modest accessory speaks of self-esteem. They are often worn by those who believe in magic and fate. Rings on the fingers of Saturn on both hands mean a tendency to thoughtfulness, detachment from everyday bustle. Simple and compact decorations are very convenient. The talisman ring has a positive effect on your reputation and protects you from gossip. A family ring on the middle finger emphasizes the connection with ancestors, but it is not recommended to wear them all the time. Purple and black stones are most suitable for him. A wedding ring on the finger of the right hand indicates that its owner is engaged, while on the left – about widowhood.

Nameless – finger of the Sun

Wedding rings indicate a woman’s marital status. She herself emphasizes the fact of marriage or engagement by wearing a ring on her right hand. Often a ring with a stone is worn along with it, wanting to emphasize the special meaning of marriage. Unusual wedding rings (with notches or stones) are chosen by people who do not allow passive relationships. They want a vibrant married life. The ring on the ring finger of the left hand speaks of widowhood. A miniature piece of jewelry with a ruby ​​protects the family from quarrels and betrayals; an unmarried girl, with its help, on a subconscious level can indicate a sensual and dreamy nature and a desire for passionate love.

Most often, women wear a ring on their ring finger. Ordinary decoration speaks of a calm character and an even attitude towards people. Pretentious and extravagant are characteristic of creative people who prefer pleasure and luxury. If the ring fingers of both hands are ringed, then the girl is at the peak of positive emotions. You cannot have someone try on the ring from your ring finger. In this case, your personal space turns out to be too open. On which finger should the bride wear the ring after getting engaged? During an engagement among Slavic peoples, it is worn on the right hand. On the wedding day, the bride takes it off so that she never wears it again. It becomes a family heirloom and is passed on to children.

Why do people wear wedding rings on the ring finger? One version is this: if you put your hands in a lock and begin to lift them in pairs (index, middle, and so on), you will find that the ring fingers do not come off the lock, thereby symbolizing strong bonds.

The meaning of finger rings for spouses, as a symbol of fidelity and love, is as important for modern people as it was a thousand years ago. What finger should I wear the ring on after a divorce? The winner of the “Battle of Psychics” Mehdi advises hiding and storing it as a sign of respect for the past. If a woman wants to get her ex-husband back after a divorce, she wears the wedding ring given by him on the ring finger of her left hand.

The little finger is a symbol of Mercury

The ring on the little finger is often worn by coquettes who are prone to intrigue, subject to frequent mood swings, but always satisfied with themselves. They are usually very gambling, often sexually available. The ring on the little finger emphasizes the peculiarity of people associated with art. If this person is not creative, he has other talents and claims social significance. His specialty is his communication skills and ability to persuade. However, you should be careful with him, as he can be cunning and lie. Wearing expensive jewelry on the little finger of the left hand is not recommended, as this can lead to loneliness and poverty. On the right one you can wear one ring made of any metal, but green and yellow stones are preferable.

How to choose a jewel

The ring always attracts the eye to the hand, so it should be well-groomed. For colored minerals, you need to choose a suitable shade of nail polish. In addition, accessories should be combined with clothing. Before ringing your fingers, think about how the jewelry will suit the occasion. For business style clothing, scattering of stones is unacceptable, even if they are an imitation of precious ones. Everyday jewelry should feel like a natural complement. Wearing massive and sophisticated rings with a light dress or sportswear is prohibited. Eye-catching and unusual jewelry is suitable for a formal occasion. You can wear stones of 2-3 colors with your evening dress.

Before choosing a piece of jewelry, you should determine which finger it will be worn on. You should go for fitting in the evening. At this time of day, the hand swells a little and becomes fuller.

When choosing jewelry, you need to take into account the age and structure of the hand. Massive jewelry looks better on the hand of an elderly lady. The glance from the ringed finger does not switch to the skin, which reveals one’s true age. Delicate rings look better on the finger of a young girl. Women’s hearts at any age are drawn to jewelry.

Beautiful women’s hands are certainly associated with rings. Thin wedding rings, twisted silver, massive rings. Men also do not neglect this jewelry, often choosing a stylish, strict ring with a dark small stone in a brutal frame.

Fashion dictates different ways of wearing rings and different numbers of them. Although what fashion can prevent a lover of jewelry from hanging rings on all her fingers, including the thumbs and index fingers? The principle of selecting a ring and choosing the finger on which you will wear it is simple: you like it! And we hardly think about the fact that a ring can both harm our health and help cope with some illness or disease.

According to the results of studies that were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association by Dr. E. Gre Dimond, vice chancellor for science at the University of Kansas Medical Center, influencing hot spots can have both beneficial and negative effects on the development of many diseases or their treatment. According to various sources, from 40 to 80 such active points are located on the fingers, and in total more than 500 so-called acupuncture points have been identified on the human body.

Among the diseases that doctors successfully treat with the help of acupuncture are acute vascular blockage, trigeminal neuralgia, dental diseases, hiccups, herpes zoster, tuberculous laryngitis, headache, limited movement of the shoulder blade and arm, sore throat, frostbite, hyperhidrosis, bronchial asthma and much more. And the rings that we wear on our fingers can also both provoke any of these diseases and help cure them.

It is not in vain that wedding rings are worn on the ring finger – Europeans put a wedding ring on their left hand, but in the event of divorce or death of a spouse, they wear the ring on the right ring finger. In Russia and a number of other countries, married people put a wedding ring on their right hand, and when they divorce, they usually simply take it off. And in vain. The ring finger is responsible for sexual health, and the ring can support your sexual desire throughout your life. True, it is not recommended to wear a ring that has clearly become too small for you – in this case, it will harm sexual function or provoke mastopathy, aggravate hypertension and atherosclerosis.

The rings on the middle finger are responsible for the functioning of the cardiovascular system and endocrine glands. Positive or negative also depends on the degree of girth of the finger and the duration of exposure.

The index finger is connected to the spine, and rings that fit this finger tightly can cause radiculitis and osteochondrosis.

The ring on the little finger affects the functioning of the stomach and intestines. If you are plagued by indigestion or heartburn, put a ring of the appropriate size on your little finger and observe the results within a couple of months. Without neglecting the restrictions on the consumption of fatty and salty foods, of course. Any treatment is a set of measures, just as a disease is the result of a whole bunch of violations of common sense and doctors’ recommendations.

Recent studies by American scientists from the neurophysiological center of the Washington Institute show that constant wearing of rings is undesirable. Even the beneficial effect should be short-term, so all researchers are unanimous in the opinion that the rings should be removed at night. Everything, from all fingers. Biologically active points should also rest, like all organs of the human body.

Publications by doctors at Keio University Hospital in Tokyo in the American Journal of Ethnomedicine mention that wearing a pinky ring all the time increases the likelihood of duodenal disease, and wearing a wedding ring around the clock causes gynecological problems. In addition, wearing several rings on one finger is only allowed for 12-5 hours, no more – otherwise a large area of ​​exposure can lead to serious malfunctions of the body, including asthmatic attacks and heart rhythm disturbances.

It is also believed that the ring on the thumb is a kind of voluntary crown of celibacy. The thumb is associated with Venus, and the ring, from the point of view of palmists, blocks the energy. In other words, a woman with a ring on this finger, according to occultists, will not be able to make anyone fall in love with her or seduce her.

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