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On which finger should I wear a moonstone ring?

Have you ever thought about which finger to wear this or that ring? Rings are often used as talismans and amulets. Moreover, it is important not only what kind of stone insert decorates your ring, but also on what hand and even on what finger you wear it. And in order to figure out which hand is responsible for what, it is worth using the main theses of palmistry, the ancient system of palm fortune telling. According to this science, by the left hand we can recognize our destiny, laid down from birth, individual abilities, talents and some main events in life. This is why the lines on the left hand change very rarely. But the pattern of the palm of the right hand changes its shape with enviable regularity. After all, we make a choice almost every day and even every hour, and fate is not a sentence, but only a route outlined on a dotted line. And only we decide whether to follow it or not. Therefore, the stones and metals that we wear on our left hand help us follow our destiny and make the right choice in difficult situations. As for the rings and bracelets on the right hand, they will already influence those aspects of life that we, as it was said in the famous film, “acquired through backbreaking labor.” Moreover, both positive and negative – it all depends on the stone. There is a sign: if your left hand itches, it means money, the right hand means meeting an old friend. It would seem like superstition. But why then is this “superstition” so old? Why even today, in the age of high information technology, do people continue to believe these signs? So they still work? Based on this belief, it is better to wear on the left hand those stones that are responsible for our material well-being. First of all, it is, of course, turquoise. Also, many green stones (note that the color of the dollar was not chosen by chance; people experienced in secret sciences worked on the design of American money): chrysoprase, peridot, chrysoberyl. For businessmen for whom it is important not only to make a profit, but also to spend their cash profitably, moonstone and citrine are suitable. Carnelian will attract honest and reliable business partners, and rhodonite will sharpen intuition and help you choose the right investment object. The right hand is called to give, to share. So, if you want to learn to show love, then wear a ruby ​​on your right hand, as well as other stones with increased energy: red garnet, spinel, sardonyx. This is especially important for fire signs, whose internal energy, not being given to others, can literally burn its owner. In addition, it is believed that each finger on our hands has its own special sphere of influence. The index finger is the finger of Jupiter, the king of Olympus and all the ancient gods. It helps you achieve your goals. The stones of rulers are suitable for it: ruby, carnelian, diamond. The middle one is the finger of Saturn. In ancient mythology, Saturn is the ruler of the underworld, the judge of how faithfully we follow our destiny. That is why you need to wear jewelry on the middle finger of your left hand with full responsibility. Strict black and purple stones set in silver are suitable here: obsidian or amethyst. Apollo and the Sun are responsible for the ring finger. Everything connected with this finger concerns the creative abilities of our nature. It’s not for nothing that palmists say that the more lines there are under this finger, the more talented the person is. This is why rings worn on the ring finger must be made of gold. Suitable stones: amber, carnelian, hyacinth, citrine, red spinel. But you absolutely cannot wear silver on a “sunny” finger! The little finger is patronized by the god of trade and entrepreneurship – Mercury. Wear “money” stones on it. For example, turquoise, and you will never know the need for finances. Index – helps in realizing intentions and encourages action. The ideal option for him would be a ring with beryl. Medium – enhances intuition. It is good to wear moonstone and rock crystal on it. Nameless – helps to achieve success in creativity. The sun stone will contribute to this. The little finger allows you to change yourself and your life. Jade will help with this. As for the thumbs, you should remember that such a warlike and aggressive planet as Mars is responsible for them. You cannot wear rings on your thumbs all the time, however, if you have a very important task to do, you can choose a stone whose strength you need and ask it to help, then put the ring on your thumb. Help will certainly come, but after this the ring will definitely need to be removed and not worn for some time, allowing it to cleanse itself. You may need to reconsider your ring collection. What if you look at your jewelry and its hidden meaning from a different angle? ИSince ancient times, a ring was considered a special decoration. There are many rituals associated with rings. The most common today is the exchange of rings upon marriage. Rings were considered omulets and talismans. And based on which finger a person wears a ring on, one can draw conclusions about his character. Thumb (finger of Mars) A ring on the finger of Mars reveals an expansive, emotional person with enormous energy. In his hearts, he is capable of saying such things that those around him will long remember what he heard as a bad dream. Convincing such a person of anything is a waste of time. The owner of the ring himself understands this, so purely intuitively, with the help of jewelry, he strives to curb his ardent temperament. However, do not be alarmed if a person comes to a date wearing a massive ring on his thumb. Most likely, the “lord of the ring” wants to pacify his aggression and make the communication process more harmonious. By decorating the thumbs of both hands, he strives to increase his chances of finding a common language with others. RINGS on thumbs hands deserve special attention, especially if the hand is male. With these fingers, as in a hitchhiker, men give the signal “I ask for attention!” According to psychologists, the main desire of the owner of such a ring is to assert himself by any means, and first of all, sexually. The opinion on this matter has not changed for the last two thousand years. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans considered the thumb a symbol of the phallus and wore iron rings on it to protect their virility. Forefinger (finger of Jupiter) The ring on this finger indicates that its owner is a timid, shy and indecisive person by nature. Having difficulty communicating, he is easily influenced. However, by putting a ring on the index finger, such a modest person gains confidence in his abilities and, perhaps, even strives for leadership. A person who comes on a date with a ring on this finger is ready to conquer and conquer, he has the most serious intentions. If both fingers of Jupiter are lowered (on the right and left hand), it means that your new acquaintance will stop at nothing in an effort to achieve his goal. On the index finger an entry is made in the “power” column. A finger decorated with a ring is a sign of strong-willed character, pride and desire for power. A “power ring” on the right hand indicates prudence, while rings on the left hand are more likely to indicate delusions of grandeur and a tendency to hysteria. Many famous rulers and generals wore rings on their index fingers – Caesar, Ivan the Terrible, Cardinal Richelieu, Henry VIII. The latter, by the way, basically wore rings only on his index fingers, but on both at once – this great monarch, reformer, six-wife and paranoid is depicted with them in all portraits. Index finger – will, initiative. Women who like to wear rings on it involuntarily show that they are leaders by nature and are even overly confident in themselves. They are far from being puritans when it comes to sex; they like to demonstrate their skills and body. Middle finger (finger of Saturn) As a rule, family jewelry is worn on this finger to emphasize the connection with ancestors. Thus, a person, putting an ornament on the finger of Saturn, accepts the inevitable influence of fate, he believes in his karma and higher destiny. The ring “tames” the negative influence of fate and liberates thinking. If you meet such a person, be sure that he has enormous spiritual power. And if he came to you on a date, your meeting (for him certainly!) was predetermined from above. The rings on both fingers of Saturn endow the person with a certain degree of fatalism and a certain detachment from everyday life. RING resolution “I’m beautiful!” placed on middle finger. The longest and most central, it best demonstrates jewelry and how much we like ourselves. The aggressive superiority of the ring on the index finger is replaced by a more polite sense of self-esteem and forgivable narcissism. It was on the middle finger that Marilyn Monroe wore a ring when she sang about diamonds. By the way, the size of the diamond in this case also matters – the larger and more noticeable the ring, the more its owner strives to convince others of his irresistibility. It’s curious, but it was on the middle finger that the legendary Ring of Omnipotence from Tolkien’s trilogy was worn. The question arises, what kind of gesture did Sauron greet the enemy troops with if this finger with the ring was immediately cut off? It’s not easy in love for someone who loves to wear big, bright rings on her middle finger. It represents the area of ​​pride and vanity. Such persons rarely compromise; they are domineering and impatient. Unnamed finger (finger of the Sun) Jewelry worn on this finger (with the exception of a wedding ring) emphasizes the passion for beauty, exquisite things and luxury. If a person constantly wears a ring on his ring finger, he strives for pleasure, a pleasant pastime, and sensual pleasures. At the same time, he is a tireless romantic. If you see a ring on the finger of the Sun on a date with your chosen one, know that he is in a great mood, good intentions and the most romantic plans. Rings on both fingers of the Sun show that a person is at the peak of positive emotions. Rings on the ring finger – Naturally, the most popular column is “marital status”. Filled with a ring on the ring finger of the right hand (or left, as is customary among Catholics). This custom of the ring first appeared among the ancient Egyptians, who believed that it was from the ring finger that the “artery of love” began, leading directly to the heart. With these thoughts, the people of the pharaohs wore wedding rings made of a variety of metals, glass and even ceramics. Certainty with the material arose in the days of Ancient Rome – a tradition appeared to give the spouse an iron or bronze ring as a sign of the inviolability of the marriage bond. Gold wedding rings, which are more familiar to us, appeared on hands only in the 3rd-4th centuries. The ring finger is the most “sensitive and sentimental”. Therefore, it is customary to put a wedding ring on it. If it has a different ring on it, then you need to look at what it is. If it is small, with vague decorative trims, then this means that its owner does not have a clear position in relation to the love line of behavior regarding the partner. If the ring strikes the eye with its pretentiousness and large size, then the one who wears it is a hysterical person who prefers to receive more in love than to give. Her type of sexuality is active; she loves variety and exoticism in bed. Little finger (finger of Mercury) Mercury personifies a sophisticated mind, a passion for subtle intrigue. The constant presence of a ring on the little finger emphasizes the variability of nature, narcissism and coquetry. Moreover, this is an accurate sign of a tendency to gamble and a constant readiness to flirt. A ring or other jewelry in this case is designed to calm down or even suppress these sometimes very disturbing qualities. What to expect from a person who comes on a date with a ring on his little finger? Most likely, nothing good. He (she) will fool his head, flirt and constantly tell lies. The only thing that can somehow bring such a person to reason are rings worn on both little fingers. However, of course, there is no 100% guarantee! Be careful! Little finger – the smallest page of our passport of hands. There is only enough space here to tick the “creativity” box. According to the women’s magazine, rings on the little finger are a frequent companion of actresses, artists, and fashion designers. Marlene Dietrich preferred such rings to all others. But even if in front of you is a person not connected with the world of art, the ring on the little finger will tell you that its owner is interesting and capable of going beyond generally accepted boundaries. People who claim social significance wear rings on their little fingers. They are often public figures, especially in the fields of creativity and art. And if there are several original rings on his little finger, this person is an esthete in everything, including sex. He strives to experience many sensory experiences in his life. On which finger should the ring be worn? It’s unlikely that any of us have seriously thought about which finger is best to wear this or that ring. Meanwhile, there is science that proves that this should be taken seriously. Little finger According to ancient teachings, the little finger is responsible for speech and the ability to establish contacts. It is recommended to wear yellow stones (carnelian, amber, topaz) and green (emerald, chrysoprase, peridot). Unnamed and middle fingers If you want to attract luck and love to yourself, decorate your ring finger with a ring with a red stone: ruby, garnet, tourmaline or red jasper. There is also an ancient belief: if you wear pearls in a silver frame on the ring finger of your right hand, the marriage bond will be strong and strong. Purple and black stones in silver are most suitable for the middle finger, but you should not wear them all the time. Wear jewelry when going to a business meeting. Amethyst is good for finding inner peace, and obsidian set in silver on the left hand to protect yourself from the evil eye. Do you want to convince your interlocutor that you are right? The moonstone should sparkle on the middle finger. Pointing finger It is supposed to be worn with sapphire and aquamarine (they give strength and protect travelers). Bioenergetics experts believe that opal helps strengthen family relationships, and beryl helps strengthen relationships of the heart. The latter is preferred in a gold frame, on the left hand. Great finger Responsible primarily for the head, neck and spine. Elegant rings made of cast silver or white gold with a diamond cut are suitable. The ring is a closed circle, symbolizing integrity and unity, has neither beginning nor end – i.e. infinity, which is associated with power. Thumb – Venus finger The Greeks and Romans wore iron signet rings on their thumbs to protect their virility, since the thumb was considered a symbol of the phallus, and iron was a tribute to the husband of Venus, the blacksmith god Vulcan. It is believed that such people will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, and first of all, sexually. Recommended to be worn by people with a lot of energy and emotional energy. The ring on the finger of Venus, the goddess of love and fine art, gives a person a subtle sense of beauty, the ability to enjoy beauty, the desire for partnerships, and harmony. A copper ring will do Index finger – Jupiter finger Recommended for shy and indecisive people. A ring on the finger of Jupiter increases self-esteem, insight, makes you wiser, more powerful, gives inner faith in your strength, brings good luck and success. If the rings are on both fingers (on the right and left hand), then the person will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. A ring made of tin and gold will do. Middle finger – Saturn finger It is recommended to be worn by people who have many obstacles and failures. The ring gives strength to cope with difficulties, complexities, fight against adversity, and helps those who meditate. On the finger of Saturn you can wear inherited rings – ancestral rings. If the rings are on both fingers of Saturn, then the person is endowed with fatalism and detachment from everyday life. An iron ring will do. Ring finger – finger of the Sun Recommended for modest people who have a desire to attract attention, thirst for fame and wealth, suitable for strengthening love in marriage, emphasizes the passion for beauty, exquisite things, serves as a guarantee of heartfelt connection, helps self-expression. A gold ring will do. Little finger – finger of Mercury A ring on the little finger enhances eloquence, flexibility of mind, sleight of hand, and intrigue. The finger of Mercury patronizes diplomats, doctors, businessmen, politicians, lovers of gambling and flirting. It is the ring on the little finger that helps restrain these qualities. If the rings are on both fingers, the person is extremely resourceful and deceitful, prone to betrayal and adventures. IT TURNS out that we give away our intimate secrets by decorating ourselves in one way or another. Those who prefer jewelry made from inexpensive metal, but originally made and also small in size, strive for security. These are people who know how to appreciate beauty, not the cost of a product. They also relate to love and sex. What is important to them is not the surroundings, but the depth of feelings, the truth of pleasure. Expensive jewelry is bought not only to show oneself, but also to others, one’s importance in society and the thickness of one’s wallet. Because in the case when a person prefers an expensive but exquisite small ring or chain, he wants sophistication in everything – in the manifestation of feelings, intimacy, candles and lace, etc. The third group of jewelry lovers are the “aggressors.” These people love externally irritating attributes in both clothing and jewelry. For example, masks with laces around the neck, fangs, rattling bracelets, shoulder-length earrings. This is a provocation of others, a desire to be the center of attention. They want as many people as possible to be aroused by their presence nearby. Such people have sex with boiling passions, where the bed is like a battlefield. Closer to the ideal of harmony and beauty are those who successfully and elegantly combine jewelry and clothing, create their image holistically, know their personality type and decorate themselves accordingly. CHAIN liberated people without complexes like to wear them on their feet. They know how to love with their whole body. They take care of themselves from head to toe. A lady who likes to wear a chain on her stomach is rather frivolous, does not attach importance to problems, and likes to stand out from the crowd. Large chain around the neck and even more so several different chains, speaks of the duality or even triplicity of nature, of the problematic and confusing nature of the inner world. In addition, it costs such people nothing to have several sexual partners in parallel, without experiencing remorse, but dreaming of an idealistic personal life with one and only “prince”. Precisely a “prince”, and not a “guy from our yard”.

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