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On which finger should I wear a ring to attract money?

Probably, not a single person in the world can be considered unconditionally lucky and happy. At least if he is intellectually complete and does not live in a personal sunny little world. We all want to become a little happier by developing certain qualities in ourselves that are conducive to this. Hard work and self-development are wonderful, but esotericists believe that there are other paths to luck and fortune. This is the correct use of some jewelry endowed with special magical energy. If a person does not strive for anything, then no magic rings will give him luck. But they are able to attract a little more favor from the capricious Fortune to their bearer.

Fingers and rings

Each of us lacks certain qualities to be successful. Some are overly timid, some are prone to outbursts of anger, some lack wisdom and strategic thinking, others lack hard work and determination. We are all different, everyone has their own path and concept of luck. Therefore, experts in energy practices recommend wearing a ring to attract money and good luck on the fingers that are responsible for certain qualities that a particular person lacks.

The limit on the number of rings on fingers is set only by the concepts of style and comfort. You can decorate at least all your fingers with them, and even several pieces per finger, if it doesn’t bother you.

Let’s consider the areas of bioenergetic responsibility for each finger.


The most warlike planet, Mars, is responsible for the thumb. She is able to impart physical strength, indestructible will and the desire to win at any cost. Nowadays you can rarely meet a person wearing a ring on his thumb: as a rule, these are people who simply did not guess the size of the jewelry or who received it as a gift or inheritance. Feel free to decorate your thumbs with rings, because they are responsible for our health in all its forms. A ring on the thumb helps maintain clarity of mind and the will to win in the most difficult life situations. If you are experiencing mental problems and are subject to uncontrollable mood swings, a silver ring would be your best choice. If you want to maintain and strengthen physical health, gain vitality and energy, restore youth and joy of life, a copper ring, without stones or other inserts, would be the best option. A copper ring on the thumb is indicated for unhealthy and young people suffering from addictions, as well as athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts.


The index finger is controlled by Jupiter, so it is responsible for strong-willed qualities, moral and ethical sphere and intellect. Wearing a good luck ring on the index finger is best for people who want to improve their leadership qualities. It is not for nothing that nobles wore jewelry in this way, leaving a significant mark on history. A gold ring on the index finger will be an excellent solution for a manager of any rank: from the head of a small business to a prominent politician. If you are too timid and unsure of your own abilities, it is better to decorate your index finger with a silver ring. This will help you gain confidence and determination, increase your influence on other people, build a career, get a prestigious job and improve your personal skills in any direction. A gold ring with an energetically powerful stone on the index finger should not be worn constantly, especially by people with high self-esteem. This can lead to star fever, which will be difficult to get rid of.


The scope of responsibility of the middle finger is quite wide – it is responsible for the harmonious development of personality, spirituality and morality. But we must not forget that this finger is controlled by Saturn, which means that wearing a ring on it can have a positive effect on the material side of life. Often, rings on the middle finger are worn by people who want to radically change their own destiny. If it seems that you are being haunted by failures and you are living incorrectly, decorate the middle finger of either hand with a silver ring. It is believed that on the middle finger you should wear rings exclusively made of silver and simple metals: gold can change your life not for the better. You can enhance the properties of the ring on the middle finger with the help of stones that favor the wearer’s zodiac sign.


The ring finger is ruled by the Sun and is directly connected to the heart. That is why they wear rings there, one way or another connected with matters of the heart and family. Representatives of most faiths where similar traditions are accepted wear engagement, wedding and wedding rings on their ring fingers. True, Catholics wear them on their left hand, and Orthodox Christians on their right, but from the point of view of bioenergy this is virtually indifferent.

It is better for calm people to wear thin, elegant rings, and for choleric people who seethe with energy, it is better to wear large, massive jewelry. And always made of gold – a recognized solar metal.

A ring on the ring finger will help you not make a mistake in choosing a life partner, find family happiness and healthy offspring. But not only: a ring for good luck and luck, worn on this finger, can contribute to the development of creative abilities and a person’s adaptation in society.

Little finger

Let’s consider the smallest finger of the hand, in which colossal responsibility is concentrated. It is ruled by Mercury, which is responsible for relationships with the outside world, communication, perception of information, the emotional sphere and extrasensory abilities. That is why a ring (preferably made of silver or copper) on the little finger is recommended for all teenagers and young adults. This will help them improve relationships with peers, parents and teachers, increase learning ability, and pacify problems with communication and self-identity typical of adolescence. But the ring on the little finger is also indicated for many adults, especially those whose field of activity lies in the field of science, communication or esotericism. An additional bonus is the pacification of addictions of any kind: from alcohol to gambling. It is better to choose yellow or green stones as inserts. For example, chrysoprase will promote good luck in money matters, and jade will improve the condition of the kidneys.

Which ring brings good luck?

  • National and multicultural traditions. For example, a ring with a four-leaf clover came to us from Druid traditions, yin-yang – from Taoism, and a horseshoe is of purely Slavic origin. However, these symbols spread throughout the world and became common property.
  • Zodiac signs. The simplest solution: if you don’t know which symbol to choose, consult your horoscope. Moreover, the display of the zodiac sign is not necessary: ​​any friendly symbol can be depicted on the decoration. There may also be inserts of natural minerals in accordance with the horoscope, zodiac or Eastern.
  • Sacred symbols. Many signs that are incomprehensible to the common man have the deepest meaning for initiates. This category includes Old Slavonic symbols, Chinese and Japanese hieroglyphs, symbols of Judaism, Futhark runes, and so on.

It is best to make a ring that matches your inner aspirations with your own hands (for yourself or a loved one). However, not everyone can do this, especially when it comes to jewelry made of precious metals (this is not only incredibly difficult, but also not entirely legal).

So just buy rings for yourself and your loved ones: over time, they will be saturated with your energy and begin to bring good luck. The main thing is to believe in a miracle, and it will definitely happen!

A ring is the oldest piece of jewelry. And it is not just an accessory, but rather an amulet that can help its owner. Let’s talk about how to make jewelry a lucky talisman.

Symbolism of rings. First of all, it is a circle, symbolizing integrity, unity. It denotes authority and respect, grants its owner a certain power over the world, wealth. Rings can also be contradictory: they can bring happiness and misfortune, death and joy, and help fulfill a secret desire.

What material is chosen for rings? The most positive jewelry is made from precious metals – gold, silver or platinum. Living for thousands of years, gold rings absorb the vibration and energy of their owners.

As for jewelry made of precious metals, they are able to block negativity and attract financial flow into the lives of their owners.

Which finger should you wear the ring on? Each finger on a person’s hand has its own function, and the ring you put on will also perform its tasks. Most often, the jewelry is worn on the ring finger. It represents love and money, attracts positive emotions and goodness into our lives, and becomes a magnet for finances.

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