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On which finger should I wear a sapphire ring?

Since ancient times, jewelry has been considered a symbol of wealth, status in society or marital status. What rings women and men wear on which hand can tell a lot. For example, a gold ring on the ring finger of the right hand in Russia indicates the presence of a spouse. But what does a piece of jewelry worn on the thumb or middle finger mean? Today we will understand what wearing rings on different fingers symbolizes, how to properly wear a ring for a man, woman or teenager, and also how rings should never be worn.

On which fingers are rings usually worn?

Let’s start our analysis with which fingers girls should wear rings on so that it looks elegant and appropriate. If you are a young girl or teenager, you should not wear massive rings with large stones or too expensive designs. For teenagers, it is best to choose a small and elegant piece of jewelry and wear it on the middle or ring finger of the left or right hand. Adults have a much easier time choosing jewelry – the list of rings and rings that are suitable for both men and women is large. However, if you are superstitious, you should pay attention to signs. For example, women who want to get married are not recommended to wear a ring on their right hand on the finger intended for a wedding or engagement ring (ring). To believe in this sign or not is a personal matter for everyone. Some women who really want to have jewelry on their ring finger put the ring on their left hand – this can be an excellent solution to the problem for superstitious people. In addition, it is not recommended to wear a gold and silver ring on one hand – many people think this is a sign of bad taste. You can get out of this situation like this: wear gold jewelry on the middle finger of your left hand, and silver jewelry on your right hand. In general, in order to better understand which rings to put on which fingers, you need to be able to determine the meaning of the rings on the fingers – what qualities the jewelry on the thumb or index finger symbolizes, or what rings with precious stones indicate. Thus, an ordinary ring placed on the “right” finger can tell a lot about its owner.

Ring on the thumb

According to beliefs, the thumb symbolizes will, logic and spiritual strength. A person who wears a ring on the thumb of his right hand can in this way strengthen his will or gain strength to make a difficult decision. A gold ring on a woman’s thumb means that she has a rebellious, domineering character and strives for self-expression. And in order to avoid awkward situations, you should also not forget that in a number of countries, a ring on a woman’s thumb can indicate her non-traditional sexual orientation.

Index finger ring

Rings are worn on the index finger of the right hand by those who cannot be denied creativity, ambition and ingenuity. Alexander Pushkin was a big fan of index finger rings. It’s unlikely that he knew about it, but a ring on a man’s index finger can influence success in the professional sphere, self-realization and success in his endeavors. A ring on the index finger of the left hand was often worn by royalty, such as Elizabeth I. In the Middle Ages, jewelry on the index fingers was believed to help those in power rule wisely and fairly.

Middle finger ring

The ring on the middle finger of the left hand helps to bring harmony to life and symbolizes balance in everything. Rings are worn on the right hand mainly by those who lack balance in their work or personal life. However, a ring on a guy’s middle finger can symbolize a thirst for power or attention – we all remember the famous middle finger gesture.

Ring on the ring finger

The ring finger in all traditions and cultures is associated with the heart, love and family life. A young man in love comes to put a ring on a girl’s ring finger, and a massive gold decoration on this finger indicates that the man has found his life partner.

It’s worth keeping cultural differences in mind. So, in Russia, a given engagement ring is worn on the right hand, but Americans wear rings on the left hand.

A ring on the right hand on the ring finger will add optimism and love to life to the owner, and two rings on one finger will bring a lot of positive emotions. Of course, you should make sure that the two pieces of jewelry match each other, are made from the same metal and do not interfere when worn – otherwise there will be no positive emotions.

Pinky ring

People who put a ring on the little finger of their left hand try to improve their relationships with people and the world around them – this is what, according to legend, the smallest finger is responsible for. By the way, the mafia (in particular, the Soprano clan) often wore rings on the little finger of the right hand. This fact also indicates the positive influence of jewelry for this finger on the status of its owner in society.

How to wear a Save and Preserve ring correctly

Orthodox Christians in Russia wear Save and Save rings on any finger, but most often it is the middle finger of the right hand. This ring should remind you of prayer, which means it can be worn on any convenient finger. Men wear a church ring on the thumb of their right hand – with this hand they cross themselves in church, which means they remember the meaning of the decoration. A woman should also wear the Save and Preserve ring on her right hand, because among Orthodox Christians the entire right side of the body is considered closer to God. But Catholics usually wear prayer rings on their left hands, since they cross themselves differently.

On which fingers to wear rings with stones?

If you believe in the energy and influence of precious stones on a person’s life, it will be useful for you to know which stones should be worn on which fingers. So, you should put a sapphire ring on your index finger. As we already know, jewelry on the index finger is a symbol of power and self-realization. Sapphire is also an excellent assistant in such matters. Therefore, if you lack professional or creative success, feel free to put a sapphire ring on your index finger! Those who lack happiness in their personal life are recommended to wear a ring with a garnet or ruby ​​on their ring fingers. Ruby, carnelian and garnet are stones of the heart, love and passion; a ruby ​​ring will help the owner find harmony and balance in the personal sphere. In addition to ruby ​​and garnet, a ring with pearls, a stone of emotions and feelings, will be a great help here. Jewelry with topaz can also be worn on the ring name – but to gain positive emotions and happiness in everyday life. The bright, sunny color of the stone will attract positive energy to you. A ring with an emerald can be worn on the little finger – the stone will help in the development and discussion of important business projects and will strengthen any business relationship. In addition, owners of jewelry with emerald are considered very creative people – for example, Marlene Dietrich wore a ring with this stone on her little finger. For peace of mind and balance, you should put an amethyst ring on your middle finger. But you cannot wear this stone all the time, otherwise all its positive effects will turn into negative ones. Finally, diamond rings. It is correct to wear a ring with a diamond on the middle or ring finger – this way these sparkling stones will attract the most attention, they will shimmer and shine brighter than all other jewelry.

Is it possible to wear other people’s rings?

The answer to the question of whether you can wear someone else’s gold rings depends on who the ring belonged to and what kind of relationship you have with the previous owner. For example, if a teenage girl wears her mother’s rings, nothing bad or terrible will happen for both of them – unless the girl loses one of the jewelry. Rings of dead people are a completely different matter. You should not wear the ring of a deceased person if it is “charged” with bad energy – for example, the deceased was seriously ill, or the ring was with him in the morgue. But if the jewelry is too expensive, and you strongly believe in omens, the jewelry can be “cleansed” of all bad things with the help of a special ritual. In the same way, you can wear a ring after the death of your husband. Of course, this question is a purely personal matter for the widowed woman, but it is unlikely that anyone will condemn her for the memory of her deceased spouse. If a woman is still afraid of being judged, she can wear a ring on a chain around her neck and hide it under her clothes – the memory of her husband will always be with her, but no one will see it. Author of the article: Alexandra Tsiklauri There are different types of gemstones found in nature that are used in various types of jewelry. Sapphire is often used in making rings. As you know, this gem has a number of healing and magical properties. Therefore, you need to know on which finger rings made of this corundum are worn. The meaning of rings with sapphire on different fingers, and what the stone itself means, will be discussed in more detail in this article.

Characteristics of sapphire

Sapphire is one of the varieties of corundum. The stone is characterized by a rich blue hue. This is justified by the combination of titanium and iron. Other rarer sapphire colors are also found. The stone is included in the list of the top 4 most luxurious stones. This gemstone is a symbol of power, loyalty and modesty. The healing and magical properties of the mineral have long been known. It accumulates favorable energy, improves brain function, and also increases creativity. Sapphires symbolize wisdom and generosity. If you wear a ring with this stone, you will be able to protect yourself from negative energy and also reveal your hidden talents. You will gain strength of spirit. There is an opinion that the stone protects against envy and bad thoughts. If the sapphire is set in gold, this will enhance its capabilities. Today, low-quality gemstones are quite common. In order not to become a victim of your own mistake, you should study the basic qualities. If you are choosing a ring with a luxury gem, consider the following characteristics:

  1. Cleanliness. Evaluation is carried out in several categories. The first category includes pure crystals. The last group includes products with some defects.
  2. Colours. Blue and cornflower blue gems are popular.
  3. Number of carats. This indicator determines the mass of sapphire. On average, each carat is equivalent to 0,2 g by weight. In this case, cut types must also be taken into account.
  4. Cutting. If the crystal is properly processed, its natural radiance will only be enhanced. The type of cut has an impact on the cost of the proposed jewelry.


Rings complemented with sapphires can be worn on all fingers. The only difference is that they all have different effects on human health and psyche. This will be discussed in more detail below.


The beliefs say that the thumb is responsible for a person’s spiritual state, as well as for his logical thinking and will.

If you wear rings on your thumbs, you can learn to make important decisions quickly. A woman’s gold jewelry speaks of her rebellious nature and strong qualities. She loves to strive for self-expression.

To avoid becoming a hostage to awkward situations, you should consider which country you are wearing jewelry in. In some states, this may be an indicator of unconventionality in a sexual direction.


Those who are not afraid of their ambitions should wear a ring on their finger. Such individuals are quite inventive.

If you look closely at the portraits of Alexander Pushkin, you will notice that he preferred to wear sapphire this way.

Esotericists associate sapphire with professional success and self-realization. Quite often this rule was followed by monarchs, for example, Elizabeth I.

On average

They say you can’t wear a ring on your middle finger, but no one knew why.

If you want to make your life more harmonious and balanced, wear jewelry on the indicated finger of the hand you do not write with. On the working limb – if you want to improve your work and personal life.

If a man wears a ring on his middle finger, this may indicate his desire to attract the attention of others. It also indicates a thirst for power.


The choice of loving individuals who are not alien to family values. Therefore, men put rings on the ring finger of the left (sometimes right) hand of their women during engagement. This is a sign that a man has found his destiny and is not ready to give it up.

Consider cultural differences. In European countries they decorate the right hand, and in America – the left. Wear gems if you like to show optimism and love for life. If you wear two rings at the same time, you can increase the number of positive emotions. The main thing is that the rings match, and there are no special differences in the metal.

Little finger

If you see a person who decorates the leftmost finger with such a gem, it means that he is trying to normalize his relationships with others.

The pinky ring was a mafia piece of jewelry that was an honor to wear. Therefore, we can speak with confidence about the status of a person.

With other stones

It is very important to understand how sapphire combines with other stones. Favorable compatibility is observed with the following gems: agate, garnet, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, carnelian, onyx, tourmaline, crystal and beryl.

You should not combine sapphire with stones such as alexandrite, amber, moonstone, pearl, emerald and hyacinth.

Sultan chose

Sapphires are minerals that are often counterfeited. Varieties that were obtained in laboratory conditions are not considered fakes. They are characterized by a homogeneous structure, without defects. Inlay is done using doublets and triplets. Sapphire plates are glued to a stone base. Often such inserts are immediately visible if you look closely at them through a magnifying glass. If you enlarge the stone, you can see the boundaries of the gluing.

To purchase a genuine sapphire, follow these recommendations:

  1. Inspect the edges. They should be sharp, with clear edges. Swipe across the glass. There should be some scratches left.
  2. Look at the stone in ultraviolet. It should produce white highlights.
  3. Touch the stone. It should be cold. It heats up for a very long time, and only with prolonged contact with the body.
  4. Natural stone does not change color, even if illuminated from different angles.

If you are buying sapphire jewelry, the seller must provide you with quality certificates.

The edges must be smooth and symmetrical, regardless of the viewing angle. Artificial and natural gems are characterized by durability and beauty. The only difference is the price. Gems of natural origin are more expensive.


To determine the size, you need to use a special device – a ring gauge. A strip of paper, thread or string will also work. Connect the edges and mark the points of contact. Cut off the excess parts and measure the length of the resulting segment. Then determine the size according to the table.

Measure the size with your active hand. Make sure the ring fits tightly. If it is held loosely, it will move around, which will cause discomfort.

If you buy a narrow ring, the width of which is 5 mm, rounding is carried out downward. Wider models (from 0,6 cm) – larger.


Sapphire is a durable stone. He scored a 9 on the Mohs scale.

The only thing harder than sapphire is diamond, which can leave scratches on the surface of the gem. Therefore, the stone is quite versatile. You can use it to clean the house, wash dishes, etc. However, when washing windows, the decoration should be removed so as not to damage the glass. It is impossible to damage the surface of sapphire with a knife or nail.

Experienced jewelers advise against cleaning at home. If there is an urgent need, wipe the surface with a cloth soaked in soapy water. All cleaning methods must be such that the surface of the metal frame is not damaged.

It is best to carry out cleaning in an ultrasonic bath.

The influence of sapphires on zodiac signs

As you know, there are stones that are suitable for some zodiac signs, but will not help others.

Therefore, you first need to analyze who sapphire is suitable for according to their zodiac sign. Blue precious crystal helps to reveal hidden abilities, as well as improve knowledge.

  • Very often, the sapphire color of the stone is chosen by women born under the sign of Sagittarius. This way they will be even more beautiful in the eyes of a man. Guys will be able to gain self-confidence.
  • Aries can wear sapphire jewelry to calm their fiery temperament.

  • Scorpios, with the help of sapphire, will be able to become more patient. At the same time, in relation to yourself and to others.
  • Aquarians will be able to develop self-confidence, which will earn people’s trust.

  • For Virgos and Geminis, sapphire is also suitable. This stone will help them communicate better with people, which will have a positive effect on the number of their friends.
  • Cancers who wear sapphire jewelry will be able to improve their physical and mental health.

  • Capricorns should not wear sapphire jewelry. This is due to their intransigence. After all, the gem will only strengthen this drawback. It will take away energy forces from its owner, so the person will feel depressed.
  • This gem is also not suitable for Taurus. They are quite irresponsible and lazy. Sapphire will enhance these temperamental flaws.

Even if sapphire suits your zodiac sign, try not to carry it with you all the time.

If at first it has a positive effect on well-being and mood, then it will begin to act in the opposite order.

Wear jewelry with this mineral only on special occasions.

It is useful to know what kind of stone it is – sapphire, and whether it can be worn on a particular finger. After all, the choice of finger depends on your temperament and life goals.

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