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On which finger should I wear an emerald ring?

Beautiful men’s and women’s emerald rings are a wonderful gift, symbolizing love, fidelity and admiration. Let’s consider how to choose and buy the right emerald ring, how much a gold product costs and what its price depends on. Emerald is a gemstone of the highest class of value, a symbol of life, wisdom and purity. According to legend, the ring with an emerald was worn by the goddess of love Venus herself, and the ancient Egyptians considered emerald the sacred stone of Isis and believed that it could turn dreams into reality, allow you to read thoughts and look into the past and future. Jewelry, like works of art, cannot be rushed. This applies not only to their manufacture, but also to their choice, be it a purchase as a gift, an investment, or even more so, adding to a personal “treasury.” Purchasing a ring with an emerald is quite an important step, since such jewelry is always in sight, attracts attention and reflects the character of its owner. A correctly selected ring with a precious stone should not only please the eye, you should feel comfortable, and this can only happen when it suits you: it is in harmony with your clothing style, character, hand shape and even lifestyle. Thus, bright girls who prefer a stylish image, attention to themselves and an active pace of life are suitable for rings with emerald in a modern design, perhaps even somewhat avant-garde. Rings with large stones and rich cuts are perfect for extravagant ladies. A more discreet and sophisticated design of rings without unnecessary details will be an excellent accent for the strict image of a business woman. Young girls who don’t like kitsch should pay attention to thin rings with a small, neat stone.

What are the properties of emerald and what does this stone mean?

Among all existing precious stones, emerald takes an honorable second place in popularity, second only to diamond. And this is no coincidence, because its beauty and variety of shades cannot leave anyone indifferent. One of the most famous fans of gold rings with emeralds was the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. The Queen of Sheba loved emeralds, and the Roman emperor Nero preferred to watch gladiator battles through emerald glass. By the way
If an emerald is flawless and larger than 5 carats, then it is valued significantly more than a diamond. In addition to its beauty, emerald is famous for its healing and even magical properties. One of the first mentions of this precious stone is found in the Bible, where it is said that when Satan was cast into hell, one emerald of extraordinary beauty fell from his crown, after which the stone miraculously turned into a cup, which the Queen of Sheba gave to King Solomon. Jesus drank from this magical cup on the Holy Supper, and when he was crucified, Joseph of Arimathea collected his blood into it. Later, the cup began to be called the Holy Grail because it had magical properties. The emerald was considered a talisman for travelers and sailors, as well as mothers. Amulets containing this precious stone were recommended to be worn by philosophers, scientists, and researchers. They believed that if a woman in labor puts on a ring with an emerald, the birth will take place without complications. And if worn around the neck, it strengthened memory and improved vision. He gave strength of spirit to warriors, and to the victors he gave mercy to the vanquished. The emerald was also known as the guardian of chastity and purity of thoughts, a symbol of faithful and passionate love. There is a belief that if lovers exchange rings with an emerald, their love will only grow stronger over the years. It is believed that emerald brings happiness to people with a pure soul and without bad thoughts, and can bring illness and trouble to those who lie and wish misfortune on someone. There is a sign that the emerald of people with evil thoughts splits. Emerald also has healing properties. Thus, it is generally accepted that a gem set in gold helps with insomnia, stomach colic and inflammation of the bladder, protects against infectious diseases, and brings relief from headaches and joint pain. Many believe that emerald actually helps lower high blood pressure. It is believed that emerald has high disinfecting properties: if you place emerald in a glass of water overnight, you can drink it unboiled in the morning. Astrologers recommend wearing emerald jewelry for Cancers and Pisces.

How to distinguish a real emerald

Unfortunately, cheaper beryls, artificial stones, and even ordinary glass counterfeits are often sold under the guise of natural, expensive emeralds. It can be difficult for an inexperienced buyer to distinguish a true gemstone from an “impostor.” Therefore, it is worth knowing a few details. For example, real emeralds are not as bright and sparkling as rhinestones; their shine is more reminiscent of the shimmer of green velvet, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Of course, if the emerald is set, it is not easy to identify a fake even for a professional, so here it is worth focusing on the cost. The price of a real stone is always much higher, and large emeralds cost a fortune. So, if you notice a ring with a large green stone at an attractive price in the window, you should suspect that this product is a fake. Large stones that sparkle too brightly, as a rule, turn out to be glass jewelry. But for a more serious analysis you will have to arm yourself with a magnifying glass and a glass of water. It’s no secret that the more transparent the emerald, the more expensive it is. But this is not the main criterion for the value of a stone. Note
When evaluating an emerald, the main thing is its color: the darker it is, the more expensive the stone. Jewelry with light but cloudy stones does not seem very attractive, but the chances are high that these are natural stones. By the way, among light emeralds, pure and transparent ones are quite common, so if you buy a ring in a trusted, well-known store, you can’t go wrong. Dark emeralds, and even more so transparent ones, are very rare and have a high price, and they can only be purchased in luxury boutiques. As jewelers say, the best dark emeralds from afar look like pieces of exquisite green velvet. And the presence of such a stone as a “flaw” in the form of a yellowish tint or inclusions inside, cracks and cloudy areas, uneven coloring is a sign of the true natural origin and individuality of a particular stone. If you see very bright dark green stones that are perfectly colored and shiny, they are most likely green tourmalines, beryls or peridots. Although there are also natural emeralds that are bright green with a blue tint, such nuggets can only come from Colombia. Determining the authenticity of an emerald without a setting is not difficult. All you have to do is take a magnifying glass and look at it from an angle. This way you can see the growth lines of the stone. For artificially grown stone, these lines will be parallel and straight, and for natural stone, these lines will also be parallel, but tortuous. There are synthetic stones in which you can see gaseous or liquid inclusions, sometimes resembling bubbles. These are jewelry beryls that are covered with a layer of artificial emerald. Such stones often have a large number of cracks, and when lowered into water they appear as a bright green outline.

How to choose an emerald ring and how much do such rings cost?

Choosing an emerald ring is not an easy task. The first selection criterion for most will be its cost, which directly depends on the size, color and purity of the stone. Generally speaking, the minimum ring with a small emerald of average quality can cost from 12 rubles; if the quality and size of the stone is higher, then its price is higher. If money is not the main thing, then the size of the stone becomes the criterion for choosing a ring. In this case, the choice of jewelry should depend on the woman’s age. Thus, large stones will not look good on thin girlish fingers, but they will perfectly highlight the beauty of the hands of a mature woman. So, emeralds come in different shades: from light transparent to deep dark. When choosing “your” color, it is best to focus on the color of your eyes. Rich shades are suitable for brunettes, and more transparent ones for blondes. Even if it is a stone on a ring, we still often bring our hands to our face and gesture in conversation, so a correctly selected shade of emerald on a ring can advantageously emphasize the shade of the eyes, giving the look mystery and enigma. By the way, one of the wonderful features of emerald is its ability to go well with all types of jewelry metal: yellow, red and white gold, silver, platinum, palladium. It also looks great in all types of frames. Therefore, here you can rely on your personal preferences. Emerald is one of the most beautiful, expensive and ancient gems. It is a type of beryllium belonging to the silicate family. Its name translated from Greek means “just green stone.” But it’s not easy! This color is difficult to describe in words, it is unique and delights with its depth, liveliness, extraordinary elegance and vague mystery. This is why the gold ring with emerald has become the most frequently purchased piece of jewelry in the world.

The meaning of emerald

Over the years, this gemstone has adorned the most powerful rulers in history – kings and emperors. It was a determinant of status and power, so it was traditionally associated with strong and determined people. It was considered a symbol of harmony and personified the fight against weaknesses. It was recommended to wear it to develop a strong character and not be afraid of new life challenges. Ancient beliefs say that placing an emerald under the tongue helps detect betrayal and look into the future. They believed that this stone protects against memory loss, enhances intuition and is able to reflect changes in the owner’s mood. Regularly wearing emerald jewelry calms, strengthens the nerves, relaxes and relieves eye fatigue if you look at it for a while. Residents of many countries around the world are convinced that it expresses the seriousness of intentions and protects against deception and betrayal, which is why men prefer engagement rings with emerald.

Tips for choosing an emerald engagement ring

  • shade,
  • crystal quality,
  • its absolute size.

The most valuable emeralds are distinguished by high transparency and uniform color. They do not have concentrated zones or inclusions of other shades. They are mined in countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Zambia. They are formed in the environment of metamorphic rocks in the form of hexagonal prisms.

Because emeralds are very fragile in nature, they can be much more vulnerable to damage from everyday use than other gemstones. During the crystal growth phase, natural stresses arise that contribute to the formation of micro-scratches, which are proof of the authenticity and natural origin of the stone.

The high price and exceptional rarity of natural emerald are due to the fact that its structural elements – beryllium, which forms the crystal, and chromium, which gives it a green color, are practically absent in the earth’s crust.

When choosing wedding rings, you should consider:

  • thickness. To prevent the decoration from putting pressure on neighboring fingers, it should not be thicker than 1–2,5 mm. For daily wear, you should not buy products with a minimum thickness of up to 1 mm. They are subject to deformation;
  • width. For men’s models – 4–7 mm, for women’s – 3 mm. For full and short fingers – 2,5–3,5 mm, with an average length – 3–6 mm;
  • size. Since wide rings fit tighter, you should buy 0,5-1 mm more. After all, with age, fingers become fuller, and sometimes salts form on the bones. Reducing a ring is much easier than enlarging it, especially if it is a product with a complex design. You also need to take into account that the size of the finger changes depending on the time of day, air temperature and the person’s weight.

Popular options for ring models with emeralds

Jewelry etiquette insists that after the marriage ceremony, the engagement ring gives way to the wedding ring. It is worn on the middle finger of the right hand (in the West – the left) or on the ring finger of the left hand. But in the last few years, it has been fashionable to combine an engagement ring with a wedding ring on one finger, creating a 2-tier piece of jewelry.

However, they must be made in the same style and have a similar rim shape. Two narrow headbands or a wide one with a narrow one look beautiful. But two wide models on one finger will look too bulky. An engagement ring with a medium emerald will look harmonious paired with a piece with a small path made of the same stone.

Smooth classics give way to models with bright inlays:

  • symmetrical rows,
  • on the side edge;
  • over the entire surface.

Square, wicker, open models or with a curved rim are becoming fashionable. Models where the stone seems to be recessed into metal are popular.

As for the profile of the ring, the most popular is the European one – round on the outside and on the inside. Such models are suitable for fingers of any thickness, do not slip or put pressure, even if a person loses or gains weight.

If the ring has a complex design or engraving is planned, then the “American” profile is more suitable – flat inside and out. It is not suitable for those who have large phalanges and wide joints with salt deposits.

Consider how reliable the metal is when worn constantly. The most popular wedding models are made of platinum and 585 gold – yellow, white and pink. 750 – too sensitive to external factors due to softness. Silver models darken faster, so they will need to be cleaned from time to time.

For several years in a row, women’s and men’s wedding rings with emerald made from several metals have been a popular hit. Geometric asymmetrical motifs in non-standard cuts are still held in high esteem.

Rings with convex massive stones are no longer in trend, because the texture of the metal has come first in decor:

  • matting,
  • spraying,
  • grain,
  • thread,
  • engraving.

An emerald gold ring is ideal for a wedding. This unique stone will become a symbol of your love. It always looks extremely elegant and impressive.

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