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On which hand should a citrine bracelet be worn?

For my designer jewelry, I choose stones that contain a piece of the sun, the energy of the sun, or cosmic light. When I decided to create a bracelet and earrings from citrine, I began to study more the properties of the stone and its individual characteristics. Every natural stone definitely has them. The color of the stones creates a certain energy frequency wave. And so, for example, the yellow color of citrine gives it certain beneficial properties. Yellow spectrum stones are stones of human life and health. They interact with the 3rd energy center (Manipura chakra), the projection of this center on the physical body is the place of the solar plexus. Thanks to this chakra, the energy of the sun, the energy of space, and stars enters the human body. Yellow citrine stones help Manipura fulfill its role in filling the vital organs of a person with energy to prolong his life. And at that difficult moment when a person is closed and in disharmony with nature, it is through it that he receives the energy of the cosmos. Citrine conducts cosmic energy to a person and harmonizes his condition. Our third chakra energizes all the organs of the digestive tract, the urinary tract, as well as the lungs, heart and brain. That is why it is so important to help the work of the third energy center. Citrine will always feed you with the energy of the sun and space, help the functioning of internal organs, and improve your physical and emotional state.


CITRINE comes from the Latin “citrus”, which means “lemon”. Its color fills us with vital energy, like the sun, fills the world with warming light. I felt this myself when I created a citrine bracelet for myself and began wearing it on my right hand. When I wear a citrine bracelet, I am always in a sunny mood, elated and very active. Citrine brings joy into my life and I know that not only my world fills the world with happy shades of sunny color, but also the world of any person who has such a sunny stone. Citrine is benevolent and friendly, it will always please, drive away despondency from life, and fill the space with bright colors. Natural citrine can have yellow, orange and greenish shades, it all depends on the amount of iron, aluminum and lithium impurities in its composition. Citrine is mined in Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Spain, Madagascar, Scotland, and the USA. And Brazil is the main supplier of citrine to the world market. It turns out that yellow quartz is found less often in natural conditions than other types, and natural citrines are not always distinguished by the brightness of their colors. Therefore, most of the citrines back in the Middle Ages were “born” by other minerals from the quartz family through heat treatment. They learned to create color artificially. Heat treatment of low-grade amethysts or smoky quartz allows one to obtain citrines of remarkable beauty in various shades of yellow-orange. Citrine was loved in Rus’ and was called the “merchant’s stone”. According to legend, a stone set in gold helped to accumulate wealth and spoke of the well-being of the family. Heirloom jewelry with citrine was very popular. So in Russia, during the time of Catherine II, Ural craftsmen came up with an original way of coloring quartz rocks to obtain fashionable shades. Large pieces of quartz were baked in dough. Newly baked citrines were removed from the “ready-made bread” only after they had cooled completely. The citrines that have the greatest jewelry value are yellow-orange in color, similar to thick honey or orange jelly – the Madeira variety. I can talk about citrine endlessly. I’m in love with this stone. Do you like him? Do you have citrine jewelry? Natural stones are not only a beautiful decoration, but also a strong talisman. Bracelets with minerals are popular among women. They can be worn with different outfits and combined with other jewelry. Natural stones come in different colors and can be easily combined with any clothing. Bracelets come in various sizes and shapes, so women of any size will find their own option.

On which hand are bracelets worn?

There is a lot of debate about which hand to wear a talisman bracelet on. Some say that the left hand is for receiving energy and the right hand is for giving it out. Women’s bracelets made of natural stones can be worn on any hand. However, the effect of the amulet will be different on the right and left wrist. If you want the talisman to feed you with its energy, wear it on your left hand. A bracelet on your right wrist will help get rid of negative energy. For example, if you are wearing a rose quartz bracelet, you have two options. The energy of the stone will be absorbed into your aura when you wear the bracelet on your left wrist. To radiate more love, compassion and kindness, wear the jewelry on your right wrist.

Magical properties of stones

  • Aventurine;
  • Turquoise;
  • Cat’s eye;
  • Malachite;
  • Onyx.

Other minerals have beneficial effects on the body and improve health:

Certain minerals, such as amethyst, can help you relax and make you sleep easier. Others, such as tiger’s eye, stimulate activity and help awaken.

The Sherl store has a large selection of women’s bracelets made of natural stones and other jewelry. On the website you will find a suitable talisman in a beautiful cut.

How to wear amulets bracelets

The latest trends say that bracelets can be worn in a variety of combinations.

  • one bracelet on the wrist;
  • several jewelry on one hand;
  • several items on the right and left hand;
  • bracelet and watch on one wrist.

When choosing a bracelet model, remember harmony and moderation. You should not cover your arm up to the elbow with jewelry. Remember also about color compatibility: the shade of the stone can complement the dress or create contrast. When you put a bracelet and watch on your hand, make sure that the stones do not scratch the dial.

Modern trends allow models of different widths. These can be thin strings of stones or wide metal jewelry with large inlays. They can be worn with any look: dresses, jackets, jeans and other clothes according to the season.

How to choose a bracelet with a talisman stone

When choosing, it is important to consider that the energy of the talisman should resonate with you. One way is to choose a mineral according to your horoscope. Each zodiac sign has its own talismans.

If you are not interested in astrology, you can choose a stone by color. Each shade has its own effect on a person. Think about what effect you want to get from the stone, and choose a color with an appropriate effect.

If you don’t feel good about a certain charm, don’t force yourself to wear it. Instead, try a different mineral or put it on a different hand.

If you don’t want to delve into the magical properties of minerals, you can simply wear them as jewelry. Choose the appearance of the products to suit your color type or image. The advantage of bracelets is that they can be worn in any convenient way, regardless of the season.

Natural stones are not only a strong talisman, but also a great opportunity to show creativity. Create a unique piece of jewelry by combining several bracelets in one look.

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