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Should I take off my stone bracelet at night?

This time I would like to touch upon issues that often arise during the process of wearing a product made from natural stones. Among the most popular: how often or for how long should the product be worn? The answer is obvious, as long as you are comfortable with it). How often?, depends on how important it is for you to get the desired effect from the product. In situations where there are several favorite products and it is difficult to prioritize among them, it is permissible to change them even during the day. Just some are on themselves, the second (third) are cleaned and kept with them. I’ll tell you an example from my experience. In the morning I can wear “tonic” beads to wake up faster, start the thought process, in the afternoon I can put on something to improve concentration and calmness, in the evening (on the way home from work or training) I can again choose something “tonic” and restore my energy resource , and in the evening, again depending on my task, put on something like the following. For example, you need to take care of your accumulated household chores and pay attention to your family; this is one composition of the stones. And assembling a creative work from stones is a completely different composition aimed at the creative process). I don’t have as many beads and bracelets as it seems, but the feeling of when I need which ones arises automatically. Therefore, it is absolutely normal that you realized that today you can’t live without jade, so we dress and wear it. Perhaps there are issues with an urgent need to improve your health, so I was drawn to it. You want something creepy like shungite or smoky quartz, which means that toxins have accumulated, as an option. Your hand reaches out to malachite, perhaps you lack attention. and so on. But we gradually come to the question that, just as a product can work for our task, so the craving for certain stones at a particular moment works to diagnose our internal and physical state, and this is a separate topic for conversation! What to do about it? Listen to yourself more actively. He is drawn to a certain stone, which means this is the “vitamin” that is needed now. The main thing is not to forget to clean the product correctly and regularly and listen to the sensations, whether we feel comfortable in it. What else is important to remember. It is important to clearly monitor the signs that it is time to remove the product. The simplest thing is that it has become heavy, presses, is not pleasant visually, as if it has faded, for some it even “itches” or simply a loss of comfort. This usually means that the product needs to be immediately removed and cleaned (yes, yes. with sea salt). What should you do if it interferes, but if you remove it, it’s somehow empty. Right! Get a “spare” and put it on), or stoically hold out without everything. Carrying stones “by force” is extremely fraught. And if there is no salt at hand, and usually there is none. If the “contamination” of the stones is not severe, and this is precisely the question, well, you were stressed while driving, or something else not entirely pleasant happened, and the stones absorbed this matter into themselves in one fell swoop, and you, for example, really feel it.. Flowing water at room temperature, hold for 5-7 minutes under the running (!) tap and wipe dry. Of course, if your stones are not afraid of water, for example, like selenite. Running water perfectly removes information. Yes, this won’t help the stones cleanse themselves globally, but it will defuse the situation a little. In the evening, immediately add salt! It also happens that a product can begin to “disturb” very quickly, even an hour or two after you put it on after it has been cleaned. There are two points here, either the stones are not the same, or they are the same, but quickly “filled up” and require cleaning, or you just got the desired effect from them and you need another “vitamin”. For example, you needed additional energy, your “battery” was recharged, and you really don’t need energy stones now and won’t need them until you need to “recharge” again. This is fine. The main thing is to always understand what you are wearing for what and regularly trust yourself. Often stones get warm when worn, this is good, it means they are actively working). Moreover, in a product with different stones, certain stones may “heat up” more actively. Which also indicates a more pronounced need now for their help. Moreover, stones affect us, even just by being nearby or being worn by someone else, but located in close proximity to us. If you like to just look at your mother’s beads, then don’t doubt it, even if in a less pronounced version, the stones influence you). You can put beads or just stones on the table next to you or in the car, and they will have an effect! Although certainly not as active as when wearing them on the body. A good question is also, is it possible to sleep in rocks? I do not advise. If the stones do not contain the already mentioned energy drinks (garnet, carnelian), then you can place your favorite stones next to the bed. In a sleeping state, stones often work even better, but with our subconscious. An important point is that letting someone “wear” your stones, even trying them on, as well as taking someone else’s, is only possible after thorough cleaning. Especially if you inherited the stones. I recommend directly “resetting” the stones (keeping them in salt for at least 7-10 days) in order to avoid unfavorable consequences for yourself. Now it’s a purely “ladies’ topic.” I wore a red dress (blouse), but I can’t wear green/yellow beads with it! What to do. FIRST the stones are chosen, then the outfit! Provided that this is not a super mega event where attire is more important. And provided that you have a choice of stones., of course.. FIRST we must look at our stones and understand what the hand is reaching for, the soul is reaching out to, and after that just choose clothes or not bother with choosing them at all, because . we are already happy in our stones). In conclusion, I will say that it is important not only to choose stones correctly, but also to wear them correctly! I hope you found this post helpful! Having opened any manual on storing jewelry, we will definitely come across a warning: jewelry should always be removed at night to minimize the risk of deformation of the metal. In fact, deformation of a silver or gold accessory is far from the only risk that those who are used to wearing it 24/7 expose their jewelry to. It is really important to remove accessories before going to bed and store them properly. But for the sake of truth, it is worth saying that not all jewelry is so sissy. There are definitely products in your collection that are ready to be with you around the clock and all year round. Let’s try to find answers to the questions together Should I take my earrings off at night? , is it harmful to constantly wear a wedding ring and the like? We promise it will be, at a minimum, educational, and at maximum – very interesting!

To shoot or not to shoot – that is the question

Let’s start with the most important thesis: you shouldn’t look for a clear answer to the question of whether you can sleep in earrings with pearls or a gold ring in our article. The world is not black and white. Consequently, there are not many questions in our lives that can be answered unequivocally in the affirmative or unequivocally in the negative. And the question of the need to remove jewelry at night is definitely not one of them. Let’s agree: we list you the arguments for and against, describe the problem from different angles, and you read all this and make a decision yourself. Is it coming? Then let’s go.

Remove: arguments for

Both professional jewelers and sensible, responsible owners of jewelry are confident that it is more correct to remove jewelry before going to bed. It is quite difficult to argue with this opinion. And, of course, there will be more arguments for than arguments against. Let’s start with them.

  1. High risk of damage to jewelry. Ruthless statistics say: most breakdowns happen to jewelry when their owner is asleep, forgetting to remove the jewelry from his body. This is especially true for jewelry of ornate, unusual, non-trivial design: with stones or voluminous design elements. If you wear earrings, you’ve probably woken up without one at least once. Often in a dream the decoration comes unfastened and gets lost in pillows and sheets. And it’s good if you managed to find the loss. But many, take our word for it, over the course of their lives have collected a whole collection of single earrings that lost their pair in a dream.
  2. High risk of allergic reaction. This argument applies to jewelry that contains nickel, a material harmful to our skin. It is harmful, in particular, because it is a fairly common provocateur of allergic reactions – various kinds of rashes on the body. Allergies are usually localized in areas of contact between jewelry and human skin. But sometimes the rash appears in other parts of the body. And even if it seems to you that these processes (say, wearing a ring and a rash on your elbow) are not interrelated, try taking off the product and observing the manifestations of allergies. Nickel is not the best component of a precious alloy. Responsible jewelry manufacturers have long ago decisively abandoned this metal. But practice shows that nickel is still not uncommon. It is still added to alloys to this day, so be careful and vigilant. So as not to experience all the delights of a metal allergy.
  3. High risk of injury. Everything is learned by comparison, of course, but the fact remains: going to bed with a huge cocktail ring on your finger or a fancy pendant, the risks of injury increase significantly. While sleeping without decoration reduces such risks to almost zero. If the structure of the product is full of elements that can catch on fabric or hair, do not take it to bed under any circumstances.
  4. Risk of circulatory problems. Yes, and such a risk is also present. Especially if we are talking about a ring or a necklace that tightly surrounds the neck. Each of us has different sleeping positions. In addition, some may swell during sleep. If you know that the jewelry is already tight enough, don’t take risks: remove it before going to bed. If your hand swells at night, the ring or short chain will turn into a noose: blood circulation will be impaired, and this, as you might guess, is extremely harmful to health.

The latter risk is especially relevant for women who are pregnant. Swelling during pregnancy is common. This means that expectant mothers need to think ten times before lying down to rest in their favorite jewelry.

Do not remove: arguments against

It would seem that the arguments for the fact that it is necessary to remove jewelry before going to bed are irrefutable. But no! If you try, you can find arguments against it. And to be honest, it wasn’t difficult at all. So don’t rush to make your verdict. Listen to what your conditional opponents think about this.

  1. If the jewelry is weightless and cannot be felt on the body, it can be left on. Because this makes absolutely no sense. Especially when it comes to a ring. The fact that you do not feel the jewelry on yourself, have become accustomed to it and become close to it, only indicates that the size and other parameters of the accessory were selected without a single mistake. We don’t know how you did it. Perhaps purely by chance. Perhaps with the help of a qualified sales consultant. Or maybe you have a well-developed jewelry intuition. But the fact remains: if the jewelry fits you like a second skin, then it is yours in every sense of the word. Therefore, it will not disturb your sleep. And you won’t interfere with him.
  2. If the wearer experiences discomfort when removing jewelry, there is no need to part with the item. As a rule, those jewelry owners who believe in horoscopes, omens and superstitions experience discomfort when removing jewelry. People say that removing an engagement ring is strictly prohibited, and you firmly believe in it. And if you take it off, you’ll be constantly beating yourself up. This will cause your quality of life to deteriorate. Who will benefit from this? It’s possible for the ring, but it’s unlikely for you. And since the comfort and health of the wearer of the jewelry in this story are the most important, main markers, in such situations it is better not to part with the jewelry. Yes, the risk of damage to a jewelry accessory in your sleep will increase, but the risk of your stress will be reduced as much as possible.

But please note: even if you never part with jewelry (or several pieces of jewelry), from time to time it is still worth removing them from your body for half an hour or an hour. To clean. Still, sebum and sweat are not the best friends of diamonds and precious metals. And periodically you need to get rid of them – on your own or with the help of the professional hands of a jewelry maker.

When you shouldn’t take your earrings off at night

In general, there are exceptions to any rule. And if you carefully examine each category of jewelry, from rings to bracelets, you can find dozens of reasons not to take off specific accessories before going to bed. Quite often, the conditions that allow you to avoid parting with your favorite accessory at night overlap. Therefore, we will now briefly touch on earrings. And you can use these markers for other decorations as well.

  • Surgical steel earrings cannot be removed , if they are your first ear jewelry. In other words, if the cosmetologist used these earrings when piercing the lobes with a gun. If you take off such earrings before going to bed day after day, your punctures will take a very long time. The only thing that really needs to be done is to wipe the skin of the ears under the earrings with special solutions that promote rapid healing of the tissue.
  • Earrings made of high-quality metal can also be left on. By high-quality metal we mean 585 gold and 925 silver. Please note that this does not apply to the highest standard gold jewelry. Since the higher the standard, the higher the gold content in the alloy, and therefore, the softer and more ductile this alloy is. But products of 585 standard (if we are talking about gold) and 925 standard (if we are talking about silver) are not afraid of deformation in most cases. At a minimum, the one that a dream might entail.
  • Earrings that do not have sharp elements do not need to be removed. At least from the user’s point of view. Sleeping in earrings can really have a negative impact on the product itself. But such a product will definitely not harm its owner, since it is devoid of traumatic elements.

Most of the arguments listed above apply to earrings in exactly the same way as to other types of jewelry. In other words, these theses apply to rings, piercings, and other jewelry.

What do bioenergetics experts say?

People who specialize in such phenomena as bioenergy, aura and other things inextricably linked with human potential, which cannot be seen, but can only be felt, speak quite categorically. In their opinion, sleeping in jewelry is prohibited—and that’s it. And not because in this way you can damage the jewelry. But because, without removing jewelry before going to bed, a person can harm himself.

From the point of view of bioenergetics, the main problem is that jewelry on our body is usually located at the most energetic points. They are capable of accumulating not only the energy of their owner, but also the energy of others, which is not always crystal clear and almost never positive. Removing the ring during sleep, or even better before bedtime, means allowing the jewelry to reset from an energetic point of view. During the time that you and your favorite jewelry are apart, the jewelry will cleanse itself. Having put on the accessory in the morning, after sleep, both the wearer and the precious item will be rested and will be 100% ready to fulfill their energetic duties and further service.

  • Should I take my ring off at night? From the point of view of psychologists and bioenergetics specialists, yes, it is worth it. Especially those of us who have not yet found our soulmate. It is believed that the energy of the ring encircles a person. If you don’t part with your jewelry 24/7, you’ll hardly be able to find a pair. Or at least you will spend a lot of time and effort on it. But if you part with the ring while you sleep and give both it and yourself a rest, the empty place in your heart will not remain that way for long: very soon the one or the one you think about at night will take up residence in it.
  • Should I take off my bracelet at night? It is believed that wearing a bracelet 24/7 has a detrimental effect on determination. Bioenergetics specialists are confident that a bracelet, even the most beloved one, sometimes works like handcuffs: it restrains, pulls a person back, pulls him back, preventing him from making important and necessary decisions. In order to protect yourself from such effects of jewelry, it is enough to leave the bracelet on the dressing table before going to bed, and put it on again in the morning.
  • Should I take off the chain at night? It’s worth it if it seems to you that fate is putting a spoke in your wheels and as if constantly keeping you on a short leash. Skeptics most likely will not see any connection between this metaphor and a gold or silver chain. But those of us who are not alien to the issues of human energy and the things around us will probably think about it. And even if you don’t fully believe in such phenomena, but only a little, try one day going to bed without your favorite chain around your neck. If by morning you feel unprecedented lightness in your body, soul and thoughts, it means it worked.

Questions related to biological rhythms, retreats, resources and aura are subtle and fragile, like dragonfly wings or last year’s leaf dried between the pages of a favorite book. And if such knowledge is alien to you, you have every right to consider everything described above to be complete nonsense. But it’s not for nothing that people say: what the hell isn’t joking? And if suddenly one day something happens to you for which you cannot find a rational explanation, try to resort to methods that you previously denied. First of all, what if it works out? And secondly, sometimes all means are good to achieve an important goal. And not just the ones you believe in.

True “five”: jewelry you can never part with

Let’s make a reservation in advance: if you want to live strictly according to all jewelry rules or bioenergy rules, then any jewelry, regardless of its design, structure or metal involved in it, must be removed before going to bed. Not only that: it must not just be thrown on the dressing table or carefully placed. It needs to be placed in a special storage box or, at a minimum, a velvet bag. In any of the listed containers, the accessory will be protected from exposure to the morning light of the sun and contact with other jewelry. (And such contact, as is known, can leave scratches, chips and even cracks on metal or stone, depending on the intensity of the contact.)

That’s if it’s according to the rules. But let’s face it. The rules for wearing and storing jewelry can be listed, described and chewed on as much as you like, but this is unlikely to increase the number of people living in accordance with these postulates. Therefore, the Gold.ua team suggests not idealizing reality, but starting from existing realities. And the main one of these realities is this: every one of us sleeps in basic jewelry and does not take it off before going to bed. And those who take pictures can be safely included in the Red Jewelry Book as an endangered species.

But this does not mean at all that if you met the jewelry morals police, they would immediately fine you for inappropriate treatment of your favorite jewelry. Sometimes this behavior is completely acceptable. We have analyzed and highlighted in a separate list at least five precious items that can be worn 24/7 – and nothing will come of it.

  1. Wedding ring. According to popular beliefs, this decoration is not only unnecessary, it cannot be removed from the finger. We, of course, don’t believe in all these horror stories and don’t recommend them to you. But, oddly enough, there is a rational grain in such judgments. You can safely wear your engagement ring without taking it off if you have it in a classic style: smooth, not fancy, without a stone rising above the metal. A standard engagement ring will benefit from such continuous use. The only thing you really need to pay attention to is regular cleaning of the ring. Still, the more time the jewelry spends on the body, the more subcutaneous fat and sweat it absorbs. All this gets clogged into microcracks in the metal and turns into dirt. Result: the engagement ring quickly loses its glow and shine. Regular cleaning of the centerpiece of your family life will keep the ring looking like new.
  2. Classic stud earrings. The design of the studs is such that these earrings can easily claim the title of the most comfortable jewelry of this kind. I mean, among those that decorate women’s ears. And men’s ears, too, by the way. If the studs are chosen correctly, then the pin, which is an integral part of the lock of such an earring, will not disturb you during sleep and will not cause your discomfort. Well-chosen stud earrings are “set it and forget it” items. And besides being comfortable, they are also versatile. Not all, of course. But in the catalog of the largest online jewelry retailer Gold.ua you can choose at least a dozen top models that will fit perfectly into any of your looks – from everyday to festive.
  3. Cross on a chain. For a believer, this is not just decoration. This is a talisman. This means that wearing this set of accessories is not a whim, but a necessity. The principle of the amulet is that it provides protection by coming into contact with the body of its wearer or wearer. In order not to take off the cross and chain at night and not to feel defenseless while you are dreaming, it is worth paying attention to jewelry in its classic design at the stage of choosing this set. The chain must be strong and wearable, the weaving must be reliable, otherwise the chain is not suitable for wearing 24/7. The cross should not have sharp corners or other elements that could cause injury. These are the basic principles for choosing such a set of accessories. To be honest, it is undesirable to sleep in a chain, but the majority violate this prohibition, proving by their own example and experience: nothing is scary for a strong piece of jewelry made using reliable weaving.
  4. Chain bracelet. We are talking about a classic hand chain. A chain that is devoid of pendants, metal figures, beads and other design elements. The basic bracelet, in general, also does not need to be removed at night. More precisely, this: from the point of view of professional jewelers, it is necessary to remove all jewelry before going to bed, but from a layman’s point of view, a chain bracelet is one of the types of precious items that are least likely to be damaged due to use during sleep.
  5. Chain with a small pendant. In general, everything here is exactly the same as with the cross in the third paragraph. But we still decided to devote a separate paragraph to the chain with the pendant. Those jewelry fans who do not wear a cross, as a rule, wear some other symbolic pendant instead. Someone chooses their zodiac sign, cast in gold or silver. Someone – a pebble in a precious frame or any other sign or symbol with which the wearer associates good luck. You can afford to leave your jewelry on while you sleep if you are used to it, don’t feel it on your body, and are absolutely sure that the pendant and the chain on which it hangs are made reliably and of high quality.

To summarize everything that has been said above, we add: according to statistics, most (emphasis on the first syllable) part of the damage to jewelry occurs not during the waking period, but during the period of rest and sleep. On the one hand, unexpected. On the other hand, it is quite logical. After all, if while awake we are able to control our movements, then in a dream, unfortunately, this is impossible to do. The decision whether or not to take off your favorite accessories at night is always yours. Our task is to warn you and outline the risks. Which we seem to have managed. But how successful it is is up to you to decide.

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