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Was Man Made from Soapstone?

Who hasn’t at least once walked down to the sea on hot cobblestones or dried their clothes on them while hiking? It turns out that humanity has used stones since ancient times as a solar energy storage device. And it seems that now the “stone age” of energy is ready to begin in earnest – stone storage devices for storing solar and wind energy are increasingly appearing next to “green” sources.Image source:, user jannoon028 It’s no secret that ancient people were familiar with stones. Stones were used as the first tools, weapons and building material. They lined fireplaces with them, made fireplaces from them, and even used cobblestones as batteries: cooking on hot stones is proof of this. Until recently, few people thought that stones contain excellent opportunities to accumulate solar energy. Just think that this invaluable resource is wasted for so long. But recently, science and engineering have again turned to this natural material. Scientists have found incredible potential that traditional batteries never dreamed of. The stone “battery” is already in full operation in Germany. The Siemens Gamesa company, whose profile boils down mainly to the installation of wind turbines, commissioned a thermal accumulator made of stone to store wind electricity in 2019. The ETES (electric thermal energy storage) pilot plant was installed in Hamburg on the site of an old power plant that was decommissioned. The plant converts electrical energy from a local windmill into hot air, using a resistance heater and blower to heat the roughly 1000-ton volcanic rock to 750°C. At times of high demand for electricity, the stored heat is converted back into electricity using a steam turbine. Engineers claim that the heat accumulated in the stone can be stored for a week or even longer. According to the company, the installation is capable of storing up to 130 MWh of power. True, not all cobblestones are given this superpower. The researchers found the greatest potential for energy storage in some samples of soapstone and granite from Tanzania. During the research, a team of scientists found magnesite in soapstone. This substance, as it turns out, is what gives it such a high density and heat capacity. When heated to over 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, both the soapstone and Usagaran granite samples showed no visible damage—unlike regular granite. In addition, soapstone released stored heat more efficiently than granite and was more durable. How it works? When released, the previously accumulated heat can start a generator, which will produce clean electricity. In Denmark they took a different route and crushed the stone into crumbs. Basalt “beads” heated to 600 °C were placed in large insulated steel tanks with a compressor-turbine system. It pumps thermal energy from one or more storage tanks filled with cold stones to other tanks filled with hot stones when there is excess wind or solar energy. In other words, stones in cold baths become very cold, while in hot baths they become hot. So heat, according to the creators of the GridScale system, can be stored in stones for a whole week. As you can see, there are not many such projects yet, but interest in stone energy is growing. Scientists believe that it is the “stone-sun” combination that will become the breakthrough technology that will revolutionize modern energy. And it will make renewable energy sources more accessible: after all, one of the main problems of green sources is still instability due to the lack of reliable and inexpensive energy storage technologies. Reality Stone (English Reality Gem) is one of the six Infinity Stones.

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    • 3.1 Earth-12041
    • 3.2 Earth-199999
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      Story [ ]

      One of the six Infinity Stones, giving the user the ability to control reality. According to the most common origin story, the six stones were once part of an all-powerful being who committed suicide due to loneliness. His power was preserved and manifested in six stones.

      Peculiarities [ ]

      This infinity stone is capable of changing reality and breaking the laws of nature and logic. The stone can resurrect the dead, distort reality beyond recognition and do things that cannot be done. The most powerful owners of the stone can create entire alternative realities at will.

      After the destruction and subsequent restoration of the Infinity Stones, the Reality Stone changed. Now its bearer can observe other universes of the multiverse, as well as communicate with bearers of this stone from other realities.

      Earth-199999 [ ]

      In this universe, this infinity stone exists in a liquid state. It’s called Ether.

      Ether is a mystical force that existed long before the emergence of the Nine Worlds. Ether is capable of turning matter into dark matter. Ether can exist indefinitely, but it is something like a parasite; the source of energy for it is usually some mortal creature into whose body the Ether penetrates. Having penetrated a mortal body, the Ether endows it with its power, but this body begins to slowly die. If Ether connects with some powerful being who knows about its power, then it can become a very powerful weapon.

      Alternative versions [ ]

      Earth-12041 [ ]

      Earth-199999 [ ]

      Malekith [ ]

      The leader, Malekith, used the Reality Stone, or Aether, as a weapon. Malekith planned to plunge all of the Nine Worlds into darkness when Ber hid the Aether where no one could find it. [1]

      Jane Foster [ ]

      From the Collector [ ]

      The Asgardians placed the Ether in a container and handed it over to the Collector for safekeeping, unaware that he himself wanted to become the owner of all six infinity stones. [1]

      Thanos [ ]

      A few years later, Thanos, who wanted to collect all the infinity stones, arrived in Oblivion and took the Aether from the Collector. The Reality Stone took on a solid form and was placed in the Infinity Gauntlet.

      Thanos was in no hurry to leave. He waited for the Guardians of the Galaxy and his adopted daughter Gamora to appear. By distorting reality, he made Gamora think that she killed him. Gamora burst into tears and thereby showed her true feelings for Thanos. Thanos took Gamora with him.

      Thanos also used the Reality Stone in his fight against the Guardians of the Galaxy. So, he scattered the bodies of Drax and Mantis into pieces, and turned a blast from Peter Quill into soap bubbles. Thanos later turned Gamora’s blade, which she used to kill herself, into bubbles.

      Thanos later used the Reality Stone during a demonstration of what the Titan was. He used reality distortion in the battles on Titan and Wakanda.

      When Thanos managed to collect all six stones, he used their combined power to destroy half the inhabitants of the universe. [2]

      Notes [ ]

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