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What 3 rings should a woman have?

A wedding can hardly be complete without wedding rings. After all, most often the bride dreams of how her lover will put a wedding ring on the ring finger of his right hand – a sparkling evidence of his boundless love and desire to be together all his life. Speaking from my experience, more than 400 weddings photographed, I can say that after the wedding, only beautiful wedding photographs and wedding rings remain. You will forget the menu in the restaurant, you will forget who the host was, but the rings on your hand and the photo book on the shelf will always remind you of the wedding.

The history of the origin of the wedding ring

In ancient times, a wedding ring, which is a closed circle, was something of a talisman that brings happiness and good luck and symbolizes the endless devotion and love of two hearts in love.
The history of the tradition of giving wedding rings is described differently in different sources: according to some authors, this tradition originates in Ancient Greece, according to others, its roots originate in Ancient Egypt. Since then, life has changed dramatically, however, wedding rings still remain an indispensable attribute of any wedding celebration. If some peoples, as a sign of love and fidelity, could only afford to tie a flower on their finger, then modern brides and grooms put gold rings on each other’s fingers. The material of the rings may be different (silver or platinum, for example), it does not matter what they are made of, the most important thing here is the mutual feeling that it symbolizes. It is equally important that the wedding rings are suitable in size and that the newlyweds like them: after all, the wedding ring will last a lifetime. A wedding ring is usually worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

What should wedding rings be like?

Classic wedding rings must be smooth (it is believed that in this case the life of the newlyweds will be even and smooth); Newlyweds should never use wedding rings melted down from their parents’ rings; Under no circumstances should one be married with a widow’s ring: a widowed man or woman retains his wedding ring, but wears it on his left hand rather than his right; A widow should not pass on her wedding ring to her children, since it is believed that the ring may lead to a repetition of the unhappy life path of her parents; wedding rings of divorced spouses cannot become wedding rings (it is not customary to wear them even as ordinary jewelry, and they certainly should not participate in the wedding ritual); Newlyweds can be married with their parents’ rings if they have already celebrated their silver wedding; Rings given to young people from golden anniversaries (grandparents) are considered especially revered. According to Slavic traditions, the groom buys both rings: on the wedding day it is not recommended to wear anything other than the wedding ring on his hand. Wearing a wedding ring on a gloved hand is also not recommended. Letting people try on wedding rings after the wedding is considered a bad omen. After the groom puts the wedding ring on the bride, only the groom’s unmarried friend or the bride’s unmarried friend is allowed to take the empty box in which it was lying. A wedding ring worn on a finger before marriage is a bad omen: it is believed to mean separation. To prevent this from happening, a thread prepared in advance by witnesses is threaded through the ring. She is believed to be able to gather bad omens upon herself. After registration is completed, the thread is burned with the words, “burn all my troubles and sorrows with fire.” It is also generally accepted that the loss of an engagement ring can result in separation or divorce, or the occurrence of serious health problems.

How to choose wedding rings?

The precious stones that are set into the engagement ring make it significantly more expensive: if you are buying a diamond ring for your engagement, then a matching engagement ring for your wedding ceremony will be the perfect complement. Not all young couples can afford rings with precious stones, and most men are indifferent to such jewelry. In this case, it is better to start with a simpler version of the gold ring, and buy more expensive rings as a gift for the next anniversary. By the way, traditionally a woman should have 3 rings associated with her marriage. 1) Engagement
2) engagement
3) for the birth of a child

Wedding Ring Styles

Many people enjoy the look and feel of comfort from wearing tight-fitting rings. Some people like thinner rings and find them more comfortable. Semicircular and flat rings cost much less because they are lighter in weight. When choosing a ring, the main role is played by the design of the product and the preferences of the buyer.

What ring width is best to choose?

The width of the ring, as a rule, is a personal choice for everyone; the choice should be guided, first of all, by individual taste, hand size, and comfortable fit on the finger.
The normal width of a men’s ring is 4-8mm, but the most popular is 5-6mm. Women tend to like narrower rings, especially if they like to wear two rings on one finger. In addition to narrow rings, the female half of humanity prefers to wear wider rings than men. Rings with a border may visually appear much thinner than they actually are. Some people are hypersensitive to dual-alloy rings, which can cause allergies. If you have ever had this type of problem, you will prefer a thinner ring. Large-width rings retain moisture to a greater extent (residues of cosmetics and soap, which can irritate sensitive skin). Tight-fitting rings allow your skin to breathe, which is less noticeable with semi-circular or flat rings.

How to choose a ring size?

As you know, we change over time. Therefore, when trying on rings in a store, it will be useful to measure your size more than once if possible, since during the fitting the finger size can change by up to half a size. In addition, it should be borne in mind that many of us have fingers half a size larger in the summer than in winter.

What can an engagement ring tell about its owner?

Australian psychologist Tim Wanley identified the following interesting patterns among 1,5 thousand married couples in the manner of wearing wedding rings, depending on the relationship the couple developed during their married life. A thin “classic” ring (2 – 5 mm wide) personifies satisfaction with a partner: its owner is not inclined to look for sexual relations on the side, the marriage between spouses can be long, and the relationship can become routine; A weighted, thick ring (more than 5 mm) personifies uncertainty about the partner’s reliability, the strength of the relationship and evokes an intuitive desire to prevent a future breakup;
a wedding ring with various “delights” (notches, designs with small precious stones) indicates that its owner subconsciously strives for a more passionate and vibrant relationship in marriage; The absence of a ring on a person whom we know is married speaks of the person as a secret erotomaniac who does not want to show his true marital status. And here’s the story about the engagement ring Identical wedding bands – a tribute to tradition or an eternal classic? Modern trends in the jewelry world throw away all prejudices and give the wedding image a new sound. July 9, 2021 256 0 –> Standard picture: the bride wants a ring with a diamond and a beautiful pattern, and the groom, on the contrary, is inclined to laconic classics. Often it cannot be done without the participation of relatives, who frighten everyone with signs and superstitions. How to come to a compromise in this case? Or maybe there is no point in wasting time looking for it? When you place gold bands on each other’s ring fingers, symbolizing the infinity of love, you take part in a ritual that has connected the lives of men and women for thousands of years. However, time does not stand still and modern jewelry trends make adjustments to “the way things are” – wedding rings take on new shapes and designs. How can newlyweds find the optimal combination of wedding rings? Is it necessary to buy identical engagement rings for a wedding: the pros/cons in a new article from YK.

Identical wedding rings – mandatory or not?

  • By choosing a ring to suit their style and character, the bride/groom learns to find a compromise, which is important in future family life;
  • In the process of choosing jewelry, there is no pressure on the partner in an attempt to force him to choose one or another model;
  • Everyone can choose the ring that best complements their eye color and skin tone, distracts attention from flaws (too thick or thin fingers, large joints) or, conversely, emphasizes their advantages.

Arguments for matching wedding rings

  1. All classic wedding rings have a similar design, so choosing them is easier and faster;
  2. Smooth classics (without stones or patterns) never go out of fashion. It suits different styles of clothing and is the most durable to wear;
  3. If you are a suspicious person, then identical wedding bands will protect you from bad omens and reproaches from relatives;
  4. Identical wedding rings demonstrate to others your complete unity with each other;
  5. Various wedding rings look more like ordinary rings than a symbol of marriage.

Arguments against matching wedding rings

  1. In identical wedding bands, the individuality of each couple is lost;
  2. Family life depends not on wedding rings, but on future newlyweds, so all signs in this regard are archaic prejudices;
  3. Everyone has the right to choose a ring to their taste, especially when a wide range allows it;
  4. Engagement classics are boring and monotonous, given the new jewelry trends in wedding fashion. Mix of metals, colored stones, non-standard shape and texture (matte, cross-section, grain);
  5. Men’s and women’s jewelry preferences differ, so choosing a product that will fully satisfy the needs of both partners will take a lot of time.

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Happy together

Signs and superstitions

According to popular beliefs, newlyweds should have identical rings, because husband and wife are one. The product may differ only in size. The same metal, like the same style, symbolize harmony in the family. This is the first general decision, where there is no “mine” and “yours”, but “ours” is formed.

According to omens, the ideal wedding rings are smooth, yellow metal, and equal in thickness and width. After all, then peace, prosperity and equality will reign in the family.

It is also very important to choose the right rings so that they do not dangle on your finger. Our ancestors believed that family happiness could escape through the gap in the finger.

Gold metal was considered preferable. Gold was a symbol of prosperity and financial well-being, and silver was protection from evil spirits and negative energy. That is why in Rus’ the head of the family wore a gold ring, and his other half, the keeper of the family hearth, wore a silver ring.

How to choose wedding rings if husband and wife have different tastes?

Does your fiancée love diamond/colorful inlay engagement rings, but are you a minimalist? In this case, attempts to find the same set of wedding rings will probably be in vain. Leave unnecessary disputes. We have several compromise options for you.

Firstly, wedding rings can be different, but have one element in common:

  • Different in style, but made of the same metal (or vice versa, similar in style rings made of different materials). For example, a ring with three vertically arranged diamonds in yellow gold looks quite traditional, but in titanium it looks very modern and brutal.
  • Identical in shape and color, but all elements of the men’s ring are made of matte gold, and the women’s ring is made of glossy gold.
  • A girl will be happy to wear a ring with a diamond path running along its entire perimeter. Her other half should consider models with one diamond, but of the same size and cut.

Secondly, if the newlyweds still find it difficult to choose rings, they can purchase completely different models, but with one trick. For example, with an unusual engraving in the form of a common date or phrase: the bride will have a beginning, and the groom will have a continuation. You can also use a heart or infinity sign.

Jewelry Karta store consultants will select original wedding rings made of white gold, as well as yellow and red – just tell us how you see your wedding jewelry. We have rings that are smooth and have an interesting texture, with one stone or a whole scattering.

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