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What are the benefits of semi-precious stones?

Jewelry inlaid with various stones looks extremely elegant, which is why they are always popular among connoisseurs of true luxury. Someone chooses a jewelry insert taking into account what clothes it will be combined with. Someone chooses a stone that matches their name or zodiac sign. And some people simply like the exquisite shine of gems, the choice of which is quite extensive, allowing you to choose a jewelry insert to suit your taste. In the minds of most people new to the jewelry business, a stable idea has formed that the most popular in the production of jewelry are diamonds, rubies and other precious stones. Yes, products with them look as elegant as possible, but in addition to them, a variety of gems are used, which are classified as semi-precious minerals. And don’t let the prefix “semi” confuse you – these are magnificent stones of different shades that look great in a frame made of white, red and yellow gold. Today we will talk about these gems and figure out which stones belong to this group.

Understanding the terminology

  • This category includes those gems that are quite often found in nature, in contrast to precious stones, the natural reserves of which are rapidly declining. Accordingly, their price is lower, despite the variety of shades.
  • The classification is often based on the Mohs hardness scale. It is believed that the harder the mineral, the higher its value. Diamond, for example, has the highest score – 10 points out of 10.

What is the difference between semi-precious stones and semi-precious stones?

There is no significant difference between these concepts, because the definitions “ornamental” and “semi-precious” can be used for the same stones.

Those minerals that are used both as inserts in jewelry and for the production of stone-cutting products are called jewelry and ornamental stones. Due to the nature of their structure, ornamental stones cannot be cut (for example, they may crack during cutting, or they may contain bubbles or inclusions), so they are used for the production of figurines, caskets and other products.

Red semi-precious stones

Semi-precious red stones are suitable for strong and ambitious individuals. They symbolize passion, making their wearers more determined in both their personal life and professional career. Red gems often decorated rings, crowns and other attributes of government officials.

There are 2 main representatives in this group:

  1. Pomegranate. This is a stone symbolizing love and ardent passion. It helps its owner become more self-confident, which is very important in business matters and personal life. There are several types of the mineral – among them is bright pyrope, which has a blood-red hue that can reach brown. Almandine has a similar hue, which is often compared to ruby ​​due to its rich cherry color. Rhodolite is a fairly rare specimen, which is distinguished by its dark pink color, reaching almost purple. Spessartine is a type of garnet that is brownish-yellow in color and always has foreign inclusions. There are other types that differ in different shades, even green.
  2. Nephritis. This stone also has many shades, but the most common are cherry and scarlet. Color saturation depends on the content of iron oxides.

White minerals

Representatives of this group do not have flashy shades, so they may be perceived differently from other gems. But they have a certain mystery, so they literally attract attention.

There are several interesting representatives in this group:

  • Opal. It is a mineraloid that is very close to quartz, but opal has variable water content. It comes in a variety of shades, including a white translucent color with a slight light blue shimmer. It is believed that it helps its owner to demonstrate all his skills, as well as realize hidden talents.
  • Moon rock. This mineral has a truly mysterious shade with a pearlescent tint. It is actively used as inserts for jewelry, where it is often combined with other precious and semi-precious stones. Previously, it was believed that moonstone had a positive effect on health, relieving it of negative energy, and also helping to fight not the best manifestations of character: outbursts of anger, aggression, etc.
  • Rhinestone. Jewelry with rock crystal looks very elegant, and the mineral itself goes well with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other bright stones. Rock crystal is crystalline quartz, which is pure silicon dioxide. The color is transparent, with slight shades of lilac and pink possible.

Blue and light blue stones

Our list of semi-precious stones continues with blue minerals, which look extremely elegant and in their beauty can compete with precious stones of the first order. In nature, this shade is not found very often, so they are highly valued.

Here are some of the most popular blue and cyan minerals:

  • Turquoise. An opaque mineral that is considered one of the most beautiful semi-precious stones. It has a bluish tint that can smoothly turn into green. Earrings with turquoise, as well as other jewelry framed in high-grade gold, are a real work of art. Many note the positive effect of the mineral on its owner in terms of getting rid of apathy and depression.
  • Tanzanite. This mineral has different shades – from blue to purple. This valuable gem was initially mistaken for a sapphire, so for a long time it was not known at all. One of its properties is pleochroism, i.e. the ability to change its hue at different viewing angles. The stone is truly rare because there are approximately 15 years of reserves left, which makes jewelry with it truly exclusive.
  • Aquamarine. The mineral has an attractive shade of sea green, but the color is always different from the place where the stone was mined. There are deposits in India, Kenya, Brazil and other countries. Aquamarine is highly prized among jewelry makers because it has a hardness that allows you to experiment with different cut shapes.

Purple minerals

This is a small, but one of the most attractive categories among semi-precious stones. This shade is striking in its depth, so it immediately attracts attention.

The most common purple mineral is amethyst. It has a rich hue, which depends on the content of iron impurities. Density – 7 points on the Mohs scale. Amethyst looks especially attractive in a gold frame, so rings, earrings and bracelets with this mineral are real works of jewelry art.

Another representative of the group of purple stones is charoite. The mineral has a lilac hue due to the manganese content in the composition. This is a mysterious stone because there is still no consensus on its origin. The only deposit is located on the border of the Irkutsk region and Yakutsk.

Yellow semi-precious stones

Yellow gemstones have always attracted special attention. The sunlight they emit will add color to even the most modest and ordinary look. All yellow minerals have good energy, so they have a positive effect on the physical and psycho-emotional state of their owner.

Here are the main representatives of this group:

  • Citrine. This mineral belongs to the quartz group. It is considered quite rare because fewer and fewer of these yellow gems are found in nature. Looks good in a frame made of white, yellow and red gold, and can be combined with other jewelry inserts.
  • Cornelian. This is a type of chalcedony that has a fibrous structure. It is believed that it is a good talisman for creative people, adding eloquence to them and charging them with energy to realize all their ideas.
  • Amber. It is a mineraloid, which is a fossilized tree resin. It is very highly valued, therefore it is actively used in jewelry production.
  • Heliodor. This is a type of beryl that has a fairly high hardness – 7,5 on the Mohs scale. The shades are different – from lemon to rich orange.

Green minerals

Natural semi-precious green stones symbolize harmony and balance.

Here are some interesting representatives:

  • Chrysoprase. This is a variety of quartz that has a rich green tint. Alexander the Great considered the stone a symbol of good luck, so he constantly wore it on his belt. Chrysoprase is an amulet for ambitious and purposeful people, so it will be a good helper in business.
  • Malachite. It was often used in cladding and arts and crafts, but malachite also makes very original jewelry. Considered a stone of harmony. He is able to give happiness and peace of mind, but only to people with pure thoughts
  • Aventurine. The mineral is not found often, so jewelry with it is an excellent gift if you want to surprise someone. In nature, not only green, but also yellow tints are found.
  • Coil. The color of the mineral resembles snake skin, so its name fully justifies itself. It is not used as often in jewelry as in the production of figurines.

Black semi-precious minerals

Black gems have a special mystique, so they immediately attract attention. Despite their “sinister” color, these stones have positive energy, so they can become a good amulet for a person.

Among the black minerals, the following representatives stand out:

  • Black agate. This is one of the varieties of chalcedony. It looks good in gold and platinum frames, so it is actively used for making jewelry.
  • Black onyx. The mineral lends itself well to processing, so it is highly valued by jewelry makers. It has strong energy, although not all countries consider it positive. In ancient China, it was believed that misfortune would await a person if he stumbled upon a deposit of black onyx. But in Egypt this stone was revered quite highly, so it was used to decorate jugs, vases and furniture.
  • Obsidian. This is a volcanic formation that occurs when lava cools. Previously, it was actively used in the manufacture of beads and amulets, and today obsidian is used to decorate watches, bracelets and other accessories.

These are not all types of semi-precious stones that can be found in nature. But even without this, the list turned out to be quite impressive and now you will know that the jewelry world is not limited only to diamonds, the superiority of which no one doubts. We hope that you will look for something interesting from this list, but if difficulties with the choice still arise, then the specialists of the “Diamonds are Forever” online store are ready to advise you in choosing a suitable jewelry insert and the jewelry itself.

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Semi-precious stone slabs

When creating an interior, specialists use a wide variety of building materials. Using them you can make any home individual and original. In modern times, you will no longer surprise anyone with a brick wall without finishing, as well as a concrete floor in the house. But the most original and unique material is considered to be natural stone, especially when it comes to slabs.

Slabs of semi-precious stones are a status acquisition. The material is noble and quite attractive. The product is in great demand among customers. In modern times, you can buy slabs of semi-precious stones in a wide variety of designs.

Slabs of semi-precious stones: types and their features!

Semi-precious stones in the modern interior of a room are considered not only stylish, but also quite attractive. The most popular recently are considered to be slabs of quartz or agate. The stone itself appears to be of several varieties.

In its pure form, quartz is characterized by the presence of colorlessness. Although, due to the content of special impurities here, it can also be presented as a product in a variety of colors. This material is widely used in the production of all kinds of products, including for use in the construction industry. Many types are distinguished by the presence of a unique and original image.

The material is quite actively used in creating a wide variety of interiors. In modern times, their use is indeed considered a kind of fashion trend. Buying such a semi-precious stone is the main sign of the well-being of any owner of the premises. Floors that are created on the basis of such a strong and durable material look quite solid.

Why should you buy slabs of semi-precious stones?

Slabs of natural stones have many advantages. They are able to emphasize the well-being and excellent taste of the owner of the premises. The product is great for creating an interesting and original floor. Original steps, which are made on the basis of semi-precious stone, are considered to be an excellent addition to a modern interior. Any such elements make it possible to give the room a kind of respectability.

Elegance, nobility and attractiveness are the main features of this material. Countertops that are made using slabs of all kinds also look quite attractive. In general, there are plenty of arguments in favor of purchasing material today. But a polished product is the most profitable purchase.

Each product made from semi-precious stone will fit perfectly into any interior. But with a competent and correct approach, it will look most effective in the bathroom. Compared to conventional building materials, slabs are subject to significantly less wear and tear. In any situation, they will turn out to be the most real and real find.

Comfort, coziness and convenience in the room can be created using any of these semi-precious materials. But in any case, their use directly depends on the personal preferences of each individual owner of the premises.

Thus, slabs of natural stones will be a great purchase. There are many types of this material on sale. Therefore, each person can choose the most ideal option.

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