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What are the healing effects of white clay?

Millennia have passed, but the Egyptian queen Cleopatra remains one of the canons of beauty. It still remains a mystery to many how she managed to maintain her beauty and youth without having modern cosmetic products at hand. However, some researchers believe that there is nothing mysterious about this – even our contemporaries can “sculpt” their beauty with their own hands. The favorite material of sculptors – white clay – will help them with this. It was this material, as some believe, that allowed Cleopatra not only to maintain her appearance in perfect condition, but also not to become an easy victim of palace conspiracies, because white clay is suitable not only for applying cleansing and caring masks – its properties have also been well known since ancient times absorb various toxins. Thanks to the company “Dana, Ya” and the trademark “Pharmacy of Nature ®”, today we also have access to this secret of Cleopatra in the form of the dietary supplement WHITE CLAY. White clay is kaolin, a silicate (silicon acid) of aluminum, calcium and magnesium. Silicon, which is part of kaolin, takes part in the formation of bones and collagen. With age, its content in the body decreases. Silicon deficiency in the diet (even with sufficient vitamin D intake)3) leads to a deterioration in the absorption of calcium, which takes part in the formation of bone tissue and mineralization of teeth. In addition, together with protein structures, silicon participates in the formation of enzymes, amino acids, and hormones. Calcium and magnesium prevent the development of osteoporosis and its complications. We pharmacists are well aware of white clay, since it was previously widely used as a filler in the manufacture of pills, as well as many external dosage forms – suspensions or ointments used for cosmetic purposes. However, the most important property of white clay is the property of an enterosorbent, that is, a substance capable of adsorbing toxins due to its large active surface. Passing through various parts of the digestive tract, white clay envelops the walls of the stomach and intestines, preventing toxins from being absorbed, and also adsorbs toxic substances and metabolites of various origins, binds them and removes them from the body. Such properties of kaolin make it possible to use WHITE CLAY in complex therapeutic measures aimed at treating skin diseases, allergies, metabolic disorders, intoxication (including alcohol), and pathologies of the digestive tract. Thanks to the properties of kaolin, the dietary supplement WHITE CLAY from TM “Pharmacy of Nature ®” is:

  • a source of macro- and microelements in easily digestible form, such as silicon, aluminum, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc.;
  • an adsorbent that promotes the removal of toxins and radionuclides from the body;
  • a remedy that allows you to cope with poisoning from poor-quality food and alcohol intoxication.

WHITE CLAY is recommended to take 2 capsules with 1-2 glasses of water or 1 teaspoon – 2 g (pre-dissolved in 200 ml of water) in the morning on an empty stomach. Course – 4 weeks. If necessary (intoxication, poisoning), you can consume up to 3 g of WHITE CLAY.

Ask for WHITE CLAY from wholesale suppliers: “Alba Ukraine”, “Venta.LTD”, DP “DIM”, “Fra-M”, “Farmaco”. Manufacturer of the dietary supplement WHITE CLAY – PE “Company “Dana, Ya”: Kyiv, tel./fax: +380 (44) 251-18-70 , 245-83-15 ; .

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Greetings to all ecoholics who stopped by to read my review!

I really love face masks, especially clay ones. I have only positive impressions about them. Usually I bought ready-made clay masks, which you only need to immediately apply to your face. This time I decided to buy dry clay. And my choice fell on white cosmetic clay from SIBERINA .


The clay is in a plastic puck jar, around the circumference of which there is a label with all the necessary information (description, composition, method of use, information about the manufacturer, expiration date).

There is also a tamper evident sticker on the side, which guarantees that no one has opened the package before me.

On the black screw-on lid there is a label with the brand logo, the name of the product and a picture of the finished diluted clay.

There is a protective plastic membrane under the lid.


Clay is a very finely ground powder. It is very similar to powder or flour.

White color. The aroma is characteristic of ordinary clay.

I was pleasantly pleased that the clay was tightly compressed and reached the very edges of the jar. There was not a single empty space. I am very pleased with such generosity from the manufacturer.

When water is added, the clay becomes a mushy consistency.


White cosmetic clay of high purity.
INCI: Kaolin.

It contains only one component – white clay. And there is no doubt about its naturalness.


I use this clay in several ways. I love using it on my face, and I also really liked using it on my hair.

Making a clay mask is very simple. In a 1:1 ratio, mix the clay with water, hydrosol or herbal decoction until it reaches the consistency of sour cream.

I liked adding a little extra oils. Most often I add grapeseed oil and a few drops of rosemary essential oil. They are perfect for my skin and hair type, and the effect of a clay mask with them is only enhanced.

Mask for the face.

Apply the diluted clay mixture in a thick layer on your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. After about 10 minutes, the mask begins to dry out a little, in which case I spray it with hydrosol. The mask spreads easily over the skin, but it takes a long time to wash off. To speed up the process, I use a cleansing sponge; it washes off the clay mask much faster.

I make this mask once a week.

Hair Mask.

I apply the mask to dirty and slightly damp hair. I carefully distribute it onto the roots and scalp, dividing the hair into partings. I apply any cosmetic oil (grape seed oil, coconut oil, amla oil, etc.) to the lengths and ends of my hair. I wrap my hair in a bun, put a plastic cap on top, and then wrap a towel around my head. I walk like this for about 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. The mask washes off easily; I usually soap my hair twice.

I make this mask once a week.


For face.

After a mask with white clay, it is immediately noticeable that the skin has become much cleaner and brighter. Clay perfectly pulls out all the dirt and makeup residues. Evens out skin tone, gives the face a fresh, healthy and rested look. After a clay mask, inflammation dries out well, acne marks are reduced, and pores are narrowed.

With regular use, acne appears much less frequently, and if it does appear, it goes away much faster. The pores are not so dirty and blackheads become less noticeable. The skin becomes matte, sebum production is normalized.


White clay not only cleanses the skin well, but also softens and soothes it. Makes skin incredibly smooth, even, soft and velvety.

For hair.

I really regretted that I had previously used clay masks only for my face and not for my hair. But it also works great on the scalp, helping to remove excess oil from hair.



Clay helps to prolong the fresh and clean appearance of hair. If before I washed my hair every day, because on the second day it looked dirty and greasy, now I wash my hair every other day. And my hair retains a clean and well-groomed appearance longer, as well as volume at the roots.

A white clay mask also helps get rid of itchy scalp and dandruff. Strengthens weakened hair, restoring its strength and preventing hair loss.

I was delighted with the results after use white clay SIBERINA! This is an excellent universal product that will give a great effect after the first use!

I will buy it again with great pleasure, but I also plan to get acquainted with the rest of the range of cosmetic clays from the brand. And their selection is quite large

Thank you for your attention! Always be beautiful!

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