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What birth month does emerald correspond to?

Natural stones are created by nature. They are diverse and unique in their shades, shapes and patterns. In addition to natural minerals, there are also artificial ones. They are created by humans using modern technologies. Many of the artificial breeds are difficult to distinguish from natural ones.

Sign and mineral

Every person has stones that suit their zodiac. The importance of natural and artificial stones was developed gradually. Many years passed before the properties of minerals were associated with certain constellations. The astrological zodiac is a system that appeared several thousand years ago. According to this system, the Cosmos and the date of birth of a person are correlated accordingly. And each of the zodiac signs has its own characteristics.

  • Stones for Aries
  • Stone for Aquarius
  • Stone for Capricorn
  • Stone for Sagittarius
  • Stones for Scorpios
  • Stones for Libra
  • Gemini Stones
  • Stones for Virgo
  • Stones for Leo
  • Stones for Cancers
  • Stones for Taurus
  • Stone for Pisces

Zodiac sign stones are very different. It is recommended to collect your own collection of crystals. Some experts are confident that properly selected minerals direct people’s energy. The power that accumulates in the mineral increases a person’s capabilities and protects him. And wearing a stone that does not suit the zodiac sign has a bad effect on his life (although it is easier to believe in this to justify one’s own failures).

So, in order to attract happiness and good luck, improve relationships with others, cope with emotions and protect yourself from external negativity, you need to wear exactly the stone that suits you. And whether to believe in all this or not is up to you.

Each sign has its own stone

Aries should purchase minerals such as ruby, sapphire, amber, and cat’s eye. They not only help you successfully start any business, but also allow you to remain in the spotlight.

Rose quartz, hair stone, and malachite are perfect for Aquarius. Such minerals help achieve your goals.

Capricorn should pay attention to striped topaz, jade, peridot, amber, pearls, coral, black opal, agate, and rock crystal, which will help him build a career and achieve harmony in family relationships.

But Sagittarius must definitely choose aventurine, lapis lazuli, jade, onyx, ruby, chrysoprase, coral or quartz. They are suitable for those who want to succeed in both business and personal life.

Scorpios cannot do without diamonds, malachites, opals, heliodors, corals, citrines, sapphires, emeralds, malachites, pearls, rock crystal, moonstone, which will help them achieve success in love and business.

Libra will become happier by purchasing jade, agate, chrysoprase, pearl, rock crystal, topaz, diamond, quartz, zircon or rose quartz. These minerals will help them become even more balanced.

Gemini should take a closer look at opal, alexandrite, jade, onyx, aventurine, jasper, moonstone, while Virgo cannot do without onyx, aventurine, peridot, topaz, malachite, quartz, carnelian, emerald.

The royal Leo will shine even more in sapphires, alexandrites, jasper, amber, tiger’s eye, ruby, moonstone and rock crystal, but the modest Cancer will not hurt to buy sapphire, jasper, amber, zircon, ruby.

Taurus will be helped in all their adventures by sapphire, turquoise, jasper, aquamarine, malachite, emerald, diamond or tourmaline, but Pisces can hide from worldly worries and problems by trying on amethyst, amber, ruby ​​or agate.

You can find out more detailed information about minerals and their correspondence to the signs of the Zodiac in the relevant sections of our website.

Selecting stones according to zodiac signs, it is important to consider that they must be worn correctly. So, it is best if the stones do not touch the skin. You should take suitable stones with you to important meetings. And at home they need to be stored in a dark box. It is best if it is made of natural wood.

Birthstones and month

The mineral must correspond not only to the zodiac sign, but also to the month of birth.

  • first month of the year – pyrope, pomegranate (rich red);
  • February – amethyst (dark purple);
  • the first month of spring—aquamarine (bright blue);
  • April – diamond (no color);
  • May – malachite, emerald (rich green);
  • the first summer month – alexandrite (green with a red tint);
  • July – lal, ruby ​​(red with a crimson tint);
  • August – jade, chrysolite (green with a yellow sheen);
  • the month from which autumn begins – lapis lazuli, sapphire (rich blue);
  • October – jasper, opal (bright);
  • November – amber, topaz (with a yellow tint);
  • the first month of winter is turquoise (azure).

Stones in jewelry

Wear minerals that correspond to your date of birth. If the stones are suitable for making jewelry, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Jewelry without stones looks boring. After all, the mineral allows you to completely change the appearance of the product. It makes it personal. Both natural and artificial stones are widely used in jewelry. They are used to make rings, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, belts and other accessories. The “heart” of the product can be a large gemstone. Such a stone will certainly attract attention. And a scattering of small pebbles radiates a special shine.

Gems and zodiac signs

Since ancient times, astrologers believed that each zodiac sign corresponds to a specific gemstone. In the Middle Ages, there was widespread belief in the healing qualities of precious stones, which healed a person’s spiritual and physical ailments.


A suitable option for Aries is a diamond, which brings good luck in business, protects against adversity, and gives courage. Aries loves a diamond, which charges its owner with confidence, helps overcome illnesses, and tame anger and irritation.


The main stone of Taurus is considered to be sapphire, which can have a calming effect on the owner, relieve fears, bad thoughts, and anger. In addition, emerald, jade, and opal are suitable for Taurus.


Agate is considered a good luck talisman for Gemini, which can increase the owner’s charm, make the gift of eloquence even stronger, and make his attitude towards life easier.
Another important stone for Gemini is beryl, which brings happiness in love, good luck in travel, and gives energy.


According to long-standing beliefs, one of the talismans of Cancer is the emerald, which can bring its owner good luck, wealth, love, and protect him from negativity.

a lion

Yellow stones, including amber, are suitable for this zodiac sign. This ancient mineral will protect against negative energy. Olivine can provide Leo with success in business.


Jade is considered a stone that brings happiness to Virgos, strengthening vitality and protecting against diseases.


The birthstones of this zodiac sign are opal and lapis lazuli. The noble owner of the opal guarantees success in all matters. Lapis lazuli is a healing stone and is recommended to be worn by people suffering from skin diseases and rheumatism.


One of Scorpio’s talisman gemstones is considered to be coral, which attracts good luck and has healing powers.


Amethyst is a lucky stone for Sagittarius, as well as chrysolite, which can bring restful sleep and drive away nightmares.


Ruby is a beautiful stone that brings happiness in love. Semi-precious onyx is an excellent talisman for Capricorns, it gives strength, improves memory and well-being.


Aquarius’ lucky stones are zircon and garnet. Pomegranate promotes good mood. Zircon improves intellectual abilities.


Amethyst and pearls are lucky stones for Pisces. Pearls can protect against thieves, dishonest deals, and the evil eye. Amethyst brings good luck and calms the nerves.

Myths about astrology

There are many misconceptions about astrology. In the modern world, the reaction to this science may be laughter, that this is just nonsense and quackery. We believe that this is so, but let’s try to find out the opinion of our opponents. Here is what people who sincerely believe in this “science” write:

The most important misconception of people is the fact that for so long the existence of the Universe, all the stars have already shifted a hundred times. Many are ready to doubt the competence of astrologers, accusing them of not taking such important facts into account. How can anyone talk about horoscopes without knowing which zodiac sign is currently in which position? Only this point is taken into account by astrologers. And you should understand that real astrologers have nothing to do with horoscopes from newspapers and magazines.

Astrology is not accepted as a science and they think that it is all nonsense. Any person is able to tell something about the influence of the plan and the stars with an intelligent face. Can he also call himself an astrologer? Astrology is a whole science. If you come across scammers who take advantage of people’s naivety, then you shouldn’t judge the whole of astrology by such people. In any field of knowledge you can find people who will deceive others.
Other people completely trust astrology and all the predictions it can give. Rather, in this case, people are simply looking for someone or something to dump the burden of responsibility on. Troubles in the family or at work? Why not say that the Moon is out of phase? You should not think that an astrologer is able to fully know a person’s fate, because he is not a predictor.

If astrology talks about the destinies of people born on the same day, then other contradictions appear. Why don’t twins have completely identical lives? And the destinies of people united by the same date of birth are not copies of each other? This issue has been studied for a long time. There are even statistics that confirm that twins have similar destinies, and some moments in life happen exactly the same, but at different times. The twins themselves are similar to each other not only in appearance, but also in tastes, from food to their own chosen one or chosen one. But astrologers still believe that the similarities in the destinies of the twins are minimal, since they were born on the same day, but in different time periods. And science itself confirms that every person in the world has his own double. Maybe it will be just a person born on the same day and time as another?

Not long ago, a myth began to circulate that there are now not 12, but 13 signs of the Zodiac. Thirteenth place is occupied by Ophiuchus, which knocks down the entire further series of signs. Many astrologers are infuriated by this question. There are different schools of astrology that take into account different constellations that could be called the zodiac sign. If you take them into account, you can count a couple of dozen characters. But in the classical school of astrology, which is mostly known to people, they are of the opinion that a constellation cannot be a zodiac sign.
Astrology is a science with many nuances that may not be clear to the average person. It is worth understanding them, and not immediately saying that this is pseudoscience, which belongs only on the last pages of the yellow press.

The tradition of associating gemstones with certain months goes back centuries. Man has always given precious stones magical powers. The owner of jewelry always wants to believe that a correctly selected gemstone will become his talisman, give him strength and protect him from misfortunes. In 1912, the Jewelers of America summarized the available information and compiled an official list of gemstones corresponding to certain months.

1. January – Garnet.
Garnet is a powerful tonic and regenerating stone. It promotes health and vitality and can improve your love life. It is a stone of warriors and was previously traditionally set into shields and sword hilts to provide protection in battle.

2. February – Amethyst.
Amethyst is the stone of romantics. The February birthstone radiates the powers of love, along with elegance, peace, tranquility and even passion! Amethyst is also worn to have spiritual energy and can evoke strong emotions.

3. March – Aquamarine.
Aquamarine is a stone that seems to be specially selected for those born in March – cold, calm and collected. Clears the mind of negative thoughts. Its calming qualities are calmness, wisdom, emphasizing elements of confidence and strength.

4. April – Diamond.
This stone is for those who seek perfection. April’s birthstone is a glamorous diamond that represents purity and simplicity, balance and security. Diamond brings good luck and success.

5. May – Emerald.
Emerald is considered a good stone for relationships and is believed to bring happiness, aid in love and promote friendship. It is a useful stone and is used during events and to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation within a group of people.

6. June – Pearl.
Graceful and innocent, pearls inspire confidence, enlightenment and strength for those born in June. The stone also symbolizes purity.

7. July – Ruby.
Ruby increases the power of passion, love and desires. For those born in July, this romantic stone symbolizes wisdom, achievement, leadership—and even power!

8. August – Peridot.
Those born under the influence of the Peridot stone can bewitch others! This gemstone represents beauty, mystery, passion, and even enchantment. Peridot helps a person make the right decisions. But it is necessary to remember that this stone is not an assistant in bad deeds and plans.

9. September – Sapphire.
Sapphire relieves mental stress and removes unnecessary thoughts, and brings peace of mind and tranquility. It is believed to help overcome depression and promote a positive attitude. Also, the stone is worn to attract prosperity.

10. October – Opal.
Opals can be the crown jewel of all that is mystical about stones! Gives its owner power over thoughts, it is a stone of purity and foresight, it is also full of healing properties, and is considered a lucky talisman. Its powerful healing properties can even banish nightmares and add energy.

11. November – Citrine.
Citrine, due to its crystalline form and yellow color, is considered a stone that absorbs solar energy. Therefore, the owner of citrine has the right to count on energetic support from him in case of loss of vitality, apathy, and depression. The stone raises self-esteem, adds self-confidence, organizes thoughts, and encourages creativity. It is capable of attracting good luck in financial matters – a citrine crystal located close to cash will contribute to the increase in wealth in the house. This stone, like the sun, brings warmth and light to the house, it is able to improve relationships between people.

12. December – Topaz.
Topaz is a stone of love and friendship. Loyalty and sincerity are its main qualities, along with strength, durability and gives emotional balance.

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