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What birthstone does an Aries woman have by date of birth?

Aries is a sign that strives for freedom and goals. He is full of ambitions and principles, which he follows strictly. Accordingly, stones for an Aries woman must fully correspond to this description. Next we will talk about the main precious and semi-precious talismans of this sign.

Aries: what you need to know about this sign?

  • The element is fire.
  • The planet Mars.
  • Color palette of red and gold.
  • Amulets hammer, cornucopia, golden fleece.
  • Symbols are deer and ram.
  • Adonis flowers, anemones.
  • Metal steel.

Strengths of Aries

  • Representatives of the sign are ambitious, energetic, proactive and active. They tend to be passionate about certain ideas and invest 100% in their implementation.
  • Due to their hot temperament, Aries strive to be first and are ready for fierce competition.
  • Directness. Many people value Aries precisely for their straightforwardness, inability to be hypocritical and discuss things behind their backs. Those born under this sign are also truth-tellers. However, sometimes this turns some people away from them, who are not ready for criticism and sometimes excessive directness.

Weak sides

Sometimes Aries are too stubborn and are unable to assess their capabilities objectively. There may also be manifestations of dislike for diplomacy: sometimes it is difficult for them to negotiate with others. Weak qualities include impulsiveness, which manifests itself at inopportune moments.

Basic talisman minerals for Aries

Time to talk about amulets for those born under this sign


It has a powerful energy resource, regardless of the method of its processing and origin.


An equally powerful talisman that gives energy, strength, and self-confidence. It is indispensable for those wishing to advance in their careers and achieve financial success.


A talisman necessary to fill the owner with positive energy, as well as to protect him from the evil eye.


A stone revered among magicians and people with psychic abilities. The mineral gives peace, strength to make difficult decisions, and surrounds a person with a good aura.


Raises self-esteem, enhances charisma and charm. These properties make stone a faithful assistant in finding your loved one.


A stone designed to bring notes of harmony and prudence into the stormy disposition of Aries. It reduces emotionality in moments when you need to be calm and think with a “cool” head.


Aries is strongly influenced by Pluto, which helps him rise from his knees in difficult life situations. Sardonyx enhances the energy of the planet and literally charges the owner with it. This has a beneficial effect on his intuition.

Stones of amulets for Aries (girls and women)

  • Pink quartz. A guide to the world of love and harmonious family life.
  • Red jasper. A stone useful for productive work and the development of an analytical mind.
  • Heliolite. A source of good mood, stability and good luck.
  • yellow quartz. Necessary for restoring resources and protecting against fatigue.

Stones of amulets for Aries (guys and men)

  • Red garnet. Symbolizes family values, establishes contact with the opposite sex.
  • Eye of the Tiger. A reliable motivator, sometimes necessary for the rebellious and emotional Aries.
  • green pomegranate. A fire sign needs such a talisman. Garnet attracts financial success and helps establish business partnerships.

Charms for Aries according to date of birth

  • 1st decade (March 21-30). For those born in the first ten days of March, hematite, agate, and jasper are recommended.
  • 2nd decade (March 31-April 9). Proven talismans for Aries in the second decade are garnet and amethyst. They make the sign wiser, resistant to stress and reasonable.
  • 3rd decade (April 10-20). Such representatives of the sign should definitely not choose boring amulets. Sapphires, rubies and diamonds are suitable for them.

Choosing a talisman for Aries by year of birth

  • Rat: labradorite, obsidian, carnelian, garnet.
  • Bull: agates, moonstone, pyrite, bull’s eye, sardonyx.
  • Tiger: amethyst, garnet, sapphire, pyrite, jasper.
  • Rabbit: crystal, hawk’s eye, almandine, jasper.
  • The Dragon: yellow quartz, zircon, labradorite.
  • Snake: ruby, amethyst, emerald, labradorite, amber, carnelian.
  • Horse: moonstone, pyrite, agate, labradorite.
  • Sheep: garnet, jasper (scarlet tones), tiger eye.
  • Обезьяна: quartz (pink and yellow), jasper, almandine.
  • Cock: crystal, sapphire, garnet, amethyst.
  • Dog: ruby, jasper, obsidian.
  • Pig: quartz, garnet, obsidian, sardonyx.

Charms for finding happiness, love, luck, wealth


  • Hawkeye. Symbolizes calm, balance, equilibrium.
  • Moonstone. A filter for a person’s aura, helping in the realization of aspirations.
  • Rhinestone. Relevant for representatives of the sign who are trying to find themselves in the profession and decide on their type of activity. It is also recommended for girls planning to find a companion.
  • Cornelian. Indicates correct decisions that lead to good results.


  • Sapphire. A talisman that guides a person to the right path both in his career and in other areas of life
  • Garnet. “Supplier” of good luck in the field of love, financial affairs, and the search for opportunities for comprehensive development.
  • yellow quartz. Turns luck in the owner’s favor, helping him avoid pitfalls.
  • Agate. A strong talisman with an impressive energy resource. He has the power to attract people, money and various benefits to the owner.


  • Pink quartz in any jewelry – a talisman that has a positive effect on the functioning of the heart.
  • Moonstone normalizes the nervous system, relieves headaches.
  • Amethyst in rings and bracelets helps lift mood and prevents stress.
  • Rhinestone – a good addition to the main course of treatment of respiratory diseases.

Love and family

  • Garnet, ruby – guides to true love and protectors from abusive relationships.
  • Agate awakens sexuality in women and attracts male attention to them.
  • Amethyst – a symbol of devotion, protecting against deception and betrayal in love.
  • Cornelian – an important talisman for those planning to add to the family.


  • Jasper. The best stone of financial well-being for Aries.
  • Pyrites. Has proven itself as an assistant in successfully resolving problems related to finance. Important: you should not wear it for too long.
  • yellow quartz. Gives you self-confidence and sets you up for victory in your career.

Work and creativity

  • Rhinestone – a stone with which you can unleash your creative potential.
  • Agate helps you see the picture from a non-standard angle and correctly apply creative ideas.
  • Jasper – a stimulator of creative impulses, helping to monetize talents.
  • Sardonyx contributes to the development of an internal “radar” regarding trends in the arts and business.

Stones that Aries should not wear

Representatives of this sign should not wear any water minerals. These include pearls, larimar, mother of pearl, coral and others.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What stone protects Aries from the evil eye and damage?

  • yellow quartz
  • Garnet
  • Labrador
  • Sardonyx

How to wear amulets correctly?

There are no strict rules regarding exactly how you wear a stone. The main thing is that the talisman does not cause discomfort. To improve your health, it is recommended to wear bracelets with talisman stones on your wrist. To achieve financial success, it is worth choosing a ring with the appropriate mineral.

Is moonstone suitable for Aries?

Yes, this mineral serves as a source of positive energy, a guide to prudence. Thanks to its strong connection with the Moon, this stone takes care of the purity of the aura and thoughts of Aries.

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac circle. It comes into force on the vernal equinox, March 21.
People born under this sign are under the protection of Mars. Their distinguishing feature is determination. They act first and think later. Their motto in life is: “I act.” It is these people who often become pioneers and entrepreneurs. They are not afraid to take risks and have a huge amount of energy. Aries are sociable, cheerful, with a keen sense of justice. People around them love them for this, and therefore forgive them for their irritability. In general, Aries are passionate natures; they can quickly flare up, but they also cool down quickly.

The main talismans for Aries


The transparent mineral makes straightforward Aries attentive to others. He reveals in them the ability to listen to the interlocutor.
Rhinestone will be an excellent talisman for Aries. The gem will soften the fiery character of the sign and make it calmer. This stone will endow its owner with wisdom and help make informed decisions.
The gem has the ability to restore inner harmony. For Aries, he will be an excellent assistant in business. It activates creativity, the desire for self-development and inspires new challenges. However, you should be careful if you are not a typical representative of the sign of Aries, rock crystal can increase indecision.
The mineral will also help build family happiness. Thanks to him, Aries will become more gentle, friendly and more compliant, which will help smooth out conflicts in relationships.
Without a doubt, choose rock crystal. This mineral adapts to the energy of its owner and does not cause harm.


This gemstone may not make friends with every zodiac sign. Possessing strong energy, he becomes an excellent assistant for determined Aries. The mineral enhances the qualities of the sign: determination, optimism and faith in one’s success. It also brings good luck to its owner and protects from negative influences.
But the stone has its own character; it will not tolerate disrespectful treatment. It is highly discouraged to steal a diamond or otherwise obtain it dishonestly. Because in this case, the stone will “try to get rid” of the owner, which can lead to the death of the new owner of this precious stone.
It is best to wear this stone close to the skin. This makes his abilities stronger. This mineral has the power to stop the dark streak in life. Diamond will emphasize the nobility of Aries, protect and give strength in moments of weakness.


Ruby is considered a stone of power and wisdom. He evades the goodwill of Aries, makes them more sensitive. The red mineral bestows strength and happiness. It is believed that ruby ​​is a stone of the heart; it not only strengthens the most important muscles, but also helps in love.
Ruby cannot be combined with other stones. This stone does not like competition.
As a talisman for Aries, it will protect against depression, restore lost strength and give confidence. He will help Aries achieve victories and protect him from failures.


Sapphire gives wisdom and balance to impulsive Aries. In Roman mythology, sapphire was considered the stone of the sky god Jupiter. Sapphire heals and endows its owner with nobility and generosity.
The mineral will help Aries find a way out of a difficult situation, maintain composure in any situation and keep emotions under control. As a talisman, blue and green sapphires have a greater influence on Aries. They balance the fiery nature of the sign.
The stone is able to enhance Aries’ natural curiosity and awaken a thirst for knowledge. The mineral will sharpen the intuition of its owner and endow it with the ability to penetrate into the essence of things.


This stone seems to be born for Aries. The mineral favors determined people who do not give up in the face of difficulties. It will be an excellent talisman for success in your career and business. It will inspire creative people to new discoveries. Garnet helps you achieve your goals.

He will make Aries women more sensitive and gentle. And it will bring the owner a long-awaited meeting with her soulmate. It will give men courage and strengthen leadership qualities.
It is believed that this is the stone of noble and honest people. According to legend, the pomegranate was the talisman of Robin Hood.

Amethyst for Aries is a stone for attracting happiness and good luck. It helps to restore inner harmony and find peace of mind. The mineral attracts positive events, pleasant meetings and material well-being into the life of its owner.
As a talisman, amethyst helps strengthen relationships. Thanks to the gem, Aries become more patient, caring and attentive to loved ones. The violet mineral strengthens love feelings. It protects its owner from betrayal, deception, and relationships become more open.
Amethyst, like a shield around its owner, does not allow negative energy to pass through.

Talisman stones by date of birth

The first decade (21.03 – 31.03) is under the auspices of Mars. These people have strong energy. They are assertive, domineering and straightforward.
Recommended stones: agate, rock crystal and jasper.
The second decade (01.04 – 11.04) is found under the auspices of the Sun. Sunny Aries are excellent family men; they love to pamper their household members. Good organizers often occupy leadership positions.
Best suited for them: amethyst, garnet.
The third decade (12.04/20.04 – XNUMX/XNUMX) is under the influence of Venus. Aries born in the third decade are the most loving. They love adventure and are cheerful. Their talisman stones: diamond; ruby; zircon; sapphire.

Talisman stones by date of birth:

March 21 – sardonyx
March 22 – ruby
March 23 – Charoit
March 24 – chrysoprase
March 25 – bloodstone-hematite
March 26 – onyx
March 27 – Hawkeye
March 28 – ruby
March 29 – diamond
March 30 – aquamarine
March 31 – opal
April 1 – heliotrope
April 2 – jade
April 3 – lapis lazuli
April 4 – sardonyx
April 5 – diamond
April 6 – pomegranate
April 7 – sardonyx
April 8 – aventurine
April 9 – jasper
April 10 – amethyst
April 11 – alexandrite
April 12 – malachite
April 13 – lal-spinel
April 14 – amethyst
April 15 – jadeite
April 16 – onyx
April 17 – coral
April 18 – tourmaline
April 19 – lapis lazuli
April 20 – amber

Minerals for Aries Woman

Aries women glow with beauty and love of life. They love to work, and often forget about themselves. Rock crystal will help you relax and learn to pamper yourself.
Women who want to advance their careers are advised to wear red jasper. The mineral will give you confidence in your abilities and teach you how to set goals correctly.
Pomegranate will help you meet your soulmate and find family happiness. It will enhance natural charm and emphasize the passionate nature of Aries.
Agate is recommended for women who strive for knowledge. It enhances attentiveness and concentration on business. The gem will help make secret desires come true.

What stones should you not wear?

Corals, lapis lazuli, opal, malachite, beryl and chrysolite are contraindicated for Aries.
Transparent and blue stones should be avoided. As a rule, they symbolize water, and Aries is a fire sign. The element of fire and the water symbol will conflict with each other and bring chaos into the life of Aries.
Also, you should not opt ​​for black stones.
If you are too hot-tempered and irritable, then it is better to purchase stones of light shades.
Aries should be careful with Aventurine. This mineral can enhance gambling, which is already a fairly strong trait in Aries.
Moonstone can create illusions. Under its influence, Aries can begin to live in fantasies rather than in the present.

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