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What color brings good luck to your zodiac sign?

Pisces should choose things in turquoise, coral and dark blue colors, while gold and purple will bring good luck to Leos. Astrologer Olga Sokholtueva told Moscow 24 about this. According to her, certain colors can enhance the energy of representatives of different zodiac signs – making them stronger in spirit, more successful and even improving their immunity. Red, scarlet and orange are suitable for active Aries. The colors of young spring also have a beneficial effect on them – it can be light green and shades of gray, the astrologer noted. The energy of calm, comfort-loving Taurus will be supported by pastel shades of pink, yellow, and purple. Pastels are also suitable for Libra – all unobtrusive, discreet colors help them calm down and achieve harmony, which they always strive for. Olga Sokholtueva Geminis are supported by the colors of air – the element to which they belong. Therefore, it is better for them to choose blue or white. It is good if any colors they choose are translucent, as if the color was applied with a light brush to a sheet and added water. However, all bright colors can support the sociable character of this sign: neon, flashy, Sokholtuyeva added. Bright acidic shades also suit the energy of Aquarius, who loves everything extraordinary. Violet, turquoise, yellow, as well as silver and copper shades also have a good effect on them. For Cancers who strive for family home comfort, blue, light blue, and violet colors are suitable. And Pisces should give preference to “marine themes”: turquoise, coral, dark blue, the astrologer noted. The passionate nature of Scorpios will be supported by dark red, burgundy, black, as well as the colors of volcanic lava – gray and graphite. For Capricorns who need stabilization, dark colors will help strengthen their energy: brown, black, dark purple, burgundy, dark gray. Olga Sokholtueva Gold, copper colors and, in general, shades of a fiery gradient will bring luck to Leos: yellow, orange. Also, their color of luck is purple, “but it’s the cheerful color of blackberries and cream,” the expert clarified. Virgo’s energy will be supported by the colors of her element – ​​earth: light brown, brown. And this sign becomes stronger thanks to all shades of green, but especially the rich color of mature grass. Sagittarius, as the wisest sign, is given energy by mysterious dark shades. But not black, but brown and dark malachite, blue, indigo, violet, the astrologer concluded. Earlier, astrologer Irina Shaleva told what is important for each zodiac sign to do before the New Year. For example, it now makes sense for Gemini to direct their energy to work and make every effort to lay a good foundation for future results. And Sagittarius needs to return to previously unfinished business and bring it to its logical result.

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Astrologers told us which shades are best suited to different representatives of the zodiac circle.

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For each sign there is one or more colors that attract happiness and good luck.


Bright red color is ideal for these representatives of the fire element. The rich, burning hue is associated with the courage and strength inherent in Aries. Those born under this sign should pay attention to this color when choosing clothes or drawing up a design project for their home.


For Taurus, the best color will be a calm blue. Pink is also suitable for representatives of this zodiac sign. When you mix green with yellow and white with red, you get colors that convey peace and confidence.


Energetic Geminis should pay attention to yellow. Bright color will bring self-confidence to representatives of the zodiac circle. It will also help Geminis unleash their creative potential. Green is another color that suits these representatives of the air element. It will help them improve their health.


For these representatives of the zodiac circle, gray is a better color. Calm shades will help changeable Cancers control their emotions. Also, those born under this zodiac sign should pay attention to bright orange. This color can charge Cancer with positive energy and lift their spirits.

a lion

For Leo, noble gold is suitable. This color gives them inner strength, beauty and good luck, accompanying them in all endeavors. Do not forget that these representatives of the element of fire are expressive and sometimes harsh in their statements. The color white can make them less susceptible to negative emotions.


Virgos should pay attention to green and brown colors. These shades are associated with the gifts of nature, so they are perfect for these representatives of the earth element. Green is a symbol of prosperity. He will help Virgos acquire new talents, become more successful and stronger, both mentally and physically.


Pastel shades are suitable for these representatives of the air element. Blue, light green and sea green will help Libra find harmony. These colors are able to collect the thoughts of these representatives of the zodiac circle and direct them in the right way.


For bright Scorpios, the best color is purple. This shade will give those born under this zodiac sign positive emotions. Dark shades of red will also help cope with negativity. These rich colors reflect the mystery inherent in Scorpios. Black would be a good combination for red. At first glance, it will help to seem gloomy. But if you look closely at it, the black will sparkle with new colors. This color can truly be called noble.


Sagittarius will suit all shades of purple. The bright color characterizes these representatives of the zodiac circle as ambitious people. A good combination for Sagittarius would be a combination of blue and red. These two colors seem to be complete opposites, so they perfectly characterize the representatives of these zodiac circles.


Capricorns who love peace should give preference to light colors. White, beige, soft pink – these colors will bring them peace and peace of mind. These representatives of the zodiac circle sometimes give in to their emotions, so light colors will help them learn to control their anger. Brown is not a bad color for Capricorns. He personifies the stability that those born under this sign look for in everything.


The stars advise Aquarius to pay attention to light shades of blue and green. These colors will bring these representatives of the zodiac the peace of mind that they are so looking for. Moreover, these tons will help these water signs find harmony, which they sometimes lack so much. Another color that can give Aquarius warmth is silver. But you should be careful when introducing this shade into your wardrobe so as not to turn into a magpie.


Bright colors suit peaceful Pisces. Purple and orange will help sometimes overly calm representatives of the water element become more emotional. Rich shades will make them more relaxed and less shy. It’s high time for modest Pisces to give vent to their feelings and finally throw out their emotions.

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