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What did Coco Chanel say about costume jewelry?

Yes, it was Coco Chanel who first introduced the fashion for jewelry, wearing which before her was considered indecent in high society. Being the owner of a myriad of expensive jewelry that rich admirers presented her with, she preferred artificial stones to them and made them part of every woman’s outfit. It is Chanel who we owe the modern idea of ​​costume jewelry: with her light hand, jewelry became larger and more dynamic, mannered and shocking. Jewelry from Coco did not seek to deceive or create the appearance of luxury. They were made “to look like gold”, but were notable not for their imitation of noble metal, but for the combination of textures, surfaces and decorative elements. The materials used for the manufacture of Chanel costume jewelry are high-tech surgical steel, ceramics, silver alloy, brass. Yellow or pink gold, silver, and rhodium were used for plating, which allowed the jewelry not to lose its shine and retain its aesthetic qualities for a long time. Speaking about jewelry, Coco joked: “I make fake ones and very beautiful ones. They are even more beautiful than the real ones.” To be continued. mylittlesecret 0.0 (0 votes) Report to moderator ♥ 1 LiveJournal Tumblr Blogger Comment 0 Like 4 Russia, Moscow Follow the master’s work subscribe to news Blogs on the topic Comments Comment Follow comments Comment Follow comments Keywords Blog categories TOP 10 Magazine Creative materials Dictionary of creativity Virtual Tours

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The magnificent Coco Chanel can be considered one of the most striking personalities of the last century. A woman who managed to prove that elegance and comfort fit perfectly into the world of fashion and carpets.

Having risen to high society from poverty and mediocrity, she became a symbol of freedom for ordinary people, proving that origin is inferior to true purpose.

She changed a lot in the views and attitude of women towards style, proclaiming simplicity and convenience. Mademoiselle cut off the length of skirts, added knitted blouses to the look, abandoned corsets and, most importantly, made costume jewelry a trend for many years.

Coco’s story

“To achieve greatness

achievements, we have to

first learn to dream.”

Coco Chanel’s real name is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. The girl was born in 1883 into a poor family of a carpenter; at the age of 11 she was sent to an orphanage along with her brothers and sister. At that time, orphanages were supervised by monasteries and Gabrielle received her education there. This gave her the opportunity to get a job as a sales assistant in a small store. In the evenings, the already grown girl worked part-time as a singer and dancer in a cabaret. It was from the cheerful entertaining songs that she performed in public that the nickname Coco appeared and stuck with her.

While earning a living, Coco never stopped dreaming of a different life. “Life is given once and it should be unforgettable” is her motto.

Despite the lack of particular success in cabaret, it was this that gave her the opportunity to realize her dreams. There she was noticed by the wealthy military man Etienne Baltazan. The man fell in love with young Coco and took her to his family castle. The girl did not like to idle and one day decided to become a milliner. The officer had the necessary contacts and introduced her to the famous industrialist Arthur Capel. He was famous for his instinct for profitable and successful projects. The first Chanel hat store became such a project. And soon the second one.

The successful development of her business liberated Chanel’s talents. She came up with the designs and models of her products herself. There was a queue for elegant and comfortable hats. The talented milliner was talked about in high circles, she was recommended and admired. Among her acquaintances were Great Russian princes and princesses, English duchesses, famous artists and people of art.

The name Coco Chanel thundered throughout the world.

But you shouldn’t think that the path to recognition and fame was smooth and simple. There were ups and downs, success and disappointments. Coco reached the peak of her career at the age of 50. At this age, the designer achieved complete perfection in her image and appearance, which she had worked on all her life.

There was a difficult period in the post-war period – famous male masters, Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga, entered the fashion arena. It didn’t take long for the power of the fashion world to pass into male hands. At 70, Gabrielle returned to Paris and opened a salon there. Despite the defeat of critics, Mademoiselle in a short period of time not only regained her former glory, but also increased it many times over.

Chanel jewelry

“A woman needs ropes and

pearl ropes”

Coco Chanel took jewelry to a new level, revolutionizing the fashion world. Wealthy and influential ladies would not have thought of using jewelry before Coco Chanel announced it. The maestro has created inexpensive but stylish Must Have accessories.

The role of pearls

“Pearls are always right,” said Coco. Her love for multi-layered strands of pearls has become legendary. Pearl necklaces could reach a length of 1,5 meters. Multilayer beads made of artificial pearls are still the hallmark of the Chanel Fashion House.


Preferring convenience and minimalism in clothes, Coco loved complexity and shockingness in jewelry. If the choice fell on rings, then be sure to have several pieces per hand. And the rings should be catchy and large.


Chanel did not use long dangling earrings. Strict and elegant tweed suits are ideally combined with large stud earrings. In the center there are artificial pearls or a large crystal framed with rhinestones.


Coco couldn’t imagine a complete look without brooches. They fit perfectly on the lapels of jackets, hats, and sleeve cuffs. The style of Coco’s brooches was exclusively Art Deco and Byzantine. This includes a scattering of stars, strange birds and animals.


Massive enamel bracelets and cuffs are one of Coco Chanel’s favorite jewelry. The decor can be made of rhinestones or precious stones. Of course, this type of jewelry is independent and does not imply wearing together with other large accessories.

Mademoiselle Chanel throughout her life broke stereotypes associated with women’s style and image. She successfully proved that jewelry is a full-fledged part of the costume, and not an indicator of wealth. The combination of seemingly incompatible things – for example, bugles and emeralds – became the highlight of the master’s accessories.

Jewelry in the Chanel style is still at the peak of popularity today.

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