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What does a natural amethyst stone look like?

Amethyst is a purple quartz of various shades and color saturation. “The name that this stone bears is said to come from its peculiar color, which approaches the color of dark red wine,” wrote Pliny the Elder.

Stone properties

  • Chemical formula: SiO2
  • Mohs hardness: 7
  • Density: 2,63 – 2,65 g/cm3
  • Shine: glass, mother-of-pearl
  • Refractive index: 1,543 – 1,554
  • Color: violet to pale reddish-violet
  • Syngony: trigonal
  • Cleavage: no

Amethyst changes color depending on the lighting. For example, under artificial light, Ural specimens become brighter and acquire a violet-red hue, while Brazilian amethysts under the same lighting acquire a gray tone.

The property of some stones to change their color under the influence of different lighting or when rotated is called pleochroism.

When heated too much, amethyst loses its color. When the temperature rises to 250°, it first becomes yellow, then greenish and finally colorless. If you heat the stone to 470 – 750 °C, you will get a specimen of light yellow, red-brown or rich green color. You can return the original color to the stone using x-rays.

Thus, using heat and irradiation, it is possible to create other varieties of quartz from amethyst.

Amethyst as a variety of quartz

Quartz is a whole group of minerals that differ from each other in color and appearance, but have the same chemical composition. Amethyst is a variety of quartz of purple and lilac color with various undertones – red, brown, orange. Amethyst is mined in the Urals (Russia), the USA, Brazil, Japan, Zambia, Namibia and Sri Lanka.

Colorless quartz is otherwise called “rock crystal”, yellow quartz is citrine, black is morion, green is prasiolite, pink is rose quartz. And these are just a few varieties of quartz, there are 22 in total – they all differ in color, type of inclusions, pattern shape and transparency.

Amethyst stands apart in the list of different types of quartz, because its color cannot be confused with anything else; it is a unique mineral that almost every person recognizes. It lies in the depths of the Earth in the form of druses – stones of various shapes growing from a common base. Most often these forms are prismatic, but scepter-shaped ones are also found.

Stones from the private collection of the founder of the jewelry house Maxim Demidov are part of the exhibition of many museums in Russia and the world. For example, the Ural Geological Museum displays amethysts found by Maxim Demidov during his student years. Flagship brand stores also have several exhibits in the form of amethyst druses and geodes. It is fair to say that Maxim Demidov is one of the largest stone collectors in the country.

Examples of the Maxim Demidov collection

There are two unusual types of amethyst:

  • “hairy” amethyst — it contains hematite in the form of thin crystalline plates or needle-shaped inclusions of goethite;
  • ametrine – amethyst with an admixture of citrine.

If we talk about other types of stone, jewelry, then there are at least two of them:

  • rich Siberian (Deep Siberian) – a stone of rich color with bright purple and bright red tints that cannot be faked or recreated in an artificial stone, this is the most expensive amethyst, which is mined in the Urals, South America, Sri Lanka and Africa;
  • Rose of France – a stone of light lilac color with a pinkish tint, not very thick and bright, but quite common in many countries.

History of amethyst

There is a version that the name of the mineral is associated with a myth: the nymph Ametis was in love with a shepherd, but the god of wine Dionysus was fascinated by her. Fleeing from him, the beauty took refuge in the temple of Artemis, the patroness of all living things. To prevent the nymph from falling to Dionysus, Artemis turned her into a statue. The angry god poured wine on Amethys, but the statue absorbed the drink and acquired an incredible purple color. When Dionysus could not bring his beloved back to life, he split the statue – this is how purple crystals called amethyst appeared.

This stone has been known to man since the times of Ancient Egypt and antiquity. The ancient Romans revered amethyst as a helper in difficult situations and as a stone that brings good luck. In the Middle Ages, amethyst was a favorite stone of clergy, and in the 17th century it was known and loved in Rus’, calling purple stones “dumplings.”

The beauty of amethyst evokes admiration and curiosity. This mineral attracts all lovers of jewelry, esotericists, lithotherapists and astrologers with its magical color.

Features and applications

Amethyst is used by lithotherapists in the treatment of various diseases, it is valued by mystics and loved by astrologers, it is bought, given as a gift and carefully stored, because this stone is a real secret. You can comprehend it through long contemplation of the violet glow of the nugget.

Medicinal properties

It has long been believed that amethyst can save a person from infections, and modern lithotherapists say that contact with the purple stone relieves nervous tension and saves from overload and insomnia. Also, specialists in stone treatment are confident that the water in which amethysts lie improves blood circulation and saturates the brain with oxygen. The main thing is to regularly energetically clean the stones under running water in order to wash away the accumulated negativity from them.

Amethyst also helps in the fight against addictions, especially addiction to alcohol. Eliminates cravings for smoking and overeating. In Rus’ they believed that amethyst promotes rejuvenation and improves facial skin, removes rashes. The healing properties of the stone cope with migraines, infertility, and gout.

Amethyst earrings have a positive effect on mental health. Wearing the stone gives spiritual strength and relieves anxiety. If you put amethyst under your pillow at night, it will relieve nightmares and restless sleep. But you should not abuse the influence of this stone – an excess of such energy can distract a person too much from all problems and make him indifferent to worldly life.

Magical properties

The magical properties of amethyst are that it can act as an amulet and talisman, and is also an invisible assistant to philosophers, poets, artists and all people who strive to comprehend the truth.

The color violet is considered mystical in itself; it is a conductor between the world visible and invisible to the human eye. The color of amethyst has a hypnotizing effect and helps to comprehend the secrets of the universe through unexpected discoveries given in the stream of violet glow.

Amethyst is a stone that greatly influences relationships between people. In Ancient Babylon, it was considered the key to discovering new romantic adventures and an assistant in getting rid of old love pangs. Due to this belief, amethyst is not recommended as a gift to married women. However, amethyst has another strong magical property – it can evoke love in the one who gives this stone, even if the person receiving the gift is already in love with someone.

Who is suitable for the sign of the zodiac

Astrologers believe that amethyst is an excellent option for the signs of the air elements: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini. Due to its relationship to the element of air, amethyst will have a positive effect on those who are too busy with earthly concerns and forget about the spiritual.

For representatives of fire signs, amethyst is useful in that it will pacify their temper, anger, and their characteristic impatience. This is especially true for Aries – they need amethyst during periods of increased irritability.

Application area

Amethyst is most widely used in jewelry; it adorned the regalia of rulers, for example, the crown of Irina Godunova, a Russian ruler of the late 16th century.

Amethyst can be called the mineral of priests. The tradition was born from imitation of the Apostle Paul, who had a ring with this stone. Among Catholics, young cardinals and bishops receive an amethyst ring; such items are often worn by holy fathers.

In the Orthodox Church, amethyst is also loved because the stone symbolizes harmony and peace of mind, protecting the mind from vicious thoughts.

Artificial amethyst

Artificial amethysts are usually completely transparent and clear, making them look like violet glass. Natural stones contain natural impurities of various metals and organic compounds, which can be seen if you hold the amethyst to the light. Although there are natural specimens of exceptional quality, in which there are practically no inclusions, they do not leave behind the feeling that you were holding “glass” in your hands, as is the case with artificial stones.

For the first time, artificial amethysts were obtained at the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences (FIAN) in Moscow, where chemists were able to grow crystals 20-30 cm in size. Today, the market for artificial stones is constantly growing, so their prices are falling. But natural stones are always more expensive – they are unique in their kind and their supply in the world is limited.

How to wear and care for amethyst jewelry

Esotericists recommend wearing rings with amethyst on the middle finger of the hand, which is the finger of Saturn, so the positive energy of the stone is most activated.

Amethyst looks great in combination with cool colors, so against the background of clothes in similar colors, amethyst will look especially advantageous. But it is not recommended to wear bright acid colors with a purple stone.

Amethyst jewelry requires special care and storage. These stones are quite strong, but still vulnerable, so you should protect them from falls, impacts and direct sunlight. It is better to store jewelry away from heating systems, in rooms with moderate humidity and temperature. It is also worth avoiding contact of amethyst with other stones – harder minerals can damage amethyst and leave unsightly marks.

If you want to learn more about the rules for caring for jewelry with colored stones, you can read our article Caring for jewelry with semi-precious stones.

You will find jewelry with amethysts of exceptional quality in the Maxim Demidov catalog.

How Ural amethysts were mined for the Pope

A multi-part film about the amethyst fever that began 400 years ago in the semi-precious strip of the Urals. We will tell you who hitniks are, we will go down into the abandoned mines and at the Vatikhi deposit we ourselves will find an amethyst crystal, so rare now. Let’s find out how the production of a jewelry house creates an exclusive piece of jewelry with Ural amethyst.

Well, what woman doesn’t love jewelry with precious stones? When thinking about these gems, diamond, ruby, and emerald immediately come to mind. But in the shadow of the royal minerals hide no less beautiful stones that are worthy of the same interest. One of them is the amethyst stone, also called “stone violet”. A gentle, magical lilac mineral hides powerful energy. Thanks to its charming beauty, you can create original, luxurious jewelry collections. For more information about amethyst, its origin, properties, price, and who it is suitable for, read the article.

Characteristics of the “stone violet”

Amethyst is a jewelry gem and is considered the most expensive variety of quartz. From ancient Greek, the name of the gem comes from the word “intoxication” with the negative prefix “a”. Previously, the amulet protected against alcoholism.

The semi-precious stone has a transparent structure, a bright glassy luster, and in nature it appears in the form of crystals. The uncut mineral is popular among world collectors, and for its delicate purple hue the stone is compared to a violet flower. It is valued for its rich color, purity, and high-quality cut.

Amethyst comes in many different shades, from pastel purple to deep ultraviolet. It received this color due not to iron impurities, but to the action of coloring organic elements. Interestingly, the color of the stone changes slightly with changes in lighting, viewing angle, and heating.

The following colors are also found in nature:

  • Red-violet.
  • Dark purple.
  • Lilac with a violet tint.
  • Blue-red.
  • Pink.
  • Rich cherry.
  • Green (prosolite) is the rarest.

Natural amethyst stone is found in Germany, the Urals, Yakutia, Austria, Central Asia, India, the USA, and Sri Lanka.

Amazing properties of amethyst

The jewelry stone represents sincerity, sincerity, devotion, and harmony. The powerful energy of the mineral can give peace and inner peace to the soul. In Ancient Rome it was called “blessed”, which brings good luck and strengthens willpower. Most psychics prefer amethyst, as it is easily influenced by magic.

Magical properties of amethyst stone:

  • Able to clear a place of collected negativity.
  • Promotes the manifestation of breadth of thought in moments that go beyond the boundaries of the simple.
  • The color of the mineral, violet, symbolizes the “third eye”. Able to bring harmony, enhance intuition, and relax the atmosphere.
  • Gives balance during meditation.
  • It helps selfless people improve their lives – it preserves home comfort, protects against the evil eye, relieves negative thoughts and temper.
  • For men, the stone adds courage and protects them from ill-considered actions during a conflict.
  • Amethyst also has properties for women. It will help preserve beauty and youth.

“Stone Violet” is not only beautiful and energetic. The gem has many medicinal properties. Previously, the Romans used it to neutralize poison in a glass of wine, and the Greeks used it to rejuvenate themselves, getting rid of wrinkles, pigmentation, and freckles.

Other medicinal properties:

  • Strengthens memory.
  • Treats many skin diseases.
  • During a migraine, applying it to your forehead can relieve pain.
  • Helps with problems with the nervous system.
  • Water with amethyst stone cures colds, cleanses capillaries, but also the liver and kidneys.
  • Strengthens immunity.

Modern doctors advise wearing jewelry with the mineral for good blood supply to the brain and relief from insomnia.

Who is the amethyst stone suitable for according to their zodiac sign?

The magical meaning of the amethyst stone and its energy are suitable for almost all zodiac signs. Recommended for signs Libra, Aquarius, Gemini. Representatives of Leo and Capricorn should not often wear amethyst. For Taurus, the gem, according to astrologers, will not bring much harm, but there will be no benefit.

However, experts recommend choosing an amulet based on shades:

  1. Leo, Aries are always the center of attention. The purple hue will help you gain people’s favor, make the right decisions during difficult situations, erase excessive sensitivity, and relieve stress.
  2. Cancer, Pisces must acquire a lilac mineral. It will help you radically change your life for the better, extinguish negative emotions and anger. Amethyst will become a talisman for business entrepreneurs seeking maximum benefit and profit. In love matters it will help to achieve strong, trusting relationships.
  3. Pink color for Aquarius, Gemini, Capricorn, Libra. A delicate shade will open up creative possibilities and provide a limitless supply of energy. During stressful situations, it will strengthen your nerves and give you peace of mind. In matters of love, the gem will help you find your soul mate and provide harmony in the family.
  4. Virgo, Scorpio should take a closer look at the black stone. This rare color will help pacify excessive selfishness, give peace of mind, and bring good luck in love.

Amethyst stone in jewelry

This mineral is widely used in the jewelry industry. Amethyst looks great in both gold and silver. Product range:

  • Gold set with amethyst.
  • Men’s and women’s rings, rings.
  • Pendants with amethyst instructions.
  • Earrings with amethyst.
  • Brooches, necklaces, etc.

What to wear and combine with “stone violet”

Amethyst is a powerful amulet. The energy of the stone will be multiplied in a silver frame. The cold shine of the precious metal will highlight the beauty of a natural gem. Jewelry with amethyst will attract true friends and strong love to a person. Those who want children should wear a silver item, which will quickly make their dream come true. For men, a silver talisman will help them gain recognition and reveal their inner potential.

A gold alloy will also come in handy. But then amethyst should be combined with other powerful minerals – diamond, aquamarine, rock crystal. Amethyst in gold will look great if the metal is white. Note that women’s and men’s gold rings with amethysts are now popular. Experts advise wearing the jewelry on your ring finger. Only ladies – on the left side, gentlemen – on the right side.

Jewelers note that “stone violet” has one big advantage – in tandem with other colored stones, it turns the accessory into a real enchanting cocktail. The mineral can be safely combined with topaz, chrysolite, cubic zirconia, garnet, and citrine.

Remember, you cannot wear jewelry with amethyst all the time; be sure to take it off for a while. Periodically cleanse to get rid of accumulated energy. Astrologers recommend giving powerful quartz “rest.”

Amethyst price

The cost of natural purple stone is significantly higher than the price of many quartz. The reason is the extraordinary beauty of the purple color. The final cost of the gem will depend on the intensity of the shade. The higher it is, the more expensive the stone will be. A light-colored one-carat mineral will cost approximately $10, a moderately saturated one will cost $30 per carat, and darker shades will be even more expensive.

Interestingly, the largest amethyst jewelry is in the British Museum. Its weight was 343 carats.

How to distinguish from fakes

The delightful purple stone is often counterfeited with ordinary glass, plastic, and even replaced with cubic zirconia of this color in jewelry. However, it is not easy even for a professional jeweler to immediately identify a fake by eye. There are several ways to determine the authenticity of a gem:

  1. Natural amethyst will be cool to the touch and will heat up in your hands longer than the artificial insert. Glass and plastic become warm in just a couple of seconds.
  2. Large natural amethyst often has a heterogeneous color with a transition from light to dark shades. In the light, its edges will be cast in different shades, the glass will be homogeneous.
  3. Bring the stone under infrared rays. The original will be completely discolored.
  4. Examine the pebble under a magnifying glass. A natural gem will have small air bubbles when a fake is perfect.
  5. Place the stone in water for 20 seconds. The natural mineral will have folded edges that will lose color. The edges of a fake will be uniform and clearly visible.

Remember, to verify the authenticity of an amethyst, do not scratch it under any circumstances, use only the safe methods indicated above!

How to properly clean amethyst jewelry

The semi-precious stone is not capricious, but it is important to properly care for it and store it. Like other minerals, amethyst can become dull and discolored over time. To keep your jewelry happy for a long time, follow the rules of care and storage:

  1. Carry out regular cleaning. Periodically wash jewelry with amethysts in a mild solution. Do not use baking soda, toothpaste or abrasives under any circumstances. After the procedure, wipe dry with a soft cloth. If the stone has become very tarnished, contact a professional craftsman.
  2. Protect the stone from the sun, temperature changes, and chemicals. The mineral fades from sunlight. During heating and then sudden cooling, there may be a risk of cracks. During hot summer days, it is better to wear jewelry only in the evening. Remember, household chemicals and cosmetics have a bad effect on the gem. Avoid contact of the stone with them.
  3. Store it correctly. Store accessories with stones in a closed box with compartments. Periodically, especially if you put the product in a box, wipe it with a flannel cloth.

More interesting facts about the stone

Did you know that purple quartz represents fidelity, eternal and strong love. There is a legend that Saint Valentine himself owned a ring with this gem in the shape of Cupid. However, in ancient times, widows and widowers wore the stone in memory of their significant other.

Amethyst is also considered a talisman for people born in February.

The most beautiful round purple mineral is located in the British royal scepter. And during the reign of Queen Victoria in Britain, amethyst was attached to letters of love.

You can buy stylish, luxurious gold jewelry with an amethyst stone on the official website of the Golden Standard online jewelry store. In the catalog you will find a wide range of products made of 585 gold. For your convenience, each product has a brief description, photo and price.

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