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What does a natural coil stone look like?

Natural gem serpentine, serpentinite or snake stone is a kind of rock whose structure includes minerals from the serpentine group. It’s not hard to guess that the stone got its name because of the word “serpens” – translated from Latin meaning snake. Serpentine deposits are extensive, large and quite numerous. The gem is formed as a result of long-term hydrothermal metamorphoses of magnesium-rich silicate and sometimes carbonate rocks. Naturally, according to the chemical structure, the mineral gem is magnesium silicate. Often, the serpentine is a massive, dense rock with a fibrous, finely or cryptocrystalline structure. Externally, the stone is really similar in color and pattern to the skin of a snake, so you usually come across green specimens with spots of different shapes, sizes and shades. In most cases, the gem is not transparent, but there is a transparent form of the stone called “noble ophite”. Such samples may allow some sunlight to pass through. Most often, samples obtained are green or gray, with characteristic black specks and golden inclusions of pyrite. Visually, the luster of the mineral is glassy or silky. The coil is easy to process, thanks to its decent viscosity and not very high hardness. It is advisable to rinse the stone once a week under cool water pressure, and then place it in a bright place for a couple of hours.

Serpentine stone has medicinal properties.

Since ancient times, this natural gem has gained fame as an “apothecary stone”. Ancient healers made their potions in mortars made from coils. It is believed that the mineral saves from frequent headaches, improves stress tolerance, resistance to nervous shock, without causing drowsiness. The use of the stone relieves excessive excitability, reduces emotional outbursts and nervousness. Wearing jewelry made from serpentine strengthens teeth, hair and speeds up the process of fusion of bones. The mineral has a beneficial effect on the human vascular system and eliminates pressure surges. The stone is useful in treating colds. Water infused on a coil is widely used for kidney diseases. However, the gem exhibits the greatest healing effect when directly touching the body. Natural serpentine contains the ability to enhance the pharmaceutical properties of other drugs, mixtures and potions.

Serpentine stone has magical properties.

Healers and litho therapists believe that the serpentine, with its powerful influence, neutralizes aggressive flows of negative energies. Ancient homeopaths described the use of the mineral as a protective amulet against the bites of dangerous insects and snakes. Wearing a coil protects against many dangers and difficulties along the path of life. The stone instills and maintains courage and confidence in a person, calms the nerves, and gives a feeling of security. The mineral is able to protect the owner from problematic situations created not only by conduct, but also protect him from the machinations and machinations of ill-wishers. The gem instills in a person the ability to foresee misfortunes, quickly assess the delicacy of a situation, orientate oneself in a timely manner and avoid troubles before they arise. The stone is considered a mascot for officials, lawyers, politicians, athletes and business people. The coil emphasizes the necessary professional qualities, opens up new opportunities and enhances the desire to achieve the highest results. Provokes the emergence of new ideas, fantasies and creative bursts. It must be said that the natural mineral is very favorable to healers, various healers, lithotherapists, homeopaths and other adherents of medicine. The gem is an excellent assistant and patron for planning, implementing plans, achieving goals, and solving problems in a timely manner. Natural stone increases the ability for high-quality learning, makes it possible to hear and absorb a large amount of fresh information. Develops logical, intuitive thinking and analytical mind. Figurines and various objects made from coil are the strongest purifier of home space, therefore, it is a good idea to have products made from it inside the house. Serpentinite is a mineral that, due to its unusual color, is called serpentine. The noble stone has a unique pattern similar to the skin of a snake. It has a green tint with yellow splashes and dark veins. Its emerald glow is reminiscent of chrysotile. The stone has several names, the most common being serpentine, antigorite, moss and toligor. The price of the mineral is not high, and it is often used as a finishing material. However, the snake stone has extraordinary properties – healing and even magical. Souvenirs and jewelry are made from it.

Medicinal properties

In ancient times, serpentine was called an apothecary stone. It was used to make vessels in which medicinal mixtures were stored. It is believed that the mineral can enhance the effect of potions. Even today you can find special boxes made from this stone and intended for storing medicines. The healing properties of the serpentine stone do not end there. It is used to cleanse the body of toxic substances and waste. Some note the ability of the mineral to soothe headaches. To do this, just wear earrings with serpentinite. Serpentine stone has a positive effect on blood pressure and prevents vascular spasms. It has been noted that people who wear jewelry with this mineral have a more stable nervous system. Serpentine activates tissue regeneration in the human body. Wearing necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry will heal cuts and wounds faster. It helps with bruises, dislocations and even fractures. Constantly wearing the stone helps strengthen the immune system. Previously, it was often weighed on children’s necks, especially in the cold season, which protected them from diseases caused by hypothermia. In case of inflammatory processes in the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, serpentine relieves pain. The coil has properties that improve blood circulation in small and large vessels. Some healers claim that the mineral can protect a person from snake venom. Thanks to the stone, memory and logical thinking in children improves.

Insidious magic

The magical properties of the stone are quite great. It strengthens the wearer’s physical strength and intellect. Thanks to the mineral, a person gains amazing intuition, which borders on supernatural abilities. Therefore, the mineral is often used by fortune tellers and predictors. However, not everyone is allowed to touch the magic of the stone, which is called snake stone for a reason. The mineral is extremely insidious and can subjugate a person if he does not have a strong enough will. Under no circumstances should you test a stone for the sake of interest; this can end very disastrously. Of course, a person will not suffer physically, but his moral principles may change. Serpentine lures you into the world of entertainment and momentary desires. Over time, a person gets used to this lifestyle, which can cause him to lose his career or family. If the owner manages to survive and subjugate the mineral, it will become a support for the owner in all areas of life. But even after that it will not stop testing its owner. Therefore, you need to think carefully before buying jewelry with Tomigor. The stone has a special characteristic: it does not forgive betrayal on the part of the owner. Some peoples consider it bad luck to give your own jewelry. In the case of a coil, this rule should be inviolable. After being transferred to another person, thanks to its strong energy, the stone can take revenge on the previous owner, sending him more and more difficult tests. Products with the mineral protect owners from bad energy by collecting it on themselves. Therefore, it is recommended to clean jewelry and other items every 7-10 days. The coil, whose magical properties affect all surrounding objects, is capable of cleansing other stones and metals of negative energy.

Zodiac sign

It’s no secret that the zodiac sign affects a person’s character. But it is character that matters when it comes to such a whimsical stone as serpentine. Who is this mineral suitable for? Jewelry with a snake stone is suitable for people born under the sign of Capricorn and Virgo. According to the horoscope, these signs are active and inquisitive; possession of the mineral will help them in learning many sciences and secrets, from learning a foreign language to the concept of the essence of being. In addition to intellectual abilities, the amulet can also stimulate physical development, which is important for Capricorns who love sports. For people born under the sign of Pisces or Cancer, anything with a stone is not at all suitable. Signs whose character is not strong will simply not be able to resist temptation. The serpentine stone can easily incline the subtle nature of these people to temptation, clouding the mind and heart. Those who are suitable for the mineral can wear it without fear; those signs that may not survive must avoid even approaching the tempter. But there are situations when the serpentine and the zodiac sign are neutral to each other. In this case, you can wear jewelry, but with caution, wearing it only on those days when the person is in a good mood. If mental instability occurs, it is better to hide the product away.

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