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What does a real tiger s eye stone look like?

Tiger’s eye stone is a magical talisman of active, strong-willed people. It got its name because of its resemblance to the eye of a wild animal. The striped coloring resembles the color of a tiger skin. The brown-golden hue with silky tints makes the amulet a beautiful decoration for a man or woman.


Until the 19th century, the tiger mineral was called the messenger of Satan, since the legend of its origin is associated with the struggle between God and the devil. “During the global flood, the devil made a beautiful stone, which with its golden shine aroused anger and envy in people, making the owner invisible to God. Fascinated by the radiance of the mineral, people forgot about a righteous life, became sinners and after death fell into hell.”
Pagans, on the contrary, considered the protective properties of the tiger’s eye to be protection for their tribe. The shaman kept a stone helper who brought victories to the people, a rich harvest, and averted misfortune.
In the 19th century, the magical meaning of the “satanic messenger” was forgotten, the golden gem became a symbol of wealth, noble origin, and only the nobility were allowed to wear it.
Now esotericists and lithotherapists believe that the tiger’s eye protects against evil forces, brings success, and helps to find happiness.


  • Red-brown (bullish) enhances vital activity, brings success;
  • Blue or falcon with a white stripe relieves nervous tension;
  • Green protects against bad influences and strengthens self-confidence.

The properties of the tiger’s eye can be selected to suit your purposes. He will become a faithful assistant if you take your time when choosing. You need to hold the jewelry in your hand before purchasing, with your eyes closed. The appearance of a pleasant sensation (vibration, warmth, tingling) means that the mineral has responded to your energy. After the reaction test, you can mentally voice your desire to the stone so that it realizes your plans. A bright amulet is suitable for strong-willed, enterprising men; it requires a strong character from a woman.


The ruling planet of the tiger’s eye is the sun with its hot, strong energy. The mineral is suitable for any zodiac sign, especially Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Gemini.
Taurus and Libra should wear tiger stone jewelry carefully, as it will enhance the negative traits of their impulsive nature. Impact on signs:

  • Aries will find harmony and begin to control its power;
  • Gemini will look at the world with optimism;
  • Cancers will be able to achieve high goals;
  • Leos will succeed in work and career;
  • Virgos will begin to make the right decisions due to heightened intuition;
  • Scorpios and Sagittarius will get rid of their temper and become more careful;
  • Capricorn will soften his stubbornness, which helps to improve relationships with people;
  • Aquarius will see new horizons in their activities and receive inspiration;
  • Pisces will find their hidden talent, the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

The properties of the tiger’s eye begin to act on the owner instantly, as it has strong energy that improves the reality around. Well-being, mood, career, finances will change for the better with the right amulet. Loss or damage to the stone means that it has diverted negativity from the owner or is not suitable for the person.


The healing resources of the amulet affect the skeletal system, organs of vision and hearing, and reproductive organs of all signs of the zodiac. What problems can tiger minerals help treat:

  • Recovery after fractures, disorders of joints and bones (arthritis, osteochondrosis, gout);
  • Psoriasis, skin disorders;
  • Diseases of the nervous system, anxiety or depression;
  • Disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • For infertility and diseases of the female organs, it is necessary to apply a red-colored mineral to the sore spot.

You can constantly wear the amulet if you need to go to the hospital for surgery or recover after a long illness or stroke.


Tiger stone is suitable for wise, active people, enhancing their ability to find new connections, earnings, and career decisions. Businessmen can wear the gold-colored amulet in the form of a keychain or keep it on their desk as a premium stationery set.
The mineral reflects the negative. Therefore, if you work with people on a daily basis, then wearing an apotropaia will return bad energy to the “sender”. If there are a lot of risks in life, a tiger’s eye in your pocket or in the form of a silver pendant around your neck will protect you from danger. Sensing the approach of a threat, the talisman becomes heavier, the ring or bracelet can tightly squeeze the hand.
For women, earrings or beads made of golden gems will reward them with clairvoyance and contact with the world of spirits. White shamans and sorcerers use it in their practices. An amulet under the pillow will show answers to questions of interest in dreams. The mineral is responsible for intuition; creative individuals will find inspiration with its help. In the family, the amulet gives harmony, preserves feelings and warmth. Framed in gold, the tiger’s eye revives passion that has subsided over many years of marriage; when framed in silver, it reduces the intensity of negative emotions and tension after quarrels. A figurine on the bedside table, or a pair of jewelry sets will bring harmony to the couple.
It is important to remember that the mascot requires respect. Dishonest ways, profit at any cost will not receive his support. You should wear an apotropa after your goal is clearly defined in terms of timeframes and visualized.


It is recommended to wear the gem on the body so that constant contact with the skin enhances the magical properties, and the flow of energy is distributed throughout the body. It is better for women to use the amulet for a short period because of its sharp, fiery power. When the goal is achieved, it is better to remove the jewelry for storage. Entrepreneurs can use such a magnet for good luck on an ongoing basis. Products made from tiger’s eye look advantageous due to the iridescence that shimmers on the large polished surface. For maximum effect, when creating objects from gemstones, a “cabochon” treatment is used, when a round or oval pebble receives a convex, smooth surface without edges. This method emphasizes the shimmer of the crystals. Therefore, feel free to choose bright, large-sized jewelry; they can become a spectacular accent in your outfit.


In terms of color and striped color, the tiger’s eye is combined with jasper, malachite, charoite, and onyx. In company with rhodonite and amazonite, the stone relieves anxiety, stagnation in life, and conflicts.
Framing made of precious metals enhances its magical properties. Tiger decorations:

  • Bracelets, rings, rings;
  • Beads, necklaces, pendants;
  • Interior items – boxes, stationery, decorative inserts, figurines.

To be sure to buy natural stone, purchase them from reliable suppliers. A real mineral should be heavy and cold to the touch. The fakes have too rich a color, and the stripes do not change position when rotated.
After determining the quality, hold the amulet in your hand. If possible, place it between your eyebrows and on your navel for a few minutes to combine the energy flows. During the day while you wear the apotropa, mark the events that happened in your life. If positive changes have begun, the tiger’s eye has come to you as a magical assistant; he is now ready to fulfill your specific requests.
To use the tiger assistant, retire with him in a quiet place. Since the sun favors the golden eye, a bright room with access to the sun’s rays is suitable. Conduct a meditation, a ritual of turning to a magical assistant, mentally formulating your desire in the form of words or pictures. During the procedure, hold it in your hands or apply it to a sore spot if you are talking about health. After completing the ritual, the tiger’s eye can be carried in your pocket, as a decoration, open to the gaze of others.

After fulfilling your wish, just rinse the mineral under running water, polish it with a soft cloth, and then put it away for storage in a box. He will receive energy replenishment if he lies in the sun for several minutes.


You can use the special properties of the tiger’s eye not only when you wear it as jewelry. In what cases will the amulet help:

  • In the wallet, a small tiger amulet will attract money;
  • A piece of the mineral, if buried in the ground in front of the house, will protect the owners from bad guests and dangers;
  • It will help women manage their household well, and will bring profitable acquaintances at work to men.

The golden assistant is demanding and has powerful energy, so be honest when working with him. With bad plans and negative ideas, it will attract dangers into the life of the owner.


Specialists who work with litosila distinguish the tiger’s eye primarily for its double color – golden and dark stripes. Brown is the power of the Earth, yellow is the power of the Sun. This is how two key streams are connected in the stone – creativity and firmness; wearing a talisman opens up a stream of inspiration, while at the same time giving willpower and confidence in one’s abilities to realize ideas.
Be open and active to the power of the “predator’s eye”, then the energy of nature, the power of the sun will be directed into your life.

It was worn back in Ancient Rome by the famous soldiers of the legion as a talisman on the battlefield, a powerful tool of internal protection. Now, many popular athletes, politicians and actors are happy to try on such jewelry, for example, David Beckham, Liam Hemsworth and Didier Drogba. Tiger’s Eye is a guardian stone, whose golden patterns hide a string of legends, stories and amazing magical and healing properties. We will tell you more about this and more in our article.

Tiger’s Eye stone: mystery of origin and where is it mined?

One of hundreds of legends says that the devil himself created the tiger’s eye after the global flood. The Master of the Underworld wanted to use it to seduce people into sinful deeds.

Interestingly, a number of civilizations (from Ancient Egypt to Byzantium) subsequently invested much more positive meanings in this unique mineral. Its first documented mention dates back to the 4th millennium BC. The mysterious name was invented by the Sumerians, who compared the appearance of the stone with the eye of a powerful predator.

One of the most captivating and ancient stones, it has often been associated with protection from negative energy. Gladiators wore golden headbands with a tiger’s eye as a talisman on the battlefield and literally absorbed its protective properties, which instantly dispelled fear and gave courage and confidence.

By the way, in Central America and Oceania, where tigers were treated with great reverence, the stone became a totemic stone. Amulets were passed from leader to leader as a symbol of magical power.

Semi-precious stones form in sedimentary rocks, such as slate and clay. Under prolonged exposure to high pressure and repeated heating/cooling, slow changes occur in the crystal structure of the mineral. For example, iron oxidizes, giving the eye its characteristic color. And the “cherries” are asbestos fibers in the rocks, thanks to which a fascinating pattern appears.

The main deposits of the stone are located in Africa – South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. However, it is often found in Thailand, Australia, India, Brazil, the USA and even in Russia – in the Urals.

Physical and chemical properties of the stone

Tiger’s eye has a microcrystalline structure and multi-layered structure. Quite a durable mineral. 7 for hardness on the Mohs scale (where the hardest is 10).

One of the unique aspects of the tiger’s eye is its optical properties. When light hits the crystal, it is refracted and creates a stunning range of colors, reminiscent of the skin of a wild animal. Each stripe and spark inside the mineral plays in its own way, creating a three-dimensional effect.

Medium in density, it feels pleasant in the hand, especially attracted by the unique texture of the stone and the roughness of its surfaces.

Formula SiO2
Color Golden brown, golden yellow
Line color yellow-brown
Hardness (Mohs scale) 7
Density 2,64 g / cm³
Brilliance Silky

Externally, the tiger’s eye looks amazing. Chocolate-golden or bluish-gray, caramel yellow or ruby ​​red – in any of the variations, the stone retains its attractiveness and attracts the attention of others.

The chemical composition of the “hero” is based on two components. The first is silica (SiO2), and the second is cryptocrystalline inclusions of chrysoberyl or rutile. It is the latter that create the hypnotic visual effect.

Like most varieties of quartz, tiger’s eye does not react to many acids, including hydrochloric and acetic acid. However, even this superhero found his own kryptonite. The mineral can be subject to corrosion by certain types of so-called cutting acids – for example, hydrofluoric acid (also called hydrofluoric acid). Because of it, the stone may lose its former shine or even develop a crack.

Healing and magical properties

Treatment with natural stones or lithotherapy is a popular trend now. And the tiger’s eye plays a very significant role here. However, we remind you that such a technique is only part of an integrated approach. The natural power of minerals is an important supplement rather than a complete replacement for medical care or professional advice from a physician.

It is believed that tiger’s eye helps strengthen human internal organs, stabilize metabolism, improve blood circulation and even reduce inflammatory processes.

It also helps reduce stress and anxiety, which has a positive effect on the general condition of the body (no one has canceled psychosomatics).

Increasing overall concentration and clarity of thought, improving cognitive abilities, increasing productivity in any type of activity – all this also applies to the tiger’s eye.

The magical component of the stone is no less interesting. It is tied to the ideas of different cultures and can vary significantly from one spiritual tradition to another.

But there are common denominators:

  • First, the tiger’s eye protects against negative energy. A powerful amulet acts as a shield, reflecting all the bad, negative and helping to maintain inner balance even in the most difficult situations.
  • The second is increased confidence and self-control. The stone helps develop self-esteem and unlock the potential associated with self-expression. Strengthens strength of character and provides spiritual resources to overcome any fears and doubts.
  • Third, mental support in achieving goals. Inspires to take decisive action, improves motivation and helps to withstand difficult situations.
  • Fourth – strengthening the energy field. It is believed that the Tiger’s Eye is able not only to repel negative energy, but also to attract positive energy.

Types of stone. Red tiger’s eye

The most common type of tiger eye is yellow-brown. However, other shades of it are often found. Let’s go over the most interesting specimens.

  • Yellow. Varies from pale yellow to deep orange. It is considered a good amulet of strength, stability and protection. Helps strengthen the will, increase the level of concentration and achieve your goals.
  • Blue. Both bluish, blue and gray undertones are possible here, reminiscent of a cloudy autumn sky. Such an eye enhances intuition, expands consciousness and improves your spiritual skills and abilities. It also helps resolve internal conflicts and find harmony.
  • Green. Associated with nature, personal growth and spiritual healing. This stone attracts prosperity and promotes balance. Moreover, it is known for its ability to strengthen the energy of the heart and heal deep emotional wounds.

But of particular note is the red tiger’s eye, which can have both deep cognac shades and attractive burgundy-brown. And the characteristic white, black and again red patterns give this stone even more charm.

It is considered a stone of protection against negative emotions such as envy and anger. Known for its ability to stimulate motivation and creativity, improve focus and concentration. Identifying and developing leadership qualities, increasing self-discipline and developing skills in accepting any life challenges – all this can give the red tiger’s eye to its owner.

Who is this stone suitable for? What to wear it with?

Rings, earrings, bracelets, amulets, pendants and necklaces – any product made from this stone turns out incredibly sophisticated and original thanks to its “cat-like” appearance.

Tiger’s eye is universal. Although it contains strong masculine energy, this mineral will allow women to become a good housewife, as well as cope with chronic fatigue and tiredness.

It combines with a variety of metals including gold, silver and platinum. A watch or bracelet with a tiger’s eye will fit perfectly into both a casual and formal look. The warm brown-yellow and golden tones of the stone go well with neutral and earthy clothing colors such as brown, beige, olive and cream.

It can also create interesting contrasts with bright colors such as red or purple, giving your look more energy.

The options for using tiger’s eye are limited only by your imagination. The stone can be set into jewelry, used as an amulet, and hung around the neck or wrist.

Combination with other stones

The natural beauty of the tiger’s eye can be emphasized with the help of other precious stones similar to it in structure. Amber, hematite, citrine, malachite, jasper or lapis lazuli in combination with our “cat hero” give a truly dazzling result.

In fact, choosing a companion for a tiger’s eye is not so difficult, because its color palette, as gemologists like to say, is stable. This stone is not too colorful, to put it simply.

For example, green chrysoprase or chrysoberyl will add additional brightness and freshness to the tiger’s eye and correctly complement the natural shade of the main stone.

Onyx can also be considered a good partner for tiger’s eye. This black or dark gray stone will create balance and poise.

But bluish-blue chalcedony, on the contrary, will add a slight pleasant contrast to the stone.

Sophisticated notes can appear if you add pearls. A product made from such a combination simply cannot help but be stylish.

Aside from the visual match, Tiger’s Eye can be paired with other stones based on their elements. Let us recall that the elements are a concept tied to the exchange of energy and the characteristics of various elements of nature.

We recommend the following combinations:

  • Earth element: rock crystal, pearls, black tourmaline. These stones will highlight the stability and integrity of the tiger’s eye.
  • Air element: amethyst, serpentine, apatite. They will add lightness and purity.
  • Element of fire: pomegranate, coral. Create brightness and energy.
  • Water element: aquamarine, blue tourmaline, labradorite. They will bring a feeling of calm.

But even if you prefer not to wear jewelry, you can simply put the tiger’s eye in your pocket or bag to be able to “touch” the power of the mineral at any moment.

Zodiac compatibility of the stone

The tiger’s eye is unique not only in its appearance, but also in its compatibility with most zodiac signs. It is especially recommended for Geminis and Virgos. Rare exceptions are Cancers and Taurus; the stone does not really favor them.

Zodiac sign Compatibility level
Aries +
Gemini + + +
Cancer +
a lion +
Virgo + + +
Scorpio +
Sagittarius +
Capricorn +
Aquarius +
Pisces +

Storage and handling

For dessert, some practical advice. It is better to store this stone in a dry place, separate from other stones, to minimize the chance of mechanical impact. The ideal option is a small bag made of soft fabric.

Avoid exposure to caustic chemicals (bleach, ammonia), which will quickly render the product unusable. It is better to clean the stone under warm water with a little mild soap.

And then the tiger’s eye will monitor your success and prosperity for many, many years.

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