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What does it mean to wear a ring on the little finger of your left hand?

A pinky ring is a popular way to wear jewelry on the fifth finger. The tradition of wearing jewelry on the little finger has a long history. In different countries, the meaning of the ring on the little finger, which hand it is on, and what message it carries, may be different. We will try to figure it out together with you.

The meaning of the pinky ring in different cultures

A ring on the little finger does not always speak about the character of the person who wears it. Since the Middle Ages, jewelry has spoken a little more about a person than he himself. This could be someone’s membership in a closed community or information about their professional skills. At one time, a ring on the little finger could even indicate a person’s sexual interest.

Professional rings

Professional accessories on the little finger have become most popular in Western countries. At North American universities, engineering graduates receive a professional attribute at their initiation, which serves as a reminder of the meaning, importance, and impact of their work on people’s lives. At Canadian universities there is a ritual called the Calling of an Engineer. During the initiation ceremony, students are given an iron ornament, which can be created from cast iron or stainless steel. In the USA, they wear the same iron accessory to emphasize respect for the chosen profession of engineer. Geology and Geophysics students wear a silver ring called the Geosciences Ring and approved by the Alberta Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists. Graduates of the Faculty of Ecology also have a similar decoration. The “Human Ecology Ring” first appeared among students at Macdonald College (Quebec, Canada) in 1968. Students continue to adhere to the tradition to this day.

Representatives of the Italian mafia

The accessory on the little finger was not always worn by representatives of legitimate professions. For example, representatives of the Italian mafia, the so-called Cosa Nostra, also wore jewelry on their little finger. This became especially popular after the films “The Godfather”, “Doni Brasco”, “Little Caesar” and others. But as stylists note, the release of these films on the wide screen popularized the wearing of men’s accessories in general.

Pinky ring in the UK

Those who really appreciated wearing a ring on the little finger were the British. The tradition first appeared in the Victorian era. At that time, wedding rings were a gift from a wife to her husband. However, this tradition was observed mainly until the outbreak of World War II. If a man wanted to wear another piece of jewelry, such as a ring, he was supposed to wear it on top of his wedding ring. Thus, a man could wear two accessories. The same tradition existed in Germany. Now many British people continue to wear the ring exclusively on the little finger of the left hand, which is considered the best place for decoration. And only among the British royal family has the iron tradition of using the little finger of the left hand to wear the wedding accessory and the royal signet been preserved. The founders of this tradition are the sons of Queen Victoria. As an example, the queen’s son, Prince Leopold, wore a large number of rings on his little finger. The tradition was also followed by King George VI, Edward VIII, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles.

Social movements

Freemasons are one of the most popular social movements. A secret community covered in legends and myths. But there is one fact that attracts jewelry connoisseurs. For a long time, it was the ring on the little finger that could indicate that in front of you was a member of the order, just like you. It was also possible to identify representatives of the LBGT community. It all started in the 1950s, when homosexual relations were prohibited by law in the United Kingdom. To avoid charges of gross indecency, representatives of the LBGT community had to go into hiding. The ring on the little finger has become one of the ways of communication. Now this tradition is not preserved, because in developed countries a person can freely talk about his life position and preferences. Another historical tradition is associated with the first wave of feminism. This movement was not prohibited by law, but in the 19th century women needed courage to speak openly about their rights. Decoration helped you find a friend and hope that you would be heard and supported.

What does the ring on the little finger of the right hand mean?

A decoration on the little finger of the right hand, for example, a ring in the form of a crown, is worn by people who love life in all its manifestations. Such girls are distinguished by their ease and desire for changes in their lives. They know how to let go of the past and do not understand conservatism. Often, a ring on the little finger of the right hand is chosen by girls who like active sports, dancing, and traveling. They choose silver rings with stones, natural and colorful, that express their character. For such girls, topaz, emerald, sapphire, and amber are suitable, emphasizing their extreme nature. True, psychology says that the variable nature of girls often prevents them from organizing their personal lives, as well as a career. Not so long ago, a ring on the little finger of a man’s right hand indicated that the person did not plan to get married or have a family and children. Such decoding is often found even now. Psychologists say that men who choose this way of wearing jewelry prefer an open relationship. Often this is a charismatic, creative, free young man who easily finds a common language with girls and also easily flirts with them. True, they are afraid of obligations and responsibility, so often the relationship with this man does not develop beyond flirting. But again, this rule does not work for everyone. For example, the famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp constantly wears gold rings, including on his little finger. According to him, this is a great men’s accessory. The magical properties of jewelry can change a person’s life. According to esoteric disciplines, a ring on the right little finger can bring wealth and good luck in commercial projects. The smallest finger in palmistry is associated with Mercury, the god of trade, profit and enrichment.

What does the ring on the little finger of the left hand mean?

The ring on the left little finger is more of a fashion statement in the 21st century. Often this option of wearing jewelry falls into trends, and for some it has already become a kind of classic, if it is a set of thin rings. Psychology also claims that a woman’s gold ring on the little finger of her left hand may indicate that the girl subconsciously needs privacy. This way of wearing jewelry speaks of a phlegmatic character. A person strives to know himself and is indifferent to the surrounding ups and downs. At the same time, a piece of jewelry on the little finger of the left hand can signify the creative potential of a person, regardless of gender. This method of wearing is chosen by artists, poets, and performers who try to find inspiration in every little thing. For example, the famous actress and singer Marlene Dietrich loved to wear thin rings on her left little finger. For men, wearing a ring on the left little finger is associated with his life choices. Often, these are young people who are constantly in search of their purpose; it is difficult for them to decide on a purpose in life. They also tend to spread themselves thin, choosing several goals at once, but not following through. The name of the smallest finger of the hand comes from the Dutch word “pink”, which means “little finger”. But despite its miniature size, it has a special symbolism, and the jewelry that is worn on it has a rich history. Today it is a fashion trend that is very popular among women and men. Stylists say: buying a pinky ring means investing in a symbol of sophistication, class and elegance. This is a truly unique fashion item that cannot be ignored this season, in fact, like the khalang ring, which has become another hit in the jewelry world. They are sophisticated, look glamorous and casual, easily revive a familiar look, add shine and become a breath of fresh air when you are tired of the classics. While you are thinking about which phalangeal ring or pinky ring to buy, we will tell you about its unique meaning on the left and right hand of a man and a woman.

What does a ring on the little finger mean for a man and a woman?

  • Wealth and social status

In ancient Rome, pinky rings were worn exclusively by influential and wealthy men as a sign of high social status. In the Middle Ages, they were the favorite decorations of the nobility and symbolized their high rank. Representatives of the dynasties wore a signet with the family coat of arms on their little finger, which served as the family signature on important documents.

Throughout history, a piece of jewelry on a man’s little finger has been a testament to his status, financial status and professional achievements. These jewelry were worn only by gentlemen who were far from routine manual work, ruled the world and easily achieved their goals.

The ring on the little finger is worn as a symbol of good luck. This decoration is associated with self-love, material well-being, prosperity, strength and intelligence, and therefore attracts all this into the life of its owner on an energetic level. When a man wears a ring on his little finger, he subconsciously invites these things into his life.

A men’s pinky ring showcases individuality and personal style. Just like 1000 years ago, it has the design of a luxurious signet, which today is decorated with noble enamel, spectacular patterns and dazzling diamonds. Guys can easily combine rings with other accessories – gold watches and cufflinks, complementing their casual and business style.

Is it possible for a woman to wear a ring on her little finger: meaning and symbolism

  • Love for yourself

If you have ever wondered, “What does it mean when a woman wears a ring on her little finger?”, the answer will definitely please and inspire you – the jewelry symbolizes self-love. A single independent finger, separated from the rest, also symbolizes strength, logic, the ability to make quick decisions and freedom of thought.

  • Energy of Mercury

The little finger is ruled by Mercury and therefore symbolizes intuition and intelligence. It is recommended to wear stones of the planet Mercury on this finger:

  • clear quartz is a symbol of harmony, stability and balance
  • green aventurine – a symbol of good luck, success, wealth and abundance
  • Emerald – Helps restore balance and harmony in your energy field, as well as alleviate difficulties caused by a weak Mercury in your chart.

Wearing a ring on a woman’s pinky finger improves communication skills, intuitive understanding and relationships with other people. This is one of the best ways to connect with the energy of the Universe.

  • A symbol of refined elegance

The pinky ring is the epitome of sophisticated elegance and full of charming glamour. Crafted from gold and silver and adorned with precious stones, these stunning pieces of jewelry add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

Today, a woman wearing a ring on her pinky finger can indicate a variety of things. For some, it’s a tribute to the era of retro glamour, and for others, it’s a great way to add a fashionable touch to your look.

  • Personal symbolism

The good thing about women’s jewelry is that it can be given a unique meaning. A women’s jewelry box is like a family album or a love story – it tells about important life events and reminds you of the people you love or once loved with all your heart. A pinky ring makes a great gift for an anniversary, birthday, March 8th and any other holiday. This modern reimagining of a classic ring can become a family heirloom, a reminder of personal success and important life achievements. Buy a clover ring to bring good luck, or choose a piece of jewelry with a heart to sparkle with love.

What does the ring on the right little finger mean?

Rings on the little finger of the right hand reflect the professional status, intelligence and determination of their owner. It is difficult to unsettle such people because they bring their plans to life under any circumstances. Businessmen, politicians and other influential people often wear rings on the little finger of their right hand.

What does the ring on the little finger of a woman’s right hand mean? Girls who wear jewelry on their right hand are dreamy and romantic. They are easy-going and love adventurous adventures. These women feed on the energy of new emotions and impressions.

Guys who wear a ring on the little finger of their right hand love freedom, attention and light flirting.

What does the ring on the little finger of the left hand mean?

While a ring on the little finger of the right hand often signifies success and status, jewelry on the opposite hand symbolizes love and devotion. If you wear it on the little finger of your left hand, it means that you have great patience, ability to listen and communicate with others.

A ring on the left little finger can be a powerful spiritual symbol. The little finger is associated with the planet Mercury, and therefore helps in achieving goals and getting rid of ballast that prevents you from moving forward.

Women’s pinky ring: which one should you buy to make it shine brighter than others?

Pinky rings are a beautiful and timeless addition to any jewelry collection. With a sophisticated design, they add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. But apart from its beauty and fashion appeal, a gold pinky ring also has a deep meaning depending on its design. The catalog of the Capital Jewelry Factory™ includes:

  • Open rings with fancy designs and stones are a real must-have of today due to their comfortable fit.
  • With pendants is a hot jewelry trend that true fashionistas will love.
  • Rings with mother-of-pearl are delicate, sophisticated and elegant. Mother-of-pearl with a delicate rainbow glow impresses even the most capricious fashionistas.
  • A pinky ring with pearls is a tribute to the elegant classics in the style of Coco Chanel.
  • With diamonds and cubic zirconias – jewelry with stunning star shine.
  • With colored precious stones: sapphires, rubies and emeralds, they reflect royal luxury.
  • With colored crystals, these are jewelry glass products that captivate with their bright colors.
  • With enamel – the hit of the season and the easiest way to add rich colors to any look.
  • Chains are delicate pieces in anchor weave or golf weave that gently wrap around your finger and are easily adjustable in size.
  • Glamorous – in the form of a nail, a panther with green eyes and a burning match.

You can buy a women’s pinky ring in either gold or rhodium-plated silver. In addition to the fact that rhodium has a delightful shine, does not cause allergies, does not scratch or tarnish, it is available in two colors – white and yellow. And the best part is – with a discount of up to 70%. At the Capital Jewelry Factory™ you can create stellar looks at no extra cost. And this is not a myth, but a reality available to you today.

What kind of men’s pinky ring to buy: types, styles, designs

These jewelry can tell your personal story, display personal qualities, achievements, social status and life position. From European aristocrats to Hollywood stars, they have long been a sign of wealth and success – a meaningful item that you can turn into a celebration of personal success. To celebrate your professional and personal achievements, adorn your pinky with a sparkling diamond ring or a statement enamel and black onyx signet ring.

Whether you are looking for a simple and elegant design or a more original style, you are sure to find your ideal piece of jewelry in the catalog of the Ukrainian brand Stolichnaya Jewelry Factory™:

  • A men’s pinky ring made of red, white or yellow gold reflects your social status and impeccable taste like no other.
  • Rings with cubic zirconia are elegant models, full of nobility, which emit a subtle shine.
  • Rings made of silver with blackening and onyx seem to be shrouded in medieval magic. Blackening is the process of oxidizing silver to give it an antique, retro look. This finish combines luxuriously with black onyx inserts.
  • A silver little finger signet with black enamel is an effective addition to casual style and a business suit. Plated with rhodium, it does not fade, does not scratch and has a delightful shine.
  • With a path of cubic zirconia – another type of noble men’s jewelry, full of luxury. Such models benefit from the contrast between red gold, black enamel and the shine of stones.

A man’s pinky ring will always look chic if it harmoniously matches his clothes and his character. For the perfect jewelery look, pair with matching cufflinks, a gold watch and a tie clip.

Where to buy men’s and women’s rings with a discount of up to 70% in Ukraine

The Ukrainian brand Stolichnaya Jewelry Factory™ offers premium jewelry at an affordable price – from 2050 hryvnia per 1 gram of gold. From your first purchase, you become part of our family with the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of lifetime service, which includes free cleaning and polishing of jewelry. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a ring for your little finger, place your order right now in the online store or come to the boutiques of the Capital Jewelry Factory™ in Kyiv, Vinnitsa, Dnipro, Cherkassy, ​​Kharkov, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

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