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What does it mean when a stone bracelet breaks?

Although a torn bracelet may seem like a sign of bad luck, it actually means something else. According to esoteric knowledge, if the bracelet is torn or the stone is cracked, then this is proof that your talisman has successfully fulfilled its function, that is, it has protected you from misfortunes or obstacles. The stones in a bracelet are known to absorb negative emotions and energy that might be present in its owner.

Basic meanings of a torn stone bracelet

It is important to understand that there are several reasons why a bracelet may break or the stone in it may crack. Some of them may portend undesirable events, but do not forget about other possible meanings of this sign:

  • Fulfillment of wishes: if a wish was made, then a torn bracelet may indicate its fulfillment.
  • Protection from troubles and diseases: the stones of the product absorb negativity and help protect the owner from various misfortunes.
  • Cleansing: A torn bracelet can also mean that the stones of the item have been so charged with energy that they have been forced to “release” and cleanse themselves.

How to wear stone bracelets correctly

However, in order for the bracelet to successfully fulfill its protective function, it is important to wear it correctly. The placement of the talisman on a specific hand has its own meaning: a bracelet made of natural stones should be worn on the left hand to receive maximum energetic benefits.

Should I take off my bracelet with stones at night?

To maintain the shine of your jewelry, you need to clean it from time to time, either by a professional or yourself. However, regarding the removal of the bracelet with stones at night, opinions differ. There are those who claim that the real talisman is never removed, and also those who believe that night is a time of rest, and the bracelet can interfere with relaxation. To solve this issue, it is important to listen to your body and feel comfortable.

Tips and conclusions

There are many interpretations and recommendations for the use of talismans made of natural stones. Important rememberthat it’s just signs and esoteric knowledge, which have no scientific validity. But, wear beautiful jewelry with stones and using it as a protective talisman can help strengthen your spiritual health and well-being. The main thing is to wear your talisman with respect and believe in his power.

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If the owner of a bracelet with stones finds that his talisman is broken or torn, this may mean that he has been protected from some degree of misfortune or that his wish has come true. The stones used in this type of bracelets have the ability to absorb negative energies that may come from the environment. Because of this, the stone may abandon its talisman if the bracelet successfully protected its owner. If the bracelet has become unraveled, then this may be a sign that its mission has been successfully completed. Some people with traditional beliefs advise the one who was protected by the bracelet to part with its fragments through a funeral or ritual.

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There is a widespread belief that you need to choose the stones that you like. This is only true when the person is very sensitive, an empath, and all his senses help him choose the right things. This is often not the case at all.

Alcohol or coffee, or any other drink or food, is harmful to a person; their health deteriorates from them, but he really wants it, he likes the smell or taste, or the state that he experiences after taking them.

Can we say, choose what you like? No. First you need to heal so that a healthy body can take these products and your health does not deteriorate.

Same with stones. Often a person is drawn to those stones whose energy he already has in abundance, and if he adds more, it will be too much.

Therefore, we calculate suitable stones based on the exact date of birth, using the Pythagorean Square. In this square, it becomes clear which qualities a person has enough from birth, which ones he lacks, and which ones he doesn’t have at all.

Then, we suggest suitable stones that balance the overall condition. We also offer suitable stones in the area in which help is needed: love, money, relationships, self-knowledge/development, career, health and others, according to the client’s intention.

So, a selection of suitable stones can be ordered here,
do not forget to write the exact date and intention in the comments to the order.

2. Which hand is better to wear the bracelet on?

When you wear a bracelet made of natural stones, you can actually feel how the stones interact with you differently if you put it on your right hand and then on your left.

On the left hand, stones interact with us softly and tenderly, in a feminine way. Our left side is responsible for feminine energies. Bracelets worn on your left hand feel lighter and heal your feminine essence if you are a woman, and the feminine energies inherited from your mother if you are a man.

Very often our feminine energies need more healing than masculine ones, so bracelets can be worn more often on the left hand. This will be useful, the transformation will occur more smoothly, and the stones will not “burden” us. But in general, the stones still affect the entire body as a whole, so the right side will not be deprived.

On the right hand, stones affect us more harshly, more actively, more persistently. Sometimes this happens too much, the bracelet becomes “heavy”, it seems to fit our hand more tightly, maybe you will begin to feel waves of energy moving through your hand and body.

And for some, even such a strong impact will be comfortable and unnoticeable; each person is so individual that there is no general recommendation for everyone.

Very sensitive people, after wearing the bracelet just a little, can simply put it on their desk, in their purse, in their pocket, or under their pillow at night and feel its healing effects.

The stones are powerful. Don’t underestimate their influence. Listen carefully to yourself. When the stones begin to “press”, then you need to either change them to your left hand, or remove them completely and put them next to them, or send them for cleaning, perhaps they are dirty.

3. Is it possible to wear 2 and 3 bracelets at once?

It is advisable to wear no more than 4-5 different stones at the same time, so as not to become unbalanced. That is why our bracelets for your various intentions consist of a maximum of 5 stones of different names (jasper comes in many different shades, but it is still only jasper – it is one stone, although even here it is worth carefully selecting its varieties).

If many of your bracelets have the same stones, and there are no more than 5 different ones, then you can wear them at the same time. If each bracelet contains different stones, then their impact will be difficult to predict.

Each stone has its own energy, and each does its own work in the holistic field of a person. When the stones are selected in such a way that they work harmoniously together with each other and harmoniously influence a person (selected according to the date of birth and the person’s single intention), then the body copes with all the beneficial changes and only gets better.

If the stones are random, then they can act differently – one relaxes, the other tones (or other multidirectional effects), then the body may not cope with the different impulses sent by the stones and become unbalanced, tension will arise, the mood will change, different emotions will begin to flare up.

It’s like taking different medications. Alone they can be very useful, but together they can be incompatible or even harmful.

4. I want a bracelet for health, money, and love at once.

It is better to embody different intentions through different bracelets.

For example, in a bracelet for a happy relationship, 4-5 stones will be connected, which will work for this intention from different sides.

Pink quartz – will open your heart to self-love. Only that person who has found within himself how beautiful he is and realized that he is worthy of his love can now open up to the outside world and “declare” himself, without ingratiation, feelings of guilt and resentment, look for “the one most beloved and only” .

Rhodochrosite – will light inside the lights of faith and clear hope, simple, in many ways childish feelings, when there was not even a drop of disbelief in one’s strength and in the fact that it is possible to live in joy and abundance in the world. He will diligently heal ancestral distortions about family, love and relationships.

Ruby – will inspire bright feelings, will tell you that love is not only possible, but is the essence of human life, that trust between partners is an initial, natural feeling that you can and should rely on, that being happy is an integral part of love.

Cornelian – will fill you with energy; relationships with yourself and others require a lot of energy. He will teach how to allow yourself to enjoy life, how to begin to enjoy life, partnership, your body, your creativity, how to bring joy to yourself and others.

Pearl – will help you understand your nature, feminine or masculine, the naturalness and perfection of your body, your soul, your feelings and desires, accept yourself and others as you are, allow yourself to be different and valuable in this.

These or other 4-5 stones that are suitable for you for love will heal every dark corner of your soul in their own professional way, with the properties that the Creator put into this stone. Every corner is important to you. The result is a holistic impact.

If you combine stones for different purposes, of course, something can happen. All stones are healing! All stones bring stability, stability, grounding! All stones will pull the negative out of you and give you their own energy!

But there will be no precise, holistic impact on one specific area in which change is desired, and perhaps the changes that have occurred will not be visible then, because they will not be concentrated on one thing.

Often, out of greed or fear of not having time, we want everything right now, but then we fail to notice results in any area. You can, if possible, start over with one request, and concentrate on it for a while, notice the emerging changes, then move on to another, then to the next.

And also, in my practice, there is such a use of bracelets with different intentions. One day a romantic mood comes and I put on a love bracelet to deepen this feeling. On another day there are a lot of work, business tasks, and I put on a bracelet for my mind and concentration.

On the third day, something is wrong with my heart and I have no strength, then I put on a health bracelet to support myself. And at night I put on or put under the pillow or next to it that bracelet that will help free myself from negative energies and toxins.

Another day, I want to delve deeper into a topic that interests me or write an article, and I put on a bracelet for self-knowledge and the discovery of abilities. And so on.

5. Is the size of the beads in a bracelet important?

The size of the beads is as important as, for example, the size of the ice cream. You always want more, but the way you are now is also good. You can get pleasure, enjoyment and joy from even a small piece.

If you wear stones constantly and clean them regularly, then even a small stone will be beneficial and work for you day after day.

Large stones will work more densely and volumetrically, however, a person may get tired of them.

Healthy people can wear large stones for a long time, their physical body can cope with the enormous amount of information that the stones transform.

Sometimes, sick people can benefit from large size and quantity cleansing stones to cleanse the negativity inside and out in a short time.

In general, this is all very individual. You should be attentive to yourself when there are stones on your body, distinguish between the sensations of both and choose a comfortable size.

6. How often should I clean my bracelet from negative energy?

According to our observations, in today’s active world, oversaturated with different energies, you need to clean your jewelry every day after wearing it.

Stones absorb very well all the negativity in the body and in space.

After a day of work or simply after wearing the jewelry, it is advisable to clean it so that you can put it on in the morning without any negativity. Then the stones fulfill their role – when pure, they give up their energy for the benefit of a person and again absorb negativity in order to protect a person from it.

Some bracelets are worn at night, for example, to calm and relax, as well as to cleanse the energy, then they are put on for cleansing in the morning.

Clean the stones in water (if the decoration is not afraid of water), in the sun (if these are stones that are not afraid of sunlight and do not fade), buried in the ground or in salt (previously wrapped in a piece of cloth) and between 4 candles, then there is purification by fire.

We send detailed cleaning instructions along with the bracelets.

Newly purchased stones must be cleaned thoroughly and in all four ways to free them from all information from manufacturers, sellers and people who were involved in transportation, because this will be your personal assistant, it must be completely clean.

Stones passed down by inheritance, received as a gift from those people who already wore them, from sick or difficult people, need to be cleaned more thoroughly – from several days to a month, sometimes up to three months.

If the stone is not cleaned on time, it may crack, begin to deteriorate, the bracelet may tear, since it has accumulated so much negativity that it can no longer cope with it. It may even “go out” and “die.”

To protect their owners, unrefined stones may be lost. They can disappear from sight, fall somewhere, “hide” in order to gradually cleanse themselves there, or “rest” in order to “appear” to a person only when they are safer.

Unenergetically cleansed stones and jewelry can carry various slander, damage, evil eyes, and negative emotions for a long time, so make sure to cleanse your stones and jewelry made from them.

7. Do I need to clean the bracelet if I am not wearing it?

If stones simply lie in a box, on a chest of drawers, in a purse, in a sideboard, then they also absorb the negativity of the space in which they are located. All stones have a “purpose” to protect the crystal purity of their space.

All stones need to be cleaned periodically.

How can you tell if they are dirty?

  • They become dull
  • I don’t want to pick them up, they seem “sticky”, unpleasant,
  • on the hand, heavy and pressing, I want to take it off,
  • I don’t know why, but I don’t want to wear jewelry.

And when the stones are clean, they glow, become pleasant and “ringing”, shining and smelling of cleanliness.

8. How is delivery carried out?

We deliver parcels to you by Russian Post. Now the Russian Post is working very well and in 3-6 days the parcel is already with you.

9. What to do if the bracelet is torn?

We repair our bracelets. If the bracelet is torn, the clasp is broken, the beads are destroyed due to an impact or a sudden change in temperature, we can repair, add beads, or replace those that have lost their appearance.

You only need to send us the bracelet, paying for return postage and additional materials if necessary.

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