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What does natural charoite stone look like?

CHAROIT – mineral, chain silicate of complex composition. Judging by the formula, charoite is a solid solution, but until its extreme members are found in nature, the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) does not exclude charoite from the list of approved minerals.
Charoite is also called an ornamental stone – essentially, it is a piece of charoite rock, strong, dense, viscous, easy to polish, with a beautiful color (from light lilac to dark lilac and violet tones with a silky iridescent sheen). However, in addition to the mineral charoite, the rock also contains other minerals. Moreover, the lower the grade of charoite, the less charoite mineral there is.
Charoite rock in a geological sense (as a geological body) is called charoitite. English name: Charoite Other names (synonyms): IMA1977-019
Charaite, charoite jade (trade name for decorative charoite)
Symbolic designation of charoite – Cha Isolated and described for the first time: Described in the article by Rogova V.P., Rogov Yu.G., Drits V.A., Kuznetsova N.N. “Charoite is a new mineral and a new jewelry and semi-precious stone,” Notes of the All-Union Mineralogical Society, part 107, issue 1, pp. 94-100, 1978.
An application for a new mineral was registered by the International Mineralogical Association (IMA) in 1977.
Products made from charoite have been demonstrated at international exhibitions since 1974.
The chemical formula of charoite was revised in 1985 and again in 2010. Origin of the name: The charoite mineral is named after the river near which it was first found (in the middle reaches of the Chara River). New items with Charoite in the product catalog Products containing Charoite are presented in the following categories:

  • Stones and minerals,
  • Decorations,
  • Products and souvenirs,
  • Stones in esotericism
  • class Silicates
    • subclass Chain/tape (inosilicates)
      • mineral Charoite

      Syngony: Monoclinic
      Composition (formula): (K,Sr,Ba,Mn)15-16(Ca,Na)32[And70(O, OH)180](OH,F)4· nH2O in impurities Pb, La, Zr, Y
      Color: The color of charoite is lilac in different shades to violet.
      In thin sections it is colorless.
      Trait Color: White
      Transparency: Translucent
      Cleavage: Medium
      Fracture: Uneven
      Gloss: Glassy, ​​silky
      Hardness: 4-4,5
      Density (specific gravity), g/cm3: 2,54

      Special properties: Yellow-orange cathodoluminescence.
      Pleochroism from pink to colorless (in immersion liquids under a microscope).
      Charoite does not dissolve in acids.
      When charoite is crushed, elongated fragments with linear boundaries are formed.
      Charoite is radioactive due to the thorium minerals contained in the rock.

      Charoite forms fine-fibrous aggregates (with a glassy luster) consisting of homogeneous elongated microscopic rectangular particles. (In aggregates with a parallel-fiber structure, a silky sheen is observed).

      The origin of charoite is hydrothermal-metasomatic. Charoite occurs in potassium-enriched metasomatites at the contact of nepheline and aegirine syenites with limestones (the homogenization temperature of gas-liquid inclusions in the mineral tinaxite, which is in association with charoite, is 400° C).
      In the place of initial discovery, charoite is the main rock-forming mineral of metasomatites – its content makes up 50-90% of the rock; sometimes charoite develops along the periphery of lamellar crystals of canasite or fills the spaces between them.
      When bedrock is destroyed, charoite placers are formed, which are of colluvial and alluvial origin. Moreover, unlike accessory minerals in placers that are small in size, placer blocks (unrounded fragments >20 cm in size) are typical for charoite.

      Charoite is used as an ornamental stone. Vases, figurines, figurines are cut out of it, cabochons are made, inserts into cufflinks, rings, and pendants.

      They say that charoite can help with various inflammatory processes and help strengthen the immune system. Adherents use it in the treatment of diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver, and pancreas.
      Thanks to its color, charoite has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helps cope with headaches and relieves mental stress.
      To enhance the protective properties of the body, polished charoite is placed on the corresponding area of ​​the body or charoite beads or pendant are worn.

      Charoite creates peace in a person’s soul, causes a peaceful state, improves mood, and promotes harmony in people’s relationships.
      It awakens clarity of thinking, enhances prudence and prudence, and helps develop a philosophical outlook on life.
      A charoite talisman allows you to feel the world around you more deeply. It awakens intuition, promotes spiritual development, breadth of understanding and awareness of life, and gives a feeling of unity with all that exists.
      A ring or pendant with charoite is usually used as a talisman. If you place a charoite ball on your desktop, it promotes inspiration and the emergence of new ideas.
      In magic, charoite stone is used as an amulet that attracts cosmic energy.

      Effect on chakras

      Charoite affects Anahata, Vishuddha and Sahasrara.

      Interesting Facts

      The history of the discovery of charoite, with romantic first-hand details, was described by journalist Vladimir Sungorkin (1955-2022), who met with geologist Yuri Rogov in Irkutsk. The story “The Stone of Enchantment” was published in the anthology “Wind of Wanderings” No. 17, pp. 42-47, 1982.
      Yuri Rogov (1935-2009) spoke with respect of Vladimir Georgievich Ditmer (1903-1967), who worked at Char before him, but did not begin to dig up the deposit: “Yes, we also had a lot of mud at that time. The heat there in summer is always unbearable. On such a stuffy summer day, I went down to a stream about fifteen kilometers from Kedrovoye. I had to go on routes alone.
      The program was intense, urgent, and there weren’t enough people. This was exactly the valley where Ditmar worked in 1949. Between ourselves, we never called this stream anything other than Ditmarovsky. I walked up the mountain following the key. Not far from its origins I saw a clearing on which stood a barracks left over from Vladimir Georgievich’s detachment. Then he examined the holes he had made. Then, of course, we worked in terrible conditions. We had a variety of equipment, and they dug holes up to ten meters deep in permafrost by hand. I never saw Ditmar, but after examining their site, a cramped barracks, getting acquainted with his maps, forecasts, all his work, I was convinced that he was a courageous man to the point of fanaticism, a geologist of the good old school.”

      Charoite is a mineral that belongs to the pyroxene group and attracts attention with its rich purple color with a pearlescent sheen. The stone was discovered and identified as an independent valuable ornamental and jewelry stone in the mid-twentieth century.

      Features of charoite

      The mineral received its original name in honor of Chara, the Baikal river, near which it was found. This deposit, with an area of ​​about 10 sq. km, became the first and only one on the entire planet: on the territory of all continents there are no more rocks in which one can find stone or at least its single inclusions. Charoite is extracted without creating mines. The first minerals were located directly on the surface of the earth. Today the mineral is extracted by drilling wells. Stone reserves still remain quite large. However, the main obstacle to active production is the remoteness of the field, difficult climatic conditions and terrain.

      Charoite stone: properties and meaning

      • hardness on the Mohs scale – 5-7;
      • acid resistance;
      • heat resistance of color;
      • mirror shine.

      Depending on the characteristics, it is customary to divide charoite stone into several grades:

      • extra The stone is of the highest quality, distinguished by clarity of ornament and rich color. Used to make jewelry;
      • The first one is ornamental. Minerals with a less pronounced shine and a relatively clear pattern belong to this category. The presence of inclusions up to 5% is allowed. This stone can often be found in bracelets and beads;
      • the second is ornamental. Charoite of this variety contains up to 15% inclusions and has blurred color boundaries. The mineral is also suitable for making jewelry and decorative items;
      • third. Charoite stone, containing up to 25% impurities, is used to create slabs and large objects.

      Charoite harmoniously complements luxury accessories and interiors. Jewelry, cups, boxes, vases, decorative panels and other products made from it are very popular:

      Charoite stone: magical properties and who is suitable for it

      • sahasrara. Influencing the chakra that controls spiritual potential allows the charoite to gain sufficient vitality, make communication with people more effective, and gain confidence in the world;
      • Vishuddha. Thanks to the properties of the stone, the chakra responsible for talents and creative insight is activated, not only helps to realize abilities, but also has a beneficial effect on the throat, thyroid gland, and respiratory organs;
      • anahata. The magical properties of the mineral also extend to the heart chakra. The stone helps the owner become more empathic, learn to empathize, and express love to others. Lithotherapists claim that interaction with this chakra makes charoite useful for patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

      Healing properties of charoite

      The stone can help patients suffering from many diseases. Practicing lithotherapists use the mineral to treat the following organs and systems:

      • spine;
      • rib cage;
      • respiratory system;
      • organ of hearing;
      • heart and blood vessels;
      • kidney;
      • liver.

      You should also pay attention to such an important property of charoite as fighting stress. The mineral has a calming effect, relieves headaches and nervous tension, and stabilizes the emotional state. This feature of the stone applies to both women and men. In turn, restoring mental balance serves to prevent the occurrence of many diseases of a nervous nature.

      Charoite: magical properties of talismans

      Charms with charoite are extremely popular among connoisseurs of jewelry with natural minerals. Pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings not only look impressive, but also have a powerful impact on the life and well-being of their owner.

      The stone exhibits especially strong magical properties in the following aspects of life:

      • interaction with surrounding people. The mineral helps you learn to trust people, open up to them, and find a common language. Charms with charoite are suitable for harmonizing any relationship – friendly, business, love. The stone will do everything in its power to ensure that a person never feels lonely;
      • esoteric practices. What magical properties does charoite exhibit for women? The mineral develops intuition and extrasensory abilities. Its owner feels a kind of reunification with nature and the cosmos, begins to see signs, understand their meaning and use this information for their own purposes. Charoite often becomes the optimal stone for magical rituals. It is believed that it attracts the energy of space, helps to escape from everyday worries and expand consciousness to interact with energy flows;
      • creative activity. Charoite is a stone whose properties help to find and reveal talents. The mineral activates brain function and innovative thinking, and also makes you forget about indecisiveness and shyness. With the help of charoite, many zodiac signs can find their true calling and achieve success. Particularly powerful effects are demonstrated by large and massive products – balls, slabs, stands, statues, vases, etc. In their presence, people often begin to literally gush with ideas and begin to implement them, relying on internal motivation and determination.

      Charoite and zodiac signs

      Who is Charoite suitable for and what surprises has it prepared for representatives of different zodiac signs? It belongs to the category of minerals with Yin (receptive) energy. The elements of the stone are considered to be Earth and Air, and among its patron planets are Neptune, Pluto and Venus.

      Considering the listed features, the magical properties of charoite are most pronounced in Gemini. The stone has prepared the following opportunities for this zodiac sign:

      • inner peace and tranquility;
      • self-development and improvement of talents;
      • protection from ill-wishers, black magic.

      To a somewhat lesser extent, the listed effects of the charoite stone properties of the sign of Libra are obtained when using talismans. Unlike the previous zodiac sign, autumn birthday people can boast of intensive development of intuition when using amulets with this mineral.

      Charoite will also be useful for Aries. For active and overly emotional representatives of this sign, the stone will help cope with temper and aggression. Thanks to the mineral, the number of conflict situations and associated negative consequences in the life of Aries will be significantly reduced.

      Charoite and neutral zodiac signs

      The mineral shows little effect in relation to such signs as Virgo, Leo, Pisces, Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio. Their representatives will not be able to say that the magical properties of the stone radically changed life. But owners of talismans with a purple gem will certainly be able to feel the overall relaxing and harmonizing effect.

      Who is the stone contraindicated for?

      Experts do not recommend choosing a stone with properties for those people whose zodiac sign is Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius. The energy of women and men born under these constellations is opposite to the energy flows of the mineral.

      Used as a talisman, the gem will not bring the desired peace, development, or insight to its owners. Moreover, it can harm the listed signs, causing anxiety, mood swings, difficulties in communication and self-realization.

      Properties of charoite stone for women: which minerals to combine with?

      The original Siberian gem is often used to make jewelry – rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, beads, and hair jewelry. Charoite also exhibits properties when installed indoors in the form of stands, candelabra, vases, boxes and other decorative items.

      If you want to add a unique mineral to your collection, be sure to properly combine stones in your daily life. It is important that they do not have opposite properties, causing harm to the energy balance of their owner.

      The mysterious purple gem will not cause any unnecessary trouble for the owner. It is considered universal and can be combined with any minerals without undesirable consequences. For example, jewelry with charoite can be worn on one hand while on the other there will be jewelry with peridots, rubies, topaz or other stones.

      The only condition that must be observed for the safe manifestation of the properties of different gems is to avoid close contact between them. Minerals located in close proximity can interrupt each other’s energy flows, having a negative impact on the owner’s condition.

      Natural mineral or fake?

      The arsenal of modern scammers who sell jewelry with precious stones also includes items with charoite. Fortunately, the characteristic properties of the mineral make it easy for even an inexperienced buyer to notice the imitation.

      When planning to purchase a product with a lilac gem, pay special attention to the following criteria:

      • structural features. The mineral from Siberia is distinguished by its expressive shine, velvety tints, and the presence of green, brown, black, and yellow inclusions. There may be microcracks on the surface and in the thickness of the gem and this is considered normal. The stone is characterized by depth and spectacular patterns that cannot be faked. In turn, imitations often have a perfectly flat surface, which is practically never found in nature;
      • thermal conductivity. Natural stone heats up slowly and remains cold for a long time when in contact with warm surfaces. To test this property, simply apply the mineral to the skin. Not only will it not become warm immediately, but it will also exhibit a cooling effect. As for imitations, artificial stones heat up very quickly;
      • low price. Despite all the tricks of scammers in the form of seasonal promotions or discounts, more and more buyers are beginning to realize that natural gems cannot be cheap. Siberian stone was no exception. Mining in a region with difficult weather conditions and high seismological activity, combined with official government restrictions on the annual volume mined, creates a high cost for the stone. Keep this in mind and be wary of budget jewelry.

      Siberian gem is a mineral that has no analogues in the whole world. It attracts buyers with its unusual appearance and versatility. Jewelry with charoite will harmoniously complement any look and help representatives of almost all zodiac signs achieve what they want.

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