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What does natural obsidian stone look like?

Obsidian is an eye-catching stone with a huge number of legends and beliefs associated with it. It is a volcanic glass, lava solidifying in the depths of the planet. Obsidian received its name thanks to the ancient Roman warrior Obsidia. According to legend, the mineral allowed a brave man to survive a terrible battle. Subsequently, the Romans made amulets from obsidian to impart courage, bravery and luck. Nowadays jewelry is made from obsidian. Content

History of the stone

The breed has sharp chips. In ancient times, obsidian was used to make spears, tools, and even mirrors. The use of stone as amulets gradually made it a material with which one can predict the future. In Transcaucasia, there was a belief that small obsidian pebbles were nothing more than “Satan’s Nails.” In Ancient Egypt, the stone was associated with the end of life and was used for the burial of honorable people. Obsidian is now classified as a natural gemstone. Its fragility and ease of extraction determine its relatively low cost. Obsidian is often used to make figurines, figurines and other unusual items. Obsidian stone properties and photos It is a glass-forming oxide containing a small amount of water.

Physical and chemical properties of volcanic glass

The mineral has a dense glass wool structure and a foamy-massive texture. It doesn’t conduct current well. Obsidian is a fragile stone that has an attractive appearance and is quite capricious to process.

How and where is obsidian mined?

The natural mineral is present in ancient volcanoes, as well as settlements of that time. The most significant deposits are located in Ecuador, Indonesia, the Caribbean, Iceland, the USA, as well as Turkey and Armenia. In Russia, obsidian is found in Siberia, the Caucasus or Kamchatka.

What obsidian looks like – color, varieties

  • snowy, with small inclusions;
  • Pechsteins, with a resinous sheen achieved by using a large amount of water. Particularly easy to sand;
  • iridescent, the rarest.

Sometimes obsidian contains inclusions of other rocks.

Natural and artificial obsidian

Artificial obsidian is obtained by mixing several volcanic rocks, for example by adding glass or ash. This material is suitable for the production of costume jewelry, stationery, and home decorations.

Visually distinguishing natural stone from artificial stone is very difficult. However, only real obsidian has a healing effect.

How to distinguish natural stone, criteria

This gem has strong magical and healing properties. This explains its popularity in wide circles. However, unscrupulous sellers may pass off a fake as a natural stone.

To avoid falling for a marketing ploy, you should analyze several factors:

  • natural obsidian and matte and glossy at the same time. Artificial ones have a more pronounced surface;
  • only natural stone has inclusions;
  • natural material heats up slowly. If you hold it in your hands, the temperature of the product will remain virtually unchanged;
  • In natural minerals, the natural shine and rich color are preserved even when placed in water. Artificial stone will change appearance when wet.

Before purchasing, you should ask the seller if there is a certificate of authenticity.

Applications where obsidian is used

Relatively easy processing and low cost have made obsidian a fairly popular stone in various fields. From it they create:

  • decoration;
  • decorative items;
  • magical attributes, amulets, balls for prophecy of the future.

It is not uncommon to add obsidian in the production of medical devices.

Obsidian meaning, compatibility

Obsidian is a strong energy absorber. At the same time, it is correlated with the symbol of truth and bright thoughts. People who have a negative attitude towards others should avoid contact with obsidian, as evil thoughts can be turned against themselves. An amulet with obsidian will help kind and bright individuals find happiness and catch good luck.

Name compatibility

The name of a person does not determine the magical properties of the stone, but the degree of influence. It is most suitable for men with the names Maxim, Denis, Egor, Grigory, Stepan and Ilya. Women with the names Tatyana, Antonina, Daria, Nadezhda or Natalya can appreciate all the features of the stone.

Stone compatibility

Obsidian is a representative of the earth element. It goes well with jasper, jade, agate and onyx. You can also experiment with tiger’s eye, garnet, carnelian, diamond or rock crystal.

You should not mix obsidian with ruby, as the minerals will inhibit each other’s strength.

Properties of obsidian for women and men

The products are suitable for representatives of any gender.

It helps women achieve family well-being and gain strength to raise healthy and smart children. The amulet attracts serious men and at the same time is a powerful talisman against danger.

Representatives of the stronger sex who carry a piece of obsidian with them can count on advancement in their careers, will correctly determine priorities in life, and will also make it easier to achieve their goals.

Obsidian is a stone that will help you discover your talents, become more self-confident and build the right path to realize your goals and objectives.

Healing properties of obsidian

Obsidian has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Today, the stone is an excellent assistant in restoring the gastrointestinal tract, getting rid of neurosis, fighting nervous disorders, rheumatism, as well as colds and hypothermia.

The stone will help with difficulties with reproductive function, as well as to normalize blood pressure.

Obsidian stone magical properties for women and men

Obsidian is a powerful source of energy that can bring benefits or negative effects. The protective amulet absorbs negativity from others, and then reflects it back. Often, products with such a stone are used by mediums, psychics, as well as public figures who interact with a large number of people who are not always positive.

Obsidian can lift people out of depression and encourage them to solve their problems and take active action.

It is important to note that the amulet should not be worn constantly, but used only on important occasions.

The magical properties of the mineral are determined by the type of stone:

  • snowy will help to reveal the owner’s potential, develop self-confidence, courage, courage;
  • Pechstein – reliable protection against the evil eye;
  • A rainbow stone will help you avoid love disappointments, attract bright feelings and teach you how to interact with your partner.

Talismans, charms, amulets

Obsidian absorbs negative energy. But at the same time, at a certain moment, all the negativity can be directed against the owner of the amulet, if he moves more and more towards negative thoughts.

To avoid being harmed by your own amulet, you should:

  • use it in exceptional cases;
  • cleanse the stone of accumulated negativity, ideally after each use. However, you should not carry out the procedure in the final days of the lunar month.

When interacting with the amulet, it is important to avoid negative thoughts. Otherwise, the energy may be directed in the opposite direction.

Obsidian stone – who suits it according to their zodiac sign

This is a universal amulet for almost everyone. It is ideal for Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius. A product made of obsidian will not be superfluous for Taurus, Libra, Pisces and Scorpio. Aries, Cancer and Virgo should refrain from using the magic stone.

Stone care

To preserve the spectacular appearance and magical qualities of the material, it is important to properly care for the stone. This is about:

  • regular cleaning with a soft cloth in soapy water or water;
  • storage in a fabric bag or velvet box;
  • stored away from prying eyes.

The gem is fragile. It is not resistant to too much temperature, increased humidity, or exposure. Aggressive chemistry.


What is obsidian?

A beautiful and magical stone will attract the attention of strong, purposeful natures. This is a powerful amulet that can repel evil intentions towards an ill-wisher, but at the same time harm the owner who pursues evil goals.

What stones does obsidian go with?

Obsidian goes perfectly with stones that have an earth element. We are talking about jasper, jade, agate, onyx and turquoise.

Where can you find obsidian?

Stone of volcanic origin. Natural springs are places where ancient people lived and regions where volcanic eruptions occurred long ago.

How to choose the right stone?

It is important to note that the cutting method does not change the magical qualities of the mineral. It doesn’t matter what type the amulet will have – a massive ring or a miniature box.

It is important to note that after purchasing the product, the stone must be cleaned. Only then can it be used for its intended purpose.

How to wear it correctly?

It should be done in exceptional cases, for example, when meeting a person who can cause negative emotions, or at events where a large number of envious people and ill-wishers may be present.

Obsidian is a stone of volcanic origin, similar in structure to glass. It simultaneously has the properties of glass, stone and fiery lava, since it is solidified magma that came out from the depths of the earth.

First name

Obsidian got its name from the Greek word “obsis” – spectacle, since mirrors were made from this stone in ancient Rome. The mysterious rock has many names: “fragments of Satan’s claws”, “tears of the Apaches”, “volcanic glass”, “witch stone”. Its unusual properties, since it is simultaneously lava, stone and glass, made obsidian a mysterious and magical representative of minerals. According to legend, the volcanic trace is the claw of Satan, lost during the battle for power over the world. Its fiery origin, straight from the crater of the volcano, attracted magicians, priests, and temple servants. They often decorated altars, clothes, and were included in precious ensembles for noble people. The second myth about the origin of the amulet is associated with King Obsidio. He brought the stone to Europe for the first time, saying that obsidian was collected on the battlefields and represents the petrified tears of fallen warriors from the world of the dead.

physical properties

Obsidian is a gem of dark shades, with low transparency. Real fragments of volcanic magma are found interspersed with different colors, their color depends on what rocks fell into the hot center of the volcano. With prolonged contact with the body, obsidian remains cold for a long time due to the low thermal conductivity of the dense structure. Matte shine, small inclusions in the body of the mineral are signs that help distinguish a real obsidian stone from a fake.
It is mined in places of volcanic eruptions. Rocks heat up, turn into flaming lava, mix with each other, and after cooling form obsidian crystals. America, Japan, Mexico, Kamchatka are the main places of volcanic activity, and therefore the appearance of new stones with unusual properties.


  • Black – it protects from evil spirits, dubious actions, bad thoughts, guiding you on the right path;
  • Gray is a stone of prophets and shamans, as it enhances the ability to read thoughts and understand the signs of the other world. The magical properties of obsidian in gray shades are only suitable for men; Brown (another name for peanut because of its similarity with peanut shells with crater inclusions) – helps in business, brings financial wealth, in jewelry the gem is valued for its unusual appearance;
  • Blue (night stone) – distinguished by an unusual shade of blue with white accents, suitable for water signs as protection, as it gives wisdom and tolerance to its owner;
  • Fiery caramel-colored obsidian is a rare stone that has the ability to make a person happy in any area of ​​life, from love to material well-being;
  • Mahogany with a leopard black and gold pattern, obsidian is suitable for representatives of the zodiac sign Virgo, Leo or Aries;
  • Green is a magical talisman for taming evil spirits, it is used by esotericists to calm spirits, but the stone requires a real gift, since it will only bring trouble to the deceiver;
  • Rainbow is a black gem with variegated inclusions that shimmer after polishing. Obsidian-rainbow will bring wisdom, inspiration in work to Aquarius, Scorpio;
  • Snow stone – its inserts are similar in shape to the pattern of snowflakes; this magical amulet is suitable for winter signs, helping them overcome doubts and internal negativity on the path to success.

The protective properties of obsidian are very strong, so it is used as a children’s amulet. In adults, the stone stimulates success depending on their gift. It helps businessmen repay debts and achieve profit, connects prophets safely with spirits, gives family people vitality and energy to take care of loved ones.


Who is suitable for the powerful influence of obsidian? For women and men, the talisman acts the same in restoring health. Treatment with volcanic stone:

  • Awakening passion, sexual desire. To do this, massage the groin area with a gem; it is better to choose rich shades – red, leopard, yellow;
  • Removing negative energy from the kidney system. Applying it to the lower back and infusing water with obsidian helps the body cope with kidney problems;
  • Constantly wearing a talisman made of volcanic lava will strengthen bones, blood vessels, relieve rheumatism, sensitivity to weather changes;
  • A rosary or obsidian jewelry will protect you from accidental collisions, wounds, injuries, and dangers.

The properties of obsidian for the emotional sphere of men and women are very clearly manifested. The mineral reveals intuition and stimulates natural animal energy. It should be worn by those who are unsure of themselves and would like to become more confident and assertive. It helps quick-tempered people to pacify negative impulses and attacks of irritation, and softens their psyche.


Apotropaia from the depths of the volcano brings natural power to its owner. It is used in fortune telling and rituals, as the amulet has a connection with spirits. The magical properties of obsidian according to the different colors of the stone:

  • The black mineral strengthens thoughts, provides protection against the evil eye;
  • White shades promote peace of mind and relieve depression;
  • Green awakens the gift of communication with invisible energies, entities or intuition regarding other people;
  • Rainbow colors will clear your life of love failures and betrayals.

The stone is suitable for almost all zodiac signs, only in Virgos and Cancers it can increase their suspiciousness. If you doubt what effect a volcanic amulet will have on you, then do a little checking.

How to choose and wear

Before purchasing, hold the amulet in your hand and close your eyes to feel your sensations. A feeling of warmth and tingling indicates that the gem stone is affecting you. During the day, you can put a new acquisition under your pillow during daytime sleep, then your visions will show past lives or meet with ancestors.
Mentally direct the power of apotropaia to the problem you would like to solve. Volcanic black glass is not without reason used by seers to expand their consciousness. It will help you first find the point where problems arose, and then find a way out, realize your strengths, and imbue you with optimism. Obsidian works with gender, karma, and can be kept on the body during meditation or affirmations.
If you need support in communicating with the outside world, then a stone amulet hidden under clothes will activate sociability and health, while protecting you from the attention of bad people. After a few days of wearing, check what events the amulet attracted into your life. If one of the spheres has improved, then obsidian has fulfilled its purpose.
After completing the mission, it is better to put the obsidian jewelry in a bag or case for storage; it needs to restore its power. It should not be worn often, but only for a short time.

  • Rules that will help you work with obsidian as a spiritual amulet:
  • A silver frame will enhance the magical properties of the stone and soften its earthly energy with lunar influence;
  • To fulfill a wish, the mineral must be invisible (under clothing), to protect it from negative effects on top;
  • Cracks, stains, and turbidity on the surface of the gem indicate that it has completed its task. It is better to bury the spent amulet back into the ground, since its energy is spent, and a violation of the integrity will allow negativity inside;
  • The amulets are worn on the left hand; it should not be placed close to the veins. Its powerful force can provoke irritability, insomnia, and pressure surges when worn for a long time.

This beautiful mineral is often used in jewelry; bracelets, beads, rings, and earrings are made from it. For men, its dark, rich shade looks expressive in rings and large bracelets. It is popular among jewelers for making home decor – business accessories, pens, watches, souvenirs, figurines. For those who want to receive enlightenment and strengthen their spirit, obsidian rosary beads are suitable. Smooth, pleasant-to-touch balls will help you concentrate during meditation.


Obsidian, like glass, is sensitive to shock and is easy to scratch. Therefore, you should not wear it or store it next to other stone objects.

  • The storage container should have soft, fabric-lined walls to protect the gem from damage;
  • Direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to water can discolor and cause stains to appear on the volcanic surface;
  • Impacts, falls, sudden changes in temperature can cause obsidian to burst or crack.

It is enough to wash obsidian jewelry with water and a little soap. Do not rub glass edges with aggressive chemicals, acids, or sand; use a soft velvety cloth for polishing.


When creating jewelry, jewelers do not think about how the stones will interact with each other. It’s better to study this issue yourself before purchasing a nice headset. The dual nature of obsidian – earth and fire (hot magma) – allows it to harmoniously combine with other minerals of these elements.

  • Earthly talismans – jasper, amber, aventurine, onyx, malachite, agate, jade;
  • Fire minerals – garnet, topaz, tiger’s eye, hematite, diamond.

Sets of gems or jewelry act with double strength, so you should wear them for a short time so as not to receive an excess energy impulse.


Obsidian is a powerful earth energy that helps strengthen a person’s spirituality. But thoughts must be pure; the stone will turn artificial or negative desires to harm its owner.

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